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Texas man gets 37 years for pouring boiling water on wife


Friday, January 09, 2015 01:19PM
A Central Texas man has been sentenced to 37 years in prison for attacking his wife by pouring boiling water over her head as they argued.

Everton Bailey Jr. of Round Rock was convicted Wednesday of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The Austin American-Statesman reports investigators say the 29-year-old Bailey on May 3, 2013, forced his wife to kneel and doused her. Prosecutors say the 26-year-old woman was desperate to hold a birthday party that day for her 5-year-old son and endured the abuse.

She drove herself to a hospital after being scalded at the couple's apartment. The woman was treated for third-degree burns on her face, hands chest and back.

Attorneys for Bailey said he was unemployed, his wife paid the rent and he wouldn't harm her. :rolleyes:


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Mother accused of scalding baby with bath water
Posted: Jan 17, 2015 9:02 PM EST Updated: Jan 17, 2015 9:34 PM EST
By DeAnn Smith, Digital Content Manager


A 7-month-old niglet suffered burns over 20 percent of it's body and will struggle to learn to walk after his mother intentionally placed him in hot bath water, authorities said Saturday.

The burns were so bad that the boy's skin melted off and he will need long-term physical therapy paid for by whitey of course to be able to fully extend his legs, authorities said. He didn't get treatment for more than two weeks after he was burned. Children's Mercy medical staff members also found signs of malnutrition.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has charged Ernestine Swinton, 26, of Kansas City with felony child abuse, felony child endangerment and second-degree domestic assault.

Prosecutors are asking a judge to set Swinton's bond at $50,000.

She told detectives that she didn't seek help for her son after he was burned on Christmas Eve because of her medical background and her concerns that social workers would take her baby from her, according to court documents.

On Jan. 8, authorities were called to an apartment at 1305 E. 89th St. to check on the welfare of the baby, who is called J.S. in the court documents.

A family member had become concerned after believing the baby was in pain and notified the authorities. The male babysitter who was watching J.S. also notified authorities. He told police that Swinton didn't allow him to change the baby's diapers even if she was gone for up to five hours.

He said the baby was crying more lately, but he didn't know why. He gave permission for the authorities to examine the baby.

Warning: Some may find the following details upsetting. LOL!!

When an officer touched the sleeping baby, he immediately cried in pain.

"After slowly pulling down J.S.'s pants, officers observed a large spot of exposed bloody skin on his right thigh," according to court documents.

Officers then immediately summoned paramedics to the scene. A medic removed the baby's pants, socks and diaper. The wounds were in different stages of healing with his skin peeling.

"J.S.'s left foot was covered and wrapped tightly in a baby wipe that had been soaked through with blood due to injury," according to court documents. "The victim was in obvious pain and would cry out if we tried to sit him down on his injuries."

Swinton met officers at Children's Mercy Hospital. She said she placed the baby in the bathtub on Christmas Eve, and she didn't believe she turned on the cold water, according to court documents. She said he was in the tub for moments when he began screaming.

She claimed that she initially treated his wounds with petroleum jelly, but did not explain why she knowingly injured her son, according to court documents.

The boy's father was interviewed on Jan. 9. He told authorities that on Christmas Day that Swinton told him that the baby had spider bites after he noticed him in pain and his legs bothering him. He said Swinton gave the boy pain medication but he didn't look at the boy's legs himself.

Swinton would admit to detectives that she lied about the spider bites and that she knew her son's wound would get infected without proper treatment. She allegedly admitted that she knew her actions were wrong.


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Man charged with burning toddler with hot water

Man charged after Georgetown police say he burned girlfriend's toddler in hot bath

Updated 1/27/15, 4:51 AM


GEORGETOWN, Texas - A 26-year-old man is facing criminal charges after Georgetown police say he burned his girlfriend's toddler with hot water in a bathtub.

According to a police affidavit released Monday, Christopher Caldwell has been charged with injury to a child.

