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It’s Now Undeniable That the Government Has Been Lacing Chicken Feed so That Chickens Stopped Laying Eggs​

January 31, 2023 9:25 pm by IWB
by Chris Black

Link: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com...en-feed-so-that-chickens-stopped-laying-eggs/

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Which is why that eggs are so bloody expensive right now.
Could it be any clearer, our governments are trying to kill us.
They want us to die, how much longer can we tolerate this?


The evil WEF is involved in starving the world’s population by any means necessary.

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Wake up.

Everything about the globalist left is evil and eliminating food production is just one way they’re attempting to meet their goals of population reduction.


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With Big Tech’s help, a handful of large corporations are seizing control of the global food supply​


Link: http://www.stationgossip.com/2023/02/with-big-techs-help-handful-of-large.html

As 2022 was coming to a close, The ETC Group released a report highlighting how the world’s “Food Barons,” also known as multinational cor...​

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As 2022 was coming to a close, The ETC Group released a report highlighting how the world’s “Food Barons,” also known as multinational corporations with deep pockets, now control pretty much every element of the industrial food and agriculture chain.
Entitled “Food Barons 2022 – Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization and Shifting Power,” the report examines the various corporations in charge of each of the 11 key industrial agri-food sectors, which are:

• Seeds
• Agrochemicals
• Livestock genetics
• Synthetic fertilizers
• Farm machinery
• Animal pharmaceuticals
• Commodity traders
• Food processors
• Big Meat
• Grocery retail
• Food delivery

Just four to six dominant firms, the report reveals, control every single one of these sectors. This allows them to wield enormous control over not just the food markets but also agricultural research and policy development.
With this handful of large corporations at the helm of the global food supply, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) climate change agenda is being implemented with much greater ease than if food was still controlled by We the People.

Digitalization of the food supply giving corporations even more power over what you eat​

Big Tech is also directly involved in the food supply takeover, which would not be possible without digitalization, which is often lumped under the banner of artificial intelligence (AI). Health Impact News investigated the report and came to the following conclusion about it:

“Everything and anything related to digital computer technology these days are being labelled as Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’), the new marketing buzzword for Big Tech to lure money from investors, so it should not surprise us that Big Tech is now attempting to apply AI to food production.”
Right now, the tech industry is busy developing what are known as “techno-fixes” that its members claim will address a variety of social and environmental problems. The truth is that these techno-fixes are conceived and designed “to entrench corporate control over food and agriculture even further.”
“Up and down the industrial food chain, the digitalization of food and agriculture emerges as the new techno-fix of the day,” Health Impact News further reported. “Our ongoing research reveals that every sector of the Industrial Food Chain is in the process of transforming into a digital enterprise.”
“At the same time, Big Tech is becoming tightly entangled with industrial food production. Data extracted via digital technologies is now itself a commodity: The Industrial Food Chain relies on Big Data to grow, process, trade, track, sell and transport its products.”
Industrial farms now feature AI-driven drone sprayers, robotic planters, and automated animal-feeding tools that allow farmers to never even have to set food on the soil. There is even facial recognition for livestock, if you can believe it.
Bayer, Deere & Company, Corteva, Syngenta, and Nutrien, which are among the top Big Ag corporations, heavily rely on Big Data and digitalization to expand their Big Food portfolios, and thus the overall food supply.
“Deere, the world’s largest farm machinery company, now employs more software engineers than mechanical engineers,” reports explain.
“On the route to retail, the global grain trading system is getting a digital overhaul as it becomes increasingly automated and products are tracked via blockchain. At the same time, online grocery platforms and food delivery apps (such as DoorDash, Zomato and Deliveroo) surged during pandemic lockdowns and are growing into a whole new ‘last mile’ / last link of the Industrial Food Chain.”


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Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality​

MAY 25, 2023

Link: https://thefederalist.com/2023/05/2...cal-exercise-in-state-enforced-homosexuality/

The White House Pride

The synthesis of public and private power has made both groups’ overbearing leftism and social engineering impossible to escape.
Author Samuel Mangold-Lenett profile


Pride Month — formerly known as June — is right around the corner, and with that comes the annual rainbow lighting of the White House, heaping of praise upon people like the Nashville shooter, and the continued denigration of religious institutions by American corporations.

