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Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/article/the-log...-true-intentions-of-the-left/#comment-5094911

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Core Philosophy Within Mythic/"Religious" Vehicle--Which Most People Demand
(Apollonian, 1 Jan 22)

U're just another who too easily misses the simple pt. to that dear Christian myth which has now taken its rightful place held formerly by Illiad and Oddysey, by Homer. So note the context of the myth in Judea, where Pharisee sect, composed of maybe 5% of the pop., presumed and pretended to lead the middle-class party, the Pharisees who later wrote the Talmud, leading the "Jews" (not Judeans, "Jews" referring to that 5%, followers of Pharisees).

Thus Pharisees featured the "Oral Law Trad." (Gosp. MARK 7:9-13) and "midrash" (interpretation) by which they understood and construed Torah and Mosaic Law--and then everything else too. Thus Torah means ONLY what rabbis say, as now in Talmud and some other "holy" writings. Hence we see Jews actually follow a general philosophy of SUBJECTIVISM (by midrash "interpretation") determined by rabbis according to what they see is "good of Jews."

Thus "midrash" becomes the Judaic (NOT Judean) "party-line" to be held and applied collectivistically by Jew (not Judean) people as a whole. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo on Talmud, etc.

Note further, subjectivism holds reality is product of consciousness/mentality, making subject to be creator, God-like--Satanism by definition--which Christ rejected. Satanism is actually just this same subjectivism taken to extreme. Thus Christ posed himself and teachings as TRUTH; see Gosp. JOHN 14:6--thus Christ affirms there's such thing as truth, u see.

And the pt. then is that truth necessarily can only be what is verified by the objective reality, in accord w. Aristotle, for example. All Christian ETHICS then follows logically, those ethics, most dramatic and dramatized in New Test., which took the world by storm, respected and revered by all peoples, races, and cultures, throughout the world.

Thus Pharisees CONSPIRED to kill Christ, imagining thus they would secure their satanic/subjectivist imperium, such as it is, within the minds of frail humanity, but the myth goes on to teach that truth always RESURRECTS, coming back to bite severely, the joke being upon Jews, Satanists, liars, subjectivists, et al. Thus the real God is TRUTH, and for it people must be prepared to suffer, "bearing their cross," and even to die for it, like Christ--a gripping, compelling, heroic story expressed within the myth, within the written text of New Test.

And hence we see now the Hegelian ANTI-THESES, Judaic lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) vs. Christian truth--subjective vs. objective. Such then is the basic PHILOSOPHY of Christianity presented by and within the "religious"/mythic vehicle. "Faith" only properly means LOYALTY, not beeeeleeevin'--as if such beeeleeeving makes something true. Most people can't grasp strict logic or philosophy, hence need and demand "religion" which makes things more palatable for them.

Thus the pertinent Christian philosophy is plain enough within the text of New Test., but obviously it is only for the few who can grasp that philosophy--maybe 5-10% of people generally. The religion, however, is there for everyone, beginning w. the myth for the small children, and remaining for those who have such difficulty thinking--which seems to be most people even later in life, who may never learn to appreciate philosophy, ethics, or science, etc.

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52. anonymous[811] • Disclaimer says:
January 1, 2022 at 2:14 pm GMT • 5.4 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, swoon all over the “beauty” of your pagan polytheist nonsense.

As far as convincing people of Christianity’s “objective truth,” that would be an impossible task. You probably don’t even understand the meaning of “objective.”

You have as much chance of objectively proving the so-called Father and the Son, and the ghost too, as hindoos have about proving Shiva, or the Greek/Nords… you get the drift.

Don’t bring a book to the debate. That would be pathetic.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/aanglin/hong-ko...ys-america-supports-free-speech/#new_comments

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Satanists Use Non-Existent, Subjective "Good-Evil," Self-Righteousness, To Induce, Justify Subjectivism, Subversion Of Reason
(Apollonian, 1 Jan 22)

Blinken a "Judeofascist"?--good gravy, but how platitudinous. And aren't all "liberals" nowadays just fascists who want to impose their idiot "moralism," due to their deep-seated inferiority-complex?

What they are (Jews, leftists, and "liberals"), very simply, are SATANISTS--extreme subjectivists, holding reality is construct/product of consciousness/mentality--which subjectivism was legitimized definitively by Immanuel Kant even before 1800.

Jews are foremost subjectivists, following their "midrash" (interpretation) method and "Oral Law Trad.," laid out in their Talmud, fully written out by 500 A.D. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Thus if reality is created by consciousness/mentality, subjectivism makes the subject to be the creator, God-like, Satanism by definition, Jew then practicing a COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism, all of them acting in concert and co-operating upon a systematic kind of subjectivist program, Jews most organized, cohesive, and committed, Jews then leading and dominating all the more isolated, though far more numerous gentile subjectivists and Satanists.

But Chris, buddy, foremost pretext for subjectivism, especially among gentiles, is this fallacious idea regarding childish "good-evil" which doesn't and can't exist in an objective, hence determinist (absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will) reality. So u're both denouncing, and yet at same time, practicing this sort of Satanism by means of insisting on non-existent "evil."

For is leprosy "evil"?--or typhus or plague?--NO, of course not, for they (diseases) have to live too, and like Satanists and Jews, such diseases couldn't exist without the hubris-filled suckers, goons, fools, morons, weaklings, and inferiors, among the over-populated goyim that they naturally live upon for food and sustenance.

ANOTHER product of fiction and gross subjectivism is the central-banking and fiat-currency, literally legalized counterfeiting, the practical instrument/weapon by which Jews rule and control, so easily buying off politicians, judges--and practically everyone and everything. See Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms like "fiat-currency," etc.

So patriots and Christian worshippers of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth requires the objective reality (Aristotle) as necessary foundation and criterion for such truth, must attack at the metaphysical (first premises) level. The real ethical virtue is logic and consistency--NOT NOT NOT non-existent "good-evil" for children and dogs.

Jews and their suck-alongs are NOT "evil"--as they genuinely beeeeeleeeeeeeev in their subjectivism--they're simply a socio-biologic element and factor in the large CYCLIC scheme of things historical, all in accord w. Spengler's CYCLIC theory in his "Decline of the West." One essential area to attack against the great political "satanic-complex," run and ruled by Jews, is the "Judeo-Christian" (JC) element (also known as "Christian-Zionists"), see Whtt.org for best expo on JCs.

For Christianity and Judaism are absolute anti-theses, objective vs. subjective, truth vs. lies. And there's no possible, even imaginable reconciliation or synthesis btwn the two, Christian and Jew, in any logic or reason--and of course, that's what the Satanists must do, DESTROY any semblance of reason and logic within the mind--which can only be done w. gross inferiors of the excess over-population, bred-up fm previous success of Christian civilization. I'm praying for u, buddy.

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63. Chris Moore says: • Website
January 1, 2022 at 4:10 pm GMT • 11.9 hours ago • 200 Words ↑

If Anthony Blinken – a Jew and an ardent supporter of Fascist Israel – is concern about “Free Speech” and “independent” media, he should first call on the British regime to release Julian Assange. The guy is sick with sickening hypocrisy. How can Blinken and people like him (e.g.. Bono) sleep at night?

((Anthony Blinken)) is a Judeofasist. There are millions of them in the US, and collaborators like Bono and other propaganda class media and personalities aid and abet them in their brand of fascism. They sleep fine at night because the loot they get from their Judeofascism insulates them from the consequences of their treachery. (Yes, Bono has earned most of his money on his talent, but that hasn’t prevented him from supporting Judeofascism, which makes his crimes all the more egregious. Most rats do it for the money. Bono does it because he’s become evil and corrupt, just like his bandmate “The Edge” — married to a ((Jewess)). So they also do it out of racial loyalty to Judeofascism.)
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/article/the-tragic-fate-of-hershel-fink/

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A True Judaic Hero And Prodigy: Ron Unz--Give Him A Big Hand, Folks
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 22)

Well, heck: if u want a real-life Jewwy character for a hero, why not just take Ron Unz himself?--a typically under-handed Jew, working behind-the-scenes whose purpose is to co-operating w. such as Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) and any other accommodationist (for Jews), to "normalize" Jews--like Unz himself--making them "legitimate" within "white" civilization and society--as typical Jews are so desperate to do, pretending so urgently that gee whiz, the goyim, and now especially "whites," NEED Jews, and indeed, couldn't do without them.

