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Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted but then censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/free-to...and-the-anglo-jewish-cousinhood/#new_comments

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Inevitable Gentile Revolt, Coming, Happening At This Very Moment
(Apollonian, 21 Jan 22)

Mevashir, buddy, aren’t u just another pea in the pod along w. ur fellow Jewwy buddy, “Thomas McGlaughlin”?–another typical crypto-Jew using gentile name, like “Ned Kelly” or “Patrick McNally”–u people are sooooooo clever, eh?

So we hate Jews (Satanists, Jews foremost among Satanists)–what else is new?–Ever hrd of Christianity?–it’s anti-Semitic, sucker–see Gosp. JOHN 8:44. Newsflash: Jews are a problem for us gentiles and humanity in general, a HUGE and significant problem, noted by many–and they’re (u’re) “hated” for excellent reason–so now we work to solve the problem, hence to analyze, and examine. U’re another good example of that problem, right?

So u asked the other guy, “Sepp,” if he “read” the comment?–why would u ask that when u see the comment was actually quoted for a passage contained within it? How could such quote be given without having read the comment? I thought u Jews were supposed to be smart? If there was something wrong w. his comment, u needed to say what the fault is, sucker–did u leave something out?

Seriously, u dumb Jews run ur proverbial mouths, and it’s a wonder u idiots are so successful–it’s frightening. Gentiles succeed w. reason and objectivity, but the hubris of gentile generosity then subsidizes Jew perfidy and extreme subjectivism, which is Satanism, which now threatens all humanity. Is not the present Jew covid-hoax, w. poison clot-shots perfect example?

U Jews succeed now because u have many, many stupid, over-populated traitor gentiles, who were generated because of previous success of Western culture, too many of them too much tolerating and going along w. ur Satanism/subjectivism, these called “liberals,” leftists, and homosexuals, traitor/filth led by Jews.

It may be hard for us Christians to counter-act against u, BUT we know u also will inevitably fail due to ur success, “no honor among thieves.” For as u kill off the excess gentiles, u lose for slaves and Shabbos goyim, and inevitably u’ll fall-out among urselves, giving remnant gentile survivors opportunity to successfully revolt–it’s coming, sucker–already happening, as we speak. It's a CYCLIC phenomenon, according to Oswald Spengler, “Decline of the West.”

And that anti-Semitic, anti-satanic “plan” already exists, called “Christianity”–we only now need RESURRECT it, Christian truth founded upon objective reality (necessary premise for such truth) vs. Jew lies and Satanism founded in subjectivism, following fm Talmudic “midrash” (interpretation) method and “Oral Law Trad., ultimate Hegelian anti-theses, sucker–it worked before, it will again.

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120. Mevashir says:
January 21, 2022 at 6:09 pm GMT • 35 minutes ago • 100 Words ↑

"Sheesh. I feel like I need to shower just for having read this useless bullshit. Oh, and get a real job where you can contribute to society instead of looking down your long hooked nose at it."

Did you read his comment or just glance at it and jump to conclusions without thinking in between? It seems pretty obvious.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

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Don't Doubt Judaism Is Satanism, Literally, Especially For Top Leaders & Masterminds
(Apollonian, 21 Jan 22)

<blockquote>"I hope we get another chance." </blockquote> "Another chance"?--but all the "chances" and instances regarding holohoax are the same: it's, including holohoax, mere article of their subjectivist religion. Just ck their Jewwy Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism .

Thus, in accord w. Talmud, "midrash" (interpretation), and "Oral Law Trad.," reality, beginning w. Torah, and then everything else, is merely what Jews and rabbis say it is--it's a purely subjectivistic proposition. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

We gentiles, especially Christians and Americans, live in an OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, the only reality wherein logic, proof, science, reason, etc. make any sense or actually have any place. And Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth requiring objective reality as necessary criterion/premise. Judaism and Christianity are HEGELIAN ANTI-THESES, objective vs. subjective, truth vs. lies.

And remember, such metaphysical precepts as objectivity or subjectivity cannot be proven (as they lack a prior premise fm which they can be deduced), they being necessary assumptions--they ARE the first premises. But subjectivity can be reduced to absurd, because subjectivism literally means anything goes if u only want it to be that way. SUBJECT IS GOD, literally--in extreme form, it's Satanism. And Judaism is Satanism (ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

So u see, every "chance" u get, every "instance" of holohoax is matter of Jews insisting u have to play by their rules--subjectivism--and if u don't, then u're anti-Semitic, which for them is the very measure of "evil"--how dare u? Jews seem to believe reality is BOTH subjective and objective, whereas Christianity holds it's either-or, truth or lies.

What's a lie, but for assertion of a subjectivist "fact" which isn't borne out in the objective reality, the one making the assertion insisting and/or implying it's objective? The Jew would only say that for him/her it is objective, thus NOT a "lie." Jews are actually quite psychopathic, but also remember that in war, psychopathology, such as it is, is justified. Though psychopathic to the extreme, they yet remain otherwise quite sane--observe how glib and smarmy they typically are, so often, so persuasive even.

And don't forget Jews not only lie to anyone else (including their own people), but they willingly lie to themselves too. Look up their "Kol Nidre" prayer wherein they forgive themselves for telling lies, before they actually tell the lies--that makes it okay for them, see.

For note Darwin teaches life is struggle, and fm time of Homer, we Westerners understand life is too often war and tragedy (thus "Greek tragedy"). And Jews are ALWAYS at war w. "Amalek" and gentiles. "The best of the gentiles; kill him."

Thus Jews have ALWAYS been despised, by all humanity, races, and cultures, beginning at least w. the Greeks, long before the time of Christ. That's why Jews understand Christianity is anti-Semitic (affirming the objective, "God-given" reality), hate Christ (= truth), and gloat over having him killed--see Gosp. MATT 27:25.

But the ultimate lesson of New Test. is that truth cannot be killed and always RESURRECTS, coming back to bite--and now u see why Jews so hate Christ, Christianity, and Christians, even above the rest of gentile humanity. Jews were out to murder Germans and Hitler fm 1933, at least, when "Judea declares war on Germany," https://www.nationalists.org/library/hitler/daily-express/judea-declares-war-on-germany.html .

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631. Carolyn Yeager says: • Website
January 22, 2022 at 12:52 am GMT • 50 minutes ago • 100 Words ↑
@Psychotic Break

I’m glad you’re here and putting the “obvious” so well and concisely — that Dalton’s article brought some unknown-to-most-people facts about the early onset of the ‘holocaust of jews’ (very important to know), yet the thread quickly moved to only consider WWII era — a debate we’ve had here many times slready. I suggest the reason might be that: because WWII and its Holocaust is what readers here know about and like to show off their knowledge. Then again, maybe it was the ‘believers’ who steered the comments toward WWII, which is safer for them. However, I’ve also thought we missed a great opportunity to make a more convincing case for the whole shebang being fraudulent because of its clearly recycled nature.

I hope we get another chance.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/gdurocher/eric-...placement-and-civic-nationalism/#new_comments

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Cultural Problem?--Satanism, Cognitive Dissonance, Suckers--The Solution?--Resurrection Of TRUTH
(Apollonian, 22 Jan 22)

<blockquote>"Trouble is, He’s the wrong (((ethnos))) to be speaking authoritatively on this subject… for White Frenchmen."</blockquote> Ho ho ho, yes indeed, the "wrong ethnos," without a doubt--soooo wrong, in fact, that it's downright comical to look at this cultural situation. And when one thinks about it (this "divine comedy"), one easily realizes that it's a distinct case of profound COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, which is obviously taking place before one's eyes.

