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If FBI or other officials looked deep enough, Officer Goines was running cover for drug traffickers.
He's just another member of the African American Mafia.


Gerald Goines.
Over 1,400 past cases uncovered. No guns or drugs were found.

KHOU 11 Investigates: Officer Gerald Goines had past issues with no-knock warrants​

Embattled Houston Police officer Gerald Goines routinely claimed it was too dangerous to knock on a suspected drug dealer’s home. Goines swore in search warrant affidavits that “knocking and announcing would be dangerous, futile,” because he claimed a confidential informant had seen a gun inside. Those claims led judges to grant no-knock warrants, which accounted for 96 percent of all the search warrants he filed in the last seven years, a KHOU 11 Investigation has found.