Same old, same old, suckers--election-rigging & vote-fraud saved elections for Demon-rats, fools--it's civil war we're in against globalist-satanists


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IT CAME TRUE: Analysis warns Democrats were plotting to steal elections in key battleground states during midterms​

Wednesday, November 09, 2022 by: JD Heyes


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Image: IT CAME TRUE: Analysis warns Democrats were plotting to steal elections in key battleground states during midterms

(Natural News) Everyone who can think independently and look at evidence knows that the Dinesh D’Souza-produced documentary “2,000 Mules” proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection was stolen from him.
As Revolver News reported on Nov. 4, 2020, in the early morning hours after Election Day, Trump was up by substantial numbers of votes in the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all states he won four years earlier, only to ‘lose’ them by the end of the week after Democrats flooded deep-blue districts (like Philadelphia and Detroit, where Democrats own the political machines) with phony ballots.
Pennsylvania, in particular, is a hot mess. There, Trump was up by a walloping 700,000 votes on the night of Nov. 3, but wound up ‘losing’ to Joe Biden by thousands of votes four days later, because it took ‘so long to count’ the ballots. In actuality, readers may recall that Democratic strongholds in battleground states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, shut down counting in the early morning hours, pledging to resume operations the next morning. That was unprecedented.
Worse, the report noted, many of the changes in election procedures were implemented by judges and secretaries of state and were in direct violation of existing state laws regarding the governing and handling of elections passed by the legislatures. Only, none of that mattered because not a single federal court or the U.S. Supreme Court would hear lawsuits brought by Trump’s campaign alleging that the changes made in the months and weeks before the election were illegal.

Now, it appears that 2022 may not be any different than 2020.
“Two years have passed. The first major post-2020, post-Covid election is upon us. What happens on Tuesday will be the trial run for what happens in 2024,” Revolver News noted in a separate report published on Monday. “The watchword for Tuesday night isn’t ‘Stop the Steal.’ It is ‘Expect the Steal… And Be Ready.’
The report continued:
Consider Pennsylvania, with its crucial Senate contest between Mehmet Oz and The Creature Who Answers to the Name John Fetterman. Two years ago, Pennsylvania’s election process probably featured more red flags than any other closely contested state. The state took a whole week to count its votes, with Biden only overtaking Trump’s large election-night lead on Friday morning.
Pennsylvania let votes count even if they arrived after Election Day, even if they had no postmark, and even if they didn’t have a matching signature. Twenty Pennsylvania counties used millions of dollars donated by Mark Zuckerberg to finance their election activities, including the famous unsupervised “Zuckerboxes,” which made it virtually impossible to enforce the state’s relatively strict limits on ballot harvesting. When Trump supporters tried to independently monitor drop boxes, state attorney general Josh Shapiro (now running for governor) threatened them with prosecution.
So, what are things like two years later? Pennsylvania’s Republican legislature passed bills to ensure signature verification and photo ID, and to ensure proper poll-watching… but Democratic governor Tom Wolf vetoed those bills. So in Pennsylvania this cycle, things are substantially like they were two years ago. And, yep, the state is even warning that it’s going to take a long time to count ballots again. So, unless Mehmet Oz absolutely buries Fetterman, how much confidence should we have in a perfectly aboveboard election in the Keystone State?

Fortunately, Revolver News reported, not all states are in such bad shape. Others led by Republican legislatures and governors like Georgia and Arizona made substantial improvements to voter integrity, including passing legislation that preempted Democratic attempts to implement changes to existing law like adding scores of unmonitored drop boxes.
“Arizona banned same-day voter registration (just a precaution, as it wasn’t in use before), created a new tracking system for early ballots, and passed new requirements to present photo ID when dropping off an early ballot. Georgia passed a law sharply restricting the use of ballot drop-off boxes, to prevent the fiasco of entirely unmonitored 24/7 boxes used in 2020. Georgia also banned Brad Raffensperger’s stunt of sending an absentee ballot to all voters in the mail, and finally required the use of ID for absentee voting as well as in-person,” the report said.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that several other battleground states have GOP legislatures but Democratic governors who blocked voter integrity efforts.
And now we have the White House claiming it’ll take “days” to count ballots in some states as if that’s perfectly normal. It isn’t.

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Myriad of problems with election equipment, voting tabulators in key states raise early suspicions about vote fraud in midterms​


Tuesday, November 08, 2022 by: JD Heyes

Image: Myriad of problems with election equipment, voting tabulators in key states raise early suspicions about vote fraud in midterms

(Natural News) With many regions of the country reporting record turnouts for midterm elections on Tuesday, what we’ve also seen is an alarmingly large number of problems with voting machines, tabulators, and cyberattacks.
The problems began early in Maricopa County, Ariz., for instance, where reports claimed that one-in-five polling sites, or 20 percent, were experiencing “‘issues’ with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened,” reported Fox News Digital.
A Twitter thread posted by Rich Baris detailed the problem as it unfolded.
“This started with a single location. Then a few. Now, it’s sounding as if this is widespread and very serious,” he began in a post containing a video clip of what appears to be an election official explaining that voters who could not get a machine to accept their ballot could simply drop them off in a box to be ‘counted later.’
Long lines in Anthem, Arizona with Poll Workers explaining that the @maricopacounty machines are not working.
Do not get out of line!
— Tyler Bowyer ?? (@tylerbowyer) November 8, 2022

“Turnout is very heavy, very early in Maricopa. This is a real serious problem. No voter should ever have to leave their ballot in a box in the corner of the room and expect it to be handled properly at some point later,” Baris continued. “It’s a chain of custody nightmare and easily exploitable. And please, I don’t need the usual Mr. Rogers-like suspects to pretend this is not a big deal. It is, and nobody is this naive, so drop the pretentious BS.
“Maricopa was told along with other counties that turnout would be very heavy on #ElectionDay,” he continued. “It needs to be fixed. Due to the issues in Maricopa and Pinal during the primary, election officials were presented with a data-based argument making it very clear that they needed to be prepared for massive turnout on #ElectionDay.