And golly gee whiz, but just look at what Jews have done for society--like building the A-bomb (Oppenheimer), winning the chess championship (Kasparov), ridiculous theorizing (like Einstein), making legalized counterfeiting work for a good while (Rothschild)--aren't they just the most wonderful people?--wouldn't u almost want to marry one of them?

Thus whites would become a truly wonderful and formidable race, whites now including mestizos and mulattos--if they're going to include Jews too, after all. And hey, it would only need to reject and throw-away the real, true Christianity, worship of truth, which naturally, logically rejects such Satanists as Jews. Heaven forbid Jews would toss aside Satanism/subjectivism (not to mention a little bit of lying when expedient)--it's part of what makes them sooooo . . . wonderful, right?

And just look at what Unz does for us all--furiously censoring and deleting entries for the comments, while lying, like the typical Jew, saying he only "mildly moderates," ho ho ho, stage-managing the discussion, introducing the sage commentary of Jews, crypto-Jews, and homosexuals, not to mention the brilliant light-weights among "liberals," et al. The "Jew-Question?--nah, forget about it. And finally, don't forget Unz works to introducing for us, such psychotic geniuses like the schizo, James Lawrence, and the raving narcissist, "Raches," these among outright Jews like Robt. Roth who tells us all about Christ, who he REALLY was, what he REALLY sought to do, etc.

On the other hand, Unz really only thus does as lots of other Jews have tried to do, for subversion and compromise, but he does such a good job and makes such an outstanding effort, u have to admit. Only problem would be if Unz was exposed for his treachery and lying--he'd still be a hero, but the question would be the quality and extent of his real success or failure. For Unz almost seems to be succeeding at the moment, but he could still fail--like Christ himself, right?--at least in the eyes of Jews, I guess. Unz failed, but at least he tried (like a lot of other Jews); he's still a hero, though, for sure (for Jews anyway).
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Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/article/the-default-hypothesis-fails-to-explain-jewish-influence/

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MacDonald's Inadequate Expo, Mere Details, STILL Lacks Necessary Context
(Apollonian, 3 Jan 22)

MacDonald tells us, "...the enactment of the 1965 immigration law did not occur in a vacuum and cannot be understood apart from the wider context of the rise of a new Jewish elite with influence in a wide range of areas. As I note in the abstract below, “The post-World War II era saw the emergence of a new, substantially Jewish elite in America."

So we can easily sympathize and agree w. MacDonald about this "rise" of a new elite, the Jews--so then, what about the "rise" of this new Jew elite?--how did it happen?--what were the historical circumstances?--and MacDonald tells us NOTHING about these important circumstances.

And it's an amazing event, USA beginning as overwhelmingly, un-questionably, absolutely Christian--still quite Christian in many ways, to this day, especially for underlying culture, sympathy, emotion, etc. HOW on earth then did these satanic Jews possibly take-over?--MacDonald says NOTHING about this absolutely amazing cultural turn-around.

For otherwise, the horrific happenings, which MacDonald details, since the Jew take-over aren't at all mysterious, given the basic anti-human nature of these Jew Satanists and monsters. What happened?--well, the Jews simply took over the running of the finances and banking, which take-over had already happened, under the Rothschilds in Europe since the Napoleonic wars.

Thus the Judaic/satanic take-over culminated in USA in 1913 with passage of the disastrous US Federal Reserve (the "fed") Act, instituting officially a criminal enterprise, imposition of a fiat-currency system, literally legalized counterfeiting, in place of REAL MONEY, which is commodity-based, hence FINITE in quantity, specifically founded upon gold/silver standard. See Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for specific terms, like "fiat-currency," etc.

Previously, note the revolutionary course in Western civilization for popularity of philosophy of Immanuel Kant, featuring the new subjectivism, overthrowing Aristotle, by which consciousness creates reality, at least the appearances. And of course the people, for the most part, didn't grasp the revolutionary implications of Kant, who followed Rousseau, and which quickly enough led to Hegel's statism and Marxian communism, which communism soon captured the imagination of the over-populated masses generated by the tremendous productivity of the Industrial Revolution.

For Jews are supreme subjectivists, beginning w. their "midrash" (interpretation) method, following Talmudic "Oral Law Trad.," which leads directly to Satanism, subjectivism being idea consciousness/mentality creates reality, making subject creator, God-like--hence, in extreme form, Satanism, by definition. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Thus Jews, practitioners of a collectivistic subjectivism, giving them superior organization, cohesion, and commitment, colluding w. the Western gentile bankers (Rothschilds), instituted and greatly expanded the fractional-reserve central-banking fraud, esp. after the Napoleonic wars, and together (Jews and corrupt gentiles) this large banking conspiracy consolidated practically an absolute control over Western civilization, extending quickly to the whole world--none of this founding and preparatory activity of Jews, especially in banking, is explained or even mentioned by MacDonald.

Thus the steady corruption of Western culture degenerating evermore into the subjectivism/Satanism of Jews, pre-saged by such as Rousseau and Kant, led to the satanic take-over by Jews and the horrors we observe in this day, including the poison clot-shots forced upon people in the latest "corona" hoax, which poison shots have killed many thousands just so far, many more to come, no doubt.

Thus MacDonald's exposition upon the 1965 Immigration Act is mere details without proper context, especially regarding (a) the Jew take-over of finance and banking, not even mentioned by MacDonald--not to mention (b) the subjectivism/Satanism of Jew overthrow of Western Christian/Aristotelian culture, hence the vital foundation in the objective reality, (c) the poor, over-populated fools and masses not even grasping the great anti-Christian cultural revolution which has taken place right under their noses. MacDonald's details regarding his expo on immigration STILL lacks necessary context.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/ghood/white-renegade-of-the-year-2021/#new_comments

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Unz, Typical Jew, Liar, Subversive, Doesn't Think He Should Be Criticized
(Apollonian, 3 Jan 22)

Indeed, Unz IS A JEW--a typical, lying Jew, who avers he only "mildly moderates," when the truth is he censors heavily, furiously, and desperately. And Unz's purpose is (a) to stage-managing the discussions which go on in the comments, (b) even to introducing Jew-oriented writers, like recently the Jew, Robt. Roth, schizos, like James Lawrence, and our dear narcissist, "Raches." (c) Observe the numerous homosexuals chiming-in on the comments.

All of which (above) Unz has a right to doing, but never doubt it amounts to the same old lies, deception and subversion of Christian culture and principle, not to mention deception regarding the absolute anti-thematic nature of the two races and cultures, Jew vs. gentile, including especially Jew vs. Christian. For the cultural conflict is Jew lies vs. Christian truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6); subjectivism/satansim vs. the objective view of reality and determinism (absolute cause-effect).

Unz wants to ignore the cultural conflict of Jew vs. Christian, claiming it's mere matter of "religious" differences, ignoring the core philosophies and ethics within such religious styles that are most relevant, pretending such philosophic differences are too confused or mysterious.

Unz wants to avoid or down-play the famous "J-Q," the Jew-question/issue/problem. And most of all, Unz wants to "normalize" Jews, pretending there are "good" Jews, like there are "good" psychopaths, good cannibals, good child-molesters. Unz's buddy is Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, who wants "whites" to include Jews--like Unz, evidently. Observe Unz advertises for Taylor's book, "Paved With Good Intentions."

Unz wants, like Taylor, to synthesize Jews w. "whites" within a supposed common culture--which is precisely what has failed over the entire history of the world to this very day. And Jews are no more "white" than mestizos or mulattoes--they're NOT NOT NOT "white," excepting only seeming to be for some of them on the exterior, fooling only the stupidest among whites and gentiles.

Unz indicates the obvious questionability of Israeli terror-state, which certainly isn't wrong, but this questioning comes at a price as Unz thus excuses the other main faction of Jews, the "globalist," atheist, leftists who are close with the "bankers" of the central-bank, the US Federal Reserve, (the "fed"), Trilateralists, and Council on Foreign Relations, Unz lying for them, saying he sees "little evidence" for their conspiracy for world-gov.

