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I think it is good to address the "Who is an Aryan" question.

I believe in a Pan-Europeanism, that is I consider all people of European descent to be my folk and brethren. Whether one is Nordic, Mediterranean or Alpine, English or German, Scandinavian or Italian, Russian or Spanish, to me he is white, and if he is racially conscious and dedicated, he crosses the threshold to Aryan, which to me is a mystical term
from our ancient past meaning the noble ones of our people.

In reading a recent book by a Jewish author called The Jewish Threat, I found it interesting how during the 1930s even though our people re
cognized the Jewish Threat, they spent counterproductive efforts against certain European groups. This policy is
wrong and hurtful to our cause and one that the Jewish supremacists would love to promote in their divide-and-conquer tactics.

Although we believe that every European group has the right to maintain their heritage, culture, language customs, etc (and sovereignty) we must now unite together to face a common enemy that wants to exterminate all of us from the face of the earth!
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Paranoid, Pessimistic, or Defeatist?

No, I don't believe that our people are too paranoid about the Jewish control over the media government etc.
Who Runs The Media?

You are not paranoid if someone is really out to get you!

But, I do believe that there is too much pessimism, far too much, for pessimism and defeatism is like an enemy army behind our own walls.

Actually, I have many good grounds to be optimistic. Our people are awakening at an exponential rate around the world. I see it everyday in all walks of life.

The time will not be far off when our people will
ill streets as they did in Romania against the evil tyranny that rules over us. A new vision will sweep our people in the coming years, you will see, and it will be as irrepressible as the tide.

dly, although the fight is damn hard, you should ENJOY it, that's right
, enjoy it. We are truly warriors at heart. I am reminded of the lines in the Tolkien book Lord of the Ring, when he talks about the men of the West going into battle and how they "sang as they slew".

If you are bitter about life, pessimistic, defeatist you give our cause no strength. If you are joyous in the battle, you give strength to all around you. I love this fight, in no way can I feel more alive than in the midst of this struggle! I was made for this struggle and time and I think many of you reading this were as well.

We are lucky to be living in such a time that will demand so much heroism, so much sacrifice, so much courage! This is the end time, the time of the greatest struggle in the hist
ory of our people and one that will lead to a world and a striving across the universe unlike anything we can now imagine!

Also, even though we fight. I urge everyone to have a balanced life.
Make sure you eat right, and take time out to exercise and stay fit. Men, make yourself strong a
nd muscular, get rid of the fat, women stay fit and beautiful.

Our cause is one of Nature and beauty, live it in your own life, don't overdo alcohol and stay off the drugs, vitamins are much better! Take time to get into Nature, keep an even keel, so that you will be ready for the harder times ahead.

On to victory!

European American Unity & Rights Organization (EURO)
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Unfortunate Whites?

I frankly have little sympathy for the "unfortunate Whites" who will not take responsibilty for their own lives. They remind me of Blacks who blame racism for their failures rather than their own lack of talent and ambition. There are many things a good White man or women can do to earn a decent living, and even morre than that, a good living -- and at the same time support the cause.

there are endless opportunities out there!

Of course, Whites who suffer deblilitating illnesses
or neglect of them as they suffer from the effects old age, I have great sympathy for them in every regard and feel it is our duty and societies to aid them to reasonably decent existence.

As for you
ng people: Get your education, or start a business, be the best y
ou possibly can be. You are aware! You are leader of your people! Act like it. Don't b*tch about reverse discrimination in your own life, make your way. Become powerful, that is the most important way to fight for your race, and as you grow more powerful in the world your contribution to this holy cause will grow as well.



Russia and Vladimir Putin

Putin is a Russian first, last and always.

He was also an intelligence agent with the KGB at the time when the KGB was entirely Jewish-free and anti-Zionist. As a former agent, he is well-versed in deception and appearances.

The fact is that no one, no leader in the world would prosecute Jewish leaders as Putin has done. He recognizes that the "Oligarchs" are almost all Jewish (10 of 11) and how they stole Russia's resources in the privatization.

He also recognises the peril under which he treads and must co
vey to the world how "pro-semitic" he is.

He also cooperates with the World Bank (which could bankrupt Russia in an instant).

In short, I think he is doing "what he can" a
nd should be looked at as model for other rising leaders in Eastern Europe.

One proof of his good work is the fact tha
t the controlled media constantly attacks him. It is pretty revealing to see the NY Times and other media attack him for prosecuting these Jewish supremacists who have stolen countless billions from the Russian people, engaged in bribery, murder, extortion on a massive scale -- it is a breathtaking look at the evil of those who run our own country!



On Charity and the Unfortunate Children

How can I make our people understand? We are in the midst of a fight for our survival, our resources are limited, our enemies are extremely powerful. Where do we apply what resources we have?

If I know an unfortunate White person or child personally, I will naturally do all I can to help them, I think any of us would. But, I am not involved in this kind of charity work nor do I think that any of us can afford the time and effort with the battle right now at our gates.

In general, there are many charities and government programs for the unfortunate. There are probably ten thousand charitable groups that are involved in this. Even if they
are oriented to minorities -- help is out there.

But, our cause is vital to very White child on the planet, and I suggest that the Charity, the benevolent activity you get involved with is making our
cause grow and financially su
pporting this effort to wake up and organize our people for our very survival.

What resources we have right now should be fully used for the waking of our people, the other problems will solve themselves if we get back control over our government and media. If we don't we will be wiped out eventually anyway.

So gear yourself and your efforts to waking up our people FIRST.