Gosh, but WHO could be responsible for such dissonance?--would it be those who have such absolute control of the press, the politics, and the legal system, aside fm the edjumacation system, etc.? HOW did they get such control?--well, they control the central bank which is literally legalized counterfeiting (see Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for particular terms, like "central-banking" and "fiat-currency").

So if u have control of the legalized counterfeiting, u control everything else, and now u can induce such cognitive dissonance w. ease. So u have a criminal regime in control of a population which is driven practically insane--it would be funny, as I note, if it wasn't so sad and pathetic. For we see the situation, cultural and political is downright SATANIC, and that's an un-questionably bad sign, indeed.

So what can happen?--just a continuous train of disasters, wars, destruction and the steady degrading of society back towards the stone-age, and it will include the "globalist" desire for de-population or genocide to some extent, we hope not too much. And we see this genocide beginning to happen quite clearly in the present "covid-hoax" and the deadly poisonous clot-shots being forced upon the people.

And this continued series of disasters must eventually lead to an epiphany of the remnant survivors of the decimated population: they will realize and grasp the satanic situation as predicted in New Test. Book of Revelations. So our task now is to try to expedite this epiphany of the people in every way we can.

Ultimately, what must happen is Martial-law being declared, and this will be done by the Satanists, but they will fail, though there may be yet more destruction and genocide. Regardless, we can strive to do the necessary things by means (a) of the REAL anti-satanic Christianity (worship of TRUTH [= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6]) which will RESURRECT, along with (b) the practical measures of states rights, nullification, and secession (see TenthAmendmentCenter.com for best expo).

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5. Fr. John says:
January 22, 2022 at 9:07 pm GMT • 3.5 hours ago • 600 Words ↑

[This entry consists of mostly long-winded drivel and babbling, so one can just go on one's own to see the entry at the source given above.]


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

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"Incitatus," "Corvinus" Serve Useful Purpose As Examples Of Jew Lies, Lying
(Apollonian, 23 Jan 22)

TV: u're making BIG mistake, brother--we should want and encourage Jews like "incitatus" and "corvinus" to keep on talking like they do in that smarmy, moronic manner, telling and insisting upon that typical Jewwy lying--they do precisely what we've always said Jews do, and in the way they do it.

Wars will always happen among sinful humanity, but Jews try to profit fm it all, inciting both sides, selling weapons to both sides, etc. In case of Israel, note how they're always working for war as they are now against Iran. Of course others do similarly as Jews, but no one does it like Jews, so successful and prominent as they are.

Jews are foremost criminals and liars (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44) for their Satanism/subjectivism (following fm Talmudic "midrash" [interpretation] method and "Oral Law Trad.") and hatred of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and humanity, "the best of the gentiles, kill him." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

In case of WWII, it was always a Jew-instigated and financed war fm the very beginning, since 1933 and "Judea declares war on Germany," https://www.nationalists.org/library/hitler/daily-express/judea-declares-war-on-germany.html . Thus Jews instigated FDR (Rosenveldt) and Churchill, and FDR instigated UK and France, confirmed by Ambassador Bullitt and even the PM of UK, Chamberlain, not to mention the Polish Ambassador to Jew S A, and Lindbergh in his great "America First" speech on Sep 11, 1941 in Des Moines, Iowa (see https://newspapers.ushmm.org/events/charles-lindbergh-makes-un-american-speech). Holohoax lies are OBVIOUSLY just cover-up for Jew machinations in WWII.

And notice whenever Jews start their lying, including about holohoax, there's never an end to it, because one lie just brings up more material that speaks against the Jews for which they have to do more lying, etc.--that's the gift we get fm "incitatus," "corvinus," and then don't forget all these idiot crypto Jews who use gentile monikers, like "Patrick McNally," and "Ned Kelly"--they're actually comical, in all truth, for their absurd, attempted deceptions and constant, never-ending lies.

And what's the core problem?--it's the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting which is Judaic/satanist secret weapon and instrument--giving them (or leaders at the top) nearly INFINITE currency, not real money which should be FINITE, limited in amount, gold/silver (see Mises.org for best expo; use their site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency," etc.). As long as over-populated gentile morons and suckers allow that key criminal enterprise, legalized counterfeiting, Jews will always have the upper-hand, paying off cohorts, suck-alongs, and "useful idiots," keeping them in business and lying incessantly, ho ho ho.

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681. Truth Vigilante says:
January 23, 2022 at 12:05 pm GMT • 2.8 hours ago ↑

Incite-us or Insecticide-us (or whatever you call yourself), you have to admit, Pat Kittle has landed some mortal blows on you.

With that in mind, you should just shrivel up and STFU.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/my-paper-on-jewish-influence-blows-up/#comment-5122776

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Fran, The Babbling Psycho Jew, Doesn't Realize She's Being Played, Like A Musical Instrument
(Apollonian, 23 Jan 22)

Fran: the joke is on u and u Jews, for u're now on record here in the comments, going back at least to # 273 with ur endless psychotic babbling.

1) All humanity is "Jew haters," w. only few exceptions, for u Jews are pathologic liars (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and hate humanity which u call "Amalek."

2) Talmud is easy to understand: it's a program of lying for liars as it (Talmud) demonstrates "midrash"--interpretation--in accord w. "Oral Law Trad.," by which u Jews lie and conduct war against gentiles, whom u call "Amalek." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

3) Jew religion is lies and lying, following "midrash" (interpretation) by which u construe everything for purpose of "what's good for Jews," which is Jew rulership. Jew "religion" and Talmud are for purpose of militarism, conquest, and criminality, pure and simple.

4) So basically, Talmud teaches u Jews to be SUBJECTIVIST--reality, beginning w. Torah, is ONLY what Jews and rabbis say it is. And what is subjectivism?--it's holding reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making subject to be creator, God-like--SATANISM. And u Jews, practicing ur subjectivism ("midrash") act and think COLLECTIVISTICALLY. Only very few gentiles are outright Satanists, though many more are subjectivistic, like "liberals" and leftists, easily confused by u Jew liars.

5) So of course, humanity hates u Jews--why wouldn't they?--u're Satanists. Christians worship TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth REQUIRES the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality--that's why u Jews HATE Christ and had him executed, as if u can destroy truth. But New Test. teaches TRUTH (= Christ) RESURRECTS, always coming back to "bite," and the joke is on u Jews, get it?

6) Don't forget, humanity loves Christ and especially his ethical teachings--including even the Muslims, though they deny Christ (= truth) is God, unfortunately.

So "geo" deserves great credit keeping u talking and babbling w. ur lies and lying. Don't stop, Fran; u're a veritable oracle and fountain of Judaism and Jewwy psychopathy in action, ho hoo ho ho.

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356. Fran Taubman says:
January 23, 2022 at 9:09 pm GMT • 1.7 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

I do not understand Geo. Did you watch the end of the movie where the Rabbi explains clearly what these controversial quotes from the Talmud are about? You have been presented a lot of very concise evidence that enslavement of non Jews is not a part of Judaism in law or practice.

Yet you persist in believing and presenting it as what you believe. Why? Any common sense person see how bogus your original claim was. Or do you just do not care about reality and want to believe in non reality that fits your white supremacy group think.