“They knew. This is totally unacceptable,” Baris wrote, adding: “Great job, Carter Center.”
Meanwhile, in Champaign, Ill., officials there said that the clerk’s office claimed that there were connectivity issues with voting machines due to a “cyber-attack.”
The clerk’s office of Champaign County, Illinois, is experiencing connectivity issues for its voting machines in what it is calling a “cyber-attack.” The office stated it believed the issues are a result of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, Fox News Digital reported.
“The Champaign County Clerk’s Office is aware of connectivity issues and computer server performance being impacted,” the clerk’s office announced Tuesday per social media. “The Clerk’s Office believes these are due to cyber-attacks on the network and servers.”
The office went on to say that the attacks have been underway for weeks.
“For the past month the Champaign County Clerk’s website has been the target of repeated D-DOS attacks, fortunately the reinforced security and response from the Clerk’s IT team has prevented these attacks from being successful and the Clerk’s website has remained secured,” the post said.
A judge in Luzerne County, Pa., ordered polling stations to remain open until 10 p.m. EDT after voters in some locations reported they had run out of paper for the voting machines.
“Voters in Luzerne County through no fault of their own, were disenfranchised and denied the fundamental right to vote,” Judge Lesa S. Gelb said in an order Tuesday.
And in Detroit, several voters who showed up to the polls were told they had already voted by absentee ballot, even though they had not.
“Some voters in Detroit who voted in person were told they had already voted absentee. The department of elections is aware of the problem- hard lists will be used not electronic ones- and everyone will be allowed to vote,” Charlie Langton, a TV/Radio legal analyst for WJBK Fox 2 and WWJ News Radio 950, tweeted.
Some voters in Detroit who voted in person were told they had already voted absentee. The department of elections is aware of the problem- hard lists will be used not electronic ones- and everyone will be allowed to vote. @WWJ950 @FOX2News #Vote #Detroit #ElectionDay
— Charlie Langton (@charlielangton) November 8, 2022

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Republicans Somehow Lose Everything – What a Mystery!



The Republican media is going to celebrate a victory, because these people do not talk about voter fraud. They won the House and probably lost the Senate, according to the media. But they lost a bunch of races they were supposed to win, and there was no “political realignment.”
Tucker Carlson had promised me a “political realignment.”
Here’s the problem: elections are fake.
The 2020 election was a total hoax and everyone knows it. Trump likely got more than 65% of the vote, and the government said he lost after very obvious voter fraud. No one did anything. Everyone just sat there gape-jawed, other than a few people who went to January 6 and then got accused of being terrorists by the entire media. It was obvious at that point that we were living under a one-party system from now until some kind of collapse/revolution.

The John Fetterman race is what proves this was fraud. They are telling you a vegetable won.

Dr. Oz was an extremely flawed candidate, but there is simply no way this is real. Remember, Pennsylvania was a state that got majorly hoaxed in 2020. Why did anyone think they wouldn’t do this again?
Everyone is very angry, because even if they don’t care about the cultural issues, and don’t understand that we’re on the brink of World War III, they see what happened to their money. Ruining everyone’s money is something that is totally impossible in a universal suffrage democracy. It’s the only thing that is impossible. You can get away with everything else, but you aren’t going to maintain power if you screw with people’s money.
I’m not under any obligation to prove fraud beyond saying “it’s obvious.” Other people are showing that it happened. There are all kinds of bizarre videos from the polls. There is of course going to be less evidence this year than in 2020, because they’ve had two years to figure out how to make it less obvious.
There was a chance they would let Republicans win this time so people would forget about the fraud before 2024 (when it matters), and believe the results. But they don’t seem to care about convincing people of anything. No one did anything in 2020, they’ve already said you’re a terrorist if you don’t believe them, the entire media fervently shills this narrative, they’ve already put people in prison for complaining and no one broke them out, so they are just going to do what they want.
What’s more, insofar as they want Republican voters back on the reservation, losing this year allows them to push a narrative that this is Trump’s fault, and claim that this is why we need to rally around that fat wreck Ron DeSantis in 2024. The shills are already ramping things up.
Lookie here:

The entire Republican media is going to pretend that last night’s election was real and they are going to tell you that the only solution is Ron DeSantis in 2024 because “independents” don’t want Donald Trump, and wouldn’t even vote Republican when Donald Trump wasn’t on the ballot because the Republican Party is associated with Donald Trump.
Frankly, there’s a good chance that narrative will work. People love Donald Trump, but we’re dealing with the psychology of victims of extreme abuse. Right now, the people who got Trump into office in 2016 (and came out in 2020 only to get HOAXED) are struggling to feed their kids. That’s the reality on the ground. No one has any money. Then you have the virus nonsense and the trannies and other extreme pressures on people. If the Republican media tells them that Ron DeSantis is the only way out of this, they will be open to that.

Obviously, DeSantis can’t win in 2024 either. Neither can Trump. Because fraud. This whole discussion is really just total brain death. The only discussion about elections that matters is the fact that election fraud means we can’t have elections. That’s what people should be talking about, and that’s why I encouraged everyone to vote yesterday: we’re not going to have any credibility in claiming fraud if we all say “we didn’t bother to vote lol.” If I had gone out and said “it’s a hoax, don’t bother,” then the media would have picked up on that and said that’s one of the reasons why Republicans lost.
I do not toot my own horn (#nofap), but I said all of this in 2020, long before the election. I said that if Trump lost, the game was over and there was no coming back. This is Zombie America. The country died on January 6, or it died when those events were determined at the outset of the coronavirus hoax. America is a walking, frothing, bloated corpse.

The solutions that exist now are personal. Figure out a way to save yourself, and do it quickly. You do not want to be in the cities. Things are bad and getting worse. You’re going to see more extreme hell unleashed now that the Democrats have solidified their mountebank mandate. They’re emptying the prisons, they’re dumping the drugs, they’re going infinite tranny. They’re going to start this war with Russia in earnest.
I’ve spent years advising you to get out of the city, and at this point it just seems redundant. The thing about this collapse is it feels slow. People are looking around and saying “well, it’s not that bad” – it’s like “wait, which part isn’t that bad? Have you not seen child trannies? Did you see the vax? Did you see the money disappear? Did you see the march to World War III?”
If you think it’s “not that bad” then you’ve been victimized by a psychological warfare program. Just try to imagine if someone was transported from 2014 to 2022. Do you think that person would look around at what is happening right now in our country and say “it’s not that bad”? This is deranged absurdity. We are living in a hell and things are getting worse and they’re about to get worse even faster, and all of this political stuff is a mass delusion.
I’m really just waiting for the entire urban population of the United States to die. I don’t care if it’s from the vax, from nukes, from an economic collapse – whatever. I just want all of these people to die, so that people who are not freaks can have some kind of future for their kids that is something other than “gay sex.”
Here’s to “mass death.”


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BLOOD MOON BLOODBATH… Democrats Steal Midterms, Communism Comes Home to America… Crime, Inflation, Record Gas Prices, War, Open Borders and Corruption WIN BIG​

by Jim Hoft | The Gateway Pundit
November 9th 2022, 7:47 am


Fetterman, who never held a job and cannot form sentences, won in Pennsylvania

In a normal time, in a normal country, voters would reject record gas prices, record inflation, record crime rates, war and corruption.

