The Farmers and the Tariff [by Junius Aryan]


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The Author of

"The Aryans and Mongrelized America:
The Remedy by Junius Aryan"

Philadelphia, Pa.

Copyright 1913
Philadelphia, Pa.

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In the preface to the first edition (in pamphlet form) of "The Aryans and Mongrelized America: The Remedy by Junius Aryan," the author gave some suggestions as to the motive underlying the publication of that work.

An object may be looked at from several points of view, each of which appears different, but none may be correct; however, from some other and different viewpoint, it is shown in its proper and true light. A racial duty devolves upon the man who sees this, the only correct view, whether by accident or otherwise, to report it to his fellows.

Many men go through life absorbed only in the struggle for existence, and often with an idea of self-aggrandizement only. Because of this narrow vision, they pass off the earth like mere animals, without once seeing the unnatural. If they had given more thought to nature and right thinking, and had cast aside sentimentality, they would have been in a position to have used their intellect and reason in aiding the keeping of life in their generation—NATURAL; that is to maintain a proper position in nature; which is purity in all animal and vegetable conditions.

They would have seen that thorough and pure racial breeding in man is as essential to nature's laws as in the mute animals, and in the vegetable kingdom, and would thus have aided in handing down to their posterity. Aryanism, in Aryan countries in its natural state; they would have seen to it that it was not mongrelized in any manner or form.

The author, believing that he sees from the proper viewpoint the true situation of his (Aryan) race, and with the racial (natural) feeling for the purity of his race, is willing to give his aid without pecuniary reward, so as to place his race in its proper sphere, in its purity, as a race of mankind in nature.

In the preface above referred to he says:

The minds of Aryan men of right reason in this era, through their study of Astronomy, Geology, Archaeology, Paleontology, Ethnology, Ethnography, History, Tradition, Chronology, Dietetics and Medical Science, and from a consideration of natural filial respect, reverence, love and honor of their Aryan ancestors, the men who contained the "First Principal," the "Original" from which they descended and could only descend, since like produces like and produces like only, have been freed from the unnatural, irrational and gloomy civilization of the Semitics: a race different from the Aryans in digestive organs, stature, physique, features, expression of countenance, brain matter, color of skin and eyes and in the nature and color of the hair, which civilization has interfered with Aryan civilization so long. Aryans are now in all respects qualified to know themselves as a distinct race of men, and to know the other three races as each a distinct race, and is in a position to aid in the placing of each race in its own proper natural sphere, where each race can, without the molestation of any of the other races, make its own proper racial (natural) civilization.

It is a violation of nature's law for the ruddy or fair race to come in contact with the swarthy or dark race: for the swarthy or dark race to come in contact with the yellow—yellowish-brown or reddish-brown race, and for the yellow, yellowish-brown or reddish-brown race to come in contact with the black race: but each race should come in contact only with its own race, in all ethical, social, political and physical life.

Appreciating the fact that a people in order to undertake the handling of internal reforms, especially political questions, must have their government on a solid economic, industrial and financial basis, the first volume of this work is devoted largely to economic questions with a view to the placing of the Government in a position that the Aryans of this country may undertake the great duty which now confronts them as a race and as men. It also gives an outline of the four races of the world and their status in the United States, with some suggestions to Congress as to preliminary action.

The second, an extended volume, will discuss comprehensively and in detail, the racial situation in the United States. Aryan Europe, and other Aryan countries of the world; the effect of the indiscriminate contact of other races in Aryan countries on Aryan civilization: the attempt at an unnatural, inhuman, cruel, immoral, impracticable and impossible unity of races—and the necessity of a unity of the branches of the Aryan race, in order to insure the proper placing of the different races in their own natural zones and civilizations. And also the remedy for this unnatural condition now existing in the United States, that is threatening to overthrow Aryan civilization in the country, which if effected would also destroy the Aryan European civilization, as the Aryan civilization was overthrown in Hindoostan, Afghanistan, Persia, Armenia, Asia Minor and Southern Europe, thus retarding the world's civilization, which is entirely dependent
upon the Aryan race in its purity.

Looking to the aid of nature in the betterment of his own race, the last, the superior, the best, the perfect race, the highest species of the genus man: the race that improves and occupies its own zone and country and lives only upon its own earnings, the race that does not live upon the substance of another race—without the least prejudice or feelings of unkindness to any race, but for the true interests of the four races: If the author shall have been the cause of having the pure blood Aryan men, women and children of the world, of the present and future generations say, at least once in their lives, "I am an Aryan," he will feel that his labors have been of some service to his (Aryan) race, which race is the crowning of nature's highest 'world's civilization.

Since the publication of the pamphlet referred to, a change in the nation's lawmakers has taken place, and, as suggested in the preface above quoted, the undertaking of race purification can be the better accomplished when economic conditions are stable.

The author having this great achievement of thoroughbred animal (meaning human as well) and vegetable development in Aryan countries at heart, felt impelled to issue this tract, addressed to our Aryan Congressmen, the present lawmakers, giving some suggestions of legislation which would tend to keep this country prosperous, so necessary to the purity of Aryan body and mind.



The Honorable Aryan Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the Sixty-third Congress, Washington, D. C.:

Farmers who owned farms and went through the great financial, commercial, manufacturing and agricultural depression of 1893 to 1897 which was brought about by a low tariff, and saw their farms run down in value to $25 per acre (the amount of the mortgage at the time), with no buyer at any price, and since have put in sixteen years of hard work, long hours and stinting their families to save their farms, now that the farm has again reached a value of $100 per acre, brought about by a restored protective tariff, should be in a position to make some suggestions.

Many times during this long struggle after the depression referred to, their minds doubtless dwelt upon the statement made by Mr. Lincoln, who, when he first went into politics, being asked about the tariff, said he had not made himself conversant with the question, but he knew that "when we bought a ton of rails in England and paid the gold for them, we had the rails and England had the gold; but when we made the rails in this country, we had both the rails and the gold."

This truism applies to each and every article and commodity used by our people, whether from agriculture or manufacturing, or from the arts and sciences.

It is very necessary that the National Government protect and foster all agricultural and manufacturing interests in a great agricultural country like this, in order to sustain and keep the country prosperous; "as agriculture is the foundation of manufactories, since the productions of nature are the materials of art," and "all taxes, etc., must at last fall upon agriculture, and agriculture can never flourish except under the protection of justice and moderation."

We have in continental United States—the great territory between 30 and 50 degrees parallel of latitude, running from the Atlantic to the Pacific (including Alaska)—enough territory having the land, soil and climate, with sufficient minerals, as gold, silver, zinc, tin, copper, lead, coal, etc., to take care of, feed and clothe, and give all of the comforts and refinements of life to five billions of Aryan people.

Still there are some people who are so short-sighted as to think that we cannot raise or produce enough breadstuffs, meats, sugar, cotton, wool, woods, minerals, etc., for our 75,000,000 Aryan people.

But want us to look to other countries from 1000 to 5000 miles away, neglecting and destroying our agricultural interests and depleting our population to support people in other countries; which, in the case of sugar in the West Indies and the Philippines are Semitics from the Spanish Semitisms, Mongolians, Negroes and their mongrels; in Hawaii are Mongolians and Negroized Mongolians, and in the case of cotton from Egypt are Mongolians and Semitics. The Greek Aryans to Egypt having been destroyed by mongrelizations of Semitics and Mongolians.


The cane sugar belt of the tropical and semi-tropical countries, viz: East and West Indies, etc., is much more limited in territory than the beet sugar zone of the great Aryan territory of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Non-Aryans—as the Semitics, i.e., Jews, Syrians, and the Armenians and Persians who are now Semitics; Abyssinians, Arabians, Moors, and the so-called Italians, Greeks and Spanish who are also now Semitics as well as the Mongolians and Negroes—do not use much sugar. It is the Aryan, the race of the North, the only race of men who require quantities of the heat-producing foods, and it can be readily seen that the Aryan race would certainly be retarded in civilization if the climate and soil in its own North country did not furnish vegetable matter for producing the best, most practical and cheapest sugar, the beet sugar, as also the delicious sugars produced from the sap of the maple. The sugar beet is grown in certain sections of all Northern Europe, and can be grown in the same latitude in Asia (and even England is now encouraging its growth in her country).

The great Aryan countries as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany. Austria and Russia protect and foster their agricultural, as well as other industries, and all produce enough sugar for their own people, with a surplus for foreign customers, but the United States, a great agricultural country, with one of its States larger than the German Empire—which country grows its own sugar, and has a territory of only 208,000 square miles, with 65,000,000 all Aryan (except some Jews) population, but with territory sufficient for 400,000,000 people—the United States must belittle itself by looking to other countries for sugar, as she uses most all of the sugar from the West Indies, Sandwich Islands, the Philippines and other islands of the Western Hemisphere; still a large proportion of the sugar to this country comes from the beet sugar farms of the Aryan countries of Europe.

At the same time, we have cane sugar lands in the cane sugar zone of Louisiana and Texas to grow and produce enough sugar for 700,000,000 Aryan people, and this can be done on an area of 182 by 300 miles, viz.: 54,600 square miles of land, or 35,000,000 acres, with 2000 pounds of sugar to the acre—70,000,000,000 pounds allowing 100 pounds to each Aryan. This cane sugar zone, as well as our great beet sugar zone, is in Continental United States and under our Aryan system of government, the same as the other States; besides the cane sugar belt, Continental United States has sufficient territory under the thermal belts to produce enough beet sugar for not only 75,000,000 Aryan people, but for five billions of Aryan people.

The Aryan peoples' stomach and digestive organs are adapted to the starches from cereals, roots and vegetables, and oils from meats, butter, etc., of the North, the carbohydrates, the heat-producing foods. They do not require, and the Aryan people should not use, the strong astringent acid spices of the tropics, such as pimento (allspice), peppers, cloves, nutmegs and cinnamon, all of which have strong astringent properties. The acids in these tropical products destroy the gastric juices of the Aryan, whose stomach and body are already heated up with the farinaceous and oil (carbohydrates) foods of the North, and his Aryan stomach and digestive organs do not secrete the bile that the stomach and digestive organs of the Semitic, Mongolian or Negro do; the Aryan's stomach and digestive organs do not get so congested, and need these acid spices.

The same applies to all tropical fruits, such as bananas etc., nuts such as the cocoanut, brazil nut etc., and other tropical products, all of which contain astringent acids which affect the Aryan's stomach and digestive organs, and prevent digestion in a stomach and body already heated up by the carbohydrate foods of the North, which foods are adapted to only Aryans and cannot be digested by the lower races, as the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes.

The breadstuffs, meats and fruits of Northern (Aryan) countries are not the foods adapted to non-Aryan peoples, and not even for Aryans temporarily in tropical countries. Nature made in the climate and soil for the new race (the Aryan), which embraces the country in the latitude above 32 degrees, in the Eastern and above 30 degrees in the Western Hemispheres, all the elements to produce all food products necessary and adapted to the stomachs of the Aryan, to make and maintain the fair-complexioned, superior man that he is, and with the fabrics for comfort and ornament, such as silk, wool, linen and cotton. Cotton is not a tropical plant, and will not ripen (make cotton) below 30 degrees latitude.