These, above, problems w. Unz are the rather obvious reasons Unz must be held as the same old Jew enemy of whites and humanity in general, Unz the lying, deceptive, subversive, noxious Jew liar who lies, no different fm the typical Jew and Talmudic enemies of mankind denounced by Christians fm New Testament times, and the Greeks and Romans before that, confirmed and seconded by anti-semites of all races and cultures throughout hist.

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55. Fart Blossom says:
January 3, 2022 at 11:10 am GMT • 16.2 hours ago ↑
@Sick of Orcs

"Mr. Unz supports free speech and diversity of opinion."

You’ve obviously never had an informative, civil comment censored. If it hits too close to home it stands a chance of never being seen.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/ghood/white-renegade-of-the-year-2021/#new_comments

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"Good-Evil" Is Merely For Fools, Suckers, Inferiors, Children, And Dogs--So Grow-Up, Morons
(Apollonian, 3 Jan 2022)

There's no "good-evil" sucker, and if u think there is, u're just ignorant, foolish child who imagines ur wishes are reality. For if there's "good-evil," then u need to say what is the criterion/premise for it which works for all cases and situations--which NO ONE has ever done in the history of philosophy or ethics.

"Good-evil" is for children and dogs who are merely dis-obedient, and who are thus intimidated by appellation of such "good-evil" metaphor, otherwise meaningless.

And "selfishness" is absolute necessity and condition of humanity, and under the circumstances a virtue, sucker--it merely means that as creature of will (though NOT a perfectly "free" will--like God's), u follow ur will, tempered and informed by reason, to the extent of ur wisdom, which for u doesn't seem to be very much, evidently.

And to the extent u insist upon such as "good-evil" and deny the necessary condition of self-interest and "selfishness," u're just an ignorant, moronic liar, utterly dis-honest, and should be ashamed, if u weren't so stupid and dis-honest. U really need to getting a life, fool, and soon, too.

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79. CelestiaQuesta says:
January 3, 2022 at 5:05 pm GMT • 11.3 hours ago ↑

I’m Irish, and I despise all the Irish Bono’s in the world.
What’s your point other than being a selfish blind despicable moron.

There is good in the world, you need only open your hate stained eyes to see it.

Peace, really


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/article/the-default-hypothesis-fails-to-explain-jewish-influence/

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Original Christian, Objective Spirit Must Resurrect For The West
(Apollonian, 4 Jan 22)

Well, wasn't it a stupid thing not to have listened to dear Unc' Adolf who tried to tell the truth to people about Jews? So if the Jews hadn't played the stupid puke for suckers, someone else would have--it takes two to tango, as they say. Jews are just a disease-of-opportunity, after all, taking advantage of the already dying culture and society. Jews simply turn goyim stupidity to their profit.

So the puke, called "people," suffer HUBRIS, imagining they're such "gooood" folks, and they then get "taken" by the foremost Satanists and liars--Jews (and a few of their goyim cohorts, no doubt). Satanism feeds on hubris, like maggots. And Christ warned us about Jews--see Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

Unc' Adolf was trying to solve the Jew problem in the first place, so if scum did their utmost to fighting Hitler and heroic Germans, then those scum certainly DESERVE to be destroyed, for sure.

Thus Spengler's theory of CYCLIC "Decline of the West" is just borne out (by WWII and there-after), the culture rising (18th cent.), then maturing, USA destroyed by 1865, and finally completely degenerating in corruption and hubris, pretending they're now "goooood," and others are "eeeevil." So the West then committed suicide, incidentally placing Jews in the driver's seat (where they'd been, actually, controlling banking since Napoleonic wars and rise of Rothschilds).

Thus the West thrived under a regime of Aristotelian objective reality (Christ = truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, requiring the objective reality as necessary criterion for any such truth) and respect thereto, but then after the Reformation and in-fighting among Christians (Cath. vs. Prot.), then the progression fm Rousseau to Kant and gross subjectivism/Satanism (Satanism being extreme subjectivism, the idea consciousness/mentality creates reality, making subject to be creator, God-like--Satanism by definition), West was ready to collapse into hands of ultimate Satanists, Jews, who now direct and control things.

For "good-evil" is SUBJECTIVE, and doesn't exist in objective reality (no one in history of philosophy ever having proven a criterion for such "good-evil" that works in all cases), but when the masses of over-populated goons and goyim now pretend to and insist upon this HUBRIS and "good-evil" delusion and lies, that's when Satanists and Jews will rule and dominate as the masters.

So now humanity is in trouble--the very trouble it asked for when they decided to adopt Pharisaism and self-righteousness which the Jews and corrupt cohorts sold them. And now humanity must suffer, many dying-out and -off till the original Aristotelian objective regime is reborn, and that dear Christianity RESURRECTS. Meantime, we can only now pray, organize, preach to our people, plan, and try to endure for resistance and another Christian revolution as of St. Constantine the Great.

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30. Robert Dolan says:
January 3, 2022 at 11:58 pm GMT • 11.8 hours ago ↑

That’s what makes me so FURIOUS…..that all of the men in my family fought in WWII to save a crew of deceitful ungrateful assholes who pay us back by destroying us.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but then censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/therapy-for-the-world/

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Problem For Tolstoyevskaya Is Her Delusion(s) About "Evil" In The First Place--So Is She "Evil"?--No, Just Deluded--Which Happens, Like Excrement Itself
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 22)

This essay by Tolstoyevskaya, "Therapy for the World," is a complete disaster, of course, because there's no such thing as "evil" (or "good") as there's no solid definition given or even possible--shown and proven by simple history, no definition ever been given that holds up in every situation.

And the example given by Tolstoyevskaya, "[e]vil in this case is defined as human behavior that harms others (and oneself)--so HOW or WHY is that "evil"?--again, WHAT is "evil"? Note the definition given is just question-begging--an unfounded assertion--it would be like saying, "evil is a fried egg"--what?--why?--how? Besides, if "harming others" is understood by enough people as un-desirable, yet the political system lets it happen, then there's simply a problem of mechanics for that system, and it merely needs be addressed.

Then Tolstoyevskaya tells us, "Moral evil, as distinguished by St. Augustine, means “the evil humans do, by choice, knowing that they are doing wrong”--which just begs the question AGAIN, as to what is "evil," why and how. And WHY would people do such "evil"?--if they do it for a reason they think is valid or useful, then why and how is it "evil"?--why wouldn't it just be a mere mistake? If "evil" is done for no valid reason, then it's just INSANITY--and again, HOW is mere insanity "evil"?

People can be insane, for sure--it's happened lots of times. People make mistakes, and if it keeps happening too much there may well be a problem for insanity. "Witches" were burned at the stake, but finally, the practice was dis-continued; society found alternate treatments. And of course, if insanity persists, then the society will be destroyed--it's surely happened before on a small scale, and those smaller societies disappeared.

Tolstoyevskaya then says, "Biological, or biopsychological, evil, on the other hand, is conditioned by one’s genetics and upbringing under the influence of all the people and circumstances that have impacted the development of one’s organism and personality. It is this biopsychological evil that is the focus of Łobaczewski’s ponerology science"--which is just a bunch of plain nonsense and moronic psycho-babble.

And thus the entire essay collapses as it is built upon this (fore-going) idiocy by Tolstoyevskaya, consisting of just gross question-begging on top of more question-begging and unfounded assertion. Tolstoyevskaya's essay doesn't bode well for the book, which is probably worthless if Tolstoyevskaya's essay is any genuine indication or preview.

Sure, people can have delusions, but it doesn't make them "evil"--and sure, there's such thing as mass-delusions, but so what?--it's happened before, and it'll happen again--it has NOTHING to do w. non-existent "evil." In fact, the biggest, greatest mass-delusion is surely this idiocy about "evil," as by Tolstoyevskaya.
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Below-copied by ap submitted, but then censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-unwanted-southern-conservatives/#comments

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We Need Anti-Satanism Of REAL, True Christianity, Then Some Nullification And Secession
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 22)

Yes, u're absolutely right--the REAL, TRUE Christianity (worship of TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which implies the necessary OBJECTIVE REALITY as basis/premise for any such truth, must simply resurrect for our society, which is absolutely anti-satanic (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), hence anti-Semitic--Jews being Satanists, extreme subjectivists, subjectivism holding reality is product of consciousness/mentality, following fm Jews' "midrash" (interpretation) method, following fm "Oral Law Trad." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Politically, "states-rights" doctrine, nullification, and secession must resurrect--it all follows fm 10th Amendment (TenthAmendmentCenter.com). Secession was NOT and NEVER prohibited by US Constitution--just read 10th Amendment which is mere 28 words long:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

So what happened, historically?--stupid scum of USA, now Jew S A, just got too "prosperous," thus HUBRISTIC, not realizing how inflation can change everything so quickly, the middle-class suddenly wiped out, made poor again. And as these stupid fools get poor, maybe they'll start to get smart and at least HONEST again--it seems to be happening for some, anyway.