But not today.

Once again, Democrats proved they can survive anything as long as they have their fraud.

Americans reject every single dish the Democrats served. Yet, Democrats shocked Americans on Tuesday to win the US Senate, steal battleground states, and possibly keep the US Congress in Nancy Pelosi’s control, one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians in US history.

Republicans dominated in states like Florida and Ohio, states Democrats have not yet stolen with their mail-in ballots, bloated voter rolls, ballot trafficking and manufacturing operations.

But Democrat John Fetterman, who never held a job and cannot form sentences, won in Pennsylvania. Colorado stole popular conservative Lauren Boebert’s seat with their mail-in voting. Georgia elected a Trump-hating governor but Marxist radical Raphael Warnock who likes to scream about whitey at his church won the first round of the Senate race.

California and New York proved to America that once the communists take control there is no going back – to civility.

The Witches of Eastwick won Michigan.

Ron Johnson is barely leading in Wisconsin to another black Marxist radical who wants to empty the prisons onto the streets of America.

And in Arizona, a red state, we are supposed to believe Kari Lake and Blake Masters are going to lose?

By morning we will see the true damage.

Tuesday was a blood moon. It turned into a bloodbath for Republicans.

Republicans believed they would have a great midterm. They forgot that America is now under the control of the Communists.

God help us.

Life is about to get REALLY painful.


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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Have Conditioned Americans to ‘Passively Accept’ ‘Election Theft’​

by Frankie Stockes | National File
November 9th 2022, 2:09 pm


Democrats force Americans to accept crumby elections under the threat of civil war, and now they're openly admitting it

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Democrats have conditioned Americans to “passively accept” election theft under the threat of a civil war, using their media apparatus to help drive fear into voters who think about asking too many questions.

Tucker Carlson predicted on the eve of the midterms that the Democrats would use ballot box chaos to steal elections and demonstrated how, alongside their associated acts in mockingbird media, they’re conditioning Americans to accept it.

“Democrats absolutely cannot lose the midterm elections,” Carlson tweeted. “And with that in mind, they’re already preparing us for election theft, which if you don’t want a civil war, you must passively accept.”

Included in the tweet was a Tucker Carlson Tonight segment that aired on Fox News just ahead of the midterms. In the segment, Carlson used corporate media’s own reporting to show their dramatic shift on the existence of serious, widespread election integrity issues.

After lambasting Americans who called the 2020 Presidential Election into question and even demanding their arrest, publications like Politico are now reporting on the massive integrity issues with America’s elections and electronic voting equipment.

“Electronic voting machines, Politico told us, are in fact easily hacked and manipulated,” said Carlson. “Which is why real countries like France have banned them and use paper ballots instead.”

But that’s just the way it is, corporate media tells the American people.

“If we don’t eliminate freedom of speech in this country and impose more censorship to fight disinformation, voters might try to opt out of the current utopia,” Carlson said in the segment, citing a recent Guardian report that claimed if Americans don’t accept the Democrats’ will and their shady election practices, “we’ll have a civil war.”

Democrats absolutely cannot lose the midterm elections. And with that in mind, they’re already preparing us for election theft, which if you don’t want a civil war, you must passively accept.
— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) November 8, 2022

As Americans have learned since the polls closed on Tuesday, Carlson’s predictions were spot on, and the election issues now admitted to by the Democrat media complex reared their head once more.

While the delayed tabulation of blue county early votes swung the results for the Democrat in Virginia’s 7th District, voters in Arizona were turned away from the polls, while serious electronic voting issues were reported in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County.


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Publius 2.0: It feels like we are watching the first wholly manufactured election in our history in which all key competitive races were programmed by Langley​

Wednesday, November 09, 2022 by: News Editors


Image: Publius 2.0: It feels like we are watching the first wholly manufactured election in our history in which all key competitive races were programmed by Langley

(Natural News) It seriously feels like we are watching the first wholly manufactured election in our history, in which all of the key competitive races have had the results directly programmed by Langley.
(Article republished from
Americans are suffering through the most crushing economic conditions, rampant crime, reckless foreign/nuclear war flirtations, most aggressive perverse assaults on family and parental rights in history, all topped off by an embarrassing unpopular disaster in the White House leading a shrill, tin-eared bellicose fascist junta that appears indifferent to the ordeal they are inflicting on working people.
And yet the Democrat monolith is barely dented. Either the country has large states filled with brainwashed zealots who are too stupid and mindless to comprehend the reality of the collective damage they are ratifying with votes for at best lackluster at worst appallingly unimpressive if not foolish candidates…. or we are seeing direct black box voting manipulation. Final tabulations are being perpetrated on a scale that renders typical ballot and voter fraud schemes unnecessary anachronisms as the decisive votes that have now kept the ruling junta largely intact. At worst they are literal fabrications piled onto Democrat vote totals by a few keystrokes entered in some master election hacking operation run by IC criminals in a league with and part of the Democrat Crime Syndicate.
The experts Lindell brought together have been quite explicit and factually well-supported in laying out how the fraud goes far deeper and is far more comprehensive than any sort of ham-handed ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing, or illegal voting schemes on the ground.
Festerman’s supposed win is beyond any rational explanation and defies every known political and electoral principle and truism that we have seen hold firm throughout our entire history.
It would be suicidally ludicrous to think that this pack of criminals won’t use every last means at their disposal to the bitter end.
And there’s good old Fox News chipper as ever as they announce the results of this massive national fraud, without the slightest question as to why every indication has somehow been wrong, choosing only to focus on the handful of obvious victories that were allowed to go forward because they were either too inevitable or simply unnecessary to reverse.
The usual pedantic talking heads are actually saying this is some sort of huge indictment of the Republican party. As these thin margins demonstrate in these close defeats, the usurper demons are clever enough not to try to manufacture landslides for their brain-dead puppets. And then, of course, there’s a brewing bunch of controversy in Arizona to distract from the rest of the f**king thefts they pulled off around the country, without a trace.