Police in December received a report about a medical emergency involving a child at a home. When officers arrived, they found a 2 1/2-year-old who appeared to have burns on the lower half of his body.

The child was taken to a hospital, where doctors determined he had first-degree burns. The affidavit says Caldwell allegedly told officers he was bathing the boy because the child had urinated on himself.

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'Momma, it hurt, it hurt'; Murder trial begins in 2-year-old scalding death
updated March 24, 2015 at 12:19 PM


Angry that she spilled cookie crumbs on the floor, Jeremy James beat 2-year-old Kennedy Forrest with a belt and dipped her into scalding water, prosecutors said Monday in Mobile County Circuit Court.

"She heard water running, she heard the water turn off, she heard commotion and she heard in her own words, a 'death holler,' a scream," said Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright, describing to jurors what Forrest's mother heard the morning of Jan. 20, 2012. "A cry, a holler, like she never heard before from her child."

Forrest died a little more than two weeks later due to a related infection at the UAB Hospital in Birmingham. James, now 27, was charged with murder and his trial is set to last until Wednesday.

The morning of the scalding, the 2-year-old had woken at 9 or 10 a.m. and ate cookies because she was hungry, the mother testified. James saw the mess of crumbs, and he began to beat her with his leather belt.

"He was hitting her everywhere," she testified, choking up on the stand. "He was whooping her like she was an animal."

Then, James called Forrest into the bathroom and turned on the water in the bathtub, the mother said. At the time, the mother was in a bedroom with her 5-month-old daughter, getting her ready to go to an OB-GYN appointment.

The mother testified that she rushed into the bathroom when she heard Forrest scream.

"It was hot and steaming," Wright said in her opening statement. "She saw Kennedy in the bathroom with her skin peeling off
with (James) sitting on the toilet."



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Posted: 11:47 p.m. Thursday, April 23, 2015

Teen recovering after being scalded by hot rice



A teenage boy is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital after his family says someone attacked him with boiling hot rice.:rolleyes:

The family told Channel 2’s Carl Willis that the attack happened as the boy was sleeping.

Damon Clay, 17, is in intensive care, in a medically induced coma, with burns covering 70 percent of his body.

Witnesses say two teens threw a pot of boiling rice on him as he slept.

"He's scarred for the rest of his life. His life will never be the same," the teen’s aunt said, asking not to be identified.

Family members told Willis that Clay was attacked Monday morning by Quintavious Barber, 19, and Malik Moton, 18, after the two accused the victim of stealing a PlayStation 3.

"I think it's ridiculous somebody would do a child like that," neighbor Tamara Miller said.

"They were friends. :cool:Everybody was supposed to be friends," neighbor Laprell Grant said.


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Man burns woman with boiling water, police say
40-year-old reportedly struck another man with hammer

Updated On: Apr 29 2015 11:13:51 AM CDT



A Madison woman was injured after a man reportedly threw boiling water at her early Tuesday morning.

Madison police said a 39-year-old woman was staying at the home of 40-year-old Charles T. Furlow, of Madison, on the 2400 block of Allied Drive.

Furlow had reportedly been drinking throughout the night, and he threw boiling water at the woman at about 6:22 a.m, causing second-degree burns over 15 percent of her body.

Police said after he burned the woman, Furlow hit a 50-year-old man in the mouth and in the arm with a hammer.


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Nurse To Be Arraigned In Death Of Queens Baby
April 30, 2015 7:38 AM


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A nurse charged with murder in the death of a developmentally disabled Queens toddler is expected to be arraigned Thursday.

Oluyemisi Adebayo, 54, of St. Albans, was arrested Wednesday at Kennedy Airport just as she was about to board a flight for Africa.

Investigators said Naomi Mondesire died Monday of “thermal related injuries,” after the licensed nurse practitioner allegedly placed the 23-month-old inside a bathtub with scalding hot water last week.

