Hooray!--at last some Cong.-men stand up and demand accountability for vast sums of tax-payers' funds being squandered in Ukraine


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NO MORE $ FOR UKRAINE: Freedom Caucus Member Thomas Massie & Florida Congressman Cory Mills Demand Accountability Before Further Action​


Link: http://www.yourdestinationnow.com/2022/11/no-more-for-ukraine-freedom-caucus.html


Earlier today, several members of the United States Congress, including Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and Florida Congressman-elect Cory Mills held a press conference detailing the need for robust oversight and audits of the money sent to Ukraine by the Biden administration.
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who kicked off the presser, highlighted how the money spent on Ukraine could have helped to address the influx of Fentanyl into the United States by Mexican drug cartels, but acknowledged the fact that the Democrats were shamelessly parading around wounded Ukrainian soldiers around the United States Capitol, but wondered why they weren’t doing the same for families who had lost loved ones due to the Fentanyl epidemic.

“Our job is to use the American taxpayer dollars for the security of our country and for the American people,” Greene stated, while explaining a resolution addressing a resolution calling the Biden administration to account for their misuse of taxpayer funds.
Congressman Massie followed up by promising to figure out where all the money has gone when it comes to Ukraine, stating that American support for continued support for Ukraine and support for the initial funding to Ukraine had wained among the American people.

Massie correctly stated that the Democrats have a habit of tying federal aid to Ukraine to hurricane relief and COVID-19 funding instead of having an up or down vote on each spending measure.
“We need an Inspector General. The waste, fraud, abuse we saw from the Inspector General who investigated the funding to Afghanistan proves we have a lot to uncover in Ukraine,” concluded Massie.
Matt Gaetz, who represents Florida’s 1st Congressional District which is the home to the most military veterans in the nation, said that laws had been violated and regulations had been ignored in relation to the funding already sent to Ukraine.
“The American people are not going to support this war without tough questions. The incoming Republican majority cannot and will not support any more funding,” said Gaetz.
Freshman Congressman-elect from Florida’s 7th congressional district was also there. He told this GP journalist the following. Mills is a combat veteran and was appointed by President Trump to advise him on national security matters.
He won the GOP primary in August and crushed his Democrat opponent by more than 15% to flip the former seat occupied by J6 hoaxer Stephanie Murphy.
“As elected officials, we are stewards of the American taxpayer’s money and they deserve transparency. We must control the out of control inflationary spending. If we have billions to spend, it should be on securing the border, protecting Americans from the deadly Fentanyl poisoning our communities, and taking better care of our veterans,” said Mills.


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Republican US Congressman: Days of Endless Cash, Military Aid for Ukraine ‘Numbered’​

Link: https://alethonews.com/2022/11/18/r...dless-cash-military-aid-for-ukraine-numbered/

Samizdat – 17.11.2022​

WASHINGTON – US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said the days of endless financial and security aid for Ukraine are numbered after the Republicans won a majority in the lower chamber of Congress.

“I’m here as a member of the House Armed Services Committee to say that the days of endless cash and military materiel to Ukraine are numbered,” Gaetz said on Thursday. “They’re numbered in the days that are required to act on Congresswoman [Marjorie Taylor] Greene’s well thought out resolution of inquiry and they are numbered when we get into the majority.”

Gaetz vowed not to vote for one more dollar or one more piece of military equipment for Ukraine. The congressman from Florida said the United States is far too entangled in the Ukraine conflict and has effectively extended it.

Gaetz also called on the US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to declassify the Inspector General’s report on compliance with the existing regulations regarding the chain of custody of material going to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said she is introducing legislation alongside other US House Republicans to audit funding provided to Ukraine. “We’re asking for everything to do with military, civilian and financial aid. We want it all,” she remarked at a conference.

Aside from Greene and Gaetz, House Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Matt Rosendale (R-MT) have co-signed the move to undertake audits of funds appropriated by Congress.