Do you understand what the Talmud is how it is presented?


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but for whatever reason, this time, NOT censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/conservatism-and-the-illusion-of-exclusion/

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"Observator's" Brainless Babbling Just Muddles Things Up To Nonsense
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 22)

This is such an idiotic jumble of moronic platitudes by "Observator": fascism at root is force without law, emphasis on pure force, coercion; the anti-thesis is LAW and lawfulness, constitution, republic, etc. Strict definitions are essential and important; "Observator" just muddles them up to meaninglessness.

Fascism is justified by its partisans as necessary resort when law breaks down, or is corrupted to criminality--like when "democracy" broke down into communism. Thus "fascists" understandably decided to step in. But actually, communism itself is just fascism (red fascism)--force and coercion without law by dictate of a politburo clique. So when rule of law breaks down, it merely becomes a struggle among various fascists--advocates of freedom and constitution are the only heroes.

"Capitalism" is freedom and free market in accord w. law, as capitalism depends upon sanctity of contract, rule of law, etc. The words, "capital" and "capitalism" denote freedom of investment by individual property-owners, who could be anyone, rich or not-so-rich, like middle-class. Historically, "capitalism" only arose along w. the middle-class, as of Renaissance Florence and Northern Italy.

Capitalism, hence freedom and free market, is destroyed by such criminal central-banking and fiat-currency as we have now (like the utterly corrupt US Federal Reserve), which amounts to legalized counterfeiting, the central-bank just arbitrarily "creating" this "fiat-currency," NOT real money (which must be commodity-based, hence FINITE in quantity, like gold/silver).

Suckers and fools, who come to dominate the society as they become over-populated fm previously prosperous economy, want mere "currency" which is theoretically INFINITE in quantity, which creates "inflation"--a fancy word for counterfeiting (but done legalistically). See Mises.org for best expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency," etc.

And there's no "middle ground" btwn freedom and slavery, period. FDR (Rosenveldt) and Churchill were gross, abject puppets of the central-bankers, Churchill especially a pathetic lackey for Jews and Zionists--they were fascists who allied w. the red fascists of Stalin's Soviet Union to crush the heroic anti-Satanists (anti-semites) of Germany. The poor, stupid, over-populated puke, called "the people" just aren't smart enough, or honest enough to figure it all out.

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18. Observator says:
January 22, 2022 at 2:30 pm GMT • 1.8 days ago • 300 Words ↑

Over the last eighty years fascism has been de-politicized and psychologized. Fascism has been made over into a personality disorder independent of historical circumstances or political content. Everyone agreed…Hitler was a “madman” – end of story.

Fascism’s basic premises, that liberal democracy failed because it was corrupted by capitalism, and that the welfare of the nation takes precedent over the selfish whims of the individual, rarely figure in modern views of fascism. To the Left, fascism is pro-capitalist authoritarianism, and to the Right, it is communist tyranny in disguise. It is of course neither, but rather an astonishingly practical middle ground.

There is nothing to suggest that capitalist rule is imminently challenged by a socialist insurgency today in the US as it was in Europe in the 1930s. In the last presidential election, the two parties of capital won about 95% of the vote. The owning class can be secure in knowing that one or the other of the parties of capital will always prevail in our pretend-democracy.

Here’s a link to the full text of Richard Tedor’s study “Hitler’s Revolution,” the best one-volume account of what Germany’s National Socialism was actually about and what it accomplished: https://archive.org/details/HitlersRevolutionByRichardTedor_383 The print version is still currently available on Amazon

We might consider Marx’s theory that in the modern world, nation-states function chiefly as agents of international capital. At the most fundamental level, Germany’s unforgivable sin was its refusal to become enmeshed in this web of global greed. Its independent success imperiled the survival of both capitalism and communism and explains why these mortal enemies made common cause of demonizing and annihilating this existential challenge. Today Germany’s unfortunate embrace of the American eugenics movement is all most people seem to know now about that most remarkable political and social revolution.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/conservatism-and-the-illusion-of-exclusion/

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KMac And So Many Others Act As If Blind And Lobotomized
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 22)

Agreed: KMac is good enough scientist who begins w. the strict facts and details, but he fails miserably for more general philosophy. For Jews are, by definition, and their own admission, SUBJECTIVISTS and Satanists, following fm their Talmudic "midrash" methodology (interpretation) and "Oral Law Trad." "Atheist" Jews are still subjectivists, and practically always loyal to their co-racialists. Subjectivism (as in "midrash") is the real religion of Talmud. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo on Talmud.

Note subjectivism holds reality is product of consciousness/mentality making subject creator, God-like, hence Satanist by definition, especially for extreme subjectivism. And as so many stupid, now over-populated gentiles (following fm the prosperity of their ancestors) believe in non-existent and subjectivist "good-evil," these are too easily manipulated by Satanists and Jews--as we see fm the "liberals" and leftists who slavishly follow Jews.

And note Western culture is, consistent w. Christianity, founded upon Aristotelian objectivity, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth couldn't exist without objective reality as necessary criterion/premise--the deliberately posited Hegelian anti-thesis to preceding Pharisaism and Jews (not same as Judeans, the denizens of Palestine or Judea), Jew followers of Pharisees making-up only about 5 % of pop. of the land at time of Christ.

Why can't KMac, and so many others too, figure this out about basic culture?--the guy acts like he's lobotomized, utterly incapable of grasping culture and the relation of Christianity in the West, against Jew Satanists and psychopaths. Even the Christians themselves have so much difficulty w. simple philosophy, all the established churches now, Cath. and Prot., endorsing the terror-state of Israel--it's a crying shame, and sad confirmation of Oswald Spengler's CYCLIC theory of hist., in "Decline of the West," for the inexorable degeneration of cultural ideals.

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21. saggy says: • Website
January 24, 2022 at 5:23 am GMT • 4.7 hours ago ↑

‘Conservatives’ like A. Joyce are a joke. What does Joyce have to say about the holohoax? As far as I can tell absolutely nothing. Ditto Kevin MacDonald, and as far as I know every prominent ‘conservative’. Prove me wrong.
Last edited:


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/conservatism-and-the-illusion-of-exclusion/

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Unz: Typical, Lying Jew, Gross Enemy Of White/Western/Christian Culture
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 22)

Jon: the Jew, Unz, is certainly NOT "well-meaning" in the slightest degree as he works to compromise the real white folk, descended fm Europeans/Christians w. scummy Jewwy liars like himself. For the Jew, Unz, works to synthesize real, genuine "white" people, who are Christian-oriented w. Jews who are absolutely opposed to Christianity--as is Unz, the Jew liar, who says he only "lightly moderates" the comments. On the contrary, Unz HEAVILY censors and suppresses, don't doubt; I KNOW.

For Unz works to stage-manage, and even mis-represent the discussions that go on in the comments. Have u noticed how intensively Unz oversees these comments?--up early in the morn, till quite late at night, and throughout the day.

Unz is surely most closely allied w. Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) in this putrid and moronic attempt to synthesize the two absolutely opposed and antithetical cultures, the real white and Christian people w. Jews, insisting and pretending these Jews are "white," along with, evidently, mestizos and mulattoes.

Unz also suppresses serious analysis of Jew and Christian "religion" within which are contained the real philosophies of the cultures, for the Jews, their characteristic, typical subjectivism/Satanism; for the Christians, the objective, Aristotelian reality--these are what Unz seeks to synthesize, don't forget, Taylor too.

