ANOTHER stolen election, suckers


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Another Stolen Election



This time it is CNN’s own report on its own exit polls that indicates a stolen election.
Today November 9, 2022, updated at 10:49 AM EST, CNN reporters Zachary B. Wolf and Curt Merrill remarked that the widely expected red wave did not materialize and then went on to present data that is inconsistent with the closeness of the voting.
The reporters compare the exit polls from the 2018 elections with those of the 2022 elections. The comparisons show that the Democrats lost support in Tuesday’s elections among women, moderates, youth, people of color, urban voters, college graduates, and independents.
The Democrats’ support among women declined from 19 points favorable to Democrats to only 8 points. Republican support among men rose from 4 points over Democrats to 14 points.
By age, the preference for Democrats over Republicans for 18-29 years of age declined from 35 points to 28 and for 30-44 years of age from 19 points to 4. Republican support over Democrats rose from 1 to 10 points for those 45-64 years of age and from 2 to 12 points for those 65 and older.
White men’s preference for Republicans increased from 21 to 28 points. White women moved from a 50-50 split to an 8 point preference for Republicans. Black women’s preference for Democrats declined from 85 points to 78. Black men’s preference for Democrats declined from 76 points to 65. Latina women’s preference for democrats fell from 47 points to 33; and Latino men’s preference for Democrats fell from 29 points to 8.
Urban voters preference for Democrats declined from 33 points over Republicans to 17 points. Suburban and Rural voters preferences for Republicans rose by 6 points and 15 points.
Democrats also lost support among white and black college graduates. Among white votes without college degrees the preference for Republicans rose by 10 points.
Among moderates, the preference for Democrats eroded from 26 points to 15. Among conservatives the Republican advantage rose from 67 points t 83. Among liberals there was essentially no change.
The CNN exit polls show substantial erosion of the Democrat voting base since the 2018 election. How can such substantial erosion be consistent with the lack of any significant Republican gain on Tuesday?
The outcome of Tuesday’s election is made even more difficult to comprehend by CNN’s reporters when they report:
“Back in 2018, 37% of voters said they were Democrats, compared with 33% who said they were Republicans and 30% who said they were independents. In 2022, it was Republicans who have the edge. When they won control of the House in 2018, Democrats had an advantage among independent voters. That is nearly gone in 2022.
“Both Democrats and Republicans improved their performance among the party faithful. But Republicans built a lead among voters who don’t have a a favorable view of either party. Democrats lost their edge among voters who have a favorable view of both parties.”
There are many other indications that indicate that much is amiss in the vote count. Polls show that Biden suffers an approval rate of only 36% and that a large majority of Americans do not want Biden to run for reelection in two years. How is this preference consistent with the vote count of Tuesday’s election?
Consider also that the party in power loses representation in midterm elections, but despite the substantial turn away from Democrats revealed by CNN, this normal result did not occur on Tuesday.
Consider also public dissatisfaction with: record crime, record inflation with high food and gasoline prices, rising interest rates and falling home values, massive illegal immigration, forced indoctrination of school children with transgender theory and critical race theory, Biden’s Covid vaccination mandates that caused health injuries, deaths, and destroyed careers, Biden’s Covid lockdowns that destroyed businesses, jobs, supply chains and raised prices, Biden’s “Russian” sanctions that disrupted energy supply and raised the price of everything. Considering all this dissatisfaction, how did Fetterman, a person impaired by a stroke and afflicted with problems speaking who wants to release criminals from prison, win a seat in the US Senate from Pennsylvania? How did the same Georgia voter who returned Republican Gov. Kemp to office vote against black Republican and football star Herschel Walker in favor of black Democrat Warnock, who hates Trump and white people, for the US Senate?
Finally, consider the Diebold voting machines that malfunctioned in New Jersey, Arizona, and Texas, and Gateway Pundit’s report that in Detroit, Michigan, ballots were being delivered through the back door in the early hours of Wednesday morning long after the legal deadline.
Now, ask yourself, what is worse, a stolen US election or an American electorate so insouciant and out to lunch that they would keep a political party in office that is leading us into war with Russia and China, that hates white people and persecutes them, that has politicized the FBI and Department of Justice turning them into Gestapo agencies serving Democrat power, that fervently believes that parents are bad for children and should have no say in their education (brainwashing), that is demonizing normality and normalizing perversity, that . . . I could go on and on. Here was a chance for voters to register their dissent, and according to the vote results they failed to do so. If the vote count is honest, then the conclusion is that we must write off the American people as beings too stupid to survive as a free people.
This is why I much prefer to believe that the election was again stolen.
What can be done about stolen elections? Nothing. Especially when a previously stolen election has left Democrats in control of the executive branch. The executive branch is the police branch. It is not going to enforce election or any law against itself.
The Democrat controlled cities are empires unto themselves. They can steal every election and nothing can be done about it. The media is an appendage to the Democrat party. The media supports whatever the official narrative is.
This is tomorrow’s, Thursday, November 10, column. I am posting it November 9 prior to the construction of the official narrative that we will soon receive so that at least my readers will have a chance to think before the official explanation is forced on them.