Better vegetable matter grows in the Northern country than in the tropics, or semi-tropics. The beet sugar is better for the Aryan stomach and other digestive organs than the cane sugars of the tropics, and the getting and using of cane sugars from the tropics for an Aryan people's stomach and digestive organs is unnatural, as the acids of the tropical cane sugars are more detrimental to Aryan stomachs and other digestive organs than the acids of beet sugars indigenous to the Aryan country; the Aryans being indigenous to the same climate as the beet sugar. Why then, should the Aryan people of the United States use cane sugars from the tropics, unnatural to their stomachs and other digestive organs, when they can grow the natural sugar for their digestive organs in their own Aryan country?*

[* NOTE:— The Health Department of New York City has just made a report, which shows that a large percentage of the Aryan children of the city have defective teeth. This may be accounted for from the use of sugars of tropical countries, in foods and candies, as well as the use of bananas, cocoanuts and other fruits and spices from the tropics. The acids of these tropical products destroy the gastric juices of Aryan men, women and children (their stomachs being already heated by Aryan carbohydrates) causes a disturbance of the stomach, and bacteria are produced, which destroy the teeth of Aryan people. This is a further reason why Aryans should use only, sugar and other products grown in Aryan countries.]

All vegetation is much better in the northern part of the zone (latitude) to which it is indigenous. The cane sugar of Louisiana and Texas, being grown in the extreme northern part of the cane sugar zone, is very much better for the Aryan digestive organs than the cane sugar grown farther south and in the tropics. Corn grows in all latitudes from the Equator to the Northern part of the United States, and is better the farther North it grows. Potatoes grow in all latitudes from the Equator to Alaska, and are better the farther North they grow.

Nature has provided in Aryan countries everything wanted and required by the Aryans, and Aryans do not need and should not use any foods, "food beverages," drugs or chemicals from tropical countries, as all of these and all other necessities and comforts of life can be found and produced in Northern or Aryan countries.

There are just two ways to bring about a quick solution of the sugar question so that the Aryan people of the United States will use their own lands, money and labor, to supply their own sugar, and have a surplus, and save and keep here all the gold they are now paying out to foreign countries for sugar.

One way is to place a tariff high enough that the cane and beet sugar farmers are so thoroughly protected that it will induce our farmers to grow the sugar beets and invite small and large sugar mills to be built among the farms for grinding the beets and making raw marketable sugar from the juice of the beet for the refineries. The same tariff would also stimulate cane sugar growth in our cane sugar belt.

The other way is to have no tariff on sugar, but to raise the revenue now raised on sugar from a tax on some other property, income, or other internal sources, as is done in England and Germany, and pay a bounty to our sugar farmers to protect them against the difference in cost of labor and production and the system of life of foreign countries, and against the unloading of the surplus of other countries at very low prices temporarily, which would be done to ruin the sugar farmer of this country with no tariff or bounty.

Either of these two plans would result in having our American farmers produce on our own farms, right at home, within five years, all the sugar we can use and have a surplus. And, too, to think it would require only a strip of land, either of cane sugar land or beet sugar land, or of both, of 60 x 100 miles, or 3,840,000 acres, producing 2000 pounds per acre, or 7,780,000,000 pounds, giving each of our 75,000,000 Aryan people 100 pounds of sugar annually!

This would require less than seven counties of acreage in either Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, or some other one of our 48 States which is under the thermal belt for beet or cane sugar; and, too, by raising our sugar in these seven counties we would keep our over $200,000,000 gold annually, and not send it away to feed, support and encourage the breeding of Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes and their mongrels in the tropical islands; but would give this gold to the support of our own Aryan race in our own Aryan country, making it possible for Aryans to increase and maintain families, helping in the making of our Aryan country as a pure-blood, thorough-bred Aryan population. Should not our Aryan people be allowed the privilege of giving their money to increase their own race, and use their earnings for the benefit of their posterity in their own country? What say you, Aryan statesmen?

It is easily seen that we have territory in our great Aryan country sufficient to grow sugar enough for 5,000,000,000 Aryan people. It will be seen that we also have territory enough to grow the meats, as cattle, sheep, swine and poultry; and the breadstuffs—cereals as wheat, oats, barley, rye, millet, corn, etc., and last, but not least, potatoes, both white (starchy) and sweet, for 5,000,000,000 Aryans.

Here it should be said that Germany grows annually 1,600,000,000 bushels of potatoes, having a value equal to both the great cotton and wheat crops of the United States, still Germany has a territory not larger than one of our States, but has 65,000,000 Aryan people. Germany grows the foods for her great homogeneous Aryan people, and her statesmen as well as the statesmen of the other Aryan European agricultural countries are not troubling themselves about hunting foods from other parts of the world, but grow it on their own lands.

If our Aryans cannot produce in this great Aryan zone foodstuffs for ourselves, we are certainly helpless; for we cannot get them elsewhere. The Semitic, Mongolian, and Negro countries, i.e., between 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South latitude do not raise any foods for the Aryan stomach, and we cannot hope to get much foodstuffs from the small territory in Argentina and Australia South of 33 degrees South latitude, the only territory in those countries and, in fact, south of the Equator, which can grow foodstuffs for Aryan stomachs, hence we must then look to Aryan European countries, which are only growing enough for their own people. Of course, we could send our Aryans to Canada to grow our foodstuffs on Canadian lands, but would it not be better to grow them on our own lands, under our own political and economic system?

A low duty or no (protection) duty on agricultural products, as live stock, cereals, etc., would not bring in much foodstuffs from foreign countries for some time, at least until after the farmers here could not grow it at a living profit, on account of the price being fixed by the foreign surplus however small, offered on the markets of this country which price, as in all cases of exports, is a reduced price. This would naturally reduce the quantity grown here, thereby demoralizing our farming interests, making farming unprofitable, unsettling land values, and throwing farm labor out of employment.

Demoralize and disorganize by free trade or low tariff, the farming interests of our country, unsettle land values, and make farming utterly impossible, and the cities and towns will soon be affected. General business stagnation and a commercial depression will follow. All labor: the farm laborer (which includes the farmer himself), the railroad laborer, the clerk, the lawyer, the doctor, the publisher, the merchant, and the banker is soon affected. Business is curtailed. Employment only on short hours at reduced wages.

Consumers without money, starving, decreasing, and dwindling away of the Aryan race, which is being supplanted by the lower races, especially the Semitics and Mongolians, who will live in the towns and, as always on Aryan substance, furnishing very poor customers for the Aryan farmers, as was the result in the Aryan countries of Greece, Italy and Spain, which Aryan countries were eaten out and ruined by these low races.

Since some say that there is not enough farm products grown, let the National Government protect and foster our agricultural interests, and ask the co-operation of our Aryan business men and people in making corporations to put money into the operation of farms. Make the stock of these companies popular with the masses of our Aryan people by good management of competent men, under a national incorporation law with Government supervision, and capital will flow into these farming companies. They would have the capital and be in a position to do INTENSE AND DIVERSIFIED farming by the use of thoroughbred animal and vegetable life, with Aryan labor, making every element connected with the soil as Nature intended it—THOROUGHBRED.

We have the lands. It rests with the Aryans in charge of our National Government to plan to get the capital interested in operating these lands, to give us in this Aryan country all the foodstuffs, clothing and other comforts of life from our own lands, as Nature intended intelligent Aryans should do.

Oh! Aryan statesmen, protect and foster our great Aryan agricultural interests and population; in order that we may be a great Aryan civilization of pure-blood Aryan people, interlocking our farms with our cities, Nature with the Arts; the Aryan people of the farm with their brothers, kindred and (Aryan) race of the cities.

Hence it would seem the height of folly to have our sugar farms somewhere else than in our own country, where our railroads could run to them and where our own Aryan people could cultivate the land. If we want to put sugar on the free list, or have a low tariff on sugar, let a bounty be paid sufficient to pay the difference between the cost of the American system of labor and production, and the system of life of other countries, or some system in line with Aryan European beet sugar countries. The farmer would then only keep enough of this bounty in the price (as competition among the farmers would regulate the price) of sugar to pay him a fair price for labor and expenses, and you may rest assured that within five years at the outside the enterprising (Aryan) people of this country would raise enough sugar to supply the whole of this country, and a surplus to send to other countries.

This country would not get sugar cheaper very long with no tariff on sugar, unless there were some legislation such as a bounty, to cause our farmers to grow sugar, as after one or two years, sugar-growing countries which furnish this country with sugar, would regulate their output so as to get full price for the sugar to this country.

Who would say that if one man or a set of men or a corporation, owned all of this country—the United States—and managed its material interests, they would not see to it that their own land produced enough sugar on its cane and beet sugar lands for its tenants and not look to the cane sugar farms of the West Indies and other islands and the beet sugar farms of Europe, but would use their own lands, giving employment to their own tenants, railroads, machinery, manufacturers, and wage earners in every capacity, in the growth, production and handling of this sugar?


A "low tariff" or a "tariff for revenue"—unless very high—on wool, would prostrate and destroy the sheep industry of this country, and it would not be long before the supply of wool from foreign countries would be in a very precarious condition as affecting this country, because those countries would be careful how they grew the wool for this market. The result would be that the supply and price would be regulated by foreign wool growers, and would be very changeable. Therefore the manufacturers of this country could not rely on foreign countries for wool, certainly not so well as they could on home-grown wool or home farmers, their own people.

The wool grower and every other agriculturist must have his manufacturing plant, his material and his operatives, with an outlay of money, as well as the manufacturer of cloth. While the manufacturer of cloth can see all the material in all the different changes it goes through in the process of manufacture, the agriculturist cannot visibly see changes, so as to aid Nature; hence it is very difficult to say what is raw material, and where manufacturing commences, as the sheep grower manufactures wool from the grasses with sheep as his operatives, which have to be fed and cared for. The silk grower manufactures silk thread from the silk worm, which has to be fed and cared for. The sugar grower manufactures sugar from seed, slips or cane he puts in the soil, and with great labor it is cultivated. The same applies to the wheat, corn and cotton growers, who are manufacturers, as are all others engaged in agriculture. So the agriculturists are also great manufacturers and their business being largely out-of-doors, subject to climatic conditions and the elements, is most precarious. As said above, it is difficult to say what is raw material and where manufacturing begins; hence all industries, agricultural and manufacturing alike, should be protected under the fostering care of the Government.