So u can see right off Unz's insoluble problems, both in practice and theory; he's really a loser who typically resents being recognized and called-out for the Jewwy liar he is, as I note. Unz is also clueless to the Jewwy "globalist" conspiracy for which he says he's seen "not much" evidence--even after he's presented the admission of David Rockefeller in his own memoirs, <blockquote>"David Rockefeller, the last former member of the unofficial royal family of America, has admitted that if he is accused of such conspiracies to bring about a ‘one world order’, then he is proud and guilty as charged.

"He [Rockefeller] says: “Some even believe [the Rockefellers] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterising my family and me as ‘internationalists’ conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”" See https://newspunch.com/david-rockefeller-says-conspiracy-about-one-world-order-is-true/</blockquote>

There are other problems w. Unz, like his inability to grasp and understand the fraud of central-banking and fiat-currency--evidently--to judge fm the stupid trolls he features, including especially someone calling himself, "Mefobills," who is allowed to babble and dominate the comments w. his lies and propaganda.

US Constitution could have worked, I suspect, if people had merely heeded Jefferson and Madison for the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, and then John Calhoun's magnificent expositions on nullification. See TenthAmendmentCenter.com for extensive expo.

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28. Jon Chance says: • Website
January 24, 2022 at 11:19 am GMT • 6.0 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

Even Jews like Ron Unz who are apparently well-meaning will never be able to understand the core issues of history, politics and economics because as soon as they flee one ideological illusion (socialism or Judaism), they arrive inside another bubble (conservativism).

If anyone wishes to understand the true intent of the American Revolution, toss “The Constitution” in the rubbish where it belongs.

Examine the Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) by George Mason, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and Article Eight of the First US Constitution (Articles of Confederation).


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/conservatism-and-the-illusion-of-exclusion/

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I Heartily Agree That Dear Christianity Is Very Much The Issue Against Present, Raging, Ever-Triumphant Satanism/Judaism
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 22)

Christianity is worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)–there’s no stinking “belief,” sucker–that also was the old way of fake Christians and morons who simply call themselves “Christian,” but haven’t the slightest idea what it really is.

“Belief system”–wtf is that supposed to be, anyway?–is it something we determine to insist is true, so therefore it is true?–or treated as if it is true?–isn’t that what Jews do?–insisting upon what they say is the only truth, so therefore it’s true?

Christianity is worship of truth, sucker–this means there’s a criterion/premise for such truth, which is the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, necessary basis for any such truth–contrary to Jews who are SUBJECTIVISTS, following fm their “midrash” (interpretation) method, who merely say truth is what the rabbis and Talmud say it is. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

For subjectivism (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism ) is idea that consciousness/mentality is creator of reality, making subject to be God-like, Satanism in most extreme cases. Jews are Satanists, who practice a COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism, that collectivism then giving them organization, cohesion and dominance over all other subjectivists, especially among gentiles.

“Atheism” is simply the un-founded idea there’s no God, WHICH CANNOT BE PROVEN, sucker–for Christians, truth (= Christ) is God. So atheists would have to say THERE’S NO TRUTH.

So “atheism” is no real problem, and the anti-thesis for Christianity is subjectivism/Judaism/Satanism, which Satanism (Jews being foremost leaders) is steadily taking over the world–as they’ve taken-over USA and West, working w. their suck-alongs and “useful idiots,” “liberals,” leftists, and queers.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------------

68. Kart Head says:
January 24, 2022 at 11:10 pm GMT • 1.7 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

I’m sure the Christian/atheist argument will be started in force, so I’ll fire the opening salvos.

Christianity is based! (Ignore all those woke Christians, they aren’t TRUE Christians)

Christianity will unite our people in a common culture and belief system. (Ignore the millennia of sectarian conflict within Christianity. In the True Christianity we’ll all be in one church, or we’ll be in separate churches but get along swimmingly.)

[Person you like] was a Christian. (Ignore the fact that [Person you don’t like] was also Christian, he wasn’t a TRUE Christian.)

Christianity is your heritage! (Ignore our Pagan ancestors, that was a long time ago, we can’t be living in the past.)


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/conservatism-and-the-illusion-of-exclusion/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Real Christianity Is Worship Of Truth, Implying Necessarily Objective Reality As Criterion--Hegelian Antithesis To Judaic Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 25 Jan 22)

All u need do is ck Gosp. JOHN 14:6, where it's noted Christ is truth itself (Christ = truth), which requires and implies the OBJECTIVE reality, necessary criterion/premise for any such truth. Thus Christian truth is ANTI-THESIS to Jew subjectivism following fm their "midrash" (interpretation) method and "Oral Law Trad," by which rabbis "interpret" Torah and say what it means, which then is definitive for Jews, official "midrash." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

And observe subjectivism (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism) holds consciousness/mentality is creator/producer of reality, making subject to be God-like--Satanism. See also Gosp. JOHN 8:44. Further note is Jews are COLLECTIVIST subjectivists, all Jews, as a whole, held to be co-equal w. God, God only existing for creation of Jews, Jews the most wonderful thing in existence.

So u see, u have Hegelian anti-theses, objective vs. subjective, Jews pretending they create truth, hence reality as it exists within the mind, Christ denying that, holding truth cannot be killed, truth always RESURRECTING, coming back to bite severely. Thus Jews hate Christ, had him executed as heretic and blasphemer (also sorcerer), and gloat over it (Gosp. MATT 27:25).

If u merely think about it, the "Christ-tard way," u mention in ur first paragraph, is actually Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org for expo) imitation of Judaism, whence weaklings and morons (and heretics) make something up in their minds, and then say it's true if they beeeeeleeeeeeeeev on it enough, like obsessed psychotics--it's just the same method of Judaism, only now re-named and pretending to be "Christianity."

So it’s actually most interesting, the Jews (or the leaders) understand what the real Christianity actually is and stands for–worship of truth (= Christ)–founded upon the objective view of reality, and AGAINST the Jew (collectivistic) subjectivism, which JC heresy the weaklings and fools among goyim have now so much adopted, making their (hereticalist) version of Christianity mere gross mysticism and clap-trap, as u observe.

------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

84. Priss Factor says: • Website
January 25, 2022 at 3:05 am GMT • 12.9 hours ago • 200 Words ↑
“Christ Is King” can be interpreted two ways.

1. The christ-tard way for true believers who believe Jesus is going to save them. In fact, what passes for Christian Conservatism is white women going as missionaries to Africa, getting infected with jungle fever, marrying some black guy, having mulatto kids, bringing them back to the US, and being cheered on by the christ-cuck ‘conservative’ Congregation that is so eager to prove “We are not racist”. Yech. This is why Christianity is OVER and cannot save the white race.

2. A way to piss off Jews. This I support. Jews hate Jesus and Christianity, and have been trying to elevate globo-homo and other fashionable nonsense over Christian God. So, when some say ‘Christ Is King’, they don’t so much mean anything about Jesus and faith. They really mean to piss off Jews. It means the God that you Jews hate and want to demean is bigger than all your trendy globo-homo sham idolatry. That I can support.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/conservatism-and-the-illusion-of-exclusion/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews: Foremost Leaders Within Socio-Biologic "Satanic-Complex" In Western "Decline"
(Apollonian, 25 Jan 22)

Saggy: I'd merely adjust ur statement to say it's SATANISM (extreme subjectivism) which is destroying USA, West, etc., Jews the natural leaders of such satanic-complex within the corrupt, degenerate society/culture--following the general CYCLIC theory of Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West."

