Marilyn R. Allen--an appreciation


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As usual, there is nothing (or next to it) on the internet concerning this remarkable woman or her life. Here's what I've found so far:


Marilyn Ross Allen lived in Atlanta, Georgia, sometime before 1947. She then moved to Ohio, before settling in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a political conservative, anti-communist, and anti-ethnic-minority author. She wrote the book Alien Minorities and Mongrelization and the pamphlet series I Love America.

Book title(s):

Alien minorities and mongrelization. Boston, Meador Pub. Co., 1949. 474 p.

List of pamphlet titles (in no particular order):

Zionist war-mongering in the U.S.A.: a documented primer for the gullible goyim. Salt Lake City, 1948. 64 p.

"America at the crossroads", a refutation and repudiation of lying subversive communist propaganda in America, and the above-named booklet by Eugene Dennis, in particular. Salt Lake City, 1946. 28 p.

Judaic-communism versus Christian Americanism .... Salt Lake City, 1946. 80 p.

Calling all Christians. Salt Lake City, 1951. 70 p.

Our Statue of Liberty: Unrestricted immigration. Salt Lake City, 1952. 12 p.

Operation "scuttling of America": a pro-American pro-Christian publication. Salt Lake City, 1947. 40 p.

The dumb, ungrateful American public .... Salt Lake City, 1947. 8 p.

Catspaws and bond salesmen: how this clan works in America. Salt Lake City, 1952.

The Jewish protocols and their application to present times. Salt Lake City, 1946. 24 p.

Admiral Nimitz (internal 'security' chief) and the United Nations. Salt Lake City, 1951. 36 p.

Whose country is this?: a pro-American pro-Christian publication. Salt Lake City, 1947. 13 p.

White-hating dictators---the brothers Kennedy. Salt Lake City, 1962. 40 p.

Political Zionism in America is subversive. Salt Lake City, 1952. 46 p.

For freedom's sake. Salt Lake City, 1950. 8 p.

For Christ and country: America WAS founded as a White Christian Republic -- Talmudic-Zionist Jews are taught contempt for Christians and Christianity. Salt Lake City, 1950. 20 p.

The New treatment: silencing of Christians by Bnai Brith's Jewish secret police: anti-defamation league. Salt Lake City, 1948. 16 p.

Open letter on the ADL of B'nai B'rith. New York, 1963. 27 p.

Patriotism demands criticism (now more than ever): dedicated to those who watch in the night. Salt Lake City, 1950. 16 p.

My reply to Senator Thomas' smears. Salt Lake City, 1950. 3 p.

Consent, collusion or conquest? Los Angeles, 1963. 4p.

A Jewish friend accuses me of "anti-semitism": to pro-American legislators .... Salt Lake City, 1947. 7 p.

Open letter to Senator Frank E. Moss. Los Angeles, 1963. 2p.

America forever. Salt Lake City, 1946. 8 p.

Fortify Alaska quickly quickly or face sudden destruction : what to do in case of an atom bomb raid : our fancied "security" may be only a matter of days or hours : what are you going to do about it? Salt Lake City, 1948. 11 p.

Open letter to Lamont F. Toronto. Los Angeles, 1961. 2p.

Americans choose MacArthur. Salt Lake City, 1951. 4 p.

The only way out .... Salt Lake City, 1946. 23 p.

Peace-mongering in America. Salt Lake City, 1946. 12 p.

"Persecution?". Salt Lake City, 1951. 4 p.

The Supreme Court decision, outlawing segregation in our schools. Salt Lake City, 1954. 20 p.

Special supplement dedicated to the memory of Robert Edward Edmondson. ["A reprint of a letter written by the Christian American Patriot, Miss Marilyn R. Allen."] Palm Beach, Fla., 1959.

I love America. Salt Lake City, 1951. 1 leaf.

In Defense of the Ku Klux Klan [letter] Dec. 1, 1949, Salt Lake City [to] Hodding Carter, editors, Delta Democrat-times, Greenville, Miss. 1949. 4 leaves.

Rouse ye, Americana. Salt Lake City, [n.d.] 12 p.

"Purim" massacre in Korea. Salt Lake City, 1950. 16 p.

The deadly power to tax. Salt Lake City, 1951. 8 p.


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From the book: The New Right, 1960-1968 by Jonathan Martin Kolkey. University Press of America, 1983.

Page 132:

Marilyn R. Allen observed that "the white race is a world-wide minority of color. The coloreds are united and 'on the march' against the white race everywhere."

Page 157:

Marilyn R. Allen concluded, "A White race, or nation, once destroyed through race-mixing, is forever destroyed and its culture lost."


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The Old Right, the New Right, and the State, by Andrew Frank Johnson, Brian A. Jenkins. E. Mellen Press, 1990.

Page 47:

Marilyn Allen of Salt Lake City, a vitriolic anti-Semite, advocated that those who had sex with Jews be put to death. Smith described her as "a noted author, pamphleteer and crusader," "a prolific writer ... of no mean ability," and "one of the fightingest women in the country."

That's Gerald L.K. Smith, editor of The Cross and the Flag--an outstanding fellow and true patriot. Wikipedia biography here:

Gerald L. K. Smith


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God Bless you Ms. Marilyn Allen!

Alien Minorities and Mongrelization (pdf)



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