Satanic globalist traitors falling-in behind brain-dead criminal, creepy Joe, calling "MAGA Repubs" worse "terrorists" than those of 9/11, suckers


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Dem Sen Mark Warner Suggests 'Election Deniers' Who 'Attacked' Capitol on Jan 6 Are Greater Threat Than Terrorists​

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2022

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Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia marked this September 11th by arguing that MAGA Republicans present a greater threat to "our democracy" than foreign terrorists.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You know, 9/11 introduced to many Americans for the very first time, this sense of vulnerability at home, and it launched the global war on terror. I wonder how vulnerable you think America is now, are we paying enough attention to the Middle East and to Afghanistan?

WARNER: Well, Margaret, I remember, as most Americans do, where they were on 9/11. I was in the middle of a political campaign and suddenly, the differences with my opponent seem very small in comparison and our country came together. And in many ways, we defeated the terrorists because of the resilience of the American public because of our intelligence community, and we are safer, better prepared. The stunning thing to me is here we are 20 years later, and the attack on the symbol of our democracy was not coming from terrorists, but it came from literally insurgents attacking the Capitol on January 6th. So I believe we are stronger. I believe our intelligence community has performed remarkably. I think the threat of terror has diminished. I think we still have new challenges in terms of nation-state challenges, Russia in longer-term, a technology competition with China. But I do worry about some of the activity in this country where the election deniers, the insurgency that took place on January 6th, that is something I hope we could see that same kind of unity of spirit.
We need to "unify" in declaring half the country that didn't vote Democrat "insurgents" and "domestic terrorists!"


Guest Columnist

DHS Head Mayorkas: 'Radicalized' Americans Who Believe 'False Narratives' Are The New Terror Threat​

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2022


[see vid at site link, above]
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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday used September 11th to declare that the "threat landscape has evolved" in the 21 years since 9/11 and the new threat the US faces is not foreign terrorists but Americans "radicalized" by an "ideology of hate," "anti-government sentiment" and "false narratives propagated on online platforms."


From The Hill, "DHS secretary: 'Threat landscape has evolved considerably' since 9/11":
"Back when 9/11 occurred, in those years we were very focused on the foreign terrorist, the individual who sought to do a severe harm to enter the United States and and do us harm," Mayorkas continued, speaking at the site of the World Trade Center.

But now, Mayorkas said officials are becoming "more and more" concerned about U.S. residents radicalized by foreign terrorist ideologies.

"We are seeing an emerging threat, of course, over the last several years of the domestic violent extremist," Mayorkas said. "The individual here in the United States radicalized to violence by a foreign terrorist ideology, but also an ideology of hate, anti-government sentiment, false narratives propagated on online platforms, even personal grievances."
Mayorkas said last year that white extremists are the greatest threat to America and put out terror alerts painting opponents of covid lockdowns and people who don't trust the Biden regime as potential domestic terrorists.


On Sunday, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) echoed Mayorkas' comments by suggesting "election deniers" who "attacked" the Capitol on January 6th are a greater threat to "our democracy" than foreign terrorists.


Guest Columnist

FBI Raids: Democrats Consolidate One-Party System​

By Kurt Nimmo
Global Research, September 12, 2022



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It is declared, fallaciously, that America is a “democracy,” and that supposed democracy is now in danger from aggressive and vile challengers, that is to say the former president and his staff.
“A grand jury has subpoenaed several associates of former President Donald Trump in connection with the Department of Justice’s investigation into the origins of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, [indicate] multiple people familiar with the case,” reports the corporate media.
As should be more than obvious, the “riot” at the nation’s Capitol was blown severely out of proportion for propaganda purposes. Most Americans are not aware (being largely political imbeciles) that the FBI and Capitol Police played a major role instigating violence and property damage during the mischaracterized riot. The New York Times admitted as much, but threw in the typical spin, making excuses for Stasi-like tactics.
Last September, The Hill reported the “FBI had an informant in the crowd during the Jan. 6 attack,” an unlikely prospect, as I have researched the state’s political police force for a number of years. There were undoubtedly numerous FBI informants and agents provocateurs embeded in the demonstration against what is perceived to be an illegitimate and rigged election.
There was an event more than a decade ago that did not result in FBI subversion and the Democrat push to hobble Republicans, tar and feathering them all as Trump loyalists and dangerous extremists, even “fascists” (the politically illiterate “representatives” in Congress know virtually nothing about real fascism).

