What is Nationalism FAQ

EVERY ethnic group throughout history is hard wired to be EthnoNationalists.
It has always been that way. Enclaves such as Little Italy, Chinatowns, repeatedly proves this to be true, as most ethnic groups want their Dreamer community to survive.

Whites can do the same, or else demand to desegregate Chinatown or other ethnic enclaves.
Alas, too many Whites have become ignorant of history or how to use laws.
There is a BIG reason why the US gov't separated Native American Indians on separate reservations. The well documented mass bloodshed during the Indian Wars era.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE SMALLPOX INFECTED BLANKETS. Probably because I know medical as well as the Chain of Infectious Diseases.

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Encyclopedia of nationalism (worldwide)​

by Snyder, Louis L. (Louis Leo), 1907-1993

Publication date 1990