Green has stated that if the resolution is struck down, she intends to reintroduce the measure in the new year once the new Congress is brought in. “For next year, absolutely I’ll introduce this resolution again, but I’ll also be calling for a full audit. That’s what we want, we want to audit Ukraine,” she said.


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U.S. Announces Another $4.5B for Ukraine, Days After Zelensky Caught Trying to Con NATO Into WW3​

by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation
November 23rd 2022, 4:58 am

Link: https://www.infowars.com/posts/u-s-...-zelensky-caught-trying-to-con-nato-into-ww3/

The Biden regime on Tuesday announced they’re sending another $4.5 billion in US aid to Ukraine, despite President Zelensky attempting to con America and NATO into WW3 last week by bombing Poland and blaming Russia for the strike.


The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and in coordination with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Department of State, is providing an additional $4.5 billion in direct budgetary support to the Government of Ukraine. The funding, which will help alleviate the acute budget deficit caused by Putin’s brutal war of aggression, was made possible with generous bipartisan support from Congress. The Government of Ukraine will receive the funding in two tranches before the end of 2022.
[…] Once these additional funds are fully disbursed, the U.S. government will have provided $13 billion in direct budgetary support to the Government of Ukraine.
The Biden regime cut off pay and benefits to over 40,000 National Guard and 22,000 Reserve soldiers earlier this year because they refused to take Big Pharma’s covid mRNA shots but they have endless billions of our money to send to Ukraine.

This decision also comes just days after disturbing video was released purportedly showing Ukrainian soldiers committed war crimes by executing Russian prisoners of war.

🇺🇦🏴‍☠️🇷🇺AFU showing a video of war crimes…

That is where the tax money is going…

They don't even care if they show their faces… pic.twitter.com/XJ6FPaA2Hx
— AZ 🛰🌏🌍🌎 (@AZgeopolitics) November 18, 2022

The Biden regime, which holds itself up as a paragon of human rights, chose to downplay the massacre in a briefing on Monday.

From RT, “US downplays execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine”:

While acknowledging concern over videos that showed Ukrainian forces executing captured Russian soldiers, the US war crimes envoy has argued that allegations against Kiev’s forces pale in comparison to Moscow’s alleged atrocities.
“We are obviously tracking that quite closely,” Beth Van Schaack, US ambassador-at-large for global criminal justice, told reporters in a telephone briefing on Monday. “It’s really important to emphasize that the laws of war apply to all parties equally, both the aggressor state and the defender state, and this is in equal measure.”
However, Van Schaack added, “when it comes to the war in Ukraine, that’s really where the equivalency ends. When we’re looking at the sheer scale of criminality exhibited by Russian forces, it’s enormous compared to the allegations that we have seen against Ukrainian forces.”
Better send them billions!


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BREAKING: Biden Admin Can’t Account for $20 Billion in Aid to Ukraine​

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Link: http://www.tathasta.com/2022/11/breaking-biden-admin-cant-account-for.html


We really have no idea where billions sent to Ukraine landed. Now the Biden Administration is admitting this is the case.
We reported moments ago that we have no idea where the billions allocated to Ukraine eventually landed.
Since the war started, the US has sent more than $5o billion to Ukraine. Where has the money gone? We really don’t have any idea.
But we did get a clue recently with the fall of FTX. We learned that Ukraine was “investing” in FTX with money the US sent to Ukraine.
This morning, according to FOX News:
Biden’s administration is scrambling to track the nearly $20 billion in military aid it has sent to Ukraine as Republicans warn of impending audits when they take control of the House in January.
Likely future House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said his party will not be giving Ukraine a “blank check” to fend off Russia’s invasion. A potential audit would determine how much, if any, of the U.S. aid is ending up in the wrong hands. The Biden administration’s previous tracking efforts have inspected only a fraction of the aid provided to the country.
The Republican push to ramp up oversight enjoys some bipartisan support in Congress. Some staunch Ukraine allies fear the party will cut off aid to the country entirely, however.


