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Below-copied by ap first submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/degas-and-the-jews/ Sanderson, 23 Jun 2022

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"Bad" And "Good" Too Simplistic, False--Merely For Fools, Children, And Dogs
(Apollonian, 10 July 2022)

Dutch, buddy (see below-copied), u utterly miss the whole pt. to life, philosophy, and art. Jews aren't "bad"; they are what they are, filling a socio-biologic niche, function, and purpose. As reality is determined (as it is objective, according to Aristotle), there is no perfectly "free" (hence God-like) will, and no "good-evil"--which is Platonic, subjectivist prejudice and presumption. "Beautiful" is yet more subjectivism.

For why do ducks have flat feet?--to stamp out forest fires, etc. After awhile, life simply produces toooooo many morons, fools, suckers, weaklings, and inferiors, who were spawned by the victors, conquerors, and masters of the previous ruling class, which issued fm Europe of the early modern age and which grew to dominance, as say during the 19th cent., according to Houston S. Chamberlain ("Foundations of the 19th Cent.").

Thus these over-populated weaklings must be liquidated and culled, and Jews (and their "liberal" and "leftist" coadjutors) are the ones determined reality has chosen to help do the job. Hence it is Jew and Talmudic subjectivism, which holds that rabbis determine what the truth of the Torah is, leading the leftist weaklings, but which leftists are legion, vs. the remnants of the previous, successful objectivistic culture, the remnant championed ultimately by the REAL Christians (who are anti-Semitic, anti-satanist) and worshippers of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth requires the objective reality as basis.

For Satanism is simply extreme subjectivism, holding reality is created by consciousness (as in Immanuel Kant), making subject to be god, the creator. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

By 19th cent. though, West was already in "decline" according to Oswald Spengler, the Rothschilds firmly in control of the banking sector which rules all of economics, hence society, at least according to Marx. So it isn't "bad vs. good," which is for inferiors, children, and dogs--it's rather a great determinist, CYCLIC, Spenglerian process, as of Anaximander (around 500 B.C. Miletus, Asia Minor). The great CRUX issue nowadays regards the Central-banking (legalized counterfeiting--see Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for terms like "fiat currency," etc.) fraud of the "globalists" by which they seek to destroy the objectivistic Christian culture and humanity, pretending they're "good" as they're "green," etc.

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2. Dutch Boy says:
June 24, 2022 at 2:17 am GMT • 16.2 days ago
Degas’ weakness was precisely his anti-Semitism, which detracts from the critique of the Jewish religion and culture which promotes revolution and cultural degeneration. Jewish influence is bad not because of their noses or their DNA but because they are largely enemies of the good, the true, and the beautiful.
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Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.bitchute.com/video/T8mnEin9QHjx/ Ruhe, 11 Jul 2022

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Diff. Btwn Christianity And Buddhism is Christianity Has Distinct Philosophy--Which Jews/Satanists Hate
(Apollonian, 14 Jul 22)

Well, I followed the discussion by Buddhists regarding Christianity in comparison to Buddhism for 20 mins into the vid, and concluded NONE of these "Buddhists" had the slightest idea of either religion in general or Christianity in particular. For the core and essence of any religion is PHILOSOPHY, suckers--get a clue.

The "religion" is mere dramatic/ritualist adjunct and/or outlier to the core philosophy. For as philosophy is so difficult for most people, it is religion and ritualist dramatics and ceremony then that unites and attracts a larger society, the idea being that religion provides an avenue for any individual to approach the philosophy and insights thereof.

And the essence of Christian philosophy is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. The Christ figure is mere literary make-shift, esp. for the younger audience. "Love" has nothing to do w. Christianity except secondarily; same goes for "faith" (loyalty), and "peace," which is an individualist effect. And there is no "good-evil" in a determinist (hence Christian) reality. Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), such truth being the "only" way to God the Father, all this Christianity in HEGELIAN opposition (anti-thesis) to Judaism/satanism, Judaism being the most successful, dominant form/style of satanism, satanism being extreme subjectivism, consciousness the source of reality, as in Immanuel Kant, the subject then making himself God--satanism (which isn't mystical at all, even in the slightest degree, in all truth).