Prosecutors said Adebayo had been hired to take care of Naomi in her family’s home in Rosedale.

Adebayo said she had prepared a bath for Naomi on Tuesday, April 21, and that she tested the temperature of the hot water with her own hand before putting Naomi in the tub, prosecutors said. Adebayo allegedly claimed she only noticed skin falling off Naomi’s legs after she took the girl out of the tub, prosecutors said.

But NYPD Crime Scene Unit detectives determined that the water from the tub spigot reached 130 degrees, and it took about two minutes to reach the maximum temperature, prosecutors said.

The injuries suffered by Naomi were consistent with her being submerged up to her waist in 130-degree water for about 30 seconds, prosecutors said. Medical personnel said Adebayo’s account did not at all match up to the injuries observed, prosecutors said.

“She claimed it was a mistake. She claimed she checked the water. It’s impossible,” the child’s father, Corey Brock, said. “If she had checked the water, she would have been burnt also.”

Adebayo could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted, prosecutors said.

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Nurse arrested in scalding death of 23-month-old girl
By Natalie Musumeci
April 30, 2015 | 1:59am


Naomi Mondesire

A Queens nurse was arrested Wednesday for killing a 23-month-old girl by placing her in boiling bath water, officials said.

Oluyemisi Adebayo, 54, a licensed nurse practitioner, was arrested just as she was about to board a flight to Africa, according to the Queens DA’s Office.

She was charged with murder for killing Naomi Mondesire, who died Monday after being scalded on April 21 at the family’s home in Rosedale, police said.

“The tiny victim suffered extraordinarily painful injuries for several days before she died,” said DA Richard Brown. “This is a terribly sad and tragic case that could have been prevented.”


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Mom accused of burning 58-pound adult son faces theft charge
UPDATED 9:22 AM EDT May 13, 2015


PITTSBURGH —A Pittsburgh woman accused of burning and malnourishing her 58-pound adult son has now been charged with stealing his Social Security benefit.

Authorities say Vonda Brown submerged the 24-year-old man's hand in a hot liquid in October, resulting in a 58-day hospital stay. But Brown's attorney, Almon Burke, says medical records he's seen suggest Brown's son was being treated for a staph infection.

State agents now say Brown spent her son's Social Security checks while he was in the hospital and didn't use the money for his medical care. Burke didn't respond directly to those charges.

Brown's son is autistic and has cerebral palsy. Authorities have said he was screaming to be fed when he first arrived at a hospital.

Brown also faces aggravated assault and Medicaid fraud charges.

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Trial Begins for Woman Accused of Leaving Kids in SUV
By NBC10 Staff


The trial is set to begin Monday for the woman accused of leaving five children, including two infants, inside an SUV in Port Richmond on one of the hottest days of the summer last year.

Karin Thompson, an in-home daycare operator, is charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child and five counts of recklessly endangering another person after authorities say she left five kids in an unlocked SUV with the air conditioner on for more than 20 minutes in a ShopRite parking lot back on July 1.

A witness who parked next to the SUV heard some of the children crying and notified police immediately. Thompson was found in the store and taken into custody, police said.

The children, ranging in age from 6 months to 9 years, were transported to St. Christopher’s Hospital where they were evaluated and released to their parents.

A check of Thompson's records from the State Department of Public Welfare show no violations and no complaints.

“She is a very trustworthy individual,” Shannon Black, mother of the youngest child said. “And I’m proud to trust my kids in her hands.”


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Florida man accused of badly burning child who wet bed
Rayvond Williams, of Silver Springs, arrested on child abuse charges



A 21-year-old man was arrested Monday in Marion County on allegations of severely burning a 2-year-old boy because the child wet the bed.

Rayvond Williams
, of Silver Springs, was arrested on charges of cruelty toward a child/aggravated child abuse.

According to an arrest affidavit, Williams was baby-sitting the boy, who urinated in a bed while sleeping.