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16. Weaver says:
September 5, 2021 at 5:01 pm GMT • 4.1 months ago • 400 Words ↑

Southerners aren’t reproducing enough, and there’s been a great deal of immigration into the South. Before A/C, we received less immigration. The concern used to be that blacks would come to outnumber us and take charge. Today, there are so many immigrants that even the whites can be left wing. You don’t hear Southern accents in wealthy parts of my state.

People seem to want very different (opposing) things with Southern conservatism but mostly just to honour our dead. I’m of British descent and an FFV as well as FFSC (first families in those states). I figure I’ve been turned into an ethnic Brit by mass immigration. It doesn’t make sense for me to identify with a Guatemalan or Yankee living in my state.

The Southern Agrarian ideal of the small farmer isn’t reasonable today, but similar ideals can be found in the Catholic distributist ideal. Gardening or small hydroponics can be done today if wanting to be agrarian, but often food is harvested today with illegal workers, which is very bad. Southerners can still have an impact today if applying Southern values without labeling them as such.

I see a great many marriages not only between Amerindians and whites but also blacks and whites. It’s a very different South today.

Classical liberal ideals seem too common, as well as support for imperial wars, in the South. The South was also part of the mistaken push into WWII. The US might have avoided Pearl Harbor had there not been some support for entering the war. But I suppose it was Hitler who ultimately declared war on the US.

James Edwards has a wonderful talk show that respects the South, but the best to do is to make a place in current society as best one can. Mike Tuggle has become a writer. Paul Craig Roberts is still one of the most brilliant economists, when he takes himself seriously. Pat Buchanan might be claimed by the South. It can surprise you which leaders are Southern.

We’re just not allowed our flags, statues, and heroes, not publicly anyway.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-zio...ld-war-i-and-its-aftermath-in-paris/#comments

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Jews Are Pathological, Satanistic Liars, Which World Would Be Far Better Off Without, Suckers
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 22)

"Stebbing": just another crypto-Jew liar, breezily declaring what reality and history really are, the Jew liar never giving any ref.s for his lies. But just ck https://firstworldwarhiddenhistory.wordpress.com/publications/hidden-history-the-book/, a good website, featuring the works of Docherty and MacGregor who note and confirm the Brit., French, and Russky conspiracy to attack Germany, conspirators agreeing upon the necessity and prudence for doing so (attacking), Brits to dispose of German rivalry for naval dominance, French to get back Alsace Lorraine, Russkies to get Constantinople and a year-round ice-free port. Even the Bolshies, once they gained power, spilled the beans on the conspiracy of Czar to get Constantinople.

Thus Brits and French put heavy prop. pressure on Jew S A, got loans (never paid back), and had to have Jew S A manufacturing as much as 40% of their artillery munitions which entente allies couldn't do for themselves. After all, Jew S A couldn't let Entente allies lose if they owed money, right?

Meanwhile, the Brits were steadily blockading Germany, steadily starving the German (and central European) civilian population--which was against Int-national agreements--and this was always the overall Entente war strategy fm the beginning, bound to win if only the Russkies and French could contain the Germans and manage to not get beaten--which failed for Russkies, only not in time for Germans, that's all. Germans KNEW they had a problem for food supplies, that's why one KNOWS they were willing to negotiate seriously.

Germans retaliated as they were perfectly entitled to do, w. a submarine blockade, which almost, but not quite, worked--and it was effective, but it allowed W. Wilson to use it eventually as a fraudulent casus belli, which the morons of Jew S A went along with far too easily.

So Wilson and Americans were hugely, heavily, and directly responsible for the great European turmoil and warfare, the continuing rise of Jew rulership and hegemony, including bolshevism, and then, additionally, the "globalist"-atheist world gov. which began in earnest w. "League of Nations," then later, far more seriously w. United Nations conspiracy, which has led to the present genocidal "covid" hoax and mass-murders of poison vaxxes.

Later, the fraudulent Treaty of Versailles, which was forced upon Germany by the continuing Brit. starvation blockade, lied and claimed Germans started the war which was grossly false, as the historians all proved, Sidney Fay, and Harry Elmer Barnes, among others. World would be far better off if it were rid of Jewwy liars like "Stebbing" and Jews in general.

----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------------

15. Stebbing Heuer says:
January 5, 2022 at 10:53 pm GMT • 6.2 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

On three separate occasions throughout 1916, Germany pursued avenues to negotiate for peace, but both British and French resolve maintained that peace would only come about upon Germany’s defeat.

No, this is incorrect.

The allies’ position was always that they would immediately end the war if Germany and Austria agreed to return their armies to their pre-war borders.

Germany only proposed peace when she felt strong enough to impose a settlement on the allies that was favourable to her. Whenever the allies or Wilson offered to negotiate a peace treaty that obviously wouldn’t favour Germany, the Germans hedged and stalled. Right up until August 1918, the Germans thought they could win the war, and so they refused to withdraw their armies from the territory they had conquered, and to negotiate for peace.

The Kaiser and his regime were criminals and war-mongers. The world is well rid of them.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but then censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/jewish-history-jewish-religion-a-review/

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Jew "Religion" Is Subjectivism/Satanism, Pure And Simple
(Apollonian, 6 Jan 22)

Best way to understand Jew "religion" is that it's Satanism (extreme subjectivism), hence a collectivist Satanism done for the "good" (hence rulership) of the Jew people as a whole. Thus, by definition, Jew religion is following the "Oral Law Trad." as it's given or understood ("midrash") and preached by rabbis--see Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Thus as the rabbis conduct and pursue "midrash" (interpretation) of the Torah (Law of Moses), Jew religion consists of a general, overall, thorough-going SUBJECTIVISM. Torah and midrash thereof then is whatever the rabbis say it is, the "party-line," preached and practiced by the Jew people who are really then just an army following orders, co-operating towards a single collectivistic end--the rulership and hegemony of Jews--even if some Jews have to be expended along the way, as among the original bolsheviks.

Thus as "midrash" is interpretation, it's SUBJECTIVISM, and as subjectivism holds reality is produced by consciousness/mentality, the subject is creator, hence God-like--Satanism by definition. Judaism thus is Satanism, a satanic war against reason, humanity, logic, justice, etc.--for the purpose of Jew rulership. The Jew god then is slave, servant, and assassin for Jews, who celebrate the Passover holy day commemorating the mass murder of Egyptian babies who did nothing to Jews; Purim is yet another holy day for Jews celebrating mass killing of anti-semites in Persian empire, in Jews' Book of Esther.

Thus note how Jews and satanists have taken such absolute control of the corrupt and degenerate Western civilization which was originally built upon the OBJECTIVE (hence Aristotelian) view of reality, which brought victory and prosperity, but, due to the inexorable Spenglerian CYCLIC "Decline of the West," is now corrupt and wallowing in the HUBRIS, subjectivism, and indulgence of the people pretending they're "good," etc., this subjectivist and non-existent "good-evil" now the very pretext of Western corruption, hubris, and descent into outright satanism.

What was it that clinched for all time this horrific capture of the culture and society by Satanists and Satanism, led by Jews, foremost Satanists?--aside fm insane delusion of "good-evil" (which no one has ever been able to demonstrate for a solid principle defining such "good-evil"), it was the adoption of the stupid, deluded, mis-led, and now over-populated people of fiat-currency and central-banking, literally legalized counterfeiting, which made the people virtual slaves of the satanic masterminds to this banking fraud--see Mises.org for best expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency," etc.