Brian Ruhe seems to have admitted, in several of his vids, Buddhism has failed against Judaism/satanism, whereas Christianity for about 1000 to 1500 yrs had an excellent record of success against this putrid satanism/Judaism--why Jews hate Christianity and Christians so much. If Buddhism was any good or worthwhile, it seems Jews would hate it similarly.

Further, note that if u say something is "Christian" or part of Christian philosophy, THEN U MUST CITE THE RELEVANT PASSAGE IN THE New Test. TEXT, like any proper scholar. And I MUST say, I cannot stand that creature, Pannobhasa, who is a putrid scholar, who pretends he understands Christianity, but lies and/or shows so much idiot ignorance that he's just toooo disgusting to waste time listening to. Brian Ruhe seems to have forgotten practically everything I so painstakingly explained to him regarding Christianity--in one ear, out the other, I'm sorry to say.

What u Buddhists need to do is to simply state a coherent philosophy, which u seem to have such difficulty in doing. U say there's no "self"?--no wonder people in the West have so little time for such Buddhism.


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This essay by ap first posted as response on chat-room thread, this site, http://www.nnnforum.net/forums/inde...e-related-news-or-topics.365441/#post-7344250/ Question was posed, "should non-racial news be admitted for site viewers and discussion"?

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Editorial Leadership Is Crucial And, So Far, Quite Successful
(Apollonian, 19 July 22)

Well, the racial activity should remain central, the core of the information--it's what distinguishes the site, NewNation.net. And we don't want to increase too much the work of the editor.

But other news ought to feed and provide foundation for this core of the outright racial activity--like the culture in general and economy. For we know the queers naturally ally w. the Jews who RULE absolutely (the Jew S A) through the financial system, making for all the alarming racial activity and continuing murder of Western civilization. For the kikes, many of them, like Ron Unz, want to pretend they're "white," don't forget. Unz is seconded by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Kevin MacDonald of Occidental Observer.

The Jews rule by means, specifically, of the financial instruments, like the central-bank legalized counterfeiting, giving them overwhelming economic power (a), but also (b) by means of confusion of Christianity, financed of course, by the (legally) counterfeited funding, pretending to the over-populated weaklings, inferiors, scum and suckers that Christianity and Judaism/Talmudism are mere alternative variants of one another--when they are complete OPPOSITES and anti-theses, truth vs. lies, objective basis vs. subjectivism/satanism. That cultural confusion is what "cultsmasher," for example, wants to take advantage of by defaming Christianity in general, pretending it's just a version of Judaism, confusing and conflating the two opposites/anti-theses.

So we have to depend on the editor to keep an artistic sort of watch over the blend and combination of info--the overt racial activity as the core, but then also how the larger culture feeds into it all and provides the back-drop. Editorship is crucial, and I suspect that so far, that editorial leadership has been successful, judging by the increasing readership and interest for NNN.
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Essence of Christianity is Philosophy, Core to the Religion, Hence Church
(Apollonian, 22 July 22)

[This essay by ap, only very slightly edited by author, in response to "cultsmasher," copied below.] I already explained to u that I don't care what u say or think; I write first and most for the readers who may be reading these exchanges, NOT U.

Christ = TRUTH, sucker (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Christ, for all we know is mere fictional character written in for the sake of the people's general comprehension, beginning in childhood, New Testament being LITERATURE (much like the Illiad and Oddysey were basics of the ancient Greek culture which preceded the Roman-Christian era) meant to convey a philosophy and ETHICS, then providing for the attached religion which religion is the primary means of the people (who have great difficulty, like urself, for understanding/appreciation of philosophy) for grasping and approaching the core principles of the philosophy.