Williams said he placed the boy in the tub and turned on warm to cool water before telling the boy to bathe himself, officials said. Williams said someone knocked at his door and he left the boy unattended, according to the affidavit.

Williams said he then heard the boy screaming and found the toddler badly burned in the tub, according to authorities. Williams said the boy must have turned the water to hot and slipped and hit his head, according to the arrest affidavit.

Officials said Williams called a family member to take the boy to a hospital, according to officials.

The boy suffered burns to his arms, hands, legs, buttocks and genitals, officials said. Eighty percent of the injuries were third-degree burns, said doctors, who added that the boy will need skin graphs on his feet and buttocks.

The boy also had scratches on his face and head, officials said.

Doctors said the boy's injuries were not caused by an accident and appeared to be consistent with an immersion burn.

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Mom, boyfriend charged in death of toddler burned in oven
By Associated Press
November 25, 2015 | 8:25am


HOUSTON — A Houston mother and her boyfriend have been charged in connection with the death of her 19-month-old daughter, who was severely burned inside an oven when she and her three young siblings were left home alone, police announced Tuesday.

Racqual Thompson and Cornell Malone have each been charged with four counts of endangering a child. Both remain jailed, each with bonds totaling $36,000, after their arrests Tuesday morning.

Court records didn’t list attorneys for either Malone, 21, or Thompson, 25.

KTRK-TV reported last week that according to court records, J’zyra Thompson’s two 3-year-old siblings told Child Protective Services that one of them put J’zyra inside the oven and that they made the oven “hot.”

According to court records prosecutors filed Monday, Thompson told investigators that on the evening of Nov. 16, she had left her four children, including a 5-year-old, alone in their apartment for about 30 minutes to pick up Malone from work.

Later that night, Thompson and Malone again left the children alone after putting them to bed to go get some pizza and visit Malone’s brother. The couple was gone for about two hours.

“Mr. Malone stated that when they returned and went into the apartment, he could ‘smell something burning,'” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Thompson and Malone told police they found the three other children crying and pointing to the kitchen. In the kitchen, the oven had tipped over, with the oven’s door face down on the floor, with J’zyra :confused: apparently inside, according to the affidavit.

Malone “stated he uprighted the ‘range’ and the next thing he noticed was J’zyra was lying on the floor. He stated that she was obviously burned and deceased,” according to the affidavit. The oven had apparently been turned on “all the way.”

CPS has declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding the girl’s death as the court records it filed in the case have since been sealed by a judge.

The three other children who were living in the apartment have been taken into CPS custody, with the agency saying it was concerned the children were often left home alone and without adult supervision.

Police said Malone is not J’zyra’s father. According to court records, Thompson is currently 8½ months pregnant. Both are set to make their initial court appearance before a trial judge on Monday.


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Posted: 4:17 p.m. Sunday, March 6, 2016

Woman throws boiling water in babysitting spat



A woman threw boiling water and bit her friend during an argument over babysitting.:p

Police and medics were called around 9:30 a.m. Friday to the 3900 block of Lori Sue Avenue. Outside, a 37-year-old woman had red wounds with the skin peeling and a bite wound on her forearm, according to a Dayton police report. The victim told police the attack happened after she refused to watch the other woman’s child. During their argument, the assailant grabbed a pot of boiling water off the stove and threw it on her, burning her back, shoulders and head, and that she also bit her, pulled her hair and pushed her around before she was able to get outside. The victim was taken to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

When police asked the suspect, 31-year-old Tia Thomas, what happened, she replied: “I did it. I threw the water on her,” the report stated.


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SAPD: Boy, 3, scalded with hot water as punishment for soiling pants
Father Calvin Williams, girlfriend Kris Smith arrested on child assault charges

Updated: 12:17 PM, August 02, 2016


SAN ANTONIO - A man and his girlfriend have been arrested on child assault charges after the man’s 3-year-old son suffered third-degree burns when he was scalded in a hot water shower, authorities said.

