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Here are vids featuring Apo speaking:

Latest vid by apo--on TruthJihad and NoLiesRadio.org, 23 Sep 22

Brian Ruhe and Apollonian on Buddhist Nazis vs. Satanists


VIDEO UPLOADED - 6 March 2020

(i) Review of latest new booklet by Apollonian, "Discover Real Christianity..., NEW vid:


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(e) Christ, Satan, and Aristotle:

(f) : "Objectivity, Reason, Basis of Liberation from Satanist Dictatorship, with Apollonian."

(g) Satanic Peril and Onslaught, a review of Ap's recently published booklet, NEW (2020)

(h) Ancient hist. and original causes of WWI, another NEW vid:

(i) Review of latest new booklet by Apollonian, "Discover Real Christianity..., another NEW vid:

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Fifth New Booklet by Apollonian, "Present Satanist Success, Destruction of the West: Built Upon Over-Population, Hubris, Complacency," 47 pages, now available for sale at $10.00/copy, shipping and handling included.

This new Apollonian booklet emphasizes the satanist philosophy now dominating the world--which satanism is really very simple, it's just extreme subjectivism, the idea that reality is mere product of consciousness--as according to the teaching of the 18th cent. philosopher, Immanuel Kant, which sought to overturn the traditional Aristotelian principle of OBJECTIVE reality which then, according to Aristotle, is merely apprehended and perceived by human consciousness.

And the pt. to such Satanic world view is that this subjectivism which creates its own special reality is made COLLECTIVIST so that "group-think" is now employed and exploited, presently extended to literally millions of people, highly organized, and who now dominate the USA, the West in general, and even the world--ever hrd of the World Economic Foundation (WEF)?--the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?--the Trilateral Commission?--the "Globalists"? (as of Alex Jones of InfoWars.com)--they're all subjectivists, many satanists, and all of them anti-Christian. These globalists HATE Christianity as it is founded upon the Aristotelian grounds of objective reality (Christ = Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence objectivity, and these globalists want to sweep Christianity aside for a fancy modern version of dictatorship on general socialist principles, upon excuse of over-population, "climate-change" lies, and lately, the deliberately induced pandemics, as of covid-19 and the poison vaxxes.

And Further, note this satanism arises, exists, and thrives within a certain context and circumstance: (a) the false prosperity of a decadent and corrupt civilization which is now in decline, the people corrupted in gross hubris--a kind of smugness which arose fm the previous wealth and prosperity of a once healthy culture built by truly heroic and productive people, but that old successful culture no longer thriving. (b) and even more specifically, the existence of a criminal and fraudulent enterprise which sucks and steals the wealth and productivity fm the people, the "central-bank" (like the US Federal Reserve system) which issues mere currency, not real money, the people required to accept worthless substitutes and tokens which are so easily counterfeited by the rulers.

Finally, the last large piece of the puzzle regarding this Satanic success and activity is the historical context within CYCLIC history, how history works, and how then we can plot our present place and prospects for action and resistance against this grim satanic death cult.

Write to Apollonian Publishing, P.O.B. 380571, San Antonio, Tx 78228 or ck website, SatanismRampant.blogspot.com, make an entry in the comments section, giving ur e-mail address for info. Note prices may change due to inflation. Presently it's $10.00/copy but discounts can be had for orders of multiple copies.

There are other, previous Apollonian booklets available:

1. "Satanic Peril and Onslaught..." 65 pages, $12.00/copy

2. "Discover Real Christianity..." 44 pages $10.00/copy

3. "Christianity Satanized..." 36 pages $10.00/copy

4. "Satanism Vs. Racism..." 40 pages $10.00/copy