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VIDEO MONTAGE: Arizona Republican Voters Describe How Ballots Were Not Counted, Ballots Were Tossed in a Box, and People Were Not Allowed in to Vote (VIDEO)​

By Jim Hoft
Published November 13, 2022 at 9:48pm



On Tuesday morning, The Gateway Pundit reported that when polls opened in Maricopa County at 6 am on Election Day, voters were told that the tabulators were not working. This was happening across Maricopa County and resulted in long lines and voters being told to go to another location to vote.
Katie Hobbs is the current Secretary of State in charge of elections.
Instead of tabulating their ballot directly, voters were also told to put their ballot into a box under the tabulator so that their ballot may be tabulated at a later time downtown.
Voters were told to just drop their ballot into the open door seen below.
TRENDING: IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day - Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals

This took place at 30% of the precincts in Maricopa County on Election Day.
Richard Baris says the malfunctioning is WIDESPREAD ACROSS THE COUNTY!

Watch the video: [ck site link, above, top]

On Sunday night The Gateway Pundit published exclusive video of Maricopa County voters describing their nightmare at the polls on Election Day.
These men and women who stepped forward tell how they were forced to stand in lines for hours and told to toss their ballot into a box or “Door 3.” They also describe how the doors were shut and people not allowed in during the process.
County officials knew Republican voters would turn out in strength on Election Day — AND THEY DID. Then this happened.

Here are their testimonials. [ck site link, above, top]


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‘Makes No Mathematical Sense’: Vote Tally Discrepancies in AZ Gov Vs. AZ Treasurer Races Suggest FRAUD, Say Pundits​
November 15th 2022, 6:06 pm


GOP Candidate Kimberly Yee won AZ Treasurer race with 1.37 million votes - how did AZ Gov candidate Kari Lake only get 1.25Mil?

'Something is very wrong in Arizona.'

Political commentators are crying fraud after vote tallies show more people voted for the Republican candidate in Arizona’s Treasurer race than voted for the GOP candidate in the state governor’s race.

The bizarre discrepancy can be observed in official vote tallies from the New York Times, which receives its election results from the Associated Press.

Evidently, according to vote totals, Republican incumbent Kimberly Yee received 1.37 million votes, securing her the state Treasurer’s seat against Democrat opponent Martin Quezada by over 278,000 votes.


Bizarrely, however, the same enthusiasm for the GOP was not seen in the state’s hotly contested governor’s race, where Arizona’s top election official Katie Hobbs managed to squeak out a Democrat victory against GOP rival Kari Lake. Hobbs won by 19,273 votes against Lake.


Whereas Yee received 1.37 million votes in her race, Lake curiously only managed to receive around 1.25 million, a discrepancy of close to 120,000 votes.