Calvin Williams, 33, and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Kris Smith, were arrested this week.

An arrest warrant affidavit stated that San Antonio police believe Smith caused the injuries to the boy, who is two months shy of his fourth birthday.

Williams failed to seek medical help for his son for more than a week, the affidavit stated.

Police said they learned about the injuries Monday afternoon from Child Protective Services.

The affidavit stated that investigators spoke with several other children who were in the Northeast side motel room where the family lives.

One child told them that Smith got angry and purposely put the boy into a steaming hot shower on Saturday after he soiled his pants, the affidavit stated.

Police believe Smith even made that child cover the boy's mouth to prevent others in the motel from hearing his screams.

The boy suffered third-degree burns on his thighs and backside, according to the affidavit.

During questioning, Williams reportedly told police that Smith told him his son had burned himself.:rolleyes:

However, police said he later admitted he knew the child couldn't have injured himself.

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Dad arrested after burning tot in bathtub: cops
By Larry Celona and Daniel Prendergast
October 10, 2016 | 3:31pm

A 9-month-old boy was burned over 35 percent of his body when his father put him in a tub filled with scalding hot water, authorities said.

Andre Madden was arrested Monday and hit with a slew of charges one day after badly injuring the infant.

Madden was bathing his son inside an apartment on Pitkin Avenue in Brownsville on Sunday when he dipped the baby into the hot water, scalding his tiny body from the waist down.

When the boy’s mother came home, she found burns all over the lower portion of his body, police said.

Madden explained that he did not know how hot the water was and that it never occurred to him to drive the child to the hospital.

The boy’s mom rushed him to Mercy Hospital in Nassau County where he was listed in stable condition.

Madden was charged with reckless endangerment, assault, acting in a manner injurious to a child. Police also found a gun on him when they arrested him and charged him with possession of a weapon.

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College football star out after girlfriend’s boiling-water ‘attack’
By Hannah Withiam
November 10, 2016 | 2:12pm | Updated


FIU tight end Jonnu Smith runs for a touchdown against Middle Tennesse on Oct. 29, two days before a boiling water incident cost him his season. Photo: Getty Images

Florida International tight end Jonnu Smith had his stellar senior season cut short after his girlfriend allegedly assaulted him on Halloween with a pot of boiling water, inflicting severe burns on his head, neck, back, shoulder and arm.

Mary Gaspar, who is five months pregnant with the couple’s child :mad:, was charged with aggravated battery and has been released on a pre-trial order, the Miami Herald reported.

According to the account obtained by the FIU police following the incident, Gaspar had been arguing with Smith for a few days about not paying enough attention to her. Her frustration reached a tipping point on Oct. 31 when, “feeling extremely emotional and stressed,” she boiled a pot of water and dumped it over his head. Gaspar went on to hit Smith with her open hands when he didn’t show enough emotion, she told police.

Smith, 21, finishes his college career with 175 receptions for 1,936 yards and 17 touchdowns. He was in position to become the program’s fourth player to be picked in the NFL draft. Now his status is uncertain.


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Jackson woman charged in murder of disabled father
Wednesday, December 7th 2016, 7:02 am PST
Wednesday, December 7th 2016, 8:17 am PST


JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Investigators with the Jackson Police Department are investigating the murder of a man, allegedly scalded to death by his daughter.

On September 3, Jackson police responded to Reddix St. regarding a domestic disturbance call. When officers arrived they found that 55-year-old Diane Coleman had severely burned her father, 81-year-old Earl Coleman, with hot boiling water.

He was taken to Merit Health and listed in serious condition.

Coleman was arrested and taken to police headquarters where she was charged with domestic violence- aggravated assault. During the course of the investigation, police were unable to confirm the motive for Diane Coleman to burn her father.

Officials say Earl Coleman suffered from several medical issues and was paralyzed.

He was also confined to a wheelchair for mobility.


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