For Jews couldn't possibly do it all by themselves. Thus Jews being foremost subjectivists and Satanists (subjectivism holding reality is created by consciousness/mentality, making subject to be God-like, hence satanic, in extreme cases--see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism/ ) lead a social component consisting of similar subjectivists among more numerous goyim/gentiles, though most of them, among gentiles, not so all-out satanic as the leaders, these being the typical, usual "liberals" and leftists, pretending to the non-existent, hence subjectivistic "good-evil."

For note Jews follow the Talmud which features "midrash" (interpretation) method and "Oral Law Trad.," by which Torah and everything else is "interpreted" for the meaning now established by fiat by the rabbis and leaders. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

So Jews are always a latent element within any culture, but as the culture inexorably "declines," according to Spengler, the people becoming more corrupt, pretending and insisting evermore especially upon this subjectivistic "good-evil" delusion, Jews become evermore powerful, especially when they get the central-banking and fiat-currency into official operation, this central-banking consisting of fraudulent legalized counterfeiting (otherwise known as "inflation"--see Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency," etc.), which ruins the economy but also transfers the wealth to the leading frauds at the top--which could only happen under corrupt conditions, the degenerate and perverted, now over-populated, people wishing for magical effects of (false) "prosperity" by means of INFINITE fiat-currency, not real money, commodity-based, hence FINITE in quantity, like gold/silver.

And KMac is good and competent for gathering of particular facts and details, at least many of these, but fails miserably for proper generalization in overall philosophy, especially regarding the psychologic methods of Jews, especially the characteristic SUBJECTIVISM of the Jews, their real religion. Thus KMac avoids (a) general topic of Jew "religion" and (b) the economic structure and effects of central-banking and fiat-currency as these are such complex topics in themselves. (c) Additionally, holohoax is avoided for its diversionary controversy, KMac figuring his chosen items of discussion sufficient for his thesis purposes. So at least KMac begins with the right scientific method, so far as he goes, only then stopping short, leaving to others the logical extensions, applications, and implications of his basic theses.

----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

85. saggy says: • Website
January 25, 2022 at 3:28 am GMT • 13.3 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

You cannot find one statement of Joyce or MacDonald where they even hint that the holohoax is a hoax. If pressed I can google up (again) a statement where MacDonald says it’s of no interest to him. I couldn’t find anything by Joyce by Joyce. ‘White advocates’ who go along with the holohoax are as useless as tits on a bicycle. It’s Jews who are wrecking the US, just as they wrecked Russia and Germany, and the lever that they are using to do it is the holohoax (in addition to money and banking of course).

Prove me wrong, or … wake up.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/free-to...wish-cousinhood/?showcomments#comment-5142820

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Purpose Of Rational Society, Education, Government: Suppression, Eradication Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 26 Jan 22)

Mevashir: Judaism is Satanism as Satanism is just extreme subjectivism, subjectivism holding consciousness/mentality is source of reality (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism/), making subject to be creator, God-like, Satanism by definition. For Judaism is "midrash" (interpretation), Torah, and everything else, only meaning what rabbis say ("midrash"), according to "Oral Law Trad." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Thus "midrash" is both (interpretation) method, and the end-product, "party-line," which then all Jews COLLECTIVELY are required to support. Judaism is collective subjectivism, led by Satanists (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Christianity then is the deliberately designed Hegelian anti-thesis to such Judaism/subjectivism, Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which truth requires necessarily the OBJECTIVE reality as criterion/premise. Thus Christianity warns Jews (and everyone) truth is God, cannot be killed, and ALWAYS RESURRECTS, coming back to bite, severely.

Hence Jew masterminds HATE Christianity, gloating over having Christ killed (Gosp. MATT 27:25), though one of their tactics is to undermine Christianity fm within--by means of "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--an oxymoron--see Whtt.org for expo on JCs) which JC has now over-taken ALL the establishment Christian Churches, both Cath., Ortho, and Prot.

Hence REAL Christianity and any rational culture CANNOT and must not tolerate Judaism or communism, for the obvious reasons, the premises of Satanism and bolshevism absolute contradictions of West, Christianity, and all rational civilization.

Judaism MUST BE ABOLISHED, Jews to be divested of voting, holding office, and all their property, Jews put into internment camps, separated by sex, watched carefully until they die out, and this can all be done by means of the REAL Christianity and break-up of the satanic Jew S A by means of states rights, nullification, and secession--it's coming and inevitable.

There might be some Jews who haven't practiced (going to synagogue, etc.), aren't active in Judaic activities, who might be allowed to live free--BUT they can never be allowed to vote or hold office.

For note, Satanism is difficult to suppress as subjectivism is often a relatively honest mistake, made by many, including especially "liberals," and leftists, the most numerous suck-alongs and "useful idiots" of Jews and satanists, Satanism then being an extreme form of such subjectivism, but Judaism, a specific form of Satanism, can, should, must, and will be abolished and totally suppressed--it is the inevitable purpose of all/any rational government.

This complete and absolute suppression of Judaism is simply the necessary aim and activity of a rational society, and it is the proper purpose of Christian religion, education, and government, worship of truth (= Christ). Amen

-----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

207. Mevashir says:
January 26, 2022 at 10:33 pm GMT • 3.0 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

Even though I think mosques are holy environments, I think Islamic worship is very unsatisfying. I would not say that Muslims have gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their worship is mechanistic dry and formulaic. They disallow worship music which is such an important part of Christian culture. I wouldn’t say they have an anointing to supernaturally heal people or to pray through crises. I know I am over generalizing, but my general view is that Islam is an extremely spiritually retarded faith. And I mean that in the literal sense of something that’s held back and underdeveloped.

In Jewish law, Islam is seen as a true monotheistic faith while Christianity is condemned as idolatry. I think it’s because the Jews are afraid of the spiritual power of Christianity it would much prefer to have the bastardized crippled faith of Islam completely replace it.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Unz Is Convinced He's Clever Devil, Don't Doubt
(Apollonian, 27 Jan 22)

U simply need understanding of Unz's agenda (as he practices at any rate): first, (a) he's ally of his good buddy, Jared Taylor (American Renaissance), and wants to synthesize "good" Jews, as he sees himself, among real white people--against the dark skin races--Unz is adamant that he's a white man, no less than mestizos and mulattoes--isn't that inspiring and impressive?

(b) Unz doesn't want to seriously handle Jew "religion" or Christianity, considering, no doubt, they're mere variations of one another, and without bothering to grasp the core philosophic meanings and implications of such religions, Judaism founded in subjectivism and exploited by their Satanist leadership, Christianity founded in worship of truth and objective reality, the two, in essence, anti-thematic and absolutely opposed.

Unz doesn't want to consider the history of the steady undermining of Christianity as primary and traditional defender of the West and its people against Jews and Satanists.

(c) Unz is similarly determined to preserve the present general central-banking system and fiat-currency instruments, if u notice, featuring the "economists," like Hudson, Ellen Brown, and others, including his favorite commenters, like "Mefobills," who babbles and blathers about "sovereign money," and against mere gold/silver, etc.