With the semi-arid grass ranges of the West and Southwest and the great sweet grass and cereal farming country of the Northern States, the United States has the territory for growing every grade of wool, and the finest Southdown and Canadian mutton for a population of 5,000,000,000 Aryans. To supply our present Aryan population it requires a very small part of this territory in acreage, then why look to countries 5000 miles away for our sheep farms? And, too, when we get our wool from a foreign country we get only the wool, but get none of the carcass of the sheep for its bones in fertilizer, for manufacturing and for refining purposes; nor its skin for the manufacturers nor the inner parts for fertilizer, nor the body for mutton, while if our wool was grown in the United States, we would have all the wool and all the by-products of the sheep, including mutton, the poor man's meat, as well as the rich man's meat.

Instead of being troubled about the wool question, why do not our statesmen give proper encouragement to our sheep growers and farmers, who will give us our wool at the door of the factories and the best and most wholesome of meat foods (mutton) at the residence of the people? Encourage our sheep industry, and give us plenty of the best home-grown mutton and wool, with a surplus.


Aryan countries having their farms and their population in the same country, find it necessary to foster their agricultural interests, and the greater their agricultural and manufacturing interests grow, the more necessary it will be for the national government of these agricultural countries to protect their agricultural, manufacturing and commercial interests, by a high protective tariff or in some other way.

All the Aryan Continental European States are now under high protective tariff systems. France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Russia and Switzerland are great and successful manufacturing countries. England collects annually about as much from the tariff as does the United States, put protects her manufacturers by a trade-mark law. On account of not protecting her agricultural interests she has lost eight millions population in Ireland and England from the farms. Ireland alone lost nearly four millions population, solely on account of free trade in agricultural products.

The semi-Aryan countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Semito-Mongolian Turkey, however, do but little manufacturing, as these semi-Semitic and Semitic populations do not want or require much merchandise comparatively. Hence we should not chase rainbows talking about foreign markets in trade relations with the three lower races, as the Semitic, Mongolian and Negro countries, but whatever foreign business we do, we must do only with the Aryan people, who have the same stomach, digestive organs, complexion and features we have, and whatever goods we sell abroad will be our surplus at a reduced price, and whatever goods we buy abroad will be the surplus of our Aryan cousins and at a reduced price. Objection has been made that selling goods at a less price abroad than in the home market is discriminating against home buyers. All countries at times are forced to sell some goods at a less price abroad to meet competition, but it is their surplus which is sold, as the foreign trade of all countries is only the surplus. Even with an export trade of approximately $2,000,000,000 each respectively of England, Germany, and the United States, it is very small compared to the internal commerce of each of these countries, as the annual internal trade of the United States is probably fifty billions of dollars, that of Germany somewhat less, with England's still less. So, how thoughtless it is for statesmen to think of doing anything that would injure and prostrate the internal commerce and industries of their own country, in the way of agriculture, manufacturing, etc.

We should not get the idea that the tariff is levied only for the interests of manufacturers, when all other lines of business, including agriculture, are protected and make as much money as the manufacturers do, on the capital invested and the risk taken. It is however, easy to say that the tariff is for the interest of the manufacturers, they being the medium through which the wage-earners and every one else gets the benefit of protection. The fact is overlooked however, that the wage-earners, including the day laborers, the operatives, machinists, rent-collectors, salesman, clerical force and every one employed in all the departments of growing the material for manufacturing, and the manufacturing, selling, delivering and collecting of the money from the manufactured article, get not less than 96 per cent., the manufacturers not getting over 4 per cent., and in most cases much less, and even in some cases as low as 1½ per cent., on the expenditure, for their time, money, ability and risk. It would seem that the manufacturers are a very economical part of our civilization.

A "low" or "free-trade" tariff does not regulate trusts, but destroys agricultural and manufacturing enterprises, thereby taking away the opportunity from labor to earn a living. Let the Government prosecute the trusts and combinations and regulate them. This however, should be done through Government corporate control, in such a way as to protect the manufacturing part of the business and not destroy by low tariff every interest of the country, which of course, includes the wage-earner.

There are only two proper tariffs. One is a high protective tariff, levied to protect absolutely a country's agricultural and manufacturing interests; the other is absolute free trade. "Tariff for revenue" is a misnomer, as, like a low tariff, it does not raise revenue very long, from the fact that all farming and manufacturing interests become prostrated and the people become too poor to buy goods abroad, when their internal commerce is destroyed; hence, decreasing revenue for the Government.

It should not be a question as to what class of people pays the tax for the running of government. Owners of property should give their attention to see that the taxes, which must necessarily be levied and collected, are properly expended, and not squandered by incompetent officials, as the owners of property do not pay the taxes. All taxes in the last analysis are paid by the man who eats and wears and uses the conveniences and comforts of life.

To approach this subject intelligently, the fundamental proposition and fact should be recognized that whether the tax is levied and collected from incomes, inheritances, corporations, stamps, stocks, real estate, personal property, cereals, coffee, sugar, or otherwise, the people who eat and wear, and use the conveniences and comforts of life—and they are 100 per cent. of the population—pay the tax for the support of the Government, and that the province of government is to protect and foster internal agriculture (not foreign lands), manufacturing, and commerce, and all internal industries, administering the affairs of government as economically as possible, with always a view to progress and prosperity, levying and collecting the revenue from the class of property which admits of the least expense for collecting and putting it into the treasury.

Prejudice should no longer enter into the question of the tariff in this country, and when the whole country agrees that we should protect all our agricultural and manufacturing interests and maintain sound finance, we shall arrive at the point where it matters not what party is in power, our internal commerce and finances will not be disturbed, but will both be stable, and, as in the case of the great Aryan countries of Europe and Canada, we can have two great patriotic Aryan parties of Aryan statesmen, who unhampered by the country's distress, can undertake urgent internal reforms.

The tariff question of this country should be taken out of politics, and we should settle once for all whether we shall be, like all of the Aryan European countries (except England) a protective tariff country, with great agricultural interests feeding our people and exporting a surplus of food stuffs, besides supplying our large home markets' manufactured goods and shipping a surplus abroad, or like England, which pretends to be a free-trade country, when virtually she is a scientific (under her trade-mark law) protective tariff country, with no agriculture, but depending on farms abroad.

This great Aryan country some day should have not only seventy-five millions of Aryan people, but it has agricultural territory enough for five billions of high-class well developed Aryan people without requiring of the soil per acre more than is now produced in some parts of France, Belgium and Denmark. But first it must be cleansed of the Semitic, Mongolian and Negro races, which are now a drain upon the substance of the Aryan race, preventing their increasing and developing into a better mental and physical manhood.

With the growth and development of all Aryan countries in Europe, as well as the Aryan countries of North America, new questions are arising in the internal affairs of every country, which requires a united Aryan people, and all the patriotism and statesmanship of the Aryan people of whatever party. This is especially the case in the United States; but these internal reforms, cannot be brought about without the patriotic and intelligent co-operation of all the Aryan people, who must be educated by the statesmen of the two parties, as is done on issues arising in Canada and the Aryan nations of Europe.

Internal reforms cannot be so well effected when a country is prostrated industrially, when the average man is distressed for the existence of himself and family. These reforms can be accomplished better when the Aryan farmer, the Aryan manufacturer and the Aryan business and professional man is earning, at least, a living; and prosperity to all countries must be brought about through wholesome laws by the national government. As the father protects, fosters and encourages his family, so the national government must protect, foster and encourage the agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, industrial and professional interests of its country, by laws relating to foreign and internal commerce and sound finance, all with a view to the building up and maintaining of an industrious, enterprising and highly civilized Aryan
people in an Aryan country.


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A WORD to the statesmen from the so-called Southern States, as well as to their associates, the Democratic statesmen from the Northern and Western States, who are now the law-making power of the Nation:

Right thinking men of all Aryan countries in this generation fully realize what a short-sighted, unnatural and unracial policy the Republican party pursued just following the Civil War—which catastrophe had just cost the lives of over a million of the Aryans of this fair Aryan country, wholly on account of one of the lower races—in making laws attempting to coerce their Aryan brothers of the South, their race, the superior race of man, by passing laws attempting to force upon these people one of the lowest races of mankind to make and administer laws for an Aryan race in their own Aryan country. This unholy attempt at the unnatural caused bloodshed, disturbances, turmoil and degradation to the Aryan race.

At this time, fifty years after this great tragedy, thinking men are at a loss to understand the reasoning of the party in power in further aiding and abetting a situation which had been the cause (even if innocently) in bringing about this great disaster to the Aryan race. Can it be possible that such unholy, unnatural and unracial laws could have been foisted upon this Aryan country, except at a time when our noble Aryan people were oppressed by the horrid, heart-bleeding holocaust, which removed a million of the flower, the mental and physical giants of its Aryan men? At such a time men's minds seem weakened, and they are liable to do unnatural things. Now that the Aryans of this generation have had their blood strengthened by the Aryans of the best branches of the race in Europe and find that the laws unthoughtedly allowed to be made by our ancestors of two generations ago has produced a racial situation poisonous to the Aryan race, they must as united Aryan brothers, meet the situation as our ancestors of the first founding of this government and before this great disaster, would meet it for the preservation of their (the Aryan) race in its purity.

Right thinking Aryans can also realize the great mistake of the Republican party, in passing at the same time laws to coerce the Democrats of the North and West, as well as the Aryan masses into taking into their public places, their hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, and other civic institutions, a low race which interfered with the business and social life of the Aryan people, and which brought about and is now producing cruel miscegenations. They also made laws which made it possible for this Aryan country to have foisted upon its political, social, business and physical body, within the last twenty years over six millions of the two other lower races (the Semitic and Mongolian) which is destined, unless soon checked, to bring about a destruction of Aryan manhood and civilization in this country.

As if it was the irony of fate, these three lower races deserted the Republican party, the party which made it possible for these lower races to live upon and interfere with the Aryans in the government of their Aryan country, since at the last election they voted for what was called the Bull Moose party, the nose of which animal, like the nose of the camel, is symbolical.

While these unjust and cruel actions and short-sighted racial policies of the Republican party toward the Democratic party and Aryan masses was a great provocation to the Democratic party to oppose every measure of the Republican party then in power—it is unfortunate that they allowed their prejudices to oppose the fiscal (the tariff and financial) policy of the Republican party. The soundness of these two branches of economics being the basis of all progress in Aryan countries.

The popular vote at nearly every presidential election for the last fifty years has shown that the Aryan masses of the North, as well as the South, were willing that the Democratic party should administer the government at least a part of the time, but as the Democratic party threatened low tariff or free trade, they were kept out of power until twenty years ago they were entrusted with the full power to make the laws of the government; they were, however, put out of power within two years, on account of their low-tariff or free-trade Act, hence we see that until last month, for fifty years the laws of this country were made by one party only, the Republican, except once (two years of that time). Such an anomaly has never happened in any liberal Aryan government on earth, as for at least every decade each of the two parties in all liberal governments are given an opportunity to make the laws.

Democrats, this is not a good showing, and is discreditable to your party, since it would seem that the Aryans wanted to trust you with the government, but was afraid to do so for fear that you would make laws which would bring disaster to the agricultural, manufacturing and commercial interests of the country. Now that you are in power it is sincerely to be hoped that you will see to it that you do not make laws which will injure this country, as two strong Aryan parties are needed now to join as brothers to meet the great international question of race purification.

