Spanic: Man sentenced to prison in reckless driving crash that killed WHITE teen boy

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Man sentenced to prison in reckless driving crash that killed teen boy​

Story by Kyle Wilcox • Jan 25


Victim statements happened on Wednesday, from family members of Rex Patchett--a teenager who was killed in a reckless driving crash.

The family packed the room wearing shirts that say "Do it for Rex."

The teenager’s father told the judge he was devastated and angry.

He asked the judge to hand down Jose Marmolejo the maximum sentence for his actions with no probation.

Marmolejo spoke to the court briefly and apologized to the family saying he wants to rectify his actions.
His attorney asked the judge for probation.

Marmolejo has pled guilty to reckless driving and child abuse resulting in death.

Police say Marmolejo was doing circles through a roundabout and was driving about 90 miles per hour when he struck and killed Patchett last March.

According to police, he lost control of his car and jumped the sidewalk hitting the teenager who was walking home from school.

Police say Marmolejo wasn’t drunk at the time of the crash.

In the end, Marmolejo was sentenced to 24-72 months (2-6 years) in prison.

Arheel's Uncle

Senior Reporter