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Pentagon cannot account for $20 billion worth of weapons in Ukraine while another $19 billion for Taiwan is missing​

Link: https://alethonews.com/2022/11/30/p...ile-another-19-billion-for-taiwan-is-missing/

By Drago Bosnic | November 30, 2022​

As if ongoing corruption scandals, including the FTX-Kiev regime-DNC connection, weren’t enough, the troubled Biden administration is now faced with another one. According to the latest reports, the US government is unable to account for the approximately $20 billion worth of weapons it sent to the Kiev regime. The US Congress has become a place of heated debates as Republicans warn there will be “impending audits” after they take full control of the House of Representatives in January. Major news media, such as Fox News, claim that the US government under Biden inspected only 10% of approximately 22,000 weapons it sent to the Kiev regime from late February to November.

The GOP wants audits to determine what is going on with the massive amounts of weapons the US is sending and how much of it is ending up “where it’s supposed to be.” Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has vowed to “hold our government accountable” for spending US taxpayers’ dollars for the sake of the corrupt Kiev regime. Other members of the US Congress have been asking for audits for months, while Senator Rand Paul asked on Twitter: “Didn’t someone try to legislatively mandate a special inspector general to scrutinize Ukrainian spending? Oh, that’s right, it was my amendment and most Democrats AND Republicans opposed any semblance of oversight.”

Back in May, the Biden administration promised it would pledge more than $54 billion in the military, financial and humanitarian “aid” to the Kiev regime. Various estimates of the full amount of funds the political West sent (and is still sending) put the actual number much higher (more than $65 billion back in May). Since Russia launched its counteroffensive on February 24, the US provided the bulk of those funds, far more than all of its vassals and satellite states combined, according to data cited by Summit News. On multiple occasions, the US government and the Pentagon indirectly admitted they weren’t able to track Ukraine-bound funds and resources after they reached the Polish-Ukrainian border.

On the other hand, representatives of some of the US vassals and satellite states in Europe have expressed frustration with the GOP’s requests for accountability of where the funds earmarked for the Kiev regime are ending up. These European officials “hope that such measures would not lead to cutting off funding to Ukraine and ultimately to victory for Russia.” Others, such as the United Kingdom Parliament member Tobias Ellwood, have been more direct and accused the Republicans of “playing into Putin’s hands” by asking for audits and imposition of stricter control, oversight and accountability regarding the funds for the Kiev regime.

Yet, weapons deliveries to the Kiev regime are hardly the only issue the US is faced with at present. Weapons the Biden administration promised to deliver to China’s breakaway island province of Taiwan have been considerably delayed and slowed as a result of the US commitment to arming the Neo-Nazi junta. It is estimated that Washington DC approved approximately $20 billion in arms sales to the government in Taipei since 2017. In late August, a Defense News report claimed there was a $14 billion backlog in weapons sales to Taiwan. However, the latest data indicates that the number has now drastically increased to nearly $19 billion in delayed deliveries, according to a new estimate by The Wall Street Journal.

“US government and congressional officials fear the conflict in Ukraine is exacerbating a nearly $19 billion backlog of weapons bound for Taiwan, further delaying efforts to arm the island as tensions with China escalate,” the WSJ report begins. “The US has pumped billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February, taxing the capacity of the government and defense industry to keep up with a sudden demand to arm Kiev in a conflict that isn’t expected to end soon,” the authors added in an admission rarely seen in mainstream media.

The information indicates that the US might not be able to respond effectively to a potential escalation of tensions in Taiwan. “The flow of weapons to Ukraine is now running up against the longer-term demands of a US strategy to arm Taiwan to help it defend itself against a possible invasion by China, according to congressional and government officials familiar with the matter,” WSJ report states.

Somewhat ironically, many Washington DC and Taipei officials have consistently used the Ukraine crisis as a reference point to reinforce the narrative that the US “must urgently equip the island with everything it needs.” However, very few of them have admitted that the US Military Industrial Complex doesn’t have the production capacity necessary to concurrently arm the Kiev regime and the government in Taipei. This is especially true given the aforementioned issues with tracking weapons and other funds earmarked for the Neo-Nazi junta in Kiev.