Read more at: [see]


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BREAKING – THEY DID IT AGAIN! Two Massive Unexplained Ballot Drops Gave Gretchen Whitmer the Lead in Michigan – They Ran a ‘Drop and Roll’ in Michigan Last Night​

By Joe Hoft
Published November 9, 2022 at 9:00pm



Last night in the 2022 Midterms the infamous “Drop and Roll” occurred in the Michigan Governor race just like it happened in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The crooks and criminals stealing US Elections are using different tactics. One of the major ways in which the 2020 Election for President was stolen was the method The Gateway Pundit identified and labeled “The Drop and Roll”.
In the Drop and Roll incidents identified in the 2020 election, we found that at around the point where 90% of the expected ballots were returned, a large batch of ballots was “dropped” with nearly every ballot for Joe Biden. These batches were as large as 330,000 ballots for Biden in Virginia in one single drop. The ballot drops were never questioned or challenged by Republican officials.
TRENDING: WTH? Sheriff's Deputies Surround Maricopa County Tabulation Center, Perched On Roof, Barricades and Fence Set Up Around Perimeter
Then after that point, nearly all of the batches of ballots recorded in the election from that time forward were in the same ratio of Biden to Trump votes. And Joe Biden always received more ballots than President Trump. These results were not random and clearly not legitimate.

Fast forward to last night. It happened again!
Last night on Frank Speech two separate instances of the drop and roll were recorded in the Michigan governor’s race.

In the Michigan race there were two batches dropped for Gretchen Whitmer that put her in the lead in the race after she had been trailing for hours.
Then all of the votes after that point in time were in the same ratio.
These drops gave crooked Whitmer the lead and the election.



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FIX IS IN: Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Scan Ballot Envelopes Before They Are Sent to County — WITH NO OBSERVERS​

By Jim Hoft
Published November 12, 2022 at 11:05am


This is a developing report.
Arizona Ballots Make Stop at Runbeck Printing Company to Sort Ballots Before They Are Sent to County — WITH NO OBSERVERS
Ben Bergquam was outside the Maricopa County election center and followed a Penske truck leave the center and return to Runbeck. Once at Runbeck, the gate is closed.

TRENDING: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Poll Pads Caught Adding *Hundreds* of Voters in Real Time as Poll is Being Closed
Every mail-in ballot that is returned in the county is sent to Runbeck first.
Runbeck is scanning the Maricopa ballots before they are sent to the Maricopa County Elections Center.

Maricopa County’s Unique Process in Handling Ballots Exposes Added Opportunity for Fraud
Maricopa ballots from the August 2022 primary election.
Maricopa County is the only jurisdiction in the country that picks up completed ballots at USPS Processing Distribution Center, but doesn’t bring them back to the election department or tabulation center.
Maricopa County picks up mail-in ballots and takes them directly to its print vendor Runbeck Election Services, which is headquartered in Phoenix.
Every single completed mail-in ballot, whether mailed or dropped off at a polling place, goes to Runbeck. All mail-in ballots collected on election day, and the previous few days, are sitting at Runbeck headquarters. Maricopa has no idea how many ballots are in their possession because the ballots are at their print vendor.
Maricopa allegedly uses Runbeck because they have “high-speed scanners.” Runbeck scans the ballots in batches to create a digital image of each envelope signature area. This batch of images is given to the Maricopa tabulation center (MCTEC) for poll worker review. MCTEC notifies Runbeck if any of those signatures don’t match. Runbeck separates out those bad envelopes, then delivers both sets of these envelopes by van to MCTEC, which is 6 miles away. MCTEC then opens the envelopes and starts the tabulation process.
This “batch” process is repeated until all “mail-in” ballot envelopes are scanned at Runbeck. This takes 10-12 days after every general election, and ballots envelopes are delivered each day by Runbeck vans. Runbeck uses the Bluecrest Vantage mail processing machines to scan these ballot envelopes. This machine can process 40-50,000 ballots an hour. These machines can also automatically scan the ballot signatures using embedded commercial-grade check cashing signature software from Parascript. But Maricopa continues to use its slow manual “batch” process of reviewing signatures.
These Vantage machines cost $1.06 million each, Detroit just purchased one in early 2022. Maricopa could purchase two of these machines and process roughly 90,000 ballots an hour in-house. But Maricopa continues to re-sign contracts with Runbeck, which prevents them from bringing all this in-house.
This is a travesty.


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IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals​

By Jim Hoft
Published November 13, 2022 at 8:44pm


On Election night at 8 PM Uplift Data released its final hourly results on the Arizona and Maricopa County elections.
Throughout the election cycle, Uplift posted the latest updates on mail-in ballot counts on its website as ballots arrived in the weeks leading up to Election Day. This was a great tool for Democrats to understand the real-time results. On Election Day Uplift tracked the hourly reported results from precincts across Maricopa County.
When the polls closed at 8:00 PM MT Uplift released its final analysis from the day.
Maricopa County turnout numbers on Election Day at 8:00 PM:
received 52.7% of the vote.
“Other” received 30.7% of the vote.
Democrats received 16.6% of the vote.
TRENDING: IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day - Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals
The “other” category is likely independents leaning Republican and Republican voters who refuse to talk to liberal pollsters.
Here is the Uplift final count chart:

So, again, according to Uplift Data tracking service Republicans had 52.7% of the vote on Election Day.
Democrats had 16.6% of the vote on Election Day.
Since Tuesday night Maricopa County has slow-walked their actual results to the press.
Katie Hobbs has won every ballot drop, except two, from Maricopa County since Tuesday extending her lead over Kari Lake by 34,000 votes.
Katie Hobbs won more Election Day votes in the Thursday and Friday ballot drops.
Kari Lake won 51.8% of the 85,000 Maricopa ballots on Saturday night.
On Sunday, Kari Lake won 54% of the 97,000 Maricopa ballots on Sunday night.
Maricopa County election officials want you to believe that ALL of the independent voters on election day voted Democrat in Maricopa County.
Maricopa County election officials want you to believe that Democrats had 16.6% of the vote on Election Day and this translated into over 50% of the vote as these votes were counted since Election Day.
More info: Sam Almy is a Democrat strategist who follows the Uptick Data results. Almy live-tweeted the results on Election Day.

Here was his final results tweet on Tuesday.
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Once again, the Maricopa County officials are gaslighting the public as they steal a landslide election from Kari Lake.
These people are demons.