Christ, like God the Father, cannot be proven or disproven, moron, as God is by definition ineffable, not to be grasped by sense-perception, thus eluding scientific method--"God" thus begins as a hypothetical which thereupon cannot be dismissed, which hypothetical persists, a substitute for an order and/or beginning to the universe, like "natural law," providing for everything else about reality. Christian philosophy is thus founded upon the presumption that though life may be difficult for humans, it yet can be managed in a satisfactory way--which has worked for humanity thus far throughout history, the Christian institutions surviving and even thriving among and despite the failures of other systems.

Think of it: a dumb*ss, ignorant, dipsh*t, moron, like urself imagines New Test. is designed and supposed to be taken LITERALLY for everything written in it--it doesn't occur to a brain-dead scum like urself that New Test. is LITERATURE meant to be appreciated in way of a fictional novel, or epic poems like Illiad and Oddysey for the transmission of cultural/abstract values and ideas--like for example, the Christian rejection of and opposition to the Pharisees and "Oral Law Trad." There were no doubt stupid Greeks at the time, like urself, who thought Illiad and Oddysey were supposed to be taken literally, that Achilles and Oddyseus were real people, etc.

U say, "Christianity is all about pacifism," which is simply a bald-face, moronic lie, and any proper decent scholar worthy of the name knows statements about the philosophy of anything, including New Test. need to be founded and cited in the New Test. text. On the contrary, Christ explicitly argued over and over, again and again AGAINST the Pharisees, who finally murdered Christ, Pharisees preaching the "Oral law Tradition," by which everything/anything in Torah is only "interpreted" ("MIDRASH") by the rabbis, this "midrash" finally written out in the Babylonian Talmud around 500 AD. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

"Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword," (Gosp. MATT 10:34). Christ, the literary figure KNEW he was rebel and revolutionary. The "sword" then is the affirmation of objective reality, hence TRUTH--against the satanic lies and lying of the Pharisees (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and which objective reality and truth founds the Christian ethics which is most famous and revered thing about Christianity among all humanity, of all races and cultures, throughout history--Christ thus demonstrates the ideal manner by which people of the Church act and think among themselves--in opposition to the lies of satanists led by such as the Pharisees, against whom Christ provides that proverbial "sword."

"Loving one's neighbor" and "turning the other cheek," are quotations which u take out of context, moron, as u don't have the basic intelligence to realize it, wherein Christ merely urges the understanding of one's neighbor and appreciating his pt. of view--this "understanding" and relating mis-translated as "love." "Turning the other cheek," simply advises one not to be too quick to taking offense and prematurely firing upon one's fellow.

U're just ignorant scum who doesn't understand the Christian philosophy ("truth" founded in the objective reality--opposed to the Pharisaic subjectivist "truth"--which they "interpret" for their own interests), hence doesn't understand the religion--u don't understand what religion, in general, is, what the relation of religion is to philosophy, religion making the philosophy applicable and relatable for all the people, not only for the very few who can grasp strict philosophy. And u're soooo brainlessly stupid as to think that anyone else who calls himself "Christian" is then automatically one who DOES understand the philosophy, etc., thus ur moronic recitals of straw-man argumentation as u do, citing the "Christian" broadcasting channels, which are all Jew-oriented and -funded operations meant to confuse the people and things about the religion, making it useless and meant to serve the Jew financiers. It doesn't occur to a moron like urself that there are "false-prophets," about whom Christ explicitly warned.

Christians, properly understood, are NOT NOT NOT "pro-Jew," Jews the legendary killers of Christ and truth, sucker--SOME who call themselves "Christian" may be (after all, the leaders of those fools are paid well by Jews) "pro-Jew," but that doesn't mean it's what real Christianity is all about--which is worship of TRUTH (= Christ); hatred of lies, as I noted, to begin with, the Christian ethical system following based upon justice and the circumstance of the "sinful" human nature founded in self-interest which Christ fully acknowledges.

