Dire Warnings of Fauci the Wop


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Dire Warnings of Fauci the Wop

“A second round of the corona virus is inevitable.”
Anthony Fauci

The first case of the (Spanish) flu was reported in Kansas. It moved to the WWI trenches in Frances and then to Spain. Hence, the Spanish flu, which gained lethal virulence as the ‘allied’ troops, returned home. These global waves of infection and death were caused by mass migrations.

Right now, the Mexico-U.S.A border (unlike Canada) is WIDE OPEN. What Fauci says might be true, but his vision of a sterile playground for queers is totally ridiculous.

What exactly is a doctor supposed to do?

If we defer to a woman’s point of view, then according to Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, Gabriel:

“I explained to him that I was going to put his sore penis in my hand and squeeze it. After about five minutes I was clenching Mr. Ashton’s penis with all my might.”
For more, see “Direct Red”, by Dr. Gabriel Weston

Also playing on another instrument, Elaine Coparone, a most interesting interpretation of:

The Cat’s Fugue
D. Scarlatti (1685-1757)

Covid-19 Data Analysis by Linear Regression

It is easy enough to see how an epidemic is increasing or decreasing by doing a linear regression on your EXCEL spreadsheet. Number of death data comes from worldometer.com. Consider the first five days of April,
6394, 7576, 8839, 10384, 11793. Enter these in any column, highlight the column and click the Chart Wizard on the tool bar.

 select a chart such as XY (scatter)
 Click Finish
 Click menu item Chart, chart must be active
 Add linear Trend line...
 Click Options tab
 Check Display Equation on Chart
 Click OK

The linear regression line, which you see on the chart, is simply an equation,

y = mx + b

or in this case,

y = 1360.6x + 4195

Each day, the number of deaths increases by 1360.6, which you may check,

Original Data, Straight Line
6394, 6275.6
7576, 7636.2
8839, 8996.2
10384, 10357.4
11793, 11718


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Is he even Italian? I wonder if he might not be a member of the Tribe?