Maine submits COVID19 FED required vaccine distribution plan to the feds

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Maine submits vaccine distribution plan to the feds

Posted By: Maine Breaking News October 16, 2020

This article originally appeared on Bangor Daily News. You can read the original article here. Maine submitted a plan to the federal government on Friday for the distribution of the eventual COVID-19 vaccine.

The submission to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention meets the deadline the federal CDC gave the 50 states last month, according to a statement released by Maine Department of Health and Human Services officials on Friday.
Gov. Janet Mills said that the plan “represents a positive step forward.”
“My administration will continue its collaboration with others as we build on our state’s COVID response and plan for an eventual vaccine,” Mills said in the statement.

The state’s three-phase plan calls for getting the vaccine to medical workers who care for coronavirus patients “in high risk settings.” Then critical infrastructure workers, such as police, will get it, followed by “those working and living in congregate settings.”

Phase II will begin when the vaccine is more broadly available, and will include people with underlying health conditions, plus school and prison staffs, officials said.

Phase III will target selected rural and urban areas, and in the last phase, everyone not in the first three groups will get it, officials said.

Mills said the plan includes strategies to ensure that seniors, racial minorities and other high-risk groups will get the vaccine in a timely way.

The plan is flexible and will meet changing conditions, she said.

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State health officials submit plans for COVID-19 vaccine rollout
SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Department of Health has submitted their plans for a statewide COVID-19 vaccine campaign to the CDC.
The submission deadline was Friday, Oct. 16.
The immunization director for the Utah Department of Health said our state will be ready to distribute when a vaccine is ready.
"This is going to be the largest vaccination campaign that we have ever done, " said Rich Lakin, state immunization director. "We're trying to do it in an efficient manner, yet trying to do it as quickly as possible, which makes it difficult."
The CDC told states to get ready to vaccinate by Nov. 1, and Utah will be ready.
The greatest complication, Lakin said, is not knowing anything about the vaccine itself because none has been approved.
Where will Utahns get it?
"The public will have an option to either go to a private physician if they have the vaccine, or they can go to the pharmacy," said Lakin. "They can also go to their local health department."