Paroled Feral Kills White Boy

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Charges filed in Raspberry Island homicide; suspect was on parole

Feral Darkie Shoots White Male

A suspect has been arrested and charged in the fatal shooting at Raspberry Island in late August that killed 20-year-old Blake Swanson during a robbery.

The suspect, Christopher Dewayne Jones, 31, is a felon prohibited from possessing firearms and was out of custody on parole at the time of the murder.

Charges say at around 3:15 a.m. on Aug. 29, 2021, officers were sent to Raspberry Island in St. Paul on a report of a shooting.

Police arrived to find Swanson motionless in a pool of blood outside of a vehicle where two others were trying to apply pressure to a gunshot wound to Swanson’s neck. Swanson was transported to the hospital but was pronounced deceased.

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