Guest Columnist

How Electronic Voting Machines Cheat and What to Do About This​

by tts-admin | Nov 17, 2022



Dr Naomi Wolf – Nov 7, 2022

We think of the secret ballot as being fundamental to our rights, and indeed to our democratic system, and in many ways that belief is correct. Or it certainly would be correct, if those secret ballots were cast in a verifiable, accurately- tabulating voting system.
But the secret ballot became a sacred aspect of elections, in the days when ballots were cast in boxes, using paper. There was little risk run by those who cherished the secrecy of their choices in such a system, because the ballots could always be recounted. They were physical artefacts. They either existed or they did not.
People could steal elections in this “analog” technology of paper and locked ballot boxes, of course, by destroying or hiding votes, or by bribing voters, a la Tammany Hall, or by other forms of wrongdoing, so security and chain of custody, as well as anti-corruption scrutiny, were always needed in guaranteeing accurate election counts. But there was no reason, with analog physical processing of votes, to query the tradition of the secret ballot.
Before the digital scanning of votes, you could not hack a wooden ballot box; and you could not set an algorithm to misread a pile of paper ballots. So, at the end of the day, one way or another, you were counting physical documents.
Those days are gone, obviously, and in many districts there are digital systems reading ballots. Both the Left and the Right have accused the other team of nefarious electronic chicanery.
And as a result, the sacred secret ballot tradition, with no other option permitted to voters for managing their votes, makes digitally-read elections horribly easy to steal. As Harper’s correctly warned a decade ago, “Old-school election fraud was limited in scope, but new electronic voting systems allow insiders to rig elections on a national scale.” []
The Brennan Center for Justice points out that half of America is now voting on electronic machines that are near the end of their usable lives, and that thus are vulnerable to breaking down from missing or obsolete parts, or to viruses. The authors of the Brennan Center study also note that many districts use electronic machines that do not give a paper document for each vote [a “VVPAT”]. Their description of the issue is partisan, and it seems odd to malign voters for “viral videos” and “conspiracy theories” about touch screens flipping votes when they are in fact…flipping votes, but the core of the crisis is accurately described in the following paragraphs. Bottom line: electronic ( or “direct recording electronic” or “DRE”) machines suck and can be messed with eight million ways, and if they don’t also give you a “VVPAT,” or “voter-verified paper audit trail” — (these election audit experts love citizen-unfriendly jargon) they can cause havoc:
“Of particular concern are jurisdictions that still use DRE voting machines. These machines, which may or may not produce a VVPAT, generally require a voter to use a touch-screen monitor to vote. In recent years, a number of these models have “flipped” votes, with the touch screen incorrectly registering voters’ choices due to calibration errors associated with aging hardware. That, in turn, has led to viral videos and conspiracy theories of machines “stealing votes.”
While the number of jurisdictions using DREs has fallen dramatically in recent years, nearly 26 million registered voters in 16 states live in jurisdictions that still use DREs for some or all voters as of February 2022. And of those, more than 13 million registered voters live in six states (Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Texas) that use DREs without VVPAT as their principal polling place equipment for some or all voters.[ footnote1_tstxxlf1]
Four of these states have started to address their DRE vulnerability. Louisiana passed a bill last year requiring new voting systems to “produce an auditable voter-verified paper record.” The state is in the process of selecting new voting machines. A new Texas law requires the state to phase out DREs by September 1, 2026, although curbside voters may still vote on DREs without VVPAT. Indiana passed a bill in January requiring jurisdictions with DREs to add VVPAT printers by 2024. New Jersey has required VVPAT since 2009. Despite that deadline, many counties continue to use paperless systems, purportedly because of a lack of funding to replace them.
New voting machines that produce a paper ballot for each vote cast make it possible for election officials to conduct post-election audits. Approximately half of all states and the District of Columbia conduct post-election audits, which require a review of paper ballots to check the accuracy of the votes cast. With partisan actors fueled by the Big Lie conducting partisan reviews that undermine confidence in our elections, it is becoming increasingly important for qualified election officials to conduct legitimate audits of their own […]” []
You don’t have to believe that it is “partisan” to demand a verified paper trail for every election, to want a better assurance that your vote will be properly counted, than — the nothing at all you get when think that you have made your choice, and when you walk away from a “DRE” without a “VVPAT”.
It is hardly nonsensical for the public’s “confidence in our elections” to be undermined by the current state of play, a patchwork of digital machines ranging from touchscreen to scanners and other technologies, all of which the average voter thoroughly and correctly understands to be rackety and unverifiable.
People are not stupid; and they live with technology every single day. They know full well that it is not flawless. The ordinary hassles they experience when their PC laptop or HP printer or Fitbit or Android malfunctions in weird ways, or their emails don’t get though or their credit card shows a duplicate charge for a single payment, leads them to have the common sense to question how something as complex and important and delicate as the thousands of tabulations of millions of data points that make up a national election, or even a state-wide election, can possibly be handled adequately, electronically.
I remember vividly the longtime practice in my local polling place in the West Village, in a public school cafeteria. There was the uplifting ritual of filling in the little ovals, carefully, one by one on a thick paper ballot; and then the voter would be bidden to the voting booths by the bustling, elderly lady volunteers (with somehow always that one handsome elderly gentleman among them, looking pleased). These lovely, officious ladies, nicely dressed for this important occasion, always seem to emerge mysteriously, like Angels of Democracy, to perform this solemn duty.
You would enter a fabulously retro private booth with a hip-length curtain around it, and pull the 1950s-era-seeming thick metal arm solidly in an arc from left to right. The metal tooth locked into its groove at the end of the gesture with a satisfying ca-chunk, physically to register your physical vote. I always left the little schoolhouse at peace; knowing that it was there, my very own vote, executed in my own hand, to be reviewed alongside the physical votes of other citizens, if there were any question about the outcome.
And then one day — I went in and saw a banal row of digital machines, with little screens, like ATM machines, in a row, right in the middle of the room, under glaring fluorescent lights (the cool retro booths, now vanished, had been placed along the perimeters of the cafeteria, facing the walls, so each citizen could have his or her hallowed space).
The new machines had flimsy, gestural barriers “for privacy” on either side of the screen. Well, less like ATMs perhaps, and more like a row of digital urinals.
The elderly ladies, this time around, looked helpless, flustered and dejected, as they had nothing now to do. If there was something that went wrong, or a malfunction, and a citizen approached them — who could help? The issue would go up the chain of command to some harried official who surely was not a techie. The citizen would have to leave the once-sacred polling place with the same frustration one gets when one swipes a credit card at a vending machine and one’s Mars bar stays unmoving, right where it was before one had paid.