Low tariff or free trade on agricultural and manufactured products will be the same as saying to the sugar, wool, wheat, corn, cereal and meat grower, "Don't plant as many acres this year, as we will get more of our farm products from other countries, and you will not need as much labor, and the price will be made by the outside for your products"; and to the manufacturer, "Prepare to do less business, employ less labor, as we will fix it so that other countries will do part of the business that you are now doing, and the outside will make the prices for American labor."

DEMOCRATS, just so sure as you give this country low tariff or free trade, it will bring about a depression and bad business and idle labor. Then the Aryan people of this country will have to again elect a House of Representatives pledged to protect American industries, following the example of the first two years of the last Democratic administration. Should such a circumstance occur our Democratic President and Democratic Senate should allow the House of Representatives fresh from the people to revoke the laws which caused this depression and restore protection to industries, and not keep the country in the slough of depression until another presidential election. This country, like all Aryan agricultural countries, must have its own system of life and must protect and foster its own agricultural and manufacturing interests.

Here is what the Democrats said at their last National Convention:

"We recognize that our system of tariff taxation is intimately connected with the business of the country and we favor the ultimate attainment of the principles we advocate by legislation that will not injure or destroy legitimate industry."

Remember that just now our Aryan people are somewhat aroused by the social evil, the white slavery of so many of our Aryan young women, a large proportion of such crimes being committed by the three lower races, the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes, and there is a crying demand that better pay be given these poor Aryan girls on the farms, in the factories and stores; hence it would seem that our internal commerce and life should not be put at the mercy of the outside, as we shall expect better pay for our helpless laboring class of Aryans.

Remember, too, that our Aryan people are now staggering under the great load of giving five billions of their substance to the three lower races, the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes. While this is burdensome and onerous in prosperous times, let hard times come and the distress of the Aryan poor in particular, will be intolerable under this incubus, which is sticking like leaches upon their backs.

Prosperity through the stability of values and sound finance, is the talisman of success of a political party, and when the people vote a party out of power upon the mere threat to give the country free-trade—the Canadian reciprocity treaty being a free trade measure—how much more natural it certainly is, that they will vote a party out of power that actually gives them "free trade" ("low tariff") with the attendant depression and destruction of values.

The country can be congratulated upon the announcement—if such is the fact—that the President will ask Congress to consider only the tariff question at the Special Session, and it is to be hoped that Congress will make but few changes in the tariff, and make the session as short as possible, that the industries of the country, agricultural as well as manufacturing and commercial, may continue in an even tenor, undisturbed.

It is best for good government that this country have two good strong parties, and it is to be hoped that the Republican party may recover its position as an opponent of the Democratic party, but this cannot be done by the leadership of its last head.

However, on the theory that a change of administration is liable to upset business, it is probably best for the agricultural, manufacturing and general business interests of the country that the Democratic party control all branches of the Government for at least eight years, provided of course the country is kept prosperous. This absolutely rests with the leaders of that party, who must keep the country prosperous by not making laws which disrupt and destroy land and other values, and bring bad business and hard times.


The Republican party has been temporarily demoralized and disorganized; its followers refusing to support it at the last election on account of having had forced over the protest of its statesmen, the reciprocity treaty, which, if it had not been rejected by the good sense of Canada, would have reduced the price of our agricultural lands one-half, and demoralized the value of Canadian lands; and by forcing the Japanese treaty, over the protest of the Pacific States, causing a situation which is most disgusting and mortifying to Aryan men in the East as well as in the West, who are daily seeing Aryan women led away by these Mongolians, i.e., Japanese and Chinese, producing mongrels to further pollute the Aryan race. And now we see how emboldened these Mongolians are, that they want our National Government to interfere in the making of laws by one of our States (California). They want to make California allow them to come to that State and make mongrels by miscegenations with Aryan women.

After the Republican party had received less than one-fourth of the votes cast at the last election—its leadership being utterly discarded—an immigration bill was vetoed, which was passed by a great majority on a non-partisan vote in both Houses of the Sixty-second Congress, which legislation was called for from a general demand of the Aryan people that something be done to at least regulate the influx of the lower and alien races into this Aryan country, and too, this bill was passed overwhelmingly by our Aryan statesmen, even with the impudent interference of a few Jews (who are tolerated in our legislative halls) in Congress.

This law, with a "literacy test," would not if effective, keep out of this Aryan country the intelligent people of the Aryan race; as the Aryans (our race and cousins) of Europe, i.e., the English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, French, Holland, Belgian, Austrian, Swiss, German, Polish, Russian and Scandinavian branches, are a superior race, and CAN READ AND WRITE AN ARYAN LANGUAGE, and are our own race of people.

They are not an alien race to our Aryan people and are the only people who are indigenous to, and should come to this country; since the Aryans do, and should do the labor, and be the farmers, and they should also be the merchants, bankers, lawyers, statesmen, physicians and teachers, and should fill all the avocations of the Aryans, their own people in their own country, and not be required to give their Aryan substance to the three lower races; the Semitics, Mongolians, and Negroes. The lower races, as the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes, have no names, or langauge of their own which they will use, but take our names, and in trying to use our Aryan languages, corrupt and ruin them. Why should Aryans be infested with such creatures?

As already stated, this wholesome bill was unfortunately vetoed by the President—who did net then represent the Republican party—after he had been entertained and feasted both at Philadelphia and at New York by a branch of the Semitic race, which branch of that race makes life miserable to the Aryan peoples of the world by going into their respective countries and living upon their substance, and interfering in the making of their laws.

The result of this veto will be the continued influx into this Aryan country of the Semitics, i.e., Jews, Syrians and so-called Italians and Greeks, every one of whom attempt to be bankers, merchants, lawyers and teachers of the Aryans, at the same time the Aryans must clean them up and give them their names and try to teach them their languages, and support them while they Semitize the country, as they did the Aryan Greek countries, Italy, Spain and part of France and spread their Semitism throughout all Aryan countries. There will also continue to come the Semitized Mongols (Mongrelized Huns, Turks and Semitics) from Italy, Sicily and Hungary and the Balkan States, who are coming to this country with their swarthy, yellow-tinged complexion with Semito-Mongolian features, and do cheap labor which is high at any price and peonizes and destroys our Aryans, as they must live upon the Aryans' substance. And how sad to know that all these people also mongrelize our Aryan people physically.

Instead of suggesting to these Semitics that they have ever been persecuted and saying that the Aryan people of this Aryan country could look to the Jews to protect the Aryan laws made by the founders our Aryan forefathers of this country; as if an Aryan people could not make and administer laws for themselves without the interference of the lower races; it would have been more in keeping with higher and pure civilization if he had read to them the following address made by Mr. Lincoln to a delegation of Negroes, viz.:

"Why should the people of your race leave the country? It is because you and we are different races. We have between us a broader physical difference than exists between any other two races. Whether this is right or wrong I need not discuss; but this physical disadvantage is a great disadvantage to us both. Your race suffer greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. This affords a reason why we should be separated. Your race is suffering, in my judgment, the greatest wrong inflicted on any people. But even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far remote from being placed on an equality with the white race. You are cut off from many of the advantages which the other race enjoys. The aspiration of men is to enjoy equality with the best when free; but on this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours. Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you. I do not propose to discuss this, but to present it as a fact with which we have to deal. I cannot alter it if I would .... I believe in its general evil effects on the white race. See our present condition—white men cutting one another's throats—none knowing how far it will extend .... But for your race among us there could not be war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other .... It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated."

The great Aryan statesman, Mr. Lincoln, under the circumstances, would doubtless have said to these Semitics: "The Universe is Harmony;" and if there is a disconnection of like elements brought about by the intrusion or projection of a different element, disharmony follows, and destruction often results before this foreign element is eradicated and harmony restored.

"The situation of you Semitics, a race so different in physique, features, color of skin and eyes, and color and nature of hair, as well as the other two lower races, the Mongolians and Negroes, coming thousands of miles from your respective zones into Aryan countries and living upon the Aryan people, causes a feeling of distrust among Aryans, a feeling of unrest, of suspicion, and of discontent. They have not looked to the real cause, which is the breaking of natural harmony, the breaking of Nature's law, caused by having the lower races among them and having to support them with Aryan substance.

"This is especially the case with your branch of the Semitic race: a race distinct from the Aryan race, a species of mankind different from the Aryan race in digestive construction, stature, physique, features and expression of countenance, in color of the skin and eyes, in the color and nature of the hair, racial characteristics, ideals, desires, and civilization; a race not indigenous to the soil of Aryan countries. You go into all the Aryan European countries, two to three thousand miles, and into Aryan United States five thousand miles from your ancestral home, your natural zone, the zone of the past and present of your (Semitic) race, where millions of Semitics and only that (Semitic) race now live; a race which never developed any agriculture, commerce, mechanics, medicine, arts, science, or ethics.

"Your race, especially your branch, with none of these requirements of life suited to an Aryan civilization, and only with a tongue from its racial formation unsuited to any Aryan language, and a nature in no way adapted to an Aryan civilization, but in every way unsuited (since an attempt at racial amalgamation results in the mongrelization (Semitization) of the Aryan race), with your Semitic ideals and with a single idea only, which is to live upon Aryan substance; with no racial or moral rights in an Aryan country; you being only tolerated and reluctantly given the privilege of living in Aryan countries, should not expect and demand that Aryans must allow you to take their own names and and use their Aryan substance for your support; and try to teach you their languages, civilization and ways of life (which is unnatural).

"You cannot cry 'persecution' and insist on being the merchants, bankers, lawyers, physicians, administrators, teachers and generally to attend to the affairs of all Aryans in all Aryan countries, the new race the superior race, the race that has made, and the race that only can make, a civilization in foods, clothing and all the necessities and comforts of life suited to Aryans, in an Aryan country. You must certainly see that this is a mockery and an absurdity. It betrays a racial impudence, and is a presumption on the generosity, innocence, ignorance, gullibility, credulity, and forbearance of Aryans, and an insult to the intelligence of the whole Aryan race; and the proprieties, the amenities, and a proper regard for racial justice, would place the Aryan as the 'persecuted' race.

"This is not mere race prejudice, but is based on fundamental, basic, natural laws, which require the placing of each race in the natural situation for itself, where it can purify and maintain its own racial purity and make its own civilization in its own natural zone, without contact or interference with any other race, and where its peculiar status as a race can only comply with true natural laws.

"Neither is it a question of 'Jew and Gentile,' or 'Jew and Christian'; but it is a question of race, as 'Aryan and Semitic,' 'Aryan and Mongolian' and 'Aryan and Negro.' It is the unnatural and cruel situation of your race, and the other two lower races, i.e., the Mongolian and the Negro, living upon the Aryan substance in this Aryan country.