For the stupid, hopelessly deluded people, now vastly over-populated, seriously believe this central-banking and fiat-currency made and makes them wealthy, and they cling to it even as they're steadily defrauded and despoiled for everything they used to own--like a cancerous disease that eats them out fm the inside, destroying them utterly, even as they pretend they're sooooo morally virtuous, etc. Such are the wages of sin, Satanism, and subjectivism, sustained by the people's gross HUBRIS and indulgence in non-existent "good-evil."


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/on-edwa...neration-that-believed-in-truth/#new_comments

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Perfectly "Free" Human Will Is Subjectivism, Presumption Not Capable Of Proof, Demonstration
(Apollonian, 6 Jan 22)

Denial of a perfectly "free" human will is really pretty easy. For if God, or nature, creates the human, then human will is equally created, no less than the animals who always work for self-preservation, only limited then by that God or nature. And how could the human be responsible (for any willful decision) and not God (or nature) who created the human?

Further, if the human is necessarily self-interested (for having will, following that will), then no will can change that self-interest.

And how can any possible, conceivable experiment demonstrate or prove a perfectly "free" will?--how would that experiment work?

Presumption of a perfectly "free" human will is simply a conceit, not capable of proof--it's also a convenient excuse for thereupon pushing GUILT on an individual for the adverse consequences of some given act.

For the bane of the world is subjectivism/Satanism, by which consciousness/mentality, hence subject, is held as creator of reality, hence the subject being God-like--Satanism by definition. And the perfectly "free" will then is just a product of that subjectivism, making human co-equal w. God--which is what the Jews claim, Jews notorious Satanists who follow Kaballah, etc.

------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

140. Kevin Barrett says:
January 5, 2022 at 4:51 pm GMT • 21.7 hours ago • 200 Words ↑

I read The Selfish Gene when it came out and was struck by its extreme dogmatism in support of self-evident absurdity. As I recall it argues that the only meaningful unit of selection is the “gene” in its contribution to the reproductive success of the “individual.” But which arbitrarily selected unit of DNA is a “gene,” and more importantly which arbitrarily selected unit of life is an “individual”? Is the “individual” the worker bee’s wing cell nucleus, the cell, the wing itself, the bee, the hive, the network of hives, the ecosystem featuring the networks, the planet featuring the ecosystems, or the many planetary systems teeming with life and (perhaps) occasionally exchanging it? Is the human individual the cell, the organ, the person, the family, the tribe, the confederation of tribes, the species, the ecosystem, or the ecosystem of ecosystems (ultimately the Earth and beyond)? And since “reproductive fitness” is entirely dependent on the larger context of what all the other DNA, “genes,” cell parts, cells, organs, “individuals,” groups, groups of groups, etc. etc. are doing, ultimately Dawkins explains everything by explaining nothing.

As for Wilson, his denial of free will is almost equally absurd. Like a solipsist who obviously cannot possibly really believe in the solipsism he defends to his (imaginary?!) interlocutor, Wilson cannot possibly really believe that everything he is saying is just a script emerging from deterministic forces, or he would not bother saying it.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-zio...i-and-its-aftermath-in-paris/#comment-5104697

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It Wasn't Just Woody Wilson, Suckers, For The Culture/Society Was Already Thoroughly Corrupt: West Needs Anti-Satanism, Hence Anti-Semitism, Hence REAL Christianity, Worship Of Truth & The OBJECTIVE Reality, Etc.
(Apollonian, 7 Jan 22)

If it wasn't Woody Wilson then to make it all happen for the great cause of Satanism, Jews being the leaders and foremost practitioners thereof, then it would have just been someone else, at some other time. For the Jews had it all set up, owning Hollywood, owning a good deal of the press by their people, like Pullitzer and others.

American society was thoroughly corrupt already, the system utterly destroyed, since at least 1865. Walt Hines Page was gentile Ambassador to UK, and he was all for war, Lansing the Sec. State was for war, as was Col. House--as were the "big money" bankers, who already lent UK and France a huge sum, at least 500 million, as I recall, all the satanic ducks were already set up.

For history is CYCLIC and things always degenerate after cultural/societal maturity, according to Oswald Spengler and "Decline of the West." People become HUBRISTIC, imagining they affect reality w. their non-existent perfectly "free" will, pretending to non-existent (hence subjectivist) "good-evil," these now over-populated scum mere putty in the hands of the Satanists, Jews being foremost Satanists--foremost subjectivists, following their Talmudic "midrash" (interpretation) method and "Oral Law Trad." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

For there's no such thing as a perfectly "free" human will, humans being sinners, and there's no way to prevent that sin and sinfulness--and this is basic Christian philosophy, suckers--which has always sought to oppose and condemn Satanism and Judaism, both of those filthy philosophies (Satanism and Judaism) being products of subjectivism (holding reality is product of consciousness/mentality), the extreme form of which is Satanism--as reality being product of consciousness, the subject thus being God-like, hence Satanism, by definition. Jews are esp. dominant Satanists as their subjectivism is a collective effort, prosecuted collectively, guided by their leaders and rabbis.

So u see, it's this Satanism and subjectivism which has destroyed the original Christian republic, u fools, the true, REAL Christianity always despising Jews as killers of Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth necessarily requiring the objective reality as premise/criterion for such truth, u fools. Thus the real, true Christianity must RESURRECT, dealing w. Jew filth and Satanism, and all the rest of the subjectivistic and satanist crap that goes w. it, including the "woke" culture, "liberal" scum who pretend they're "good," etc.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

119. Colinsky says:
January 7, 2022 at 12:28 am GMT • 10.0 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

If I ever get my time machine working, I’m going back to October 14, 1912, in Milwaukee, to pluck the 50-page speech (folded in half) from Theodore Roosevelt’s inside jacket pocket just before John Schrank shot him in the heart.

Without the thick manuscript blocking the bullet, Roosevelt would have been killed. Without Roosevelt in the race, the Republican vote would not have been split in November and President Taft would have been re-elected.

No Woodrow Wilson. No income tax. No Fed. No election of Senators. No Prohibition. No World War One, so probably no World War Two.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/my-paper-on-jewish-influence-blows-up/#comments

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Judaic System, "Religion," Philosophy Is Subjectivism And Criminality
(Apollonian, 8 Jan 22)

I'm not surprised MacDonald was phil. major, but he realized he sucked at the profession and craft (or science), and went on to something else that more interested him. For MacDonald is quite miserable at the philosophic craft or technique for GENERALIZATION.

Thus it can be said Jews are SUBJECTIVISTS, given their "midrash" (interpretation) method, following "Oral Law Trad.," and that, further, Jews are COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivists, Jews working, much as it's possible for them, as a unified movement, following and diligently prosecuting the "midrash" party-line, like a bunch of bolsheviks, directed, guided and led by leaders and rabbis. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Thus Jews became a militarist-criminal gang, tribe, and race, their hallmark subjectivism applied ultimately to the banking business, specifically in the form of the fiat-currency system which is theoretically INFINITE in quantity--and then literally everything else about culture and society is arranged and built around and in accord w. that fiat-currency system, which is a criminal fraud, amounting to legalized counterfeiting--which is then made into a government-sanctioned monopoly run by the masterminds at the top (see Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms like "fiat-currency" and "central-banking"). The lower levels of Jew society may not fully understand the system is criminal, but they follow along obediently.

So Judaism/Talmudism is itself a criminal enterprise, a religion and philosophy of criminality and never-ending lies, Jews (at least at the top) understanding they lie to gentiles, one another, and even to themselves, all founded upon subjectivism, the idea reality comes fm consciousness/mentality, subject then being creator, God-like, Satanism by definition. The "subject" in the Jews' case then is understood collectivistically, the Jews as a whole "people" being co-equal w. God, following fm their Talmud and "midrash."

Naturally then, Jews, criminals and liars, are hated and despised by all other people of humanity, of all races and cultures, all throughout history, the only exceptions (perhaps) being the gentile cohorts who are themselves subjectivist/Satanist, and who profiteer by collaborating w. Jews--which collaboration is necessary for Jews as they work to gradually, but inexorably controlling the society of now over-populated gentiles too stupid, confused, befuddled, and hubristic to understand the corrupt and criminal fiat-currency system they eventually become enslaved to and upon. Just ask people: what's diff. btwn "currency" and real MONEY?

