COVID-19 Global Outbreak


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COVID-19 Global Outbreak

Unlimited welfare immigration allows liberal governments to bring in their own voters. They continue to have bank accounts in their country of origin, and it is no accident that the plague follows the money.

Are We Going to Die?

Corona virus melts away the lungs so that the patient might have to be ventilated. This is called intubation. Intubation and the steps leading up to it are some of the highest-risk moments for workers and their patients. Medical personal must wear a face shield, fluid resistant gown, and so on.
Wearing a space suit, while doing intubation, is not so easy. Here is an intern’s account under normal, supervised conditions.

No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't intubate. I was starting to get frustrated. So was my so-called mentor. On the last day of my rotation, he was determined that I master the technique.
He anaesthetized and paralyzed the patient and handed me the laryngoscope blade. I worked hard to get the tongue out of the way until I was finally able to get the blade past the tongue. For the first time, I could see the epiglottis. But I couldn’t see the vocal cords. I struggled for what seemed like another minute. The patient started to show signs of respiratory distress and was moments away from suffering cardiac arrest … In a panic, he shove me aside and put the tube in himself.

The Night Shift, Dr. Brian Goldman, pg. 14-15