"Your race cannot object to the civilization to which Nature intended it and to which it is entitled, and this perfect physical, physiological, ethnological and psychological racial civilization can be had only with, by and through its own, and only with its own race. The contact or interference of your race with the Aryan race is an ulcerous growth which becomes cancerous and finally results in the destruction of the racial body of Aryans.

"Your race should not complain of the civilization it can make with its own race; as no race has a right from any law of universal nature or justice to expect another race to make a civilization for it or to expect another race to allow or permit it to join in the civilization of that race, especially in its own racial zone; as just so far as the Aryan race grafts any part or species of the civilization of your race; it is not the pure Aryan civilization. Any species of Semitism, Mongolism, or Negroism adopted by Aryans adulterates pure Aryan civilization.

"The Aryan race, which in order that it may be a pure race with a pure Aryan civilization in its Aryan country, should not in any respect, manner or method adopt or allow to be adopted or grafted on its ethical, social, political and physical life, anything whatever pertaining to your race, or either of the other two races. Your race, as well as the other two races, have your own peculiar digestive organs, suited by nature to making the "first principle," the "original," for your respective bodies, colors, features, brains, tongues and languages from the foods of your natural zones, to the completely making your own respective civilization. ALL OF WHICH IS NON-ARYAN.

"What was said about the Negro race will by the same natural law apply to your race, and I can say, 'On this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.' It is the case often that we see Aryans in the rural districts and even in the cities, who have had no opportunity in life, who appear to a disadvantage, while members of your race, who invariably push themselves into our cities and for a generation or so live upon Aryans and ape the ways of the best of Aryans, and appear with this veneer; but reverse the situation, and race will assert itself. The superior race—the Aryans—will come out, showing the Aryans' superiority over the Semitic, making the same comparison that there is in civilization between Aryans in their countries and the Semitics in their countries.

"And, as I said in the case of the Negroes, 'the facts enumerated above afford reasons why we should be separated.' It is better for the world and the true workings of Nature that you live upon and among your own Semitic people, where you can live naturally and use your own ancestral names and language, and be thoroughbred Semitics and not live upon the Aryans of this country, as just so much as you try to be Aryans, do you Semitize (mongrelize) the literature, the arts, the music, the finances, the commerce, the law, the medical and the civic life of our Aryan people, including a mongrelization of the Aryans' physical bodies by miscegenation. Hence, as I said to the negroes, 'IT IS BEST THAT WE BE SEPARATED.'"

Here are a few facts on which Aryans should ponder:

The members of the Semitic race are the great mongrel producers of the world.

The members of the Semitic race mongrelized the negro in Abyssinia and surrounding country. They mongrelized the Negroes of the Soudan country in Africa, and through their Moorish, Saracen and Jewish mongrelisms in Spain, they mongrelized the Negroes of the West Indies, South and Central America. The Semitics through the Jews have been the greatest element for the past fifty years in Negro mongrelizations in the United States, but for the past 20 years the so-called Italian and Greek branch of Semitics have supplemented these miscegenations.

The Semitics mongrelized the Mongolians in Hindoostan, and mongrelized the Mongolians the followers of Tamerlane in Asia south of the Caspian Sea. They mongrelized the Mongolians (Turks) in all the Turkish countries and Egypt.

The Semitics through their Moorish, Saracen and Jewish mongrelisms in Spain, mongrelized the Mongolians (Indians) in the West Indies, South and Central America and Mexico. Hence, it will be seen that the population of Mexico is like the population of Turkey. Turkey is composed of Mongolians, Semitics, and Mongolized Semitics. A majority being Semitics. Mexico is also composed of Mongolians and Semitics and Semitized Mongolians, a majority being Mongolians, with unfortunately a few mongrelized Aryans from the Goths of Spain.

The Semitics mongrelized the Aryan peoples of Persia, Armenia, all the Greek countries, Rome (Italy), Spain, Portugal, and nearly ruined racially Southern France, and their Semitic trail of mongrelism is seen in some of the Aryan families of Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the United States.

Neither of these two lower races, the Semitics and the Mongolians, are capable of a high-class (Aryan) government, hence cannot be a republic. If these races cannot be a republic in their pure racial state, why should these two races mongrelized be expected to be a republic? Why should we expect Mexico to be a republic?

It would be very unfortunate if our country has to take over Mexico, as our interference in Cuba and Porto Rico has brought hundreds of thousands of Negroes, Semitics and their mongrels to corrupt the physical being of our Aryans. We want no further citizenship of the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes of Porto Rico and Cuba. The same would doubtless follow should we interfere in Mexico, as when Aryans have anything to do with the lower races, as Semitics, Mongolians, Negroes and their mongrels, the slime sticks to the physical body of the Aryan people and mongrelizes them.

None but a homogeneous people can be a republic, and republics can only survive when administered by a homogeneous Aryan people, without interference of Semitics, Mongolians or Negroes.

These mongrelizations were made by Semitic males through miscegenations with the females of the three other races, the Aryan, the Mongolian, and the Negro, and, too, as if to add further insult to Aryan men, these creatures use Aryan names or names in an Aryan language, and attempt to use an Aryan language, when approaching our Aryan women for these miscegenations. How unnatural, how vulgar! What a sad and humiliating spectacle to Aryan men and women, to see their Aryan mothers, sisters and daughters—whose Aryan ancestors passed down to them a pure race—placed in a position of producing for their kindred mixed breed (mongrelized) brothers, sisters, cousins, and grandchildren to further pollute the Aryan race.

Will not right reason, a proper regard for nature, a desire for the preservation of the Aryan family and civilization, and an appeal to their manhood, cause our Aryan men to be aroused to this cruel situation, and by public sentiment and laws—protect Aryan women from these MONGRELIZING MISCEGENATIONS by male Semitics, as well as by male Mongolians and Negroes? It is a cruel DEBAUCH, as it corrupts and vitiates the natural quality or condition, and perverts the racial purity of the Aryan woman. It is a poisonous virus, which, like all poisons, is cumulative; and is an alien substance for which the only safety from the destruction of pure Aryan womanhood under its influence, is absolute NON-CONTACT: such a poison is Semitism, Mongolism, or Negroism, in any form or manner in Aryan civilization.

While the Judean Jew branch of Semitics aided the Samaritan Jew, the Syrian (Aramean) and the Arabian branches of Semitics in mongrelizing (Semitizing) the Aryan race of Persia, Armenia, the Greek countries in Asia and Europe, and also aided the Samaritan Jew, the Syrian, the Arabian, and the Moorish (Carthaginian) branches of Semitics in mongrelizing (Semitizing) the Aryans of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Southern France, by male Semitic miscegenations with Aryan women; this same Judean Jew branch of Semitics are the forerunners of all Semitics into, and are the principal mongrel producers in Aryan (Northern) Europe and the United States, they having left and are still placing their Semitic trail of physical mongrelisms on some of the Aryan families.

What makes this Semito-physical mongrelization so menacing to Aryan peoples is the fact that it is especially preceded by the impudent intrusion by the Judean Jew branch of Semitics into all of the civic life of all Aryans.

This branch of the Semitic race, with their little stature, physique, and Semitic make-up, entirely different to Aryans in features, color of skin and eyes, and color and nature of hair, with tongue to speak only a Semitic language, and by nature belonging to a country thousands of miles south of Aryan countries, take to themselves great assurance and assumption, when they force themselves into all Aryan countries and presume to regulate and administer the civic life of all Aryans in all Aryan countries.

Even the most superior branch of the Aryan race, a great people, would be out of place in nature, in trying to regulate the affairs of even the lower races; and how much more out of place and out of nature it is, that this low race, without names or language, with an inflexible tongue, not suited to any but a Semitic language, to assume to govern the great Aryan peoples in all parts of the world.

This dark, swarthy Judean branch of Semitics certainly arrogate to themselves great importance, and must be kept busy regulating the affairs of all Aryans. They certainly feel very self-important.

In the great Aryan cities of the United States, Great Britain, France, Austria, Germany and Russia, some members of this little dark, swarthy branch of the Semitic race are making themselves officious in all the affairs of Aryans. The Aryans of the world are confronted with the humiliating situation of the Aryans of one of the great branches (Great Britain) having in their body politic some of these Semitics, which has brought upon their great Aryan government Semitism, producing scandals.

That this great Aryan people, with not over 150,000 of these Semitics among their Aryan population of 40,000,000, a noble and great Aryan people who have had handed down to them from their Aryan ancestry and from their Aryan forerunners, the great Aryan Romans, their jurisprudence, should so far forget their racial superiority and civilization that they allow Semitics to administer their government in at least two of the most important departments, is certainly a mockery and a menace to Aryan civilization, as Semitism in the least harmless form is a dangerous poison when inoculated in the body politic of Aryans, and the ridiculous and absurd part is that these Semitics use noble Aryan names and English titles, to imitate the English in manipulating their government; which is a deception and is misleading to Aryans of the world.

This situation in England was made possible on account of the unfortunate circumstance of about fifty years ago that one of their political parties permitted into their organization a Semitic who, as is the characteristic of his race, which is to use the disorganized Aryans, used this political party for his personal ends (and the uses of his race), and had the laws made allowing Semitics to be put in a position to run the English government.

The influence of this Semitic was magnified from the circumstance that he controlled the English government at a time that Aryan England was made to believe that she was doing a good service to her Aryan country by preventing Aryan Russia from driving the Turks' government out of Europe, that government being comprised of Mongolians and Semitics, a majority being Semitics, the same race as the Semitic who then ruled England. Here again was Semitism besmearing Aryans and interfering in Aryan affairs and Aryan civilization.

The result of this Semitism was the keeping of these Mongolians and Semitics (so-called Turks) in Europe to further outrage and mongrelize Aryan womanhood.

This species of Semitism was followed when a few years ago Aryan Russia was attacked by a branch of the Mongolian race (the Japanese), and these Semitics—who unfortunately have been allowed to believe that they control the earnings of the Aryans of the world—got over $500,000,000 of the money of the Aryans of Germany, France, England and the United States, and gave it to these Mongolians to aid them in defeating an Aryan country (Russia), which Aryan country has allowed six million Semitics to come into their country from the Semitic countries and live wholly upon the substance of the Aryan Russians. This is the treatment that should be expected from a race which over four hundred years ago was the aiders and abettors in the oppression, abuse and outrages, of the MONGOLIAN HORDES which held Russia in subjugation for two hundred and fifty years, and which sent these Semitics from their Semitic country two to three thousand miles away, into Russia, to act as persecutors, collectors and task-masters of the Russians, for these Mongolians, of course for money to the Semitic.

Even England must look to Aryan Russia as a bulwark of the Aryan race from the invasion which must come, of the Mongolian hordes of China, India and Turkey, under the leadership and connivance of Japan.