For observe historically, as in Roman and American instances, at first the great culture grows up in genuine bravery of the people who work hard and produce as farmers and warriors, but then as Oswald Spengler describes in "Decline of the West," that culture CYCLICALLY, inevitably, and inexorably matures and becomes evermore corrupt, the people becoming evermore hubristic, imagining now they're God-like in the way of becoming "moral," virtuous, and "good"--which "good" doesn't really exist except for children, being merely a way the children are intimidated to being obedient.

Thus the Jews and their fortunes CORRESPOND exactly w. the course of this evermore corrupt progress and status of the culture, in CYCLIC fashion--as the mature culture continues to become more hubristic, hence subjectivist, the Jews gain evermore in power. Note history confirms the fiat-currency systems in the West were at first run by the white gentiles, but the more collectivistic Jews brought in more order, consistency, and organization, the gentiles consistently giving way, so that now Jews practically TOTALLY dominate and control, in banking, politics, judicially, etc., the Jews owning such a great portion in the society and economy, etc. Such then is the CYCLIC process in history and sociology, perfectly demonstrated and reflected.

The only check on this Jew/subjectivist/satanist problem, verified in history, was Christianity which explicitly opposed Satanism (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), hence Jews, Christianity worshipping TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth necessarily requires OBJECTIVE reality (Aristotle) as criterion/premise for such truth--against Jew subjectivism, lies, and criminal hegemony over everyone else.

But of course, such Christian virtue was sooo successful, the people became hubristic, as noted, corrupt, and now, once again in the CYCLIC process, Jews dominate, and we find ourselves in the CYCLIC cultural "end-times," described in New Test. "Book of Revelations." MacDonald is so stuck and immersed within the trees of isolated facts, details, and trivia, that he fails in philosophy to generalize to seeing the whole forest regarding Jews and their hallmark subjectivism/Satanism.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/a-critical-look-at-the-polish-pogroms-of-1914-1920/#new_comments

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Jews, Satanists Actually Fulfill Distinct Function, Place In CYCLIC Socio-Biology
(Apollonian, 8 Jan 22)

<blockquote>Organized, collective Jewry is univocally evil and a curse to the human race. The Jewish individual can only escape the accursed lineage of the Pharisees by renouncing the pathological Jewish identity which is rooted in the hateful worldview of the Talmud.</blockquote>

One can understand ur sentiment, which is really rather common, actually, BUT one should see things in context of serious socio-biology--the very success of these blood-suckers should tell u they have a place, such as it is, a niche in the CYCLIC course of history, according to Oswald Spengler, in "Decline of the West." For nature, biology, and humanity follow a CYCLIC process.

For when the rains fall regularly, grass grows, and the grazers and ruminants flourish, there being plenty of food for them, but when the rain begins to fall less often, now the animals are over-populated under the changed circumstances, and they become weaker, more exposed to the predators--think of the Jews as the natural predators of the over-populated gentiles, whose ancestors first established the successful culture, the following generations thriving, but without having had to do the hard pioneering work of the original founders of the culture--like the first Romans, or the original Americans.

Thus the culture, according to Spengler, matures, and then enters a "declining" phase or stage. For the founders began upon strict OBJECTIVISTIC premises and philosophy, strict gold/silver standard for real money, not mere currency which is theoretically infinite in quantity (hence inexorably inflated by the criminals who come to rule), strict death-penalty for capital offenses, etc. The ignorant morons and scum, don't realize it, but Christianity was, still is, in all truth, worship of TRUTH, above all, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth requires the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality as necessary premise/criterion.

This objective foundation of Christianity was in opposition, the Hegelian anti-thesis, to Jew SUBJECTIVISM, founded in "midrash" (interpretation) and "Oral Law Trad.," by which reality is only what Jews and rabbis say, subjectivism, the idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, the subject now the creator, God-like, SATANISM, by definition, in the extreme subjectivist view. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo.

Thus as the gentile culture ages, matures, and now declines in the inexorable hubris and subjectivism, especially encouraged by the cult of non-existent "good-evil," the Jews and subjectivist cohorts among gentiles become more powerful, and under the regime of the fraudulent fiat-currency, eventually take satanistic control--as we see before our very eyes in the present day. See Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like central-banking, etc. Jews are merely disease of opportunity, so to speak, like typhus, plague, or leprosy, merely doing what they're allowed to do by corrupt gentiles--especially "liberals" and leftists who believe in this delusionary "good-evil." Typhus and leprosy may be ugly, but they're not "evil," as they have to live too, don't forget.

For most of the over-populated morons of today cannot even distinguish btwn mere currency and REAL (commodity-based) money, like gold/silver--they prefer infinite currency, not realizing it's how they get ripped-off horrendously. And it's impossible to reason w. such "liberals" and leftists who must simply die-out and -off, like the forest fire that burns itself out. Such is the CYCLIC course of history and socio-biology.

Soon enough there will be too many Satanist master-minds at the top, too few slaves and Shabbos goyim at the bottom; the master-minds will begin to in-fighting, and this then is the opportunity for the gentile remnant to revolt and regain their freedom, such as they can secure. So u see, Jews fulfill a distinct place and cultural function, and if we remove them, someone else would merely have to replace them to do the very same necessary work in the large scheme of things socio-biologic.

----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

130. Mulegino1 says:
January 6, 2022 at 2:12 am GMT • 2.4 days ago • 300 Words ↑

Agree 100%.

The excellent observation of Pierre de Craon on another thread here at UR sums the “Jewish genius” up quite well:

It is as if the ideal state to which they aspire is that of the butcher who is so clever that no one ever catches him with his thumb on the scale.

The Jews have always put their “thumb on the scale” with their nepotism, collective hatred for the rest of humanity and their insufferable tribal narcissism. For the Jew qua Jew, the only moral imperative is that “it be good for the Jews.”

This “most intelligent of all races” has been kicked out of well over a hundred kingdoms, nations, city states, etc., precisely because of its odious behavior towards its hosts. Is this a mark of intelligence? One presumes that if the Jews were such super-intelligent beings, it would have dawned upon most of them by now that they could easily assimilate to the superior high culture of their hosts by casting off their Talmudic antipathy to all things good, noble, beautiful and orderly. But their chronic insistence upon being the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral creates quite the opposite effect, i.e., the corpse who spoils the wedding and the bride who crashes the funeral.

Organized, collective Jewry is univocally evil and a curse to the human race. The Jewish individual can only escape the accursed lineage of the Pharisees by renouncing the pathological Jewish identity which is rooted in the hateful worldview of the Talmud.

• Agree: HdC
• Thanks: anarchyst


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/my-paper-on-jewish-influence-blows-up/#comments

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How Could Unz Be More Happy Than With Self-Deluded Sycophant, Like "Mefo..."?
(Apollonian, 9 Jan 22)

<blockquote>There is no way that Ron Unz is running cover for a super-creditor takeover, or trying to whitewash the crimes of the tribe.</blockquote> Unz simply runs "cover" in the easiest way conceivable, just letting idiots like u babble on for them, sucker. Thus the real essence of Judaism is over-looked and ignored amidst all the moronic platitudes which divert fm the essence.

For Jew = Satanist, pure and simple, following fm the definition as Talmudist, hence subjectivist who follows the "midrash" (interpretation), which follows "Oral Law Trad.," whence Jews make themselves co-equal w. God--Satanism. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Why does a Jew call himself Jew, fool?--it's an expression of loyalty and identity, idiot.

For subjectivism is idea reality is product of consciousness/mentality, by definition, the subject (in case of Jews, a collectivistic subjectivism, Jews all colluding, much as practicable, led and guided by rabbis, et al.--why and how it's a "religion") now the creator, God-like, Satanism by definition in the extreme case, as of Jews, et al. Top level of Jew leadership are all Satanists, the rest willing, subjectivistic accomplices--otherwise they wouldn't be "Jews," calling themselves Jews. In addition there are the gentile subjectivists and Satanists, who are legion, and far out-number Jews, the leftists and "liberals"--like our dear "Mefo...." Such is the satanic-complex in present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, "end-times" of Book of Revelations.