In this instance, and countless others, the public and private sectors work hand in glove to advance both an ideological and political agenda. When, recently, Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance said that “[t]here is no meaningful distinction between the public and the private sector in the United States of America,” he was describing situations like this, in which state and corporate entities move in lockstep towards common, predetermined goals with such strength and vigor that dissent becomes impossible.

Whether we call it economic fascism (stripping the 20th-century relic of its emphasis on national identity) or corporatism, the point remains the same: members of the managerial elite who fill out the ranks in government and corporate America alike use their respective spheres of influence to form a public-private regime dedicated to immanentizing a disordered eschaton.
For decades now, American institutions, ideologically captured by the left, have collaborated to establish a new system of social priorities while preventing dissent from challenging their grip on power.
Things like ESG scores, the Corporate Equality Index, the LGBT indoctrination of children by public schools and entertainment conglomerates like Disney, and pronoun struggle sessions at the State Department make this apparent. Wanting the same outcomes, these institutions invest their vast resources, time, and manpower to coerce the public’s behavior. Your business will have the same commitments as a Fortune 500 firm, your children will have the same worldview as Greta Thunberg, and you will be happy about it.
Sexuality just happens to be one of the more obvious instances in which these people have let their mask slip. Nevertheless, you must get on board or get crushed. You are no longer allowed to opt out; we saw this when Big Tech attacked Gays Against Groomers, presumably for the crime of highlighting the predatory behavior of pederasts.

Objectors to the outcomes of this synthesis of power are met with censorship, violence towards them is treated with nonchalance, and they have their careers and reputations ruined. Loyalty to the regime, of course, is rewarded — as we saw with Jen Psaki’s transition to MSNBC after her stint as White House press secretary.

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Deeply entrenched federal bureaucrats worked with executives in Big Tech to astroturf political narratives benefiting the Democratic Party by throttling stories — notably Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” — that would benefit Republican candidates; the State Department knowingly used bogus intel provided by NGOs to monitor dissident online speech; and the most popular payment processor in the world, PayPal, is willing to levy hefty fines on users who spread “misinformation.”
There simply is no longer a distinction between the private and public sectors; they carry out each other’s goals and enforce them as though they are part of the same body — because they are different only in name. And only by spreading their message can you reap the benefits; opposing it drastically increases the odds you get your teeth kicked in.

Roughly 10 years ago, comedian Sam Hyde, adorned in plastic centurion armor, lampooned the self-important nature of TED Talk-style lectures with an elaborate prank in which he delivered a speech titled “2070 Paradigm Shift.” Throughout the bit, Hyde mocked the onanistic optimism of TED Talks by suggesting the audience should look forward to a tolerant era of “state-enforced homosexuality.”
Hyde’s remarks were tongue-in-cheek, but in today’s climate where the only truly acceptable choice is the endorsement of the public-private regime’s messaging, its embrace of “alternative lifestyles,” and denigration of everything else, they ring true.
The U.S. government is committed to flying LGBT pride flags at its embassies around the world except in places like Saudi Arabia, where it can’t afford to offend the local population’s cultural sensitivities. The Vatican, on the other hand, is fair game. Similarly, with the coming of Pride Month comes the annual changing of corporate branding to rainbow iconography in a show of solidarity with this agenda, but these corporate entities are sure to omit this initiative from their Middle Eastern marketing campaigns.
What’s the point of all this?
Clearly, it isn’t to destigmatize homosexuality in the West; that has already been done. It’s the same reason why the Anti-Defamation League says “grooming” — the normalization and cultivation of deviant behavior in impressionable people like 12-year-old drag queens who pantomime snorting ketamine — is a “bigoted lie targeting the LGBTQ+ community.”
It’s to stop you from saying no while the most powerful institutions in the history of the world — the federal government and corporate America — collaborate to force it upon you and your community.
It is, in fact, state-enforced.