The thoroughbred, pure-blood Slavs, of Russia and the Balkan States—a great branch of the Aryan race—should not look to the West and the North with any degree of ill feeling toward another of the great branches of the Aryan race, the Germanic-Teutonic: which embraces the Germans, Austrians, Swiss, the better people of France; the Belgians, Hollanders, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, English, and the larger part of the population of the so-called Celtic countries, as Scotland, Ireland and Wales; but instead should look toward the East and Southeast to protect their branch (the Slavonic) of the Aryan race against two of the lower races, i.e., the Mongolian Hordes of over one billion and their allies and racial resemblance, the Semitics, which two lower races for centuries have marauded, outraged and oppressed the great Slavonic branch of Aryans in Russia and the Balkan States. Neither of these two lower races can or will till the soil in the territory belonging to the Slavs and other Aryans, since the foods produced in Aryan territory is not adapted to their digestive organs, but they have forced themselves into the countries of the Slavs, and have taken from them and used their substance, and was wholly maintained and supported and are now being maintained and supported by the Slavs, in Russia and in the Balkan States, and used and are now using the names and attempting to use the language of the Slavs, and are not only mongrelizing and Semitizing the Slavonic peoples in their civic life, but have corrupted the physical being of many of the Slavs by Mongolized and Semitized mongrelisms.

The imperative racial duty of the great Slavonic branch of Aryans for the future is to cleanse their countries and the Aryan race in them, of this mongrelism and Semitism which is now infesting their countries. These Mongolians and Semitics and their mongrels with their Mongolisms and Semitisms should be sent out of the Slavonic as well as other Aryan countries, further southeast into Mongolian and Semitic zones. The Slavs must be prepared to resist further future encroachments (which will come) of these two marauding and appropriating races. For this purpose the Slavs may probably need and can expect the aid of their (Aryan) racial cousins, the great Germanic branches, as well as the other branches of their (Aryan) race.
Oh, Aryans! remember that all your troubles for the past two thousand years—during which time over fifty million Aryans were killed, principally by Aryans, wholly on account of Semitism—has been Semitism in some form, and in troubles to come internally, as well as between different branches of Aryans, and also of Aryans against Semitics or Mongolians. You must beware of Semitics inwardly, as well as outwardly, for Semitism is a poison which is in the atmosphere of Aryan civilization, requiring constant alertness on the part of Aryans, with a disinfectant always ready, until the entire physical, ethical, social, financial, commercial, and civic life, of all Aryan peoples has been cleansed of Semitism in any form.

Throughout the universe, in nature there exists in all vegetable and animal life more than one species, variety or race of every genus, as in the genus horse, the genus cow, the genus cat, the genus dog, and the genus man, there is more than one species, variety or race of each genus. Each species or race of its genus is by nature adapted only to a climatical condition suited for vegetation which produces animal life for its own peculiar digestive organs.

Certain of the mute animals are adapted to climates and zones suited to certain of the species of man, and these animals being formed alike, can reproduce, but these miscegenations are unnatural and produce mongrels, as in the case of the miscegenations of the different races of man.

Hence, while the hyena, the dog adapted to the Negro countries, the yellow dog of the Mongolian countries, the jackal the dog of the Semitic countries, and the beautiful, superior creature, the Scotch Collie, the dog of the Aryan countries, are all dogs, but different species, varieties and races of the genus dog, in their native state, they do not mix; since nature fixes the zone of each, and each species stays in its own zone.

The jackal and the other lower races of dogs could not live in the zone of the Scotch Collie, as they could not use the foods of the North or get it to use, and the Scotch Collie could not furnish it to them. This natural law which applies to the mute animals would apply to man, and none of the lower species or races, as the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes, could or would exist in Aryan countries were it not that nature made the superior race of man the ARYANS, with a stomach and digestive organs, an intelligence, and a fortitude which enables them to build houses, cultivate the soil which they are indigenous to, for producing foods and staples to house, feed and clothe them through the winter.

This makes it possible for the three lower races of their different branches as the Semitics. the Mongolians, and the Negroes, to go into Aryan countries away from their natural zones, and be furnished houses, food and clothing (in so far as their racial stomachs will absorb) by Aryans.

This is a violation of nature's laws, as this contact mongrelizes the Aryans physically and every other way, and is as unnatural as it would be for the hyena, the yellow dog, and the jackal, to go into the Scotch Collie countries and mongrelize those superior animals.

Nature prevents the mongrelization of the superior by the lower races among mute animals, and it behooves the Aryans by right reason and an understanding of nature to prevent the mongrelization (annihilation) of the superior race of man—the Aryans—by the lower races, the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes.

In the mute, hairy animals, the test of species or race of each genus—while the features enter into and hair, but is particularly in the color of the skin. The Negroes of the different variety have digestive organs which extract from foods a chemical which make black or dark skin, black eyes, and black, it—is the color of the hair. In the species or race of the genus man, the test is also the features woolly-hair and Negro features; the Mongolian's digestive organs extract from food a chemical which makes yellow, yellowish-brown or reddish-brown skin, black eyes, and coarse, black hair and Mongolian features; the Semitic's digestive organs extract from foods a chemical which makes dark, swarthy skin, black eyes, black wiry-hair inclined to curl and Semitic features, and the Aryan's digestive organs extract from foods a chemical which makes fair or ruddy complexion, gray, blue, brown or dark (not black) eyes, light, brown or dark, smooth hair, with Aryan features.

Aryans, study races and cleanse your Aryan countries of Semitism, Mongolism and Negroism in any form or manner, placing your superior race and country in a natural state.

Upon what basis of right reason do Semitics who will not use their racial names or language, presume to insinuate that they are fit persons to administer any part of the civil life of an Aryan people.

Why should they, belonging to a low race which never reached in their civilization a state of jurisprudence, essay to administer the department of justice of Aryans?

What can this Aryan country gain by importing Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes (with no racial names or language that they use) and giving them our Aryan names and unnaturally try to teach these low races our Aryan ancestral language.

It only pulls down our language, as the great Aryan, Greek and Roman languages were destroyed by these Semitics. Besides they will eat out, destroy, replace, mongrelize physically, and otherwise, our Aryan population.

To understand the aims of this parasitical race, it is only necessary that Aryans should study races.

Aryan thinkers and the masses must see the importance of a UNITY OF THE BRANCHES OF THE ARYAN RACE, in order that by concert of action they may cleanse the Aryan countries of Semitism, Mongolism and Negroism, in any form, and place these three lower races in their own natural zones, where their respective races now live.

The members of that race should use a Semitic name in the Semitic language; for nature did not intend that they should use the language of a superior race. It is unnatural, unracial, absurd, vulgar, deceitful, unjust, abortive, and a racial crime.

"There can be no equality of opportunity; the first essential of justice in the body politic, if Aryan men and women and children be not shielded in their lives, their very vitality, from the consequences of great industrial and social processes, brought about by the three lower races being upon the backs of our Aryan population, as an incubus sucking the very life from them, and which the helpless Aryan masses cannot alter, control, or singly cope with. Aryan society must see to it that it does not itself allow to be crushed, weakened or damaged, its own constituent parts."

With these low races upon us and permitted in our civic life, it is impossible for our Aryan people to make and administer laws which promote the welfare of a superior people like the Aryans, to make a high-class, homogeneous people—"such as sanitary laws, pure food laws, and laws determining the conditions of labor, and the laws governing schools, etc."

The Aryan farmers being superior men to the three lower races, feel that the social conditions of this Aryan country at least should permit the sons of some of the farmers to be their bankers, merchants, lawyers, physicians and teachers, and not the anomalous situation which we have to-day, when from a community of five hundred farmers, one of their number starts out to make his way in the world of commerce, at every hamlet, village, town and city he is met by the features of a Semitic, a race which belongs to a different country to this, and only tolerated here; a race that uses Aryan names only or names in the Aryan languages, and attempts to use Aryan languages. This race of aliens to interfere with and crush out the Aryans in all the avocations of Aryan life is certainly a crime on nature.

This race does not share the discomforts and labor of farm life, but are harbored in the cities where they are given all the comforts of life they are racially susceptible of taking, and are cleaned up and fostered by "sentimental" Aryans upon the money of Aryans. The terrible result being the crushing out and destruction of Aryans who cease to increase and vanish from the earth, and substituting in this Aryan country an alien race which will certainly destroy this Aryan country racially as Aryan Persia, Armenia, the Greek countries, Italy and Spain, were subverted.

Our Aryan ancestors of the different branches of the Aryan race in Europe, i.e., English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, Dutch, Belgian, French, Austrian, German, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, all of which branches make a homogeneous people—unless polluted by a mongrelization of the three lower races—founded this country, felled the forest, cultivated the soil, and built houses for themselves and their animals.

The Spanish Government had the first opportunity to occupy this Aryan territory; but a large majority of the population that it could use as emigrants being Semitics and Semitized Aryans, were not adapted to the country; as this Semitic race of people never go into an Aryan country until it is first built up and is being maintained by Aryans; hence they settled in the tropics and semi-tropical countries, which was indigenous to the race and where there was already a population upon which to live.

Our Aryan ancestors found here a few Mongolians (Indians) belonging to a race (the Mongolian) which is not indigenous to or adapted to an Aryan country. They doubtless lingered here ages when they should have been with their race in latitudes farther south. Like the Semitics, these Mongolians could not use vegetations indigenous to Aryan countries, since from what they consume their stomach and digestive organs make a chemical which gives them a copper color.

Of the four races, the Aryan, the Semitic, the Mongolian, and the Negro; the Aryan is the only race whose stomach and digestive organs can digest the vegetable and animal foods of the North, as his stomach manufactures a chemical which makes him a man of fair complexion, in unison with a country which has snowfall and is the only man adapted to this country; while the three lower races are adapted to zones further South. Their stomachs and digestive organs, make from foods a chemical which makes the Semitic a dark, swarthy, indifferent being, the Mongolian a yellow, yellowish-brown or a reddish-brown being, and the Negro a black being. Nature made each of these three lower races for its own respective zone, and when they are allowed to come into Aryan countries, they become a charge and expense to the Aryan people.

From the standpoint of NATURE, you are by anatomical and functional construction, given digestive organs, brain and tongue which makes you a member of the superior race of mankind, and doubtless your ancestors from the commencement of the Aryan Race on this world, have passed down through ages without being contaminated by miscegenations with any of the lower races, i. e., Semitic, Mongolian, or Negro, and left you a thoroughbred Aryan.

You should study races: so as to know your race, and how nature placed your race in the universe; the fair or ruddy, the white, the best race; with its adaptation to a climate which grows vegetable and animal life adapted to its digestive organs, and to know the three lower races; and how nature placed each of these three lower races in climates which grow vegetable and animal life, adapted to the digestive organs, brain and tongue, of these races respectively, which are the swarthy or dark race, often tinged with yellow, i.e., the Semitic Race; as Jews, Syrians. Arabians, Abyssinians, Northern African tribes, and the so-called Persians, Armenians, Greeks and Italians, most of these latter who come to the United States being Semitics or Semitized Mongols, or Semitized Aryans, hence mongrels; the yellow, yellowish-brown and the reddish-brown race, i.e., the Mongolian race; which are the Chinese, Japanese, etc.; and the black or Negro race.