(d) Unz wants to downplay any speculation about "conspiracy," especially regarding the "globalist," "one-world" types, like David Rockefeller, Trilateralists, Council on Foreign Relations, etc., saying he "doesn't see much evidence" for such conspiracy, even when explicitly admitted by such as Rockefeller.

So u can see by his grasp of economics and contempt for "religion" his general patronizing attitude and orientation. Unz is also an absolute liar, as much as any Jew, when he says he only "lightly moderates" the comments--for his purpose is to actively stage-managing the discussions, which seems to be quite an obsession, actually, for Unz, who censors and suppresses heavily and intensively, never doubt--I know, believe me.

So Unz considers he's now got a neat and comfy position as hitch-hiker in the movement of gentiles to resist the Jew and satanic take-over and subversion, pretending to defending "free speech," or whatever, criticizing Israel, and he expects people to be impressed.

----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------------

832. Carolyn Yeager says: • Website
January 27, 2022 at 8:35 pm GMT • 2.5 hours ago • 700 Words ↑
@Ron Unz

[go to site link to see text of this lengthy entry]
Last edited:


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's Holohoax Really All About?--Just Another Jewwy Strategem Of, In, And For Same Old War Against Gentiles--What Else Is New?
(Apollonian, 28 Jan 22)

Isn't it undeniable fact that human activity is largely just warfare? Didn't the pre-Socratic Heraclitus say, <blockquote>“war is common and justice is strife, and all things come about and pass away through strife.” See https://everydaypower.com/heraclitus-quotes/?nowprocket=1 </blockquote> So Jews are at war w. gentiles--according to their own writings, including Talmud (see Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for expo), the Jews just a large, cohesive, collectivstic, militarist gang, colluding and co-operating w. one another against the rest of mankind whom Jews seek to enslave, according to their Zohar ("kabala") and as history attests. Thus Jews set gentiles to fighting among themselves.

But Christianity united mankind against Jews and Satanism, and Jews called it "oppression" and "persecution"--Jews are just sore losers, who are lucky they survived--which was only due to gentiles not being able to resist fighting one another.

Ultimately though, Christianity, which is worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Judeo-satanic lies, will and must defeat Judaic Satanism/subjectivism simply for survival of humanity. And legend of holohoax is just another Jew lie by which Jews seek to prevent such holohoax and continuing their war by means of anticipating holohoax and hoping gentiles feel guilty for striving to survive and waging successful war, gentiles brought to feeling so guilty in advance as to preclude any successful gentile attempt to even unify against Jews.

So now we see what holohoax is really all about--just another stratagem to waging and winning their war against gentiles by Jew liars, criminals, and psychopaths--but the Jews haven't won yet, and we gentiles are still bravely fighting.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/gdurocher/eric-zemmour-on-the-cowardice-of-french-elites/#new_comments

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Zemmour Problem Needs More Context Regarding EU And Banking Corruption
(Apollonian, 29 Jan 22)

As I've noted before, the idea of Zemmour, the Jew, speaking as he does about the self-destruction of French culture, is really quite comical, and classic case of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, and this is in spite of fact that Zemmour might very well be sincere in his denunciations. But the problem w. this article by Durocher is its gross lack of CONTEXT.

For note the Jews are simply the leading Satanists, following fm their Talmudic subjectivism ("midrash" method), which subjectivism (holding reality comes fm consciousness/mentality) makes subject to be creator, hence God-like, thus Satanism by definition, in the extreme cases. And in the latter stages of inexorable CYCLIC cultural "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the people become evermore corrupt w. this gross subjectivism, the Satanists and Jews now leading a sizable component of society, the "satanic-complex," composed of "liberals" and leftists--leading the country to economic/cultural collapse and destruction. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

And the practical power of these Satanists is directly given by means of the criminal central-bank (the ECB) and fiat-currency, which is literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING, giving the satanic criminals huge and massive wealth and riches purloined fm the poor, ignorant suckers and victims, the stupid and now over-populated people who imagine INFINITE fiat-currency is better than FINITE real money, commodity-based, like gold/silver. See Mises.org for best expo on central-banking; see site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency," etc.

So the obvious question is WHAT does Zemmour say and intend to do about this problem regarding the central-bank and the fiat-currency? And the obvious fact is Zemmour says little to nothing about this fundamental "banking" problem--so what could possibly substantially change under a Zemmour administration? France MUST by all and any means withdraw fm the EU, just like Brexit of UK. Durocher himself says very little about this important context for Zemmour.

So regardless of Zemmour personally, for practical political purposes, he's just a distraction and device by way of dividing the opposition vote against the criminal, genocidal Macron "globalists." In the long run, it doesn't really matter much as only horrendous disaster and catastrophe will really affect and change things for the Spenglerian Western "Decline" and cultural degeneration. The people need to re-learn the hard lesson that real prosperity can only be built upon honest money, like gold/silver, and only horrific disaster will begin to bringing this lesson home to such corrupt and hubristic people--no different fm Jew S A.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/tanstaafl-and-rational-discussion-of-jews/#new_comments

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews, Leaders Of "Satanic-complex" Within Society, Just Feed Gentile Suckers And Over-Populated Inferiors For Western "Decline" And Collapse
(Apollonian, 29 Jan 22)

Here's yet another useful exercise and discussion of the vaunted "JQ" Jew question, or issue, or problem, featuring Tanstaafl, who, like K. MacDonald (KMac), does a good enough job, beginning w. practical problems and then tries to analyze back to essentials. The question is whether Tanstaafl SUCCEEDS when it comes to proper analysis of these essentials, and my answer is that he does NOT succeed, and very much falls short--like KMac does so notoriously for his failure for overall generalization and philosophy--but they're instructive failures, and we can well learn fm them.

For merely by analyzing their Talmudic "religion," we find Jews, and especially their leadership, are simply foremost Satanists--which is extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is product/creation of consciousness/mentality, the subject now creator, God-like, Satanism, in the extreme form and expression of subjectivism. And subjectivism follows fm the Jew/Talmudic "midrash" (interpretation) method and their "Oral Law Trad." beginning w. Torah, and extended to everything else. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

So much for THEORY and psychologic motivation, regarding satanism; PRACTICALLY (and existentially), Jews run and organize the central banking system, featuring the fiat-currency and legalized COUNTERFEITING which provides Jews w. incredible, massive financial power, wealth, and riches for themselves and their suck-alongs and cohorts fm among the gentile collaborators (the "satanic-complex" within society), far out of proportion to the mass of gentile victims and losers. See Mises.org for expo on central-banking; use their site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency."

So note the central-banking scam is what gives Jews their practical power; the tragedy is that the gentile people themselves largely endorse such criminal "banking" (really, just legalized counterfeiting) activity, telling themselves that (theoretically) infinite "currency" (not real money, like gold/silver) is better than real money which is necessarily FINITE in amount. Stupid, foolish, and over-populated gentile suckers and inferiors imagine the fraudulent "currency" is what gives them "prosperity," etc., and Jews thereupon take full advantage, giving the fools what they want and soooo much desire.

So there it all is, for the long and short of the inexorable take-over by Jews and satanists, and remember Oswald Spengler, in his "Decline of the West," who explains the large mechanism of the CYCLIC course of culture and civilization, the people, as in Roman and American instances, beginning w. honest, straight-forward OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) orientation, but becoming evermore corrupt and degenerate as the culture matures, especially in way of SUBJECTIVISM, as in form of smug and presumptuous "good-evil," spoon-fed to them by the Jews and fellow subjectivist cohorts among gentiles, who eventually take-over the government and culture.

