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Below-copied by ap first submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/seeing-some-old-friends/ KMac, 20 Sep 22

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Present Attempted “Consolidations” Of Governments According To “United Nations” Under Central Banks Still Fraught With Problems
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 22)

Well “autisticus,” u do ask good questions, I’ll admit. Observe the United Nations (UN) which, during WWII, was an alliance of the Judeo-Christian nations of the West (UK, France, Jew S A), with the Soviets–all financed by the same satanic banking system, including US Federal Reserve (the “fed”), BOE (England) and the French equivalent, Bank of France, I believe, same basic Rothschilds and associates. Thus Soviets were funded especially through the Jew S A, by means of “Lend-Lease.”

So they’re all (UN) slightly diff. national gov.s but now financed by same basic people at the top. But the communist countries had a diff. political regime, as u know, at first Soviets, then in 1949, the Chicoms, and so the communists had to evolve to be consolidated, while the Western countries were already pretty consolidated, as we see.

So then the Chicoms went their own way fm the Nixon (70s) era as the West invested more heavily, and now Chicoms can stand pretty much on their own, rather taking leadership of the communist bloc, such as it is, while Russkies receded a good deal and had to re-organize, much as any corporation would have to do, selling-off some assets, re-configuring others, but Russkies retained their strong military w. nuke weapons, while West nowadays sought to do a “take-over” of Ukraine, putting heavier pressure on Russkies, but now Russkies resisting the “globalist”-satanists of UN, it all being an attempted centralizing consolidation of the Western financiers-bankers upon Russkies.

So note the general trend of consolidation of the fiat-currency empire(s) of the West, led by Jew S A, against the less developed, formerly communist world, but these formerly communist countries continuing to resist the West, seeking to retain their own independence against the “globo-homo” West which imagines and insists it should and must dominate.

Note also, the Western globalists themselves still seek this “consolidation” within the particular countries of the West against domestic resistance, as in “Brexit” and other particular nationalist resistances (most recently in Italy), including that led by Trump “MAGA” nationalists in Jew S A–this “resistance,” such as it is, financed by the “rightist” more “conservative”-styled Israel-“Judeo-Christians” (JCs–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) faction who broke-off fm the more leftist CFR, WEF, Trilateralist, Bilderbergers of the UN.

For note the central-banking and fiat-currency regimes, as of the traditional “West,” are criminal frauds, hence oppressive regimes in their own right, ultimately no less than the original communists (West initially funded the bolsheviks). Humans are sinners, as Christianity teaches, and there’s always going to be strife and warfare among humans upon one pretext or another. “Consolidation” can only go so far.

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280. Autisticus Spasticus says:
September 30, 2022 at 12:04 am GMT • 2.0 hours ago • 100 Words ↑
@Dr. Robert Morgan

Jewish domination of Weimar era Germany was notorious. You know this. I believe it was FDR who said that there are no elected heads of state, only selected ones. I sincerely believe that nobody gets close to any position of power who has not been pre-approved by our adversaries, and even then, they are no more than a puppet. And yes, there is a great deal about WW2 that still makes no sense, at least to me. For one thing, why would America and Russia engage in a 45 year Cold War when both entities were controlled by the same people? Why did some Wall Street tycoons contribute financially to the Nazi Party while simultaneously funding the Bolsheviks? I can’t solve these riddles.