In the interest of your race, your posterity at present and in future ages, and of higher civilization as designed by nature (since purity in civilization as in all things means thoroughbred), you should aid in purifying the Aryan race, in this Aryan Country, by keeping it from contact and contamination with these lower races and their mongrels; which are now destroying and unless prevented, will certainly soon destroy the Aryan race in this country; socially, politically, financially, ethically; arid in physique, features, racially, and physically (human body), as the Aryan peoples of Persia, Armenia, Greece, Rome (Italy), and Spain, were destroyed by male Semitic and male Mongolian miscegenations, with Aryan women. The miscegenations in the two latter countries being augmented somewhat by the Negro.

The Semitic and Mongolian submergence of Aryan Persia, Armenia, Greece, Italy and Spain, plunged the Aryan world into darkness and cost the lives of fifty millions of Aryans and left a mongrel civilization in these countries in all life.

Such a submergence and mongrelization in the United States would reflect upon Aryan Europe and thereby contaminate the Aryan Race, in all Aryan countries, so that it could not again rise to its purity as a race, during the remainder of the life of this world; but this would be one of the worlds moving in space which would have lived and died, without having reached the natural civilization to which a world is entitled from the best and last race of man; by its pure racial development, without the incubus of the lower races living upon it; but would again plunge the world into a mongrel civilization in everything.

The Semitics of the different branches with the Judean Jews as forerunners, since making the acquaintance of the Aryan peoples (an industrious superior race for them to live upon and use their substance) through "Cyrus the Great" of Persia, "Alexander the Great" of Greece, and Pompey, Anthony and the "first Caesars" of Rome, went into those Aryan countries, a thousand miles north of their zone, in which Aryan countries as well as in all Aryan countries that they have infested and are now infesting, they were, and are now only tolerated; but whose Aryan people they despised, as they now despise Aryans they live upon. They afterward forced themselves onto Spain.

In all those countries they took the names of, and in trying to use the languages of these great Aryans, ruined their languages. Just listen to the so-called Greek and Italian population in the United States, who are mostly the descendants of Semitics, and see how their gibberish compares with the Aryan Greek of Plato and the Aryan Latin of Cicero.

These Semitics in trying to use the Aryan Greek and Latin languages, is like the Semitic tongue trying to use the Aryan Russian, Polish. German, French, or English languages, or the languages of the other branches of Aryans, they bring it to (Yiddish) Semitic.

After the racial destruction of Mediterranean Europe, the Semitics, as always with the Judean Jews as forerunners, turning their attention to the Aryans of Northern Europe, pushed their way into Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, France and England, over the protest of the Aryan people, again taking and abusing the names of the Aryans, and tried to use languages of Aryans. They interfered in all the affairs and avocations of Aryans; and have retarded and set back Aryan development, prosperity, and prevented happiness, in parts of Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria and France.

The Aryan Governments and peoples of Europe should aid the Balkan States and Greece (whose people, while they are terribly Semitized and Mongolized, their Aryan breed is asserting itself) in driving the Turks' Government from Europe; even from Constantinople a city built by Aryans, and should belong to the Aryans. The Aryan peoples in the past having destroyed over fifty millions of the different branches of their race, solely on account of the Mongolian and the Semitic, "Mongolism" and "Semitism," in the future should not be drawn into a situation that they may go into a war again on account of these lower races; a thing that these deceitful Mongolians and Semitics will try to bring about.

This TURKO-SEMITIC government is a conglomerate nation of Mongolians and Semitics, composed largely of Semitics, with a great proportion of Mongolians (Turks) and a very large proportion of Semitized Mongolians.

This conglomeration of Mongolians and Semitics has been for centuries allowed in Aryan Europe and permitted to take, brutalize and use in concubinage, millions of Aryan women, producing Semitized and Mongolized Aryan mongrels.

Now that their rule in Europe may be stopped; in order that the Aryans who will control the territory which is taken from them may purify their race, all the Semitics, Mongols and their mongrels now there should be sent out of Europe and into Asia and Africa, south of the 35th parallel of latitude, as Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt and Northern Africa, the natural zone of the Semitic and where the race with all its different branches now live naturally.

Since these parasitical races, especially the Judean Jew branch of Semitics, however, as is their traits of appropriation, will attempt to go into Aryan countries where they can live upon a race of people who has built up a country, and are industrious, generous and gullible as Aryans are, and, too, this low race without names or language have the impudence and assurance to go into Aryan countries and try to enter into all the business and other affairs of life, of Aryans, using and abusing names of Aryans, and in trying to use Aryan languages, ruin these Aryan languages, as they did to the Greek, Latin and Spanish languages and affected the Russian and German languages in some parts of those two Aryan countries. And as all Aryan countries, especially the United States may now look for an influx of these parasites (especially the Judean Jews) from the Balkan countries, Greece, Turkish Europe and even from Turkish Asia, it behooves the Aryan countries of the world to have their statesmen on their guard, to prevent further Semitization of the Aryan countries.

The opportunity seems to have arisen, when the different branches of the Aryan Race, i.e., Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland. Scandinavia, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Canada and other Aryan countries, should unite in a unity of the branches of the Aryan race and acquire Syria, including the Palestine Country, Arabia, Egypt and Northern Africa, and place in that territory all the Semitics and their mongrels now in Aryan countries.

The Semitics could then make their own civilization, and that country would be an outlet to which Spain, Italy, Hungary, the Balkan States and Greece could cleanse their Aryan people of Semitism.

Besides the twelve million Negroes and the million Mongolians and their mongrels, there are now six million Semitics of their different branches and their mongrels, in this fair Aryan country, having come here within the last 25 years, and true to their racial traits of appropriation, are taking and abusing the names of the Aryans of the different branches.

They insinuate and push themselves into all the a vocations and life of Aryans taking Aryan names and try to imitate Aryans, using Aryan substance, thereby killing off the Aryan population, and all this under Aryan names.

Right reason is severely taxed to see the humanity, honor, civilization and racial justice, in Aryan peoples allowing and tolerating all or any of the lower races in their Aryan countries, and permitting them to use and abuse their names and language, and feast upon their Aryan substance.

These Semitics, as well as the other two lower races, the Mongolians, and the Negroes, are in the Aryan Schools, trying the impossible; that is, the three lower races using Aryan languages; since nature gave the Aryans a tongue formed to speak only the Aryan (ancestral tongue) language, a language peculiar to Aryans. The Semitics a tongue formed to speak only the Semitic (ancestral tongue) language, a language peculiar to Semitics. The same applies also to the Mongolians and to the Negroes.

To have these lower races in Aryan schools, retarding Aryan children in the study of their own ancestral language, is a racial crime, and to have Semitics, a race which will not use their own Semitic names and language, in Aryan schools attempting to teach Aryan children and youths an Aryan language, their Aryan mother (language) tongue, is doubly a racial crime, mockery and injustice.

This Aryan Country must get its government back to the constitution and government founded by their Aryan forefathers, prior to changes made just following the Civil War, which war caused the destruction of over one million Aryans, solely on account of one of the lower races.

The Aryan farmers and Aryan masses in this country will demand of our Aryan statesmen a SOCIAL JUSTICE which will make it possible for them, without the interference of the three lower races, to interchange their farm products, the products of their manufactories, arts, sciences, literature, ethical and civic life; permitting Aryans free contact with only their own race in sharing the cities as well as the farm; since cities and farms must be in close reciprocal touch: the farm supplying the cities with its Aryan brain and muscle and the city sending some of its overflow back to the farm to return in a future generation in the making of a pure, homogeneous Aryan people, both on the farm and in the city, without the pollution and tincture, physically or otherwise, of Semitism, Mongolism, and Negroism.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE that will make it possible for Aryans to do their banking, and commercial business, without having to look into the faces of Semitics, Mongolians or Negroes.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will make it possible that Aryans can buy an article of merchandise, and in the cities can buy their foods, meats, ice, flowers, shave, and even their Aryan books and newspapers without having to face Semites, i. e., Jews, so-called Italians or Greeks.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will give Aryans their theatres not (vulgarized) Semitized.

A social justice which will remove the intolerable situation that requires an Aryan who is given (as is possessed by Aryans in every generation) talents and genius for, and an energy and determination to, bring before his Aryan race, the actions, lives and exploits of the best of his race in past ages, on the stage in the form of the tragedy, comedy, or drama; that compels the Aryan playwright to read his manuscript to (not men of his own race) a Semitic, a member of a race so different to the Aryan, a race not belonging to his (Aryan) country, a being with dark, swarthy skin, black eyes with invisible pupils, black, wiry-hair, who—with no name or language of his own, but uses an Aryan name and tries to use an Aryan language, with digestive organs, producing chemicals which make a different race, with a different brain and tongue, producing different racial ideas, feelings and ideals—the judge of what product of the brain of an Aryan is the proper matter to be presented to Aryans.

Were an Aryan placed in the position of being the judge of matter submitted by a Semitic playwright, to meet the edification, entertainment and instruction of this so-called Semitic playwright's race, the Aryan would blush for shame; the Aryan, however, being fair in complexion, his heart and emotions are seen through his eyes and change of complexion; while the dark Semitic, if he should blush, his feelings cannot be seen through his black eyes, and dark complexion.

Oh! shades of the Greek Aryan Sophocles, the Latin Aryan Roscius, the French Aryan Voltaire, the German Aryan Goethe, the English Aryan Shakespeare, and the American Aryan Forrest, could you have thought such an absurd position would be tolerated in an Aryan country? But nothing is unnatural to this race of mongrel producers in their actions with the gullible Aryans.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will remove the situation requiring young Aryan men and women, who are possessed with histrionic talent and who wish to use this talent to delineate for the edification, entertainment, and instruction of Aryans, their ideals of the actions of their Aryan race and ancestry, to submit to the mockery of being tutored by Semitics, and of being permitted by this low race the privilege of employment by their Aryan race on the stage, and who have to almost surrender their very souls for this privilege. Such a system of ethics which makes it possible for our Aryan youth to be placed in this unnatural and unracial situation is a racial and horrid crime.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will remove the unholy situation, which compels Aryans to pay their money for the privilege of sitting in their theatres where the Aryan audience is darkened up by the presence of the lower races, the Semitics, the Mongolians and Negroes, and be compelled to see Semitics, this low race with no names or language, using Aryan names and trying to use Aryan languages with their racial Semitic, inflexible tongue, with painted and disguised features, attempting to portray in Aryan verse and song, the exploits and characteristics of Aryans to an Aryan audience.

Oh! how long will Aryans continue to give their money and be faked, deceived and outraged by this low race?