There's no easy solution to the inexorable corruption and degeneration as the evermore hubristic people adopt subjectivism, "good-evil" delusion, and INFINITE fiat-currency, the ruthless Satanist Jews, leading fellow subjectivistic travelers, called "liberals" and leftists, the ever-larger satanic-complex within the society, feeding the suckers all along the way to "decline" and inevitable cultural/economic collapse.

And we're witnessing that collapse before our very eyes right now in satanic Jew S A as creepy Joe Biden, the usurping charlatan and criminal, fresh after imposing the poison and genocidal "covid" clot-shot mandates, threatens nuclear war w. Russkies as way of distracting fm such horrendous cultural/economic collapse he and his Jewwy mentors and string-pullers have fostered and imposed. Tanstaafl and KMac provide many and enough for scientific details even though their conclusions fail to go far enough, leaving much to be desired.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Latest United Nations Measures For Holohoax, Mere Continuing Reduction-To-Absurdity In Course Of Things
(Apollonian, 29 Jan 22)

This report on the Satanic and Jewwy-inspired and -dominated UN demonstrates an advance in the fight against Jew/satanic lies and liars, following the process of suppression then acknowledgement reputedly given by Schopenhauer fm (1) ridicule and ignoring, (2) active, overt suppression, (3) then acknowledgement as if it was always known truth fm the beginning--which happened to the Christians, if u remember.

And it IS significant, u'll note, that holohoax exposure (or "denial") is not merely ignored like denial of the moon landing hoax, or UFOs--it's much more serious.

For now what is obviously necessary is DEFINITION of what exactly the holohoax actually is and supposed to be: was there a deliberate policy to exterminate these Jew monsters?--there should have been, for sure. Unfortunately, we know there wasn't such deliberate policy. Simple fact is that fm the 1930s through the 1940s there was a war against Judeo-Satanism which the Satanists (Jews being the leaders) won, the stupid, brainless, moronic "Christians," such as they were and largely still are, just stood around w. their stupid jaws hanging.

Only question is what form would it, such extermination, have taken--it should merely have been compatible w. Christian culture, naturally, and one thus knows that if there really was such a policy in Germany, then it would have taken such Christian character--simply (a) intern the monsters, (b) separate them by sex so they can't reproduce, (c) watch them carefully as they die out, no reproduction allowed. This (foregoing) program would apply to the active, practicing Jews, especially, beginning w. the rabbis and leading culprits, then on down the line.

Other Jews, or those of some extraction, half or quarter Jews, might be allowed to walk about freely, but would be dis-allowed the vote and holding office. Regardless, Satanism, which is what Judaism is, must not be allowed in a Christian society, same goes for bolshevism which is just part of the actual practice of Judaism. U can't have Judaism (Satanism) without the practical bolshevist practice, suckers.

Equally interesting, what are the "parts" of holohoax?--this also needs legal definition. And now we see what it's all really about, just the same old legalistic gamesmanship and fascist policing activity, like suppression of drugs, prostitution, gambling. Remember, we want to emphasize this suppressionary activity, no less than the original Christianity, which was similarly attempted to be suppressed by these very same Jewwy psychopaths who are so deservedly and notably hated by the rest of human-kind.

But note there are some psychotic sympathizers for Jews--the "liberals" and leftists (integral part of the evermore sizable satanic-complex within degenerate society in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," led and manipulated by Jew satanic leaders), among a few others, perhaps, who are similarly struck w. the same kind of subjectivistic/satanic mentality, beginning w. "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, but these can surely be treated by the medical establishment, similar to the sympathizers of Jews who existed during medieval times.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------------

884. Carolyn Yeager says: • Website
January 29, 2022 at 11:04 pm GMT • 3.4 hours ago • 600 Words ↑
@Carolyn Yeager

[Pls go to site link to see full text of this lengthy report on latest UN enactment]


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/tanstaafl-and-rational-discussion-of-jews/#new_comments

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On-Going Satanic/Judaic Assault Cannot Continue Being Ignored, Surely
(Apollonian, 30 Jan 22)

Anarchyst: u're absolutely right on, bro.; in fact, u're so right, u might not realize it. For what we're up against is nothing less than full-on SATANIC onslaught, and note Jews are the very leaders of Satanism--Judaism IS Satanism.

For first, note what Judaism is, its essence being "Oral Law Trad.," featuring "midrash" (interpretation) method applied, beginning w. Torah, extending then to everything else--SUBJECTIVISM--as Torah (and everything else) only means what rabbis say, this then supported and applied by all Jews, Jews then acting as a collectivist whole--as God judges them collectively, as a whole people. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

So Judaism is subjectivism; subjectivism ("midrash") is their religion--literally. Note then what subjectivism (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism) is--holding reality is creation/product of consciousness/mentality. Thus in extreme subjectivism, the subject is creator, God-like, Satanism, by definition. In case of Jews, all the Jews become like God for their view of reality--Satanism. Bolshevism, then for example, is yet another product/attribute of this Satanism, the party-line being same as Talmudic "midrash," literally.

Thus we see Satanism isn't necessarily so much "religion" or superstition as it starts out as simple philosophy--SUBJECTIVISM, then taken to extreme by those clever Jews and Talmudists--not difficult at all to understanding, really.

And just look w. ur eyes, the BLM and anti-fa rioters of 2020-21 released after being arrested, numerous murderers being released to kill again, while the Jan. 6 demonstrators for Trump are ruthlessly treated and held in jail; parents are now subjected to DOJ (Justice) and FBI investigation and harassment; satanic clubs are now being set up in elementary schools for young children (as in Ohio and Illinois); children encouraged by school officials to going trans-gender, etc. The list goes on.

So it's inevitable that Christians now must revolt and taking action against these outright satanic outrages and atrocities. Heads must roll--it's TREASON. It's already like Spain in 1930s just before the savage civil war which occurred, prelude to the world war. The world wars themselves were satanic occurrances, "Judea declares war on Germany" (see https://www.nationalists.org/library/hitler/daily-express/judea-declares-war-on-germany.html/). What is holohoax but satanic lies and slander against the greatest people? What are these still on-going poison clot-shots being forced upon people but Satanism in action, working for "population-reduction" according to Agenda-21 and -2030?

So it's only a matter of time before the casualty lists fm the satanic/Judaic on-going assaults become just too overwhelming for the stupid, over-populated drugged morons, suckers, losers, and inferiors of the world to continue to ignoring. Creepy Joe Biden now provoking war w. Russkies is just "globalist"-ordered distraction/diversion for the present disasters--Satanists just keep doubling-down.

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10. anarchyst says:
January 30, 2022 at 2:15 am GMT • 3.3 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

It’s much worse.

I can remember when those jews who touted “separation of church and state” pushed their agenda to the extreme–instituting lawsuits against municipalities who chose to allow Christmas displays on public property.

The lawsuits were numerous, from big-city displays to small towns-public displays of Christianity were outlawed.

It’s turned full-circle.

Christmas displays are still prohibited on public property while jewish menorahs are cropping up all over the place on public property. Hell, even the White House proudly publicly displayed a jewish menorah.

Jews no longer couch their hatred of Christianity in legal terms, but are overtly brash and confident in their hatred of Christianity.