Everything now was that damn fragile.
I left the cafeteria, after I had vote, with nothing at all to show for it. There was nothing I could do to bring back my record of my vote, in the event of a contested outcome. It was an extraordinarily disempowering feeling.
So: It is ridiculous and dangerous that Americans by the millions are going to vote on Tuesday on electronic machines, whether with or without a “VVPAT”.
It is wonderful that voters at a grassroots level are watching the dropoff boxes for absentee ballots. It is wonderful that they are taking up their responsibilities to watch the voting process itself. The snide elitism in the Brennan Center’s description of “partisan actors […] conducting partisan reviews,” in contrast to what the authors see as the only right people to count the vote, the elite-sanctioned “qualified election officials”, elides the fact that citizens in our system are supposed to be the ones observing, protecting and guarding the counting of the vote.
These citizens are doing their duty.
And if there is a contested outcome, there should be citizen-verified audits of the ballots. That is how out system works.
It is stunning to me, as a former political consultant in Gore 2000, to hear those who demand audits, derided as “election deniers.”
Both Vice President Gore and George Bush Jr, along with all of their campaign teams and lawyers, by that standard, were also “election deniers,” because both rightly insisted that every single vote be counted and that the outcome be adjudicated up to the highest court in the land. That is exactly how our system is supposed to work.
We are not supposed to have the election “called” by major media, with their giant shareholder stakes held by our nation’s adversaries, and then to have those who say, “What, What? We need to audit” — be smeared, harassed or even criminalized.
The citizens are supposed to count every vote.
And in a contested situation, they are supposed to go to the recount rules of that state — every state has them — a process that is clearly spelled out, and that is supposed to be overseen not by CNN or MSNBC but by citizens, officials, and lawyers; and ultimately if needed, by judges.
As salutary as it is that the physical votes’ delivery is being observed by citizens — and it will help — it does not solve our whole problem.
For those damn machines’ inner workings are still outside the reach of observers. You can’t see an algorithm when you are watching a dropbox. The algorithms are not being posted. The code that made the algorithms is not being posted. Electronic voting is still utterly un-transparent, and vulnerable to abuse, no matter how many people are standing guard outside the polling places. Let me explain why. (See my book The Bodies of Others for a longer explanation of algorithms and digital databases, in the context of the COVID pandemic, and how easy it is to lie using digital counting).
I am explaining the following as the CEO of a successful civic tech company, one that creates tools for people to engage with electoral and legislative politics.
One of the things our code does, is count “votes.”
When you vote by using a digital interface, you are not “voting” at all, as the action has not in fact been completed at the point that you have entered your selection. It doesn’t really matter if it is a scanner or a touch screen, or some other user interface (“UI”). That’s not where the fraud takes place. Either way, or whatever the method that your state or district uses for to make your selection, if the reading is electronic, you are simply creating a data point.
The trouble is that the “counting” of these data points is the next step in the process, and you are not involved with that. And few to understand that it is the counting — the algorithm — that has to be watched and posted and transparent and verified and checked.
The counting of all of the votes is done by an algorithm. HOWEVER! An algorithm does not in any way need to count one vote as one vote. Or a hundred votes as a hundred votes.
The algorithm counts as a vote whatever the programmer told it to count as a vote.
So if the programmer tells the code to count ten votes as one vote, it will do so. Or if the programmer tells the code to skip counting every tenth vote, it will do so.
The analogy I use in The Bodies of Others to explain how easy it is to lie with algorithms and digital counting, is a supermarket. People assume that digital vote count is like a shipment of a specific number of apples being loaded into the back of a supermarket loading dock, unpacked, put on display in the supermarket; then selected by consumers, who then scan the apple at the checkout line. It may be an electronic system counting, but folks assume that these are one-for-one relationships.
This is not how the algorithm is counting anything.
The scanner can be set to count all apples as “apples”. Or it can be set to count all oranges too, as well as apples, as “apples.” If this happens, of course, “apples” will win out over “oranges,” if there is a competition. The scanner can be set to count meat or paper towels or cat food cans, as “apples.”
Then whatever was counted as “apples” will be displayed at the end as the tally — of “apples.”
And if those who are running this system announce, looking at the final tally, that “this XX is the total number of apples sold versus the total number of oranges sold” — then the world will think that the number of “apples” that were sold that day, is the same number as the total of all of the apples; but in fact it is also the total of all of the meat, and the oranges, and the paper towels, and the cat food, that were also sold, but scanned by the algorithm as “apples.”
It is incredible to me that we even have digital voting systems, given what any lowgrade techie knows about this.
Given this innate vulnerability, the fact that we don’t see the code, in an electronic system, means that we know nothing at all about how a machine is counting our vote.
But the danger does not stop there. In the last election, warnings were raised that some of the voting machines in use connected to the internet. The whole election should have been thrown out at that point and paper ballots presented for a recount.
Why? Because: a development team, or hacker, located anywhere in the world, can in twenty minutes change the way code behaves “on the backend”, where no one facing the platform can see this happen; they can change how the code counts users’ engagements, no matter that users may be in the United States; and I, a user, will not have any way to know this via what I see on my user interface, where I am situated in Upstate New York.
In other words, I won’t know that there is a change in how my engagement has been weighted.
You don’t have to be a mastermind hacker to do this. You just need access to the internet, and some basic coding skills, and you need to get access to the servers.
It is easy to change the backend counting algorithm if the hacker has access to the servers. Many big companies with big IT budgets had break-ins from Chinese or Russian hackers. Companies would hide the incidents, although they investigate internally, or with help from the FBI.
While it is not easy to gain admin or “root” access, as long as the machines are connected to the Internet, they are indeed vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially from state-sponsored cyber warfare. An insider from one US party or another can also give access to bad actors or hackers who are far away from the local election oversight officials, and whose fingerprints thus won’t show. The insider can easily give admin access to a bad actor elsewhere and thus introduce a virus.
If any of the voting machines connected to the internet — our election outcomes could have potentially been tampered with by Russia. Or China. Or some political operative, working out of his mom’s basement in Brooklyn or Houston.
I know how serious this situation is in part because DailyClout watched another corrupted election. I love Scotland and I used to live there. During the 2014 Scottish Referendum, which would have massive outcomes that the UK government did not want if the people of Scotland voted for independence, we heard hundreds of stories of people trying to vote (on paper ballots) but the ballots were blank. In other words, they did not have the key identifiers that would allow them to be entered properly and counted.