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will make it possible for Aryans visiting the towns and cities of our Aryan country to be served in the hotels and restaurants by (Aryans) their own race, whom they may benefit by example and by a contact which must help the Aryans with whom they come in contact, and not have forced upon them this dark, swarthy, alien race of Semitics, Jews, Syrians and so-called Italians and Greeks, who use Aryan names and with their inflexible tongues attempt to use Aryan languages. For a race with digestive organs which extract from foods a chemical which makes them a dark, swarthy, a different color to Aryans, to furnish food to Aryans is an anomaly and is disgusting, since dirt is not so observable on the face and body and hands of Semitics as on Aryans.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will remove the intolerable burden upon our Aryan COMMERCIAL TRAVELERS OR DRUMMERS, who must submit to the insinuations and interference of these Semitics, who all use Aryans' names for purposes of deception and try to use an Aryan language. These Semitics are crossing the path and following the trail of all Aryan salesmen, taking from them the substance which would be given to them by their Aryan people, but which in so many cases this substance must come through a Semitic storekeeper. Such a situation tolerated in an Aryan country to-day, is harking back to the dark ages, when Rome was reduced to a population of only 75,000 caused by Semitic mongrelization and subversion of the Aryan Italian (Roman) people in the eating up of Aryan substance which de-
stroyed Aryan population.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will remove the horrid position of Aryan churches and schools being—through a perverted sentimentality—compelled to take into the churches, Sunday-schools, and secular schools, the lower races as Semitics, Mongolians, Negroes and their mongrels, and allow them to mingle with Aryan children, such contact and familiarity causing miscegenations.

A sentiment which makes Aryan children afraid to think of the difference between the races of man as they do of the different varieties of horses and flowers, is an insult to Aryan common sense, is a depraved and abortive idea of racial purity, and breeds miscegenations, i.e. mongrelisms. The study of races should be especially taught in our Aryan schools, that our Aryan children may know that they are the superior race, and should not come in contact in any way, manner or form, with the three lower races, the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes.

Aryan manhood and a love of racial purity should prompt Aryan ministers of the different religious denominations, who are in charge of Aryan congregations, not to legalize by their act miscegenations, which are daily attempted by male Semitics, Mongolians, and Negroes, with Aryan women of the different branches of the Aryan race. These creatures are practicing now in our fair Aryan country, the same unracial crimes that their male ancestors for past ages did upon the Aryan women of Persia, Armenia, the Greek countries of Asia and Europe, Rome (Italy), Spain, Portugal and Southern France, which darkened up and ruined these poor Aryan countries racially and otherwise. OH! Aryan ministers take warning.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will make it possible for Aryans to get a telegram or letter, transact business with our great post office, and ride in their railroads and street cars, without having to encounter the lower races and hand their money to them.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will allow Aryans to conduct their colleges, public schools and schools of law and medicine, without the interference and incubus of Semitics.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will permit Aryans to have their social and business clubs and societies, without the intrusion and interference of Semitics.

A SOCIAL JUSTICE which will make it possible for Aryans to administer their Courts of law and equity without the audacious, unnatural and vulgar intrusion of the three lower races, i.e., the Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes. Our Courts should not be Semitized, Mongolized or Negroized.

This is doubly necessary, since in the cities the greater portion of the swindles, robberies, murders, white slavery, and other crimes of whatever nature are committed by Semitics of the different branches: as Jews, Syrians, so-called Italians and so-called Greeks—this dark, swarthy race, each and all of whom use Aryan names—or by some member of this race who has corrupted Aryans to join him. The greater part of the time of the Courts in the cities is taken up with Semitics, and in many cases these Courts are administered by Semitics.

And too, the Aryans of New York City are paying more money to have their Courts administered than it cost Great Britain to administer the Courts in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which has a population of forty-five millions, and Great Britain is one of the greatest of Aryan nations financially, commercially and in every other way.

Cannot the Aryans of this country see the menace of this Semitism to their civic life, their civilization and the very existence of the Aryan race in its purity in this country?

Cannot the Aryans rise to the situation and eradicate this poison before it is too late to save this Aryan country, and the Aryans of the world, from the Semitic mongrelisms, which destroyed the Aryans of Persia, Armenia, and the Greek countries, and ruined racially the Aryans of Italy, Spain and Portugal?

Such a situation is unracial, unnatural, artificial, a destructive and withering poison to the social, business, educational and physical being of the Aryan race. Since these lower races, especially the Semitics, i.e., the Jews, Syrians and so-called Italians and so-called Greeks, are not producers, but without names or language go in between Aryan brothers and the people of their Aryan race and presume to be their bankers, merchants, lawyers, physicians and teachers. It is an absurdity and a racial crime.

This situation cost $5,000,000,000 annually of our Aryan substance to keep these lower races living upon our people; while if we took care of them in their own zones, it would not cost over $1,000,000,000, which would leave $4,000,000,000 annually to be used by our Aryans to enable them to rear families and increase the homogeneous Aryan population, thus purifying and making a thoroughbred Aryan race.

The Aryan people of the United States, in their own Aryan country, have only their certain amount of substance, as have all races of peoples in their own countries; and where this substance is divided with other races, in whatever form, shape or method, just so much as is taken to support other races, in that proportion is the Aryan's own population decreased, and the population of the other races who are using this Aryan substance is increased, thus to that extent supplanting the Aryan race with the other races, as people, like the mute animals cannot propagate and increase, if not maintained, and Aryans cannot be maintained if their substance is fed to others by Aryan money paid out in any way to the other races. If the Aryan people of the United States were not supporting the three other races now here, and could use the substance they give these races for their own Aryan brothers, neighbors and the Aryan race, the Aryan population would be so increased and stronger, and certainly so much more that they could better afford to support these races if need be in their own respective countries, and at the same time this country would have a pure Aryan civilization, which civilization is the only proper and natural civilization in this Aryan country.

The merchants, bankers, lawyers and other trades and professions are the advance agents of civilization, as through them the accretions of the people are accumulated, to be used to further the interests and development of the people from whom it came; and each race in its own country, should have these trades and professions filled only with its own race, so that the daily contact may be between people of the same race, that they may, by interchange of ideas, advance and improve only their race; and since it it necessary that the next generation in its youth, must be taught by the philosophers, statesmen and men of affairs of the present generation that it may be prepared to fill the positions of the passing generation, the Aryan race in the United States, should use its entire substance, to teach, train and put into all its trades, and professions, its own (Aryan) sons, brothers, neighbors and race, that its full civilization may be rounded out in its own country, and this can be done only by each and every Aryan giving his money only to people of his own race, and to no others.

As long as Jews stay in Aryan countries they should not class themselves nor allow themselves to be classed, as of any of the different branches of Aryans; as it is unracial, deceptive, confusing, and a slur and insult to the racial manhood of both races; since the Russians, Polanders, Germans, Greeks, Austrians, French, Belgians, English, Scandinavians, Americans, and other Aryans, are not Jews, but are members of the different branches of the Aryan race, a race distinct to the Semitic race; neither are Jews, Russians, Polanders, Germans, Greeks, Austrians. French, Belgians, English, Scandinavians, Americans, or of any of the other branches of Aryans: but Jews are Jews, a branch of the Semitic race, the same as the Assyrians, Arabians, Abyssinians and Moors, etc. There is a greater difference between the Aryan race and the Semitic race than there is between the Semitic race and the Mongolian race, especially the Turkish and the other yellowish brown branches of Mongolians.

Our statesmen should not encourage these Semitics by giving them positions in our governmental affairs; nor should our Aryan business and professional people, have them in their business, as it makes the unnatural and unracial situation of requiring the best of the Aryan race in official and business life to have to come in close contact with this dark, swarthy race, this race of mongrel producers with Semitic tongues, deceitfully using Aryan names, and trying to use Aryan languages; while they should use only ....

Beware, Aryan statesmen! Throw aside sentimentality and let the intellect and reason govern. Don't let there be any difference of opinion or of judgment, let there be no bickering between Aryans whose country this is, as to what we shall do about either of the three lower races, as Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes.

Oh, don't let these Japanese Mongolians cause bloodshed between Aryan brothers, fathers and racial cousins, as has been the case for ages: Aryans having killed Aryans or been killed wholly on account of these lower races. Right reading will show that:

Over 50 millions Aryans were killed solely on account of Semitism,

Over 25 millions Aryans were killed solely on account of Mongolism,

Over 2 millions Aryans were killed solely on account of Negroism,

and these cruel holocausts were always and continuously followed by further and still further Mongrelizations of Aryan life, ethically, socially, politically, physically and otherwise by Semitism, Mongolism and Negroism, which is now the greatest menace to the Aryan race and civilization.

Aryan statesmen, do you observe in our cities and towns, as well as the rural districts, the great numbers of underfed and underclothed (you will see this if you would look into the faces of the Aryans you meet), pure blood Aryan people, your race? Then observe the sleek Semitics, Mongolians and Negroes you meet, as well as the mongrels of these lower races there being no place in nature for mongrels, they belonging to the lower race which produced them.

See the sad faces of your Aryan people, who are daily being thrown out of the avocations of life of the Aryans, in their own country, by the lower races, and who are from all natural, racial, ethical and humane laws, and from justice, entitled to come in contact only with their own (Aryan) race, when they can get the benefit of an interchange of Aryan substance by Aryans enabling them to produce, support and rear Aryan children, and not be interfered with by these lower races, especially the Semitics, as the Jews, the Syrians and the so-called Italians and Greeks, and the Mongolians, as the Japanese, the Chinese, the Huns, the Turks, the Hindus, etc.

Six millions of these Semitics and Mongolians are now upon the life of our Aryan people, eating up their substance, taking the place of at least twelve million Aryans, causing the submergence of the Aryan race and substituting it with the lower races and their Mongrels: A process of racial destruction which destroyed racially the Aryans of Persia, Armenia, the Greek countries of Asia and Europe, Italy (Rome), Spain, Portugal and Southern France, and all of these racial crimes are committed under Aryan names or names in an Aryan language, and always with an attempt at using an Aryan language, which they always ruined.

Is it not an anomaly that a race of people to whom nature gave digestive organs for making chemicals to make them a race of beings with their racial physique, features, brain and tongue, to articulate a racial language—should, like the Semitics, as the Jews, Syrians, so-called Italians and Greeks, who leave their own people and go into all Aryan countries, and refuse to use their racial names and racial language (the Semitic), but push their children into Aryan schools, and pretend to use Aryan languages? Why do not the Jewish rabbis teach the Jews that it is unracial to speak any language but their own racial Semitic language—and have them go back to their own Semitic countries and be Semitics in names, language and all life? And not live a life of falsehood and deception, as each and every Semitic Jew, or other Semitic, does in Aryan countries: For not one Semitic uses a Semitic name or name in a Semitic language, but all deceitfully use Aryan names. These are facts which cannot be refuted. The same will apply to the other two lower races, i.e., the Mongolian and the Negro.

Aryan statesmen, will you complacently sit and wait until the Aryan masses of this country, who, after years of oppression and vulgar intrusion by these Aryan-devastating races, and who, seeing their Aryan fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children, eaten out and decimated, with no hope for their posterity (or no opportunity to leave posterity) from this all-destroying blight upon the Aryan race and its purity, rise as one man to make an opportunity for themselves to leave posterity and to save their posterity and their race? We will then need different statesmen.