White people are by far, unquestionably and predominantly Christian, and Christianity built USA and the entire West since Roman times, sucker. And again, what I noted about u is that if u're anti-Christ, u're anti-white TRAITOR, along w. ur Jewwy buddies, fool--and that's how u're going to be treated, sucker, don't doubt or forget, scum. Treason bears a fearsome penalty, sucker--u have been warned, scum--think carefully, u dumb p.o.s.

-----------------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------------------------------

This response by "cultsmasher" is found at the thread in chat-room, this site, http://www.nnnforum.net/forums/index.php?threads/to-hell-with-christianity.365380/#post-7344400/, posting # 4.

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You are an idiot if you don't know that jesus was the best weapon the jews ever came up with against the goyim. Next, you think that believing in jesus is the best way to stand up for Whites? Christianity is all about pacifism. Loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek, etc. That's the opposite of what is required. Also, I happened across a couple things on different occasions when I went by a christian channel. One time they showed a christian evangelist in israel talking to a group of jews in some restaurant. They seems pleased to him telling them that they really needed to stick up for the "holy land." But the "holy land" means shit to a non-jew. Or at least it shouldn't.

On another occasion on some christian channel I say that they were holding some sort of telethon to raise money to send poor jews to the "holy land." What a joke. You christians are pro-jew. Which means that you are anti-White. So spare me you giving me another lengthy bullshit reply. I already KNOW what you're all about. Even if you possibly may not.
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Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/mhudson/finance-capitalisms-self-destructive-nature/

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"Steve," Hudson, And Unz Need To Try Snapping Out Of It, Suckers
(apollonian, 24 July 22)

Good gravy, Steve, but how u babble on so shamelessly--not unlike Hudson himself--or Ron Unz. Any college psychology major, among lots of others too, can tell u Hudson is just full of what's called "psycho-babble"--which is an indication of schizophrenia, a pathetic submergence into an abstracted kind of madness, dis-connected w. actual, perceptual, existential reality.

For I don't understand ur problem: how is it u can't face up to the extremely simple fact which screams in ur face that the US Federal Reserve system is simply a criminal enterprise (a), and (b) that it's continuing "issuance" of currency (and what u call "credit") is just literal COUNTERFEITING, but which is made "legalized" by satanic lies and lying, including the public edjumacation idiot-factory system, seconded by the Jews-media liars and hype-meisters. So it's no wonder USA has become the satanic Jew S A, hated by all the world, the stooge of Israel, the tail wagging the dog, etc.

Unz Review evermore is thus such a pathetic joke, and Kevin MacDonald says not a word, nor does Phil Giraldi or Jared Taylor or Kevin Barrett. Who is kidding who, suckers?

------------------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------------------------

11. Steve in Dallas says:
July 22, 2022 at 10:58 pm GMT • 1.4 days ago • 1,900 Words
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This, below-copied, essay by ap was first submitted at thread, this site, http://www.nnnforum.net/forums/inde...white-children-probably.365542/#post-7344553/, entry # 2

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"Cultsmasher" Is All Talk And Bluster, No Serious Action Or Planning, Not Even Analysis
(Apollonian, 24 July 22)

Well cultsmasher, so u feel soooooooooooo badly now about all these poor casualties, eh?--so now what will u do about it, sucker?--why not kill urself? But what?--u say u'd rather do something else?--is there some solution to this race war? I think there very much is a solution, that being the unification of people on the premise of anti-satanism, that satanic cultural force which I hold is so much responsible for these depredations and outrages u seem to indicate.

So then if satanism is the real problem, it entails not only the problem of race, doesn't it?--for what is satanism? I say satanism is extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is whatever one wants it to be, making the subject into being God, the creator, and especially this satanist extreme subjectivism being applied collectivistically, within a large group of people--who, for example, all worship this satanic extreme subjectivism as a kind of religion.