It is long overdue for ((them)) to be kicked out of country 110…


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-holocaust-of-six-million-jews-in-world-war-i/

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"Libertarians" Fail To Grasp Satanic Jew Perfidy And Treachery; Are Notorious Suckers For Jew Lies, Lying, Deception
(Apollonian, 30 Jan 22)

TV: u're making a huge, gigantic mistake built upon gross ignorance--which is ignorance of basic Jew, hence Talmudic "religion," such as it is. For Judaism is Satanism which Satanism is mere extreme form of subjectivism, idea consciousness/mentality creates reality--see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjectivism/ .

Ur smug and condescending approach is tantamount to saying u treat all psychopaths as individuals, all child-molesters as individuals, all cannibals as individuals, etc. There may be some Jews who aren't outright Satanists, but they're very few, and ALL THE LEADERS of Jews are Satanists, without any doubt--for that's what the Jew "religion" is--collectivist subjectivism, collectivist satanism. U merely need do simple, basic research to verify this about Jew religion. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo.

First, Judaism is Talmudism, following "Oral Law Trad.," of the Pharisees, featuring "midrash" (interpretation) method by which everything, beginning w. Torah, is filtered by rabbis' "midrash" (interpretation). Thus Torah and everything else means ONLY what rabbis say it means. Thus note Judaism/Talmudism is literally SUBJECTIVISM--reality only is what their leaders say it is, and the followers accept this party-line "midrash" ("Midrash" then is not only interpretive method, but also the "party-line" conclusion and product of method.)

Note as subjectivism holds reality is created by consciousness/mentality, subject then is creator, God-like, and hence Satanist, by definition--and this is true of all Jews as collective whole, as Judaism is collectivistic.

Second: for note as Judaism is collectivistic, God judging Jews as whole people, "midrash" (interpretation) is practiced, supported, applied, and enforced by all Jews collectivistically. Rabbis are merely the scholar-leaders, assuring Jews as to the Talmudic source and origins for any of their marching orders, edicts, and dictates. Thus, by such collectivism are the Jews most cohesive and organized, thus dominating all and any other Satanists (as among gentiles who are far more isolated and dis-connected), subjectivists, and collectivists, with few exceptions, if any exceptions at all.

Thus Jews are a unified military, political, and "religious" -type force and entity--there may be slight exceptions among individual Jews, but no more so than there are individual anomalies among members of any criminal gang or organization. Get a clue to save ur very life, TV.

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887. Truth Vigilante says:
January 30, 2022 at 5:09 am GMT • 8.2 hours ago • 800 Words ↑
@Carolyn Yeager

[see this comment text, which is quite lengthy, at site link, given above]


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/gdurocher/eric-zemmour-on-the-great-replacement-and-civic-nationalism/#comments

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"Religion" Is Large, Outer Structure Within Which Lies Core Philosophy
(Apollonian, 30 Jan 22)

Bill: I'm big-time Christian, but I DO follow u for ur "philosophy," such as it is, u saying that a "complete" human must be "atheist." I finally came to our dear, good Christianity fm what I thought was atheism. For I found that "atheism" has a simple, but obvious and glaring logical flaw which is, u cannot prove there is no God. If u think u can so prove, then tell us all about it.

"Religion" then is just an outer, exterior vehicle, with which everyone can go along, but within which religious vehicle there lies a core, essential philosophy. Thus one observes that u urself are "religiously" against religion, in all ur obsessive and emphatic manner. I was that way too.

I understand u saying (as I once did) there's no "proof" that there's God, let alone the Christian God, or whatever other God--that u see no "evidence" there's God, etc. In fact, I think it's actually a good prior condition before u or anyone becomes Christian (or whatever), as it shows u want to rely upon what we're given by nature, that rational faculty.

Thus we first should define "God"--who is creator of whatever exists. So if u say and/or agree that there's existence, then God is defined as the creator of it. Yes, u have a good come-back to demand, well then, who/what created God?--to which there's no good answer, except to say that, well, God is the only exception and always was and always will be--which u still might not accept--which is fine, for I myself can't think of anything better.

So therefore God is simply a mystery and a make-shift invention to explaining the origin of things, and the order to it all, as reality seems to follow a logical sort of program, and u're loyal to that logic, demanding explanation of God's origin, if there is one. So we have to admit that we merely ASSUME there's God, or origin, which itself can't be explained--u don't have to accept it urself, and u can go ahead and feel smug and superior, thereby.

Thus "God" is a useful concept to us as it gives an order to reality, which we can agree upon, known as "logic." Children (as we all once were, and many still are, even though greatly aged) think of parents as God, which is where/whom they first heard about God, so God can be thought of as a great parent (in the sky, or whatever)--which is surely the way ancient people understood God--as a great parent of everybody and everything.

Anyway, all/any religion would have to admit that the "God" concept is ultimately rather mysterious at best, if we want to impress anyone w. HONESTY, which is always the best way to approach folks. Thus Westerners and Europeans (mostly) accepted this idea of the one (now the Christian) God fm the Israelite descendants (who followed the Torah)--NOT NOT NOT "Jews" who are defined as followers of Pharisees (who led the middle-class party of Judea at time of Christ, comprising about 5% of the pop. at the time), and nowadays, the Talmud, NOT same as "Judeans," the denizens of the province of Judea (or "Palestine").

The crux of the "religious" controversy of today, regards Jews, fm whom Christians are distinguished, Jews and Christians now, and back then, the only followers and survivors who remained after the rebellion, against Romans, of Judea and destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, built by King Herod, in 70 AD or thereabouts. For the Jews (NOT NOT NOT "Judeans"), led by Pharisees are the ones who had Christ executed by Romans for the crimes of heresy, blasphemy (and also "sorcery"), which execution Jews then gloated over, as in our own New Test., Gosp. MATT 27:25, and also in their own Talmud.

For Jews hold reality, beginning w. Torah, is SUBJECTIVE, being only what their rabbis say it is, by means of "midrash" (interpretation) and "Oral Law Trad.," Jews then collectivistically uphold such rabbinic rulings and decrees. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Christians hold, like the Greeks, Christians by implication, that reality is OBJECTIVE (Aristotle), that Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and that truth cannot be killed and always RESURRECTS, coming back to bite, etc. Thus u see, Christians ASSUME the same basic Godly creator of reality as fm Old Test., but then further, God The Son (Christ) who is TRUTH, and it's now this TRUTH that is worshipped by Christians. Such is the core philosophy (objective truth vs. Jew/satanic lies) which is CORE of Christian "religion"--which is all aside fm the presumed "God" which is considered as already accepted.

So u see, once again, "religion" is the outer, external VEHICLE, consisting of ceremony and legendary MYTH, etc., with which EVERYONE can go along, at least fm childhood, and within which lies the core philosophy--for the Christians concerning the OBJECTIVE reality in contrast and distinction fm the Jew SUBJECTIVE, which core philosophies only a few--maybe 5--15% of the population can grasp.

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194. RoatanBill says:
January 30, 2022 at 12:11 pm GMT • 2.6 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

Dude, you give up because I put the ugly truth on full display and you can’t turn ugly into beauty no matter how hard you try. I just have the bad manners not to care about offending people’s erroneous notions and prejudices, and skewer them regularly. You never laid a glove on me.

Anyone that tries to paint religion as a benefit to the world is bound to fail once the whole truth is revealed.
Face it, you picked a losing horse to ride.