The discrepancy in vote totals set off alarm bells for pundits on social media, who rightfully questioned why more voters would vote Republican in a lower-profile election like the treasurer’s race than the closely-watched governor’s race.

The anomaly was also taken as evidence the governor’s race was fixed, with many suggesting the real outcome of the race should have reflected the Treasury election’s results.

So far, almost 115,000 more people voted for Yee for Treasurer but not Kari Lake for Governor. Apparently, the Treasurer's race was generating tons of excitement that I didn't know about
— Josh Barnett for Congress (AZ-01) (@BarnettforAZ) November 14, 2022

A Republican won the Arizona Treasurer’s race — most votes in Arizona history — but Republican Kari Lake loses for Governor?

🇺🇸ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) November 15, 2022

Sooo… Arizona's Republican State Treasurer won reelection by a quarter million votes… but Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh are both losing… nothing to see here… everyone move along.
— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) November 14, 2022

Something is very wrong in Arizona.

It makes no mathematical sense that the GOP State Treasurer won reelection by a quarter million votes but Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh are still behind.
— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) November 14, 2022

It makes no mathematical sense that the GOP State Treasurer just won reelection by 250,000 votes, but none of those voters also felt like voting for Kari Lake.
— James Bradley (@JamesBradleyCA) November 14, 2022

Time will tell whether Lake chooses to call for an audit of the election results, which may filter out some ballots that were illicitly cast for Hobbs.


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Maricopa County: Eyewitness Accounts Suggest Election May Be Uncertifiable​

Wendi Strauch Mahoney
November 18, 2022


The Maricopa County election may be uncertifiable if the accounts of election workers at the polls are true. Multiple Arizona poll workers have come forward, sharing documentation of their election day observations with UncoverDC. These poll workers—an election judge, three clerks, and an election marshal—worked at the same voting center all day on election day. None of these poll workers knew each other prior to working on Election Day. There were a total of 1 inspector, 2 judges, 1 marshal, and 7 clerks at this location. One of the individuals provided a screenshot of the various roles and their duties for reference below:

Poll Worker Roles/Maricopa County 2022 Midterm Election/Election Day
UncoverDC wrote a comprehensive column about Maricopa County Election Judge Karla Sweet’s observations on November 12. Her letter documents multiple issues at the poll, including tabulator malfunctions, long lines, not following procedures as described in the Election Day Manual, and voters who left the polls due to long waits.
The other election workers who have come forward observed many of the same issues, corroborating Sweet’s observations. Each of their declaration letters is important because each poll worker was located in a different area of the center. Their stories corroborate our previous reporting; these declaration letters present new information worth highlighting. For reference, the declarations are pictured in the gallery below:
Affidavits/Election Workers/Maricopa Election 2022
1 of 5




Marcella Heiman/Maricopa Election Clerk/2022/PAGE 1

Marcella Heiman/Maricopa Election Clerk/2022/PAGE2

Cynthia Schlesinger: Marshal​

Cynthia Schlesinger was the Marshal at the voting center. She noted many of the issues described by Karla Sweet. However, as Marshal, one of her duties was to assist with curbside duties. She states that the county election workers—Mark McCall and Yamille Martinez—”[did] this against all rules.” As a result of McCall’s presence outside, the poll workers had to repeatedly go outside to retrieve him when they needed assistance. Schlesinger reports she was “supposed to be spoiling the ballots as needed, but Mark gave this job to his cohort Yamille [Martinez].” Schlesinger also noted that her colleagues, Pam and Sue, counted the ballots, noting a discrepancy from Monday. Schlesinger writes:
Mark said there was 767 ballot paper in the box, there should have been [many fewer] as we had more than 30 voters and test prints. When we brought this to his attention his response was ‘oh well, they can fire me’.”
Schlesinger also states that she and the others were not sworn in according to the rules but were merely “signed in.” Additionally, she said the mail-in ballots were “left in the collector box overnight when they should have been picked up.”
The Twitter post below highlights some of the problems with ballot counts, chain of custody, and “Door #3,” as recounted at Wednesday’s public hearing before the Board of Supervisors.