Thus I proceed upon this cultural premise of anti-satanism, hence anti-subjectivism. Thus I hold the world is something that exists within an objective reality--against the subjectivist premise. And fact is there is a way of attacking this subjectivism which is at bottom of the satanism which causes so many of the problems, like the present race-war against whites.

Hence my retort against u and ur idiot ramblings is that u haven't the slightest idea regarding the cultural problems which are actually at play, in action and in effect. For it's very much the satanic religion which is at bottom of the on-going race-war, and unfortunately, ignorant scum like urself has not the slightest notion of the satanic premises for this satanic religion at work against all humans as humans and rational beings, not merely as beasts in human form.

In all truth, I don't think u, cultsmasher, have even the slightest plan for serious combat against the sort of race war which produces the tragedies that u pretend to lament so much, sucker. For in order to begin to having a plan, one first needs an ANALYSIS of the situation, hence needs a true history of things which have led to the present situation, NONE OF WHICH u have even the slightest idea--u have no plan, no analysis, no real, serious idea or notion of what will be necessary to solving these cultural problems. U're all talk and babble, no serious action or activity which must begin for the proper analysis and then planning. U suck.
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Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comment # 132 at http://www.nnnforum.net/forums/inde...-from-cultsmasher.365212/page-7#post-7344564/

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Observe The Striking Similarities In Style For Our Foremost Forum Liars, Mkultra & "Cultsmasher"
(Apollonian, 25 July 22)

First of all, folks, always remember to cite, quote, and copy the statements of the Jewwy MKultra as he will change and amend his statements after u've responded, and then say he "doesn't remember" stating the stupidity for what u are responding to in ur own entry as reply.

Regarding "cultsmasher," note the simple fact that he's Jewwy anti-Christ, spewing the very same idiot lies about Christianity that not only the Jews push, but that the Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org for best expo on JCs) hereticalists themselves push--indeed, pushed by the entire fake "Christian" establishment, including the commie, homo-globo pope.

For the actual FACT is that the REAL Christianity is anti-semitic, deliberately designed to being so, Christianity endorsing TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) of the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality AGAINST the Jew subjectivism/satanism, holding that Torah means ONLY what rabbis say it means in the stinking Talmud, according to "Oral Law Trad." Thus note the real Christianity is literally the Hegelian anti-thesis to Talmudism/Judaism--there couldn't be anything MORE anti-semitic than the real Christianity (just see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and that's why the Jews hate Christ and (real) Christianity MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, a simple fact which is notorious and actually quite well-known by many real Christians, but which such a stinking, Jew-like liar, like "cultsmasher," ignores, this satanic liar ("cultsmasher") pushing the JC idea that Judaism and Christianity are mere versions and variants of one another, both of them founded upon same/similar premise(s).

So we see "cultsmasher" actually just does the work of the JCs, aside fm the Jews, pushing the lies so obsessively, even psychotically. For example, "cultsmasher" alleges Christianity is about pacifism. "Cultsmasher" doesn't understand or acknowledge what real Christianity is all about at the core philosophy--or that it even has a core philosophy. The scummy, lying fool doesn't even understand Judaism, which is extreme subjectivism, making reality to be what they want it to be, by means of their "midrash" "interpretations" as given in their filthy Talmud. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

So u see, that's the real problem w. "cultsmasher," the master-liar who says, w. such supreme irony, that he speaks truth--when he lies and totally mis-represents the real Christianity, tacitly pretending the hereticalist JC version is the real thing, always refusing to give citations for his lies (as that Christianity is about pacifism first and most). "Cultsmasher" just babbles and lies, never giving citations to back up his lies and lying, and this is his consistent technique.