It happened that most of these accounts came from areas that were likely “yes” votes for independence. And most of the accounts all mirrored each other. People took pictures on their phones of the blank ballots, and the missing data on dozens of ballots was identical, compared with the appearance of the proper eligible ballots. Scottish citizens were distraught.
Since we are a platform that supports democracy, we tried to find out what to do in that situation. And we discovered that the Scottish Referendum was completely corrupted in a closed circle. The local Council sent agitated voters to the police; the police sent them to the Electoral Commission, which, despite its awesome name, was an agency of the same UK government against which these citizens were voting; the Electoral Commission said that they had no authority, and directed citizens back to the Council, who directed them back to the police, etc.
No one was accountable.
Only by contacting a friend at the Scottish Parliament (as the information was not easy to find publicly) did I learn that these citizens had by law a very brief window to file a hugely expensive action, costing thousands of pounds, to demand a Judicially-mandated audit.
It was a mess. There was not a proper way independently to validate the Scottish people’s vote.
And the referendum, of course, failed.
Or it “failed.”
But was that verdict in fact the will of the Scottish people? We will never know.
DailyClout, though, has a sad archive from that time: a spreadsheet of 400 eyewitness accounts of blank ballots, including names, time of day, and location. But no one ever took us up on our offer to hand it over to officials for them to undertake a proper audit of the Scottish vote.
I saw that the system was utterly rigged, at least then, against verifiable elections for that beautiful nation and its admirable people.
So I learned that it is not a “conspiracy theory” at all, to worry about systematically corrupted elections, even in advanced Western democracies.
Now turn again to our appallingly vulnerable electronic system in the US. The flaws in our existing voting systems are so egregious, that the tradition of the secret ballot should be re-examined; a secret ballot system, in the context of the porous digital machines reading them, puts every election at risk.
When the machine reading your vote can count it any way it wants, and record it any way it wants, and our only option is a secret ballot, this means we have zero method to enforce accuracy or accountability. Our secrecy in this case does not protect us but rather it counts against us.
(With a digital system, your “secret ballot” is not secret anyway. Those “on the backend” can match your numeric sequence to your name and address, and thus to your selection, with no problem. This is a huge national security threat if it is Russians or CCP members, or other adversaries, harvesting this data).
The secret ballot is sacred indeed in some ways — it goes back to classical antiquity — but it has not always existed in every democracy; and it does not even date to the founding of our own nation and system.
In Britain, ballots used to be public. But a movement for secret ballots arose in the mid-19th century, because landowners were pressuring (“bribing” and “treating”) their farmers or employees to vote in certain directions. It was not until the late 19th century that voting reforms resulted in a secret ballot in Britain.
In America, until the 1890s, open voting was common; secrecy was not the benchmark. The secret “Australian ballot” was only developed in that decade, and then made use of in this country too.
“To be sure, there were efforts in some places at some times (California in the 1870s and Massachusetts in the 1850s being the prime examples) to develop a more private manner of voting. But discovering what secrecy meant and how it could be institutionalized remained, even in reform-minded places, a great puzzle. The “secret-ballot,” a.k.a the “Australian ballot,” was an import (arriving only in the 1890s) from Australia via Britain […]. It transformed America’s Election Day by privatizing, but also bureaucratizing, sanitizing, and individualizing what had once been a dramatic public event. From that moment on:
· Elections would be indoors, run by government officials in a public building
· Instead of competing party tickets, there would be a single state-produced ballot
· The ballot would contain the names of all candidates (with room for write-ins)
· The voter would mark the ballot in a private booth and deposit it with no identifying marks.
But until that happened – in the 1890s – all American elections were conducted in one of two ways: by voice or by ticket. These methods of conducting elections were specifically designed NOT to be private, but unapologetically to reveal, especially to party operatives, each voter’s political choices. The party wanted the voter to know which ticket he was supporting, and the party wanted to know that too. The public dimension of voting was important to some political thinkers and many political operatives, alarming to a few reformers, and accepted by the many as the way elections had always been conducted.”
While secret voting has many advantages, in our digital context, the disadvantages grossly outweigh the advantages.
This does not mean you should not have the right to a secret ballot. Of course you should. You should have a paper ticket to take with you, too, for an audit.
But we should look anew at the secret ballot being our only option, as it is so easily erased and dropped down the memory hole, by digital technology.
Voters should have a voluntary option for an archived ballot record. Voters should have the option to photograph and archive their votes in a backup archive, so that no election can ever be contested or stolen, again.
Does this mean that their votes have to be public? Not at all.
Digital platforms can easily host a form in which the voter’s ballot image can be submitted by the voter, and no one else can see it. (With coded ballots no one would see the voter’s name anyway; or the voter can white out his or her name).
However if there is a contested election, the digital archive can be tabulated and matched to the original dataset in the voting machines. Citizens can also create a physical dropbox where printed out images of photographed ballots, can be tabulated physically as a backup record.
You would not get everyone to upload or drop off his or her digital or printed vote image, of course; but if enough people chose to make use of an independent archive of their votes, and if there were more votes in the archive for a specific candidate than the official machines had registered, that would trigger an audit. Over time, I would hope that most or all voters would choose to use an independent backup archive.
We should also reconsider the traditional pre-secret-ballot public option. The advantages of the secret ballot are many, as I keep repeating. But the advantage of the pre-1890 system in the US is that — when you shout out your choice in front of everyone, it is much harder to fudge the election.
I think those who wish to “shout out” their choices — perhaps via a public-facing digital archive — should have the option to do so. Those who choose privacy should choose privacy.
It may well be that millions of Americans will “shout” their choices publicly by posting a public image of their vote on a public platform; maybe not; but again, the fact that there will be independent verification, whether it is of public or private archives, or a mixture that is up to the choice of the citizens, will chill the plans of voting-day evildoers.
Then in time, God willing, we will all go back to paper. With receipts.
And yes, O elites, we’ll go back to doing our vote counting the way it has been done for most of our nation’s history: not with “experts” and “officials” alone counting the vote, not with corrupted media prematurely announcing the winner — but rather with citizens counting the verifiable votes — yes;
Down to the