U pathetic, utterly brainless, lying moron who's so desperately anxious to suck-up to Jews like Unz, pretending u're authority in finance, money and banking, babbling all ur idiot phrases, like "sovereign money"--which is just the same old funny money and fiat-currency, enforced by dictators and murderers, accomplices to Jew Satanists, by means of "legal tender" decrees. Real money (commodity-based, like gold/silver) doesn't need "legal tender" fiat, moron--why is that?

For the very purpose of "currency," distinct fm real money, is legalized counterfeiting, "inflation" being the replication/proliferation of the currency units--which can't be done w. real money. See Mises.org for expo on such money-banking; use site search-engine for particular terms like "fiat-currency," etc.

And there's no "honorable Jews," moron--like there are "honorable" psychopaths, or child-molesters, because psychopaths are what Jews are--it's what they do--their socio-biologic function in society, sucker, taking advantage of over-populated goyim scum like u who suck-along for ur own subjectivism, which subjectivism is merely manipulated by Satanists more clever than u (which doesn't take much, one observes).

For Jews KNOW (at least at the top) they're Satanists and criminals bound and determined to exterminate the now over-populated goyim (like u, a particularly stupid one, despite ur moronic conceit and babbling) scum in the "decline" phase/stage of the old Western culture, according to Spengler. And why should Jews worry?--as there are so many dumb gentiles like u (many even dumber), so much now in control, like the Praetorian guard who defend the top Satanists steadily exterminating the goyim--as we see, stupid goyim eagerly lining up to take the clot-shots, etc.

Specifically, Unz the Jew co-operates most closely w. his collaborating buddy, Jared Taylor (American Renaissance), who works for "normalizing" of Jews within society and the synthesis of Jews and gentiles who all now pretend to being "white," Jews now, like mulattoes and mestizos, suddenly, magically to transform for their race, the cultures now all to be amalgamated, mixed, compromised and lost within a lovely mushy mess of morons like u, buddy. How could Unz be more happy w. such lying, self-deluded fools as u?

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

87. Mefobills says:
January 8, 2022 at 7:07 pm GMT • 12.8 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

It was all-inclusive and left no room for nuance.

We probably need new words.

There are many honorable Jews who are horrified by the maneuvering of their top-jews, who I call super-creditors.


What normal laboring people object to, is the invisible hands deep in their pockets, sucking away their lifeblood. The hands are wrapped around their testicles and driving our civilization into the gutter, and away from the “logos.” Humans are meant to be higher creatures, not reduced to animals to be milked.

It is important to have nuance. Note that I lump Jude0-Christians in with Talmudic Jews as both religions are against what Jesus was attempting to do; namely, rebalance civilization by resetting the debt/credit relations between people.

There is no way that Ron Unz is running cover for a super-creditor takeover, or trying to whitewash the crimes of the tribe.


Guest Columnist
Here, below-copied is essay written on an amazing and interesting episode I've had w. "Fitzpatrick Informer" (fitzinfo.net) for publication of my essay, previously written, submitted, and recorded in Apo essays for Dec 2021, # 53, about the Jew's Unz Review

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What Is Fitzpatrick's Problem, Exactly?--Subjectivism, Hypocrisy, Etc.
(Apollonian, 10 Jan 22)

I had wanted, and I still want to get published some serious criticism and exposure of the doings and statements, which are lies, by the Jew publisher and editor of Unz Review, where I find I'm being horrendously censored, Unz having lied and told people he only "lightly moderates" his comments sections. Of course, Unz, the Jew, won't allow this sort of criticism and exposure of his real policy and activity in and for heavy, intensive censorship, so I tried to get an essay, exposing Unz, published at Fitzpatrick Informer, at FitzInfo.net, which essay contained a good deal of the sort of criticism Unz deserves.

People can ck out for themselves my aforementioned essay, sent, delivered, and then posted for the record at my own home website (but not owned by me, and it's not only my own basic site, used by others too), at NewNationNews.net--see "Apollonian Commentary" at http://www.nnnforum.net/forums/index.php?threads/apo-essays-for-dec-21.361850/page-3#post-732018, under "Apo essays for Dec 2021," # 53, Title: "Unz Review: Profound Subversion Of Western, Christian Culture, Civilization," posted on 30 Dec 21.

But--surprise, the people at Fitzpatrick Informer decided they didn't want to publish my essay either, after my having been told to "sure, go ahead and send," which sending to them for publication, I duly did on 30 Dec, which they acknowledged receiving on the 31st, but told me he hadn't yet read it, and he'd "get back" to me. But he never got back, and finally, on 5 Jan., I wrote and reminded him he said he'd "get back," so what's the hold-up? Well, he STILL wouldn't answer, and after a couple of days I wrote again, telling him I found his refusal to respond to be absolutely "amazing." I write here and now to comment upon this little episode and sort of behavior on part of Fitzpatrick Informer.

I can only speculate that editor at Fitzpatrick Informer didn't like something about what I said in my essay, 1700+ words, broken into 2 sections, the first saying the specific things noted about Unz and his policies--which probably Fitzpatrick didn't object to, but in the 2nd section, I went into some detail for why Unz was censoring, that being my militant Christian orientation as I noted the absolute anti-thematic nature of Jew subjectivism vs. Christian truth and objectivity, truth depending upon the objective reality, the two, Jew and Christian, absolutely opposed and irreconcilable, subjective vs. objective.

I'd say this opinion of mine ("irreconcilable") was fairly acceptable to Fitzpatrick, but then I looked and saw that I'd added that the "good-evil" delusion was an instance of this subjectivism as of Jews, noting that no one had ever been able to give a solid premise or criterion that worked in all cases for such pretended "good-evil" in the entire history of philosophy, and that it (this "good-evil" fallacy) was then the basic pretext for the "liberal" and leftist subjectivism among gentiles causing them to be co-opted by Jews for destruction of gentile society--especially in the West and Jew S A. And this is what ("good-evil" delusion) and where I seriously suspect Fitzpatrick objected to--BUT why couldn't Fitzpatrick admit to this?--WHY would he not respond, especially when he'd told me he'd "get back," etc.?

So I thought I did well to say what I deemed was so perfidious about Unz, and then I thought it only appropriate, informative, and fitting to go a little into the why and wherefores of my Christian objections to Unz and his subversive efforts (namely, allying w. his buddy Jared Taylor [who wants to include Jews as "whites"], of American Renaissance, to attempt a synthesis or compromise of Jew and Christian culture [against "leftists"]--which synthesis can't and compromise shouldn't be done). So aren't these quite legitimate and logical objections on part of a Christian?--why does Fitzpatrick indulge in this girl-like, cowardly, and incompetent refusal to respond?--isn't it rather appalling, disgusting, and offensive?--so that now I can't get my expose' on Unz published on Fitzpatrick's site--isn't that absurd? And of course, I still can't be too sure about exactly why Fitzpatrick won't publish and won't respond--it's all quite mysterious, amazing, and even morbidly interesting.

But that (foregoing) is not all, even MORE amazingly, I found this exchange, which included Fitzpatrick in the comments section on another subject-matter on his site, regarding "Russia's Errors...," posted on 7 Jan 22: A reader, "Christine," complained about gross censorship for comments she made in another article, about a vid, and this is what Fitzpatrick replied to her, quoted in full, and I kid u not--

"Timothy Fitzpatrick says: January 7, 2022 at 20:46,
"I know how you feel, Christine. I have had comments completely censored on their platforms, which is why I don’t bother anymore. I am not sure what their motive is for that, but it comes off as cultish. It’s as if they don’t want to be perceived as being upstaged by some commentors or something; some comments might be a threat to their “insights”. Does that mean they want to be in the spotlight above all others?"

Next day, Jan 8, "Christine" responded [see just below-copied] w. further notes on the issue, and I can't help but to say those notes by Christine well apply to my own situation, above-described regarding Fitzpatrick. I trust I need say little more. So observe, in conclusion, the bottom-line effects of Fitzpatrick's actions: first, I don't get my essay on Unz published--why?--we don't exactly know, as Fitzpatrick, like a girl and a coward refuses to say--everything fails for me w. Fitzpatrick due to something he won't disclose--WHY? It seems to me Fitzpatrick owes his readers some kind of explanation, even by HIS OWN reasoning, as he gave to "Christine," but he doesn't seem to grasp or care--it even smacks of a hypocritical psychosis of some kind on the part of Fitzpatrick.

