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Below essay by ap first submitted, but NOT published by coward, Hoffman, at comments, https://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2021/07/a-tricknology-synthesis.html

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So What Then Is "Importance" Of Hoffman?--Merely Needs Analysis By "Orest"
(Apollonian, 2 Aug 2021)

Well Orest [see below-copied by "Orest"], I'd say ur comment is interesting, and I agree w. ur literary analysis regarding importance and interest, but I'd have to say that Hoffman's book about money, banking, and charging interest, "Usury...," is utterly and totally worthless, w. very little that's even interesting.

In fact, Hoffman's "Usury..." is so pathetically barren and IGNORANT upon all the main and principle issues, the book is really a gross embarrassment. For Hoffman evinces no knowledge whatsoever upon economics in general or money and banking, and he doesn't even attempt to analyze the real meaning of "usury" which is NOT mere lending at interest.

Hoffman's best work is regarding analysis of Judaism/Talmudism, i.e., "...Strange Gods," and "Judaism Discovered." Unfortunately Hoffman fails for thoroughgoing analysis of Judaism which is simply and flatly Satanism (extreme subjectivism), the making of oneself to be God, the creator.

Thus Jews make themselves to be God in way of Jews collectivistically, as a whole people/race, which then makes Jews to be leaders and masters of Satanism in general, as gentiles are too individualistic for their own Satanism, even though gentiles far out-number Jews, which causes gentiles to fail for unity, cohesion, and co-operation--why they need Jews as leaders and master-minds, especially in way of bolshevism, as we see so well in history.

For Hoffman FAILS for the full philosophic analysis to the obvious Satanist problem as Satanism is subjectivism, the idea that reality is creation of mind/consciousness, making the subject to be God, the creator--as we see fm the basic Talmudic principle of "midrash," Torah meaning ONLY what Jews/Pharisees say it means. Thus Jews are so well capable of lying and applying such subjectivism to every and any other subject-matter, including science itself, thereby destroying science, especially, as we see, science and/or logic applied to law, destroying law and the legal system.

Hoffman then is utterly ignorant of the great gift of Christ and Christianity who and which assures humanity of existence of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all things. For TRUTH couldn't exist without the objective, Aristotelian reality. And it's this great and magnificent TRUTH which Jews hate about Christ, the Greeks, and the West, above all things.

Given then this basic failure of philosophy and analysis on Hoffman's part, his actual history for things, as of Adolf Hitler, suffers most grievously, as when he fails to take note of the epochal revolution in philosophy and ethics of Immanuel Kant, near the turn of the 19th cent., as Kant overturns (or so attempts) Aristotle and pretends most insistently that consciousness creates reality, especially for ethics. Hoffman hasn't the slightest notion, making no mention of Kant at all (though I haven't read his book on Hitler).

And it's so interesting because Hoffman would absolutely LOVE Kant, because Kant and his philosophy enables Hoffman to pretend he's "good," which "good" is Hoffman's real idol and false God. For Hoffman is no Christian which Christian TRUTH abhors lies and non-existent "good" (and/or "evil"), which Hoffman refuses to face.

So u see, Orest, u need to apply the right analysis to Hoffman himself which can be done when one applies analysis to the subjects Hoffman attempts, like history, philosophy, ethics, and usury, for which Hoffman fails so signally, miserably, and grossly. Hoffman is mere sanctimonious virtue-signaler who desperately seeks to pretending he's "good"--that's the long and short of it regarding Hoffman.

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Orest Slepokura said...

Michael Hoffman's books cannot simply be read once and then set aside. They are way too rich and dense w/ meaning and must be (rewardingly so) pored over again & again. Many books are interesting, but not particularly important. Hoffman's books manage to be both very fascinating AND important, too.
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