At the end of the day, Schlesinger and Martinez delivered all the mail-in ballots that were never picked up. Schlesinger says she asked McCall multiple times throughout the day “to call and have them picked up.” She then continues to recount what happened at the drop-off site at the end of the day.
“When we arrived at the drop-off site, the containers and duffle bags were removed, and we both had to sign the receipt. I was given a copy, as was Yamille, but she pulled mine from my hand and said Mark [McCall] gets them; I have no idea where they are now; also, I watched as a fellow cut the seal and look[ed] in the bag, I was about to question why but Yamille [Martinez] quickly drove off, that seal should never have been cut.”

Susan Hellwig: Election Clerk​

Susan Hellwig was an Election Clerk. She says she witnessed “voter suppression,” providing the observations to substantiate her claim. She confirmed McCall was at the curbside outside. She felt he and his HUB employee were:
“Holding up the line and preventing voters from entering our site to vote when site books and voting stations were available. Because of this, I started counting the voters at the site books, voters waiting for ballots to be printed and the open voting stations, and announcing how many voters could enter.”
Hellwig also noted the “ballot paper count could not be reconciled at the end of the day.” She has “no idea how Mark handled it.” Hellwig also says the “tabulators were rejecting ballots all day, and [she] was reprinting ballots for the voters who chose not to put their original ballots in door #3.”

Pam Cetina: Election Clerk​

Election Clerk Pam Cetina worked Monday and on Election Day. She was a poll clerk whose job was to check[ing] in all voters on the computer station, verifying name, address, and voting status. She writes that Monday went smoothly. However, on Election Day, it was not until 10 a.m. that she understood there were tabulator problems. She realized it was a problem when Sweet asked her to “spoil a voter’s ballot and help her with a new one” Cetina recounts what she experienced:
“I looked over the ballots carefully when the voters came back to spoil their ballots and could see no reason why they were being rejected. I finally went and found Mark McCall, our Inspector, and asked him what was going on; he just acted like it was no big deal. I spoke to others on our team, and they all knew this wasn’t normal. Even the customers were becoming suspicious, asking if this was going to be another 2020. Yami [Martinez], who is a[n] employee of the county and works directly with Mark McCall, would often hover in our area listening to what was going on. They didn’t want me writing SPOIL in the middle of the ballot and asked that when the customer was done with it, to find him/her, and he would take care of it. Yami [Martinez] was also working as a clerk. I started telling voters if they had any more problems to come back to me, and I would print another ballot for them.”

Marcy Heiman: Election Clerk​

Marcy Heiman’s observations align with the others. Heiman observed persistent issues with tabulators malfunctioning and ballot reconciliation issues. She heard McCall say, “they might fire me, in a joking manner,” in reference to ballot reconciliation mismatch. Heiman observed long lines outside and at the tabulators all day with “no break.” Elderly people “in walkers, wheelchairs, blind, and one was wheeled in a bed, to cast their vote in person. It was difficult for them to complete the first ballot, but the look of anguish in their eyes when their ballot [was] rejected was heart-wrenching,” corroborating Sweet’s observations. An elderly voter tells his story:

Heiman also noted the following. McCall had the keys to the building. On Tuesday, notes the clerk:
“Mark [McCall] was already in the building; we clocked in and asked when we would test the tabulators. He stated he tested them the night before, seemed odd to me, especially if the other party wasn’t there for the test. No one witnessed the test. The Oath was not given that day.”
Importantly, Heiman also noticed when “Mark [McCall] would spoil a ballot, he wouldn’t write across the printing on the back of the ballot but on the side. This is not how it is supposed to be done.” Her account also notes the arrival of the “IT tech” at 12:30, “who sat at the end of the printer tables on his tablet. I couldn’t get over to see what he was doing or if he was online. Runbeck showed up around 1:20, opened up the laptops, and looked like they were changing the setting on the printers, so the ballots should print better. They did not appear to be online.”