What's problem w. the West and Fitzpatrick?--for the West, it's undoubtedly hubris, Satanism, and this gross SUBJECTIVISM, as I've always noted, here and now so poignantly demonstrated and displayed.

------------------------------------------here, below-copied are "Christine's" further notes fm Jan 8--------------------------------------

Russia’s errors: from the Filioque to Putinism | Fitzpatrick Informer [--posted at Fitzpatrick Informer, dated 7 Jan 22]
christine says:
January 8, 2022 at 18:06

"Thank you for your response and for your “sympathy” so to speak. It’s really awful especially when one doesn’t know why such a behaviour. Believe it or not I responded 4 times to my cut out comment and EVERY single time it got deleted, it simply vanished after I refreshed the page. This is really ridiculous. Dimond brothers have been critized by a few traditionalists especially when it comes to dealing with differences in views regarding specific issues. They are right in most of the things and have quality made videos that do change people’s views as to the situation in the Church. But as you have so aptly spotted, they do view certain people as a threat to their insights and don’t want to be challenged. My comment wasn’t challenging at all so I’m baffled as to why they just cut it off like that. And I know they did it because Disqus that they use for their comments said that my comment is awaiting their (Dimond brothers) approval. It’s not good to do that. In my view it’s unprofessional. I would only delete comments if they were vulgar, blasphemous, rude and attacking and demonstrating an evil intent as it’s a clear indication that such a person comes only to do harm. Otherwise everyone is entitled to their point of view. It really does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. Oh well, I’ll just have to get over it. Thank you Timothy for what you are doing. Like I said, you have helped me put the missing pieces of a puzzle together. And those were very important missing pieces, so I’m very grateful I have come across your website. God bless you."
Last edited:


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Holohoax: Mere Detail Within Larger Societal Corruption From Objectivity To Subjectivism & Satanism
(Apollonian, 11 Jan 22)

Welcome to the Jew universe/reality, suckers--SUBJECTIVISM (where reality is created by consciousness/mentality according to "midrash" [interpretation] method, in accord w. "Oral Law Trad."), where anything and everything exists that Jews, collectively, want to exist, including now--holohoax, the fiction, but regardless, the RELIGION now to be imposed upon gentiles. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

And any cursed gentile who doesn't accept holohoax is "anti-Semitic," hence "evil" (which also doesn't exist, but since we now live in Jews' subjectivistic reality, we have to accept that too, like obedient children, who thus are "good"). And Jew subjectivism rules because Jews partake in that subjectivism collectivistically--they all co-operate and collude, giving them supreme organization, unity, and cohesion which allows them to dominate and lead the more individualist, isolated gentile subjectivists/Satanists.

And if u don't accept Jews' subjectivism, then u're anti-Semitic and "evil" too, sucker. Objective reality, as of Christianity, the Greeks, and Aristotle?--that's also anti-Semitic, scum, so don't go there either. For the subjectivist world requires the world of equally imaginary "good-evil," the very measure of truth. If Jews deem it "good," it exists; if not, then it doesn't exist. And what's "good"?--what's good is what's good for Jews, sucker--and don't u ever forget it, else u'll be deemed "anti-Semitic," which u better not be, sucker.

So one sees, gentiles, in order to preserve their sanity, can only, must only, live in a reality where TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) exists, hence the objective reality, necessary criterion/premise for any knowable truth. For if one falls into the subjectivist persuasion, one quickly finds it's a monopoly of Jews who dominate and rule, as they own and control everything, beginning w. the currency (NOT real money, commodity-based, finite in quantity, hence gold/silver, most practical--see Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like central-banking, fiat-currency, etc.).

For observe further, subjectivism is foundation of Satanism, subjectivism making subject the creator of reality, God-like, Satanism by definition. See Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

Control of the currency gives Jews legalized counterfeiting whence they have infinite currency, giving them ownership control of everything and nearly everybody, suckers, beginning w. the Jews-media, ownership of politicians and judges, edjumacation--everything.

So how do gentiles fall into this trap of subjectivist false-reality?--well, they become corrupt and over-populated w. stupid, deluded fools, filled w. HUBRIS, imagining now they're "good" (which doesn't exist) and specially "morally-virtuous," when fact is they inherited an empire and culture fm ancestors who were honest, brave, and productive, but who generated off-spring who didn't have to work and fight like the ancestors and founders of the civilization did.

And now those following offspring generations, dis-honest and inferior to their ancestors, will now lose it all to criminals and con-artists like Jews, foremost subjectivists and Satanists, in contrast to the founders of the civilization who were honest and held to the objective reality. Such is the general course of history in Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," in which the culture and empire is built up by honest forbears and founders working fm the objective assumption of reality, but that culture steadily degenerating to the subjective/Satanist in which Jews inevitably dominate and where the religion becomes subjectivist, including now holohoax as a detail therein. And one cannot understand that detail (of holohoax) without the larger context of "decline," hubris, and subjectivism.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After All, The War Btwn The People Vs. "Globalists" (Jews, "Liberals," Et Al.) Is Already Manifest
(Apollonian, 12 Jan 22)

Yes, they're just a criminal gang, practicing Satanism, their real religion founded on Talmud and "Oral Law Trad." and "midrash" INTERPRETATION, by which Torah means only what rabbis say--same w. all reality meaning only what rabbis and Jews say--pure SUBJECTIVISM. And subjectivism to the extreme is making reality product of consciousness/mentality--making subject to be creator, God-like, Satanism by definition. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Take everything Jews have, no voting rights, not able to hold any office, separated by sex, not allowed to re-produce--treat them like the diseased monsters they really are.

But this proper treatment of Jew monsters will require resurrection of the REAL Christianity, anti-Satanism, hence anti-semitism--understood as such, and "liberals" (traitors) cannot be tolerated either. Note we're already like 1930s Spain, war is already understood, globalists (Soros) having stolen the 2020 election, staged the Jan 6 false-flag, not to mention the riots during the summer, swat-teaming parents who complain about school-boards, etc. But to solidify the patriots only need more serious, rationalist Christian profession.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

29. Ann Nonny Mouse says: • Website
January 12, 2022 at 6:18 am GMT • 4.3 hours ago ↑

Such a nation will suffer an Onslaught of Jewish attacks. That is not the Final Solution.

De-emancipate them, put them in ghettos, make them all wear a big yellow badge the shape of a pig’s snout, and don’t allow them to leave the country. No visas.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/mhudson/what-is-causing-so-much-inflation/#comments

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jewwy Unz Obsessively Continues With His Perverted Pleasure, Pushing Inflation, Psycho-Babble
(Apollonian, 12 Jan 22)

The babbling fool, "Mefo...," is one of Unz's favorite commenters w. his blathering idiocy about "sovereign money," etc. nonsense, and very simply, it's because "Mefo...," is an inflationist who wants to impose mere CURRENCY, theoretically infinite in quantity, in place of real money, commodity-based, hence finite in quantity, like gold/silver--that's the long and short of it, suckers.

And Hudson is just ANOTHER inflationist, which inflation and "funny-money" (though of course, it's not real money), Unz evidently likes, because, apparently, one can go on babbling and blathering about it nearly all day--like "Mefo...." And WHO doesn't notice just how brainlessly patronizing "Mefo..." is as he jibbers and jabbers w. his moronic jargon and psycho-babble.

For the obvious purpose of mere currency is INFLATION, suckers, pure and simple, which inflation is actually legalized counterfeiting. So now we have this lovely trio of morons, Jewwy Unz, Hudson, and "Mefo...." all collaborating--for what?--such an idiotic waste of time, but Unz likes to see who's a moron, evidently, advocating or accepting inflation and counterfeiting criminality, and who, on the other hand, opposes it.

And Unz controls and manipulates the "discussion," such as it is, by means of censorship and "moderation," so "Mefo..." always comes off as the winner of every discussion I've seen, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to observe this amazingly telling behavior on part of Unz, Unz soooo fascinated w. things financial and corrupt, like w. inflationism and the nonsense spewed by "Mefo..." and Hudson.

So keep it up, Unz, Jewwy scum; lots of people no doubt see this about u and ur Jewwy site, buddy, and more will surely pick it up as u continue w. ur perverted pleasures, eh? Ho ho ho ho