Thus "cultsmasher" actually does good work for the Jews and JCs, so obsessively and insistently pushing their lies, and when webmasters finally have had a bellyfull of this psychopathic liar's constant lies and lying, they ban the p.o.s. and then the puke complains and cries that his "free speech" has been violated, ho ho ho ho ho. Thus u have "cultsmasher's" technique, and then, like Mkultra, he challenges anyone to pt. out one of his lies for demonstration, about which he then just tells more idiot lies, insisting u haven't proven anything against him--such a confirmed liar he is--he simply will not and never will admit to any of his lies and lying--just like a Jew.

And note then the great similarity in technique btwn these two master liars, "cultsmasher" and Mkultra. Mkultra only suffers the same problem w. his buddy, creepy Joe Biden, for senility and brain-deadness to go on top of his basic psychotic nature and low IQ, putting inappropriate question-marks at the end of sentences, misplacing commas, mis-spelling words, expressing mere sentence fragments as if they're complete sentences, and just not making any sense for so much of his idiotic babbling.

So now u see the great similarities to the styles and techniques of the psycho-liars, creepy Joe, Mkultra, and the "cultsmasher," cultsmasher being still relatively younger than the other two, and hence not quite as decrepit, incompetent, and pathetically incoherent as the other two, but a master, inveterate, and pathologic liar no less.
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Below essay by ap first submitted, though the kike deleted/censored my note # 98, at very bottom, response, at comments, https://www.unz.com/aanglin/at-saudi-golf-event-trump-says-no-one-even-knows-who-did-9-11/

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"It's Jews, Stupid"
(Apollonian, 29 July 22)

Try "Solving 9/11," by Chris Bollyn--remember that criminal investigations work by means of inductive logic--one gathers all the details, induces (generalizes), assembles plausible suspects and then begins to ruling out, looking for who's most likely culprit. It wasn't Eskimos, wasn't Watusis, or Hottentots. So can we rule out Jews or Israel?--of course not. The plot simply couldn't have succeeded without those lovely Jews, folks--Jews, the foremost Satanists of any society.

Just observe the amazingly stage-managed political events, like 9/11, and then the repercussions which take place and then get most publicity (or NOT) in our daily lives. How could any of it take place without the careful plotting and planning that goes into these events? Most of all, how could any of these events take place without the heavy financing which has to be involved? And finally, HOW can anything be so well and heavily financed without that massive (legalized) counterfeiting fraud, the US Federal Reserve system, suckers? WHO are the master manipulators of such criminal enterprise as "the fed"?

So then in addition, remember it takes a lot to get the suckers, fools, inferiors, and weaklings who so much over-populate our civilization to be diverted and distracted fm necessary observations and conclusions, especially regarding Jews. Thus we see the place and purpose for paid and owned front-men like Israel-first Trump, who works for the Jews.

Thus, in the spirit of inductive logic, just remember Sherlock Holmes, who teaches us, "when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." "It's Jews, stupid"--prove me wrong, suckers.

--------------------------------------below-copied in response to above, by ap--------------------------------

95. Carroll price says:
July 30, 2022 at 3:00 am GMT • 1.8 hours ago ↑

You left out the Jew-owned news media that has kept 9/11 covered up for almost 22 years.

----------------------------------below-copied by ap in response to just above-----------------------

98. apollonian says: • Website Your comment is awaiting moderation.
July 30, 2022 at 4:50 am GMT • very recent • 100 Words ↑
@Carroll price

Central Bank Affects, Controls The Entire Economy, Society, Necessarily

No, I didn’t leave them out at all–Jews-media is INCLUDED within all the large complex of businesses, beginning w. the large corp.s financed by the legalized counterfeiting machine, the US Federal Reserve system (see Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like “fiat-currency”). Thus EVERYTHING, including the whole economy, is controlled and affected by the “fed” central bank, all the large corp.s, as I note, and then most, if not all, of the smaller corp.s and businesses too, including Big Pharma, big tech, Jews-media, etc. Once one cites the central bank legalized counterfeiting machine, it automatically includes the entire economy, necessarily.
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