The event occurred on December, 2011. On that date Congress was occupied by labor activists. “Our Occupy Congress actions on the steps of Congress were unsanctioned by Democratic Party leadership,” said Nick Brana, National Chair of the People’s Party.
“I was there when the Squad occupied Congress and the police treated the group with velvet gloves. When dozens of us with the People’s Party took the steps on Labor Day, the police were so determined to stop us from occupying Congress that they arrested Paula Jean Swearengin, Jackson Hinkle, Martin Gugino and I and kicked everyone else, protesters and tourists, off the Capitol grounds and closed it entirely,” he wrote.
Unlike the January 6 “protest,” nobody was shot to death or beaten by police during the aborted occupation. Nobody was sent to solitary confinement.
More than a decade ago, at the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, a mob of Democrats occupied the state house.
“Most conservatives have condemned the right-wing mob that assaulted the U.S. Capitol. But 10 years ago, Democrats embraced the left-wing mob that occupied the state Capitol in Madison,” writes Marc A. Thiessen for The Washington Post. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) praised the occupiers for an ‘impressive show of democracy in action’ and tweeted as they assaulted the Capitol that she continued ‘to stand in solidarity’ with the union activists. In other words, Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it. (Emphasis added.)
In other words, if the cause reflects the agenda of the elite that own the Democrat-Republican one party system, the authorities will respond in a more mild mannered fashion.
Obviously, Trump is an outsider, an outlier, and his surprise victory of the electoral vote was considered completely unacceptable by the one-party pretending to be two separate and (according to the corporate media) divided parties.
Trump was, of course, a disaster. I do not want to see him re-elected, but if that’s what the American people want, the ideologically radical Democrat party must step aside. Of course, they will not, as the legal and propaganda shenanigans went on nonstop during his tenure and continue until this very day. The Democrats are determined to get Trump indicted and put behind bars, thus revealing their endless venality for any opposition to their corporate-dominated rule.
This is normal behavior for a ruling party. For them, only the opposition is capable of criminality and extremism, no matter the political platform or popular support. Democracy in America, for a very long time, has served as window dressing for authoritarianism. That showy window dressing is now beginning to fray and the people, those with any political sense (or, for that matter, can tell the difference between right and wrong), are either outraged or keep their mouths shut, as most people do during the reign of authoritarians, lest they become victims.
Case in point: Hillary Clinton’s email server, loaded up with classified documents, was easily hacked by a number of intelligence agencies in other countries. She will never be prosecuted. She is nothing short of sacrosanct to large numbers of Democrats, a top figure representing the corporate-banker dominated elite. If Democrats have their way, she may be the next president, never mind her thick ledger of war crimes during the especially violent Obama administration.
The state will no longer tolerate dissidence or demands of a change in policy (for instance, torturing and killing millions of people in foreign lands, then stealing their resources and privatizing everything from water to state services paid for by taxpayers).
The crack down on Trump supporters is only the beginning. If Democrats and their Republican allies continue to engage in political repression of opposing political organizations and parties, America will soon become a full-blown dictatorship. In fact, it is well on the way.


Guest Columnist

Video: Dem Rep. Says “We Gotta KILL” MAGA “Extremists”​

by Steve Watson
September 14th 2022, 6:27 am


Did he just say that?

Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan sparked controversy Tuesday by referring to so called MAGA Republicans and declaring “We’ve gotta kill and confront that movement.”

Appearing on MSNBC, Ryan stated that America needs to “move out of this age of stupidity” and into an “age of reconciliation and reform.”

“How do we fix all of these broken systems?” Ryan posited, adding “Some of those answers will come from Republicans. Not the extremists that we’re dealing with every single day. We’ve gotta kill and confront that movement.”

Watch: [ck site link, above, top]

Tim Ryan: We have to “kill and confront that movement” of “extremist” Republicans.
— (@townhallcom) September 13, 2022

Even if you accept that he’s speaking figuratively, that’s an extremely poor choice of words in light of Biden repeatedly declaring half the country as ‘extremists’.

Ryan’s comments come after Hillary Clinton compared “MAGA Americans” to Al Qaeda, on the anniversary of 9/11:

Did Hillary Clinton just compare "MAGA Americans" to the AL-QAEDA on live TV?! Unhinged Hillary leaves everyone STUNNED
— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) September 12, 2022

As we highlighted last week, a Trafalgar Group poll found that a majority believe that Biden’s ‘battle for the soul of the nation’ speech, during which he was bathed in blood red light and flanked by marines, was purposefully designed to “incite conflict.”

Now a new survey by the group has found that more than 58 percent of voters believe Biden has further divided the country, with just one in five saying he has provided any unification.

A further poll by conducted by I&I/TIPP has found that almost two-thirds of Americans, 62 percent, agree that the White House’s attacks on “MAGA Republicans” has increased division in the country, with even a whopping 73 percent of Democrats agreeing.

In fact, the poll found that more Democrats agreed with the statement than Republicans!

Turns out appearing on tv like a brain damaged Mussolini calling 74 million Americans terrorists didn't have the unifying effect the Dems thought it would
— GR Hūtsöñ (@jess_reign_bass) September 13, 2022


Guest Columnist

Facebook Spied On Private Messages Of “Conservative Right-Wing Individuals”, Then Reported To FBI For Domestic Terrorism​

by Zero Hedge
September 17th 2022, 4:07 am


According to DOJ whistleblowers, Facebook has been spying on Americans’ private messages and reporting them to the FBI if they express ‘anti-government or anti-authority’ statements – including questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 US election.