Guest Columnist

Breaking: Ariz. AG Takes Action - Ballots Reported in Black Duffle Bags - Officials Broke Election Laws - State Demands Names​


By Randy DeSoto November 19, 2022 at 8:23pm

Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright — with the Elections Integrity Unit — wrote a letter to the Maricopa County officials Saturday demanding an accounting for the widespread ballot tabulation and ballot printer problems seen during the general election on Nov. 8.

Among the most troubling issues raised in the letter directed to Thomas Liddy with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office was the apparent co-mingling of ballots in black duffle bags in at least one polling location, which were successfully run through the on-site tabulators with those put in “Door 3” to be sent to the Election Department’s downtown Phoenix tabulation center because they could not be read.

“The Elections Integrity Unit (“Unit”) of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) has received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County,” Wright opened her letter.

“These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law,” she continued.

Wright wrote that statements made by Maricopa Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates and County Recorder Stephen Richer, along with other official communications from the county appear to confirm potential election law violations.

4 Days After Trump Campaign Kickoff, Ted Cruz Drops Major 2024 Announcement
Wright recounted that based on information provided by the county at least 60 polling locations’ ballot on-demand printers were configured improperly, leading to the inability of the tabulators to read the ballots.

Ballots are printed on demand because voters are able to check in at any location in Maricopa County, which includes multiple congressional, state and local districts.

“Based on sworn complaints submitted by election workers employed by Maricopa County, the BOD printers were tested on Monday, November 7 without any apparent problems,” Wright wrote.

Despite these tests, the printers began malfunctioning within the first half-an-hour on Election Day.

In light of this, the AG’s office wants logs related to when printer configuration changes were made, along with other related information.

Wright also wanted to know the instructions poll workers gave to voters who experienced problems with their ballots being accepted by tabulation machines.

“Following widespread reports of problems at voting locations on Election Day, Chairman Gates publicly stated that voters who had already checked in to e-Pollbook, but were having difficulties voting could ‘check out’ of that voting location, and would be able to nonetheless vote in another voting location,” she wrote.

“Based on sworn complaints received by the Unit, not only have poll workers reported that they were not trained and/or not provided with information on how to execute ‘check out’ procedures, but many voters have reported the second voting location required the voter to cast a provisional ballot as the e-Pollbooks maintained the voter had cast a ballot in the original voting location.” she added.

RNC Had Roving Attorneys Quietly Monitoring Maricopa Voting Centers, One Has Finally Released His Damning Finds: Report
Wright pointed out that Arizona state law prohibits a voter to cast a provisional ballot who has already been signed in electronically.

Additionally, the attorney noted that state law was also apparently violated when poll workers failed to keep ballots that were successfully tabulated on site segregated from those that were not.

Maricopa County has admitted that[,] in some voting locations, ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots at the voting location,” Wright wrote.

“Further, we have received a sworn complaint from an election observer indicating that more than 1700 ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots from one voting location were placed in black duffle bags that were intended to be used for tabulated ballots,” she added.

“Pursuant to Arizona law, Maricopa County was required to complete ‘reconciliation of ballots cast against check ins’ at the voting locations before leaving the voting location, not at central count.”

The AG’s office requested a copy of each voting location’s Official Ballot Report, along with the total number of ballots that were co-mingled.

Wright further demanded a response to all the issues raised in her letter on or before Nov. 28 when a official canvas is of due to Arizona’s Secretary of State office.

“Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 General Election. As the canvass is looming, and these issues relate to Maricopa County’s ability to lawfully certify election results,” she concluded.

Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign has called for a redo of the election in Maricopa County in light of all the problems that occurred on Election Day.


Guest Columnist

Arizona Election Day Problems Far Wider Than Maricopa County Admits: Report​

TUESDAY, NOV 22, 2022 - 11:15 AM


A report compiled by 11 RNC lawyers who witnessed widespread issues in Arizona on Election Day 2022 reveals that Maricopa County had far more problems than they are reporting.

Mark Sonnenklar, an attorney for the Republican National Committee Integrity program in Arizona, and 10 other 'roving' RNC attorneys reported observing problems ranging from tabulators rejecting ballots to hours-long lines for voting, Just the News reports.
The 11 attorneys visited 115 out of the 223 vote centers in Maricopa County on Election Day and found that 72 of them (or 62.61%) "had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots," Sonnenklar reported, "causing voters to either deposit their ballots into box 3, spoil their ballots and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the vote center without voting."
Box 3 — also called "Door 3" or "Slot 3" — is a separate box on the tabulators into which ballots not counted by the machines were placed for later tabulation. Maricopa County, however, has admitted that "in some voting locations, 'Door 3' non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots," according to a letter from the Arizona attorney general's office to the county. -Just the News
"In many vote centers, the tabulators rejected the initial insertion of a ballot almost 100% of the time, although the tabulators might still accept that ballot on the second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth attempt to insert the ballot," reads the report. "However, many ballots were not able to be tabulated by the tabulators at all, no matter how many times the voter inserted the ballot."

According to Sonnenklar, the reports "directly contradict the statements of County election officials that (1) printer/tabulator issues were limited to only 70 of the 223 vote centers, (2) the printer/tabulator problems were resolved as of 3:00 p.m., and (3) the printer/tabulator issues were insignificant in the entire scheme of the election."
Meanwhile, 51% of voting centers had "significant lines," with many voters waiting multiple hours before receiving a ballot.
"ecause Republican voters significantly outnumbered Democrat voters in the County on election day, such voter suppression would necessarily impact the vote tallies for Republican candidates much more than the vote tallies for Democrat candidates," Sonnenklar wrote.
A letter from Arizona Assistant AG Jennifer Wright to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office notes that the department had "received hundreds of complaints," including "first-hand witness accounts."
According to the letter, some of the information is "ased on sworn complaints submitted by election workers employed by Maricopa County" and "the plethora of reports from election workers, poll observers, and voters."
The letter gave the county until Nov. 28, the day counties are required to certify their elections, to respond. -Just the News

Of note, Maricopa, Cochise and Mohave counties have all decided to delay the certification of their elections until the Nov. 28 deadline due to the irregularities in Maricopa.


Guest Columnist

EXCLUSIVE: Down Ballot AZ GOP US House Races Received Thousands More Votes Than AZ Races for Gov, SoS, AG and US Senate – IMPOSSIBLE​

By Joe Hoft
Published November 23, 2022 at 2:45pm



The numbers just don’t add up.
The Arizona 2022 election was a mess. It appears that it was meant to be a mess. The Democrats and RINOs in the GOP did not want to see Arizona GOP candidates for statewide races win. These candidates were excellent and tied to President Trump but the establishment didn’t want them.

The election comes and there are innumerable incidents across the state where the voters were disenfranchised or prevented from voting. Election day voters were Republicans who backed the MAGA initiative.
TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE: Down Ballot AZ GOP US House Races Received Thousands More Votes Than AZ Races for Gov, SoS, AG and US Senate - IMPOSSIBLE
The results after all the chicanery put the corrupt Democrats in the lead.

However, there are numerous anomalies in these results that indicate potential fraud or ballot manipulation.
TGP already reported that it is very suspicious that the GOP candidates for State Treasurer and State Mine Inspector received thousands of more votes than the candidates for Gov, SoS, Senate and AG.
These results should never be certified.
In addition, the statewide races for Gov, SoS, Senate and AG received hundreds of thousands of votes less than the cumulative votes for US House seats. This is almost impossible that the down-ballot races would receive more votes than the statewide races.
Also, it appears that there were thousands of excess ballots recorded in the US Senate and Governor races when compared to the other races.

In addition, it appears impossible that the Democrats would receive hundreds of thousands of votes more in the statewide races than they did in US House races across the state and the GOP would receive tens of thousands of votes less than the US House races across the state.

The results in Arizona should never be certified. DO OVER!