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Nature Of Christian Philosophy: Aristotelian Metaphysics, To Christian Ethics
(Apollonian, 11 May 22)

Christ was not "Jew," Jew defined by both the Jews themselves and Christians as followers of the Pharisees. "Jews" are thus reputed to be descendents of and/or denizens of the land or province of Judea, evidently named after one of the sons of Jacob, Judah. One would NOT call a mere denizen who did not follow the rabbis and Talmud a Jew--"Jew" NOT NOT NOT same as Judean. So "Jews" are NOT same as Israelites or Hebrews, Jews being followers of Pharisees, who reputedly came fm Judea. "Jews" can also include the supposed descendants of the tribe of Benjamin. Christ may have been born in Bethlehem, but was descended fm ancestors (fm Mary and Joseph) out of Galilee, so Christ was NOT NOT NOT "Judean" or Jew either by descent or by religion. Christ was an "anti-semite" as defined by kikes nowadays.

The quotation fm Matthew, 15:26 refers to Christ preaching first to his own people who claim to follow the precepts of MOSES (fm the Torah), as it only makes sense to preach FIRST to those people explicitly citing the religion--ONLY LATER to expand to the gentiles, as St. Paul did.

"Philosophy of the Talmudists" is SUBJECTIVISM, holding to the Pharisaic "Oral Law Tradition" (Gosp. MARK 7:8-9) by which Torah is INTERPRETED ("midrash") by the rabbis, the Jews now required to keep to the rabbinic midrash (official "interpretation" and "party-line") and NOT NOT NOT the actual Torah itself. In Judaism Talmud and rabbis takes precedence over Torah, despite the lies of the rabbis and Jews. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

New Test. is LITERATURE, which contains some history, and is religious model and authority--in same way as Homer was religious model and authority of the ancient Greeks, Christ simplifying and restating the precepts of Moses fm the Torah. Thus Christianity and Christian philosophy begin in basic metaphysics (first principles/premises, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence rejection of Talmudic subjectivism in favor of Aristotelian objectivity) and then expands to ETHICS, which Christian ethics are what is most revered and repeated and spread in the popular culture by people of all races. Thus Christian religion is founded upon Christian philosophy, which religion and philosophy is elaborated by St. JOHN and St. Paul, among others.

It cannot be too greatly emphasized the absolute ANTI-SEMITIC nature and substance of Christ and Christianity, affirming the objective reality and TRUTH against crass subjectivism and satanism (making themselves co-equal w. God) of Talmudists/Pharisees. Christ was NOT NOT NOT "Jew" in any way or form whatsoever, as Christ constantly and consistently spoke and preached against the Jews and their subjectivist/satanic "traditions." And anyone (like Mkultra) who says Christ was Jew is simply an ignorant liar--which Mkultra constantly demonstrates and verifies.

The very essential story of New Test. is the absolute enmity of the Pharisees against Christ who hate the idea of TRUTH and the objective reality, the Pharisees and Jews insisting that only what they say is "truth," Jews proudly affirming they CONSPIRED and killed Christ who was heretic and blasphemer, and the Jews holding that Christ's "...blood be upon us and our children" (MATT 27:25).
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