Can The Arizona Election Be Certified?​

There has been much discussion about the DOJ announcement detailing plans to monitor local poll locations. They announced a similar plan in 2018. Federal officials are not supposed to impose themselves on local elections; however, local officials may invite federal oversight if issues at the polls are reported.
Generally, elections are the purview of each state. However, the Help American Vote Act (HAVA) passed in 2002 by the United States Congress lays out “mandatory minimum standards for states to follow in several key areas of election administration.” One of those standards highlighted by the October 26, 2022, DOJ press release is to “ensure that all qualified voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots and have their votes counted free of discrimination, intimidation, or fraud in the election process.” Given the details provided by eyewitness accounts above, it seems voters were disenfranchised, denied equal access, and/or their votes may have been suppressed. This is the very type of issue that might require the oversight of federal officials.
Kevin Moncla is a citizen activist who co-founded Election Oversight to monitor election integrity. Moncla sent an excerpt of a current Arizona election statute referencing “proceedings at the counting center” to UncoverDC. He makes the following comment about the excerpt pictured below:
“AZ law is very clear. The ballots were rendered defective when they were rejected by the scanner. Each of them tested in multiple tabulators across the county. Maricopa officials broke the law as those ballots should have been duplicated and scanned, not removed and relegated to some other process.
Moncla Tip/AZLaw
The Maricopa County website shows photos of officials performing logic and accuracy tests on the tabulator machines on October 11. The rules were not followed if those photos were taken that day. During the tests, the tabulator machines must have zip-ties with serial numbers over the card slots. Those cards contain all the necessary settings and parameters for the ballots on Election Day. The chain of custody is broken if the machines do not have serialized zip-tie seals. Logic and accuracy tests are performed before and after elections. Moncla, who found the photos, explains:
“The programming (Election definition) for the tabulators is on the flashcards that the seal protects from being removed. The seals are supposed to be in place before the testing. If the cards can be replaced after the testing, then there is no point in testing.”
Photos of the machines being tested on Logic and Accuracy day are captured below. The first two are a photo provided on October 11, and one is a close-up of the tabulator.
(1) Logic and Accuracy Day/October 11/Maricopa County
(2) Logic and Accuracy Day/October 11/Maricopa County/close up
The third and the fourth are photos with the properly serialized zip-tie sealing the slot. Photo 4 was provided by an Arizona voter:
(3) Tabulator Out of Box With Seal
(4) Tabulator with Seal/Maricopa Voter Photo
Moncla has submitted a complaint in Georgia referencing other important tabulator issues he has unearthed. Fraud or not, based on some of the observations reported by poll workers the Arizona election may not be certifiable. There were multiple issues with the chain of custody, voters who were not able to vote, and procedures that were not followed as dictated by law and by the Maricopa County Election 2022 manual.


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BUSTED! Katie Hobbs Tied To Money From FTX Funded PACs​

By Jordan Conradson
Published November 27, 2022 at 8:00am



Bankrupted cryptocurrency exchange FTX now appears to have played a role in Arizona’s stolen midterm election after funneling millions of dollars into Phoenix-based Protect Our Future PAC.
In a stunning and impossible upset, Democrat Katie Hobbs allegedly ‘defeated’ extremely popular conservative Kari Lake in the midterm gubernatorial election.
Katie Hobbs did not campaign, did not have a major following, did not hold rallies, and refused to debate.
Hobbs’ victory was pulled off by disenfranchising Republican voters who chose to vote in person.
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We reported on how FTX has gone bankrupt and how it was one of the top donors to Democrats over the past few years. At least $40 million was donated to the Democrats from FTX.

According to FEC reports, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried also gave 27 million dollars to a Phoenix-based PAC tied to Democrat activist and consultant Dacey Montoya, who is listed as treasurer. According to a report by AZ Free News, “The Money Wheel, Montoya’s consulting firm, received over $134,500 from February to early July from the Protect Our Future PAC.”
The Money Wheel also received $114,500.00 from the Katie Hobbs campaign and $372,427.25 from Mark Kelly’s campaign.
Dacey Montoya has shown support for both candidates on Twitter.