As the New York Post‘s Miranda Devine writes, “Under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in redacted form to the domestic terrorism operational unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, without a subpoena.

“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause,” said one of the whistleblowers, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena.”

According to one Post source, “They [Facebook and the FBI] were looking for conservative right-wing individuals.None were Antifa types.”

The Facebook users whose private communications Facebook had red-flagged as domestic terrorism for the FBI were all “conservative right-wing individuals.”
“They were gun-toting, red-blooded Americans [who were] angry after the election and shooting off their mouths and talking about staging protests. There was nothing criminal, nothing about violence or massacring or assassinating anyone.

Some of the targeted Americans had posted photos of themselves “shooting guns together and bitching about what’s happened [after the 2020 election]. A few were members of a militia but that was protected by the Second Amendment …-NY Post
Once flagged, the private messages were farmed out as “leads” to FBI field offices around the country, which would then reach out to that area’s US Attorney’s Office to legally obtain the private conversations they had already been shown.

“As soon as a subpoena was requested, within an hour, Facebook sent back gigabytes of data and photos. It was ready to go. They were just waiting for that legal process so they could send it,” said one source.

That said, the feds aren’t finding much to prosecute.

It was a waste of our time,” said one source familiar with the 19-month ‘frenzy’ by the FBI to find domestic terrorism cases to match the Biden administration’s rhetoric after the Jan. 6 2021, Capitol riot.

Facebook has denied the allegations in two contrasting statements sent one hour apart.

“These claims are false because they reflect a misunderstanding of how our systems protect people from harm and how we engage with law enforcement. We carefully scrutinize all government requests for user information to make sure they’re legally valid and narrowly tailored and we often push back. We respond to legal requests for information in accordance with applicable law and our terms and we provide notice to users whenever permitted,” said Erica Sackin, a spokesperson at Facebook’s parent company, Meta.

Then, in a second “updated statement” sent 64 minutes later, Sackin changed her language to say that the claims were “wrong” and not “false.”

These claims are just wrong. The suggestion we seek out peoples’ private messages for anti-government language or questions about the validity of past elections and then proactively supply those to the FBI is plainly inaccurate and there is zero evidence to support it,” said Sackin, a DC-based crisis response expert who previously worked for Planned Parenthood and “Obama for America” and now leads Facebook’s communications on “counterterrorism and dangerous organizations and individuals.” (via NY Post)

The FBI would neither confirm nor deny the allegations, but did acknowledge that the agency has a relationship with social media companies that enable a “quick exchange” of information and an “ongoing dialogue.”

The FBI maintains relationships with U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers. The FBI has provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malign influence actors. U.S. companies have also referred information to the FBI with investigative value relating to foreign malign influence. The FBI works closely with interagency partners, as well as state and local partners, to ensure we’re sharing information as it becomes available. This can include threat information, actionable leads, or indicators.The FBI has also established relationships with a variety of social media and technology companies and maintains an ongoing dialogue to enable a quick exchange of threat information,” said the agency in a statement.

Facebook’s denial that it proactively provides the FBI with private user data without a subpoena or search warrant, if true, would indicate that the initial transfer has been done by a person (or persons) at the company designated as a “confidential human source” by the FBI, someone with the authority to access and search users’ private messages.
In this way, Facebook would have “plausible deniability” if questions arose about misuse of users’ data and its employee’s confidentiality would be protected by the FBI.
“They had access to searching and they were able to pinpoint it, to identify these conversations from millions of conversations,” according to one of the DOJ sources.
Recall in late August Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed to Joe Rogan that the FBI warned the company about “Russian propaganda” right before the Hunter Biden story broke – which the company then censored aggressively.

Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that the FBI reached out to Facebook to put them on notice that the Hunter Biden’s laptop story was similar to the previous Russian Propaganda and to be on high alert #joerogan #MarkZuckerberg #JRE
— Giuseppe Mercadante (@itsmercadante) August 25, 2022

In the cases of allegedly surveilled DMs, snippets of private messages were passed to the FBI, partially redacted and often without context, and which contained cherry-picked portions of conversations that highlighted the most egregious statements.

“But when you read the full conversation in context [after issuing the subpoena] it didn’t sound as bad … There was no plan or orchestration to carry out any kind of violence,” said one of the Post‘s sources.

According to the report, more FBI whistleblowers are ready to expose what’s going on within the agency.

“The most frightening thing is the combined power of Big Tech colluding with the enforcement arm of the FBI,” said one source. “Google, Facebook and Twitter, these companies are globalist. They don’t have our national interest at heart.”