Video shows Tennessee teen pepper-spraying teacher after her phone is confiscated

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Video shows Tennessee teen pepper-spraying teacher after her phone is confiscated​

Isabel Keane

May 8, 2023 11:54am

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A Tennessee high school teacher was pepper-sprayed twice by an unruly student who became incensed after he confiscated her phone during class, new video shows.
Dramatic cellphone footage taken during class Friday at Antioch High School captured the rambunctious student confronting her teacher after her phone was taken away as a disciplinary action.
The disobedient student had been “texting and Googling answers for her school work,” according to Reddit user @Lazy_Mouse3803, who shared the now-viral clip.
In the minute-long video, a female student can be seen getting up from her desk and walking out of the classroom as the student filming repeatedly exclaims, “Nah, mace is crazy!”
Students in the classroom laugh and joke before following the rebellious student into the hallway, where she can be seen trying to get back her phone from her teacher.
By the time the student filming enters the hallway, the teacher can be heard telling someone in a different classroom: “She just pepper-sprayed me.”
The female student follows him out of the classroom, telling him: “Give me my phone!” She then holds the pepper spray close to his face before spraying him a second time, causing him to fall to his knees and yell.
Another adult emerges from a neighboring classroom to intervene as the female student continues to demand her teacher give back her phone.

video grabCellphone video taken at Antioch High School shows the rambunctious student confronting her teacher who took her phone.Reddit video grabThe student, who has not been identified, pepper-sprayed her teacher twice. Reddit
“She pepper-sprayed me!” the teacher says after standing up, to which the student replies, “Okay, now give me my phone.”

The student holds steady in her demands even as another teacher steps in to tell her, “No, not now.”

The video ends with the pepper-sprayed teacher coughing. According to the video’s poster, this was the second time this teacher has been assaulted by a student.

Two months earlier, the same teacher was punched in the face after taking a different student’s phone when they were caught cheating in class, the post claimed.

video grabsThe student repeatedly demands the teacher give her back her cellphone. Reddit grabThe student at one point stretched out her hand for her teacher to give her back her phone. Reddit
Internet users were quick to come to the teacher’s defense and condemn the student’s behavior, with many calling for her expulsion and arrest.

One Twitter user wrote: “Can’t wait to see the comments that will say she was justified cuz the teacher ‘stole her phone’. No she wasn’t justified, and she should be expelled.”

video grabThe teacher was allegedly attacked by another student after their phone was confiscated. Reddit

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Another noted: “Not justified, on top of the fact she should be suspended not only for her behavior but also for having a weapon in school.”

Antioch High School did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post.