The same is true for animal lovers.

There is an SPCA and many groups that engage in this, but since you are racially aware be first concerned about the survival of your own breed of life: European mankind. As you are aware, just as in regard to charity and women's rights and all the rest: God help the animals in the Third World!

Have any of you read my story of th
e dancing bear in India (in My Awakening)?

Charity for our people begins with White awareness and activism.
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To The Stars

Yes, I believe in the depths of my soul that we will not only win the struggle for our Heritage and Freedom, but that our people will go on to a higher level of existence that will send our descendants out across the Universe.

Over the last century European mankind has deveoped the means to effect our own evolution, an awesome responsibility, but an incredible power that can transform the world and lead to developments beyond which we can't even imagine.

Look what mankind has done with an average IQ of around 100. Could you imagine our people with an IQ proportionately around 10,000 or 100,000 and the ability for total memory recall and powers such as t
is. Could you imagine a world free from cancers and disease, a life span of many centuries, a society oriented toward quality, not equality, beauty not degeneracy, intellectual freedom not a controlled medi

Could you imagine a society t
hat not only recognizes mental ability and physical health and beauty but also the spiritual qualities that so many researchers now recognize as having a genetic component.

Imagine a people naturally courageous, honest, inquiring?

All this I believe will come.

I know not what form all this will take, but I know that when we achieve control of our own destiny again that the world, indeed the universe will be born again.
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David Duke -- former Ku Klux Klansman, Louisiana state legislator, Republican candidate for governor and for U.S. Senate -- has been America's most charismatic spokesman for white rights for twenty-five years. My Awakening is Duke's autobiography and his manifesto: filled with lore and learning on the imperatives and taboos of the age, and a step-by-step account of how Duke came to grapple with these from his earliest years. Few books that have ever been written off
r today's reader -- in particular today's younger reader -- as inclusive, as up-to-date, and as readable a treatment of the big issues: race and racial differences; Zionism, Israel, and the Jewish q
uestion; Holocaust revisionism; and the worldwide battle for white survival. My Awakening is an e
ncyclopedic resource, an entertaining refresher, and an enthralling introduction to the key questions. With an illuminating foreword by Professor Glayde Whitney, former president of the Behavior Genetics Association.


Packed with hundreds of astonishing quotes and references, including many by prominent Jewish figures, this timely and valuable book takes a probing look at the Jewish question over the centuries, and details how Jewish supremacists dominate American political
life and the US mass media.

The author, David Duke, is a well-known political figure and activist defender of the rights and heritage of European-Americans. Here he examines the fascinating relat
ionship between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the crucial Jewish role in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, the harmful impact of America's Jewish-dictated pol
icy in the Middle East, the threat posed by Israel to world peace and security, and the pivotal Jewish role in the Communist takeover of Russia.

Duke also takes a skeptical look at the Holocaust story, and the sordid history of Zionism, including the long record of Zionist terrorism, provides an overview of Jewish-Zionist treachery against America, and reviews the Jewish role in radically changing US immigration policy to encourage massive Third World migration. Those who oppose Jewish supremacism, Duke points out, are promptly and viciously attacked as anti-Semitic. Powerful Jewish forces, he contends, seek not only military dominanc
e in the Middle East, but an awesome and dangerously messianic supremacy around the world.



On language and how we say things

I think it is imperative that all of use language that states the problems in a clear and consise manner and does not overstate the issue. For instance, when the media attacks anti-Zionists they will invariably say something like " He opposes all Jews" or "he believes all Blacks are inferior to Whites."
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Note the use of all. People are taught not to believe in absolutes and to say all of anything raises red flags.

Not all Jews support unlimited immigration, feminism, race-mixing or even Israel. To say that most Jews support those things (at least in White nations) is probably accurate. What's more important, to show people your sensibility on the s
ubject the term Jewish supremacism or Jewish supremacist (s) is a very powerful term. Not only does it clearly expose t
heir the ideology of radical zionism and Judaism, it enables our people to realise that you are not preaching hatred against the individual Jew that may know and like, but against those Jews who are "supremacists".
this is an important psychological point in the waking up of our people. Remember, step by step.

It can be easily proven that practically every major J*wish organization is supremacist in a real sense! So let's pound on that rather than talking about "Jews" in general.

I think the introduction of the term Jewish Supremacism is an extremely powerful way that language can be used to awaken our Folk.

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Newest book by bestselling author David Duke due out, possibly this spring.

White leader David Duke hopes his newest book, For Love of My People, will go to press at the end of this year and be available to readers by Spring. This is one book I will not rush!

Duke wrote on David Duke Live:

" think it is by far the most important writing I have ever done and I think it will have enduring and powerful ramifications on our movement. Of course, all that will be for you to judge.

But I can tell you that I am very passionate
nd excited about this labor of love!

The author of the bestsellers J*wish Supremacism, which has been translated into ten languages and sold over 500,000 copies in Eastern Europe alone
, and his autobiography My Awakening,
has been working on his latest book over the last two years.

" can give you a good overview, Duke writes, concerning For Love of My People. "t has two parts, one an emotional defense of European mankind and a celebration of our qualities, including a long record of exemplary courage and fighting spirit ' which we must bring to the fore ' and secondly, some practical advice on how to bring about the European American revolution that must occur if we are to survive and fulfill our promise on the planet and in the universe.

It is about principles and formats that can be utilized by any organization, or by small units of patriots anywhere in the world. It makes it possible for these organic units to function as part of a large political-social organization or independent agents for the change that we seek.