AZ Free News reported,
Not only did Protect Our Future PAC receive $27 million from FTX CEO Samuel Bankman-Fried — this PAC was the primary beneficiary of his contributions by far. The PAC treasurer is Dacey Montoya: a name that appears frequently throughout the Democratic dark money network. In the recent past, Montoya also chaired the Way to Lead PAC and Not Our Faith PAC, both organizations that received major funds from Democratic dark money funders like George Soros.
According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Bankman-Fried’s millions came via four payments from February to June: $9 million on February 4, $4 million on March 15, $10 million on April 14, and $4 million on June 13.
It appears that Montoya received a good cut of Bankman-Fried’s millions. The Money Wheel, Montoya’s consulting firm, received over $134,500 from February to early July from the Protect Our Future PAC. Protect Our Future and The Money Wheel share the same business address. Her consulting firm often gets paid from the PACs she oversees.
The PAC registered with the FEC in January of this year. Bankman-Fried’s millions account for 94 percent of the PAC’s revenue. Another $1 million came from another FTX executive, Nishad Singh, also on February 4.
Montoya’s other PAC, Opportunity For Tomorrow, contributed nearly $195,000 to the FTX executive-backed PAC. One other major contributor was Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund, the PAC arm of the gun control organization founded by major Democratic donor Michael Bloomberg.
The Phoenix-based PAC only put $1.26 million back into Arizona through its independent expenditures committee (IEC). From there, the money can’t be traced.
The remainder went to Democratic PACs and candidates in other states, primarily ad campaigns to benefit congressional and state legislature candidates in Oregon, Texas, Michigan, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, California, New York, and New Jersey. According to the PAC’s website, the primary reason for the PAC is to elect candidates focused on preventing pandemics.
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The only Arizona candidate to which Bankman-Fried contributed directly was Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ-07): $5,800 in March.
Bankman-Fried also contributed thousands to two other Arizona-based PACS. He gave $5,000 to Guarding Against Pandemics, another Phoenix-based PAC with Montoya serving as treasurer. Bankman-Fried also gave $5,000 to a Phoenix-based PAC sponsored by recently-defeated Congressman Tom O’Halleran’s (D-AZ-01) campaign.
Investigative reporter Natalie Winters discussed this finding on Bannon’s War Room.


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ELECTION FRAUD: Senator Warnock’s Campaign Calls TN Man and Asks Him to Vote – The Man Records the ENTIRE CALL Then Posts It Online (VIDEO)​

By Jim Hoft
Published November 27, 2022 at 8:55pm


Raphael Warnock’s campaign called US Veteran and homeless advocate Dom Lucre this weekend and asked him to vote for far left Senator Warnock in the December runoff election.
Dom Lucre lives in Tennessee.
And Dom recorded the entire call. The caller had the nerve to feed Dom the liberal lies about Republicans and their power and dark money, blah-blah-blah… Dom shot back that Democrats control everything. They control Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the media and all Republicans have is FOX News.
Dom was magnificent!

This is how Democrats cheat and steal our elections from the American people.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Maricopa County Response to AZ AG Materially Conflicts with Instructions on Election Day - But They Announce They Will Certify Rigged Election TOMORROW Anyway

In a country where the authorities valued integrity, honesty, and fairness, this call would immediately be investigated and Warnock’s campaign would be punished. But we don’t have that today in the United States. You can commit any criminal act of voter fraud if you are a Democrat and it will not even be investigated.
Herschel Walker’s campaign better be at the courtroom room tomorrow morning when the doors open with their lawsuit in hand.
From Dom Lucre’s tweet: “So Senator Warnock’s campaign called me, A TN Resident to Vote in his GA election. Everyone has asked me to upload the full video. Here it is”