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Gee Whiz, But Did the "Cat" get Jones' Tongue?
(Apollonian, 22 Sep 21)

Golly gee, but it's soooo sad u're incapable of any further comment, Prof. Jones, but it isn't my fault u're filled w. that childish resentment at the determinist nature of reality--hence the CYCLIC nature of history. Did the cat get ur tongue? But don't forget the greatest saints, like Augustine and St. Paul, were determinists, and u have no "free will" to change ur nature as a sinner. Pretending to such perfectly free "free will" is hubris and simply hereticalist Pelagianism, as I've noted, not to mention being subjectivism and hence satanistic in tendency.

All one needs do is to challenge anyone who champions "good-evil" to define what is the basic principle of such--it can't be done (as u should know if u're any kind of scholar), and entire hist. of ethics shows no successful attempt. One of the cleverest of philosophers, Kant, tried, but can't say why one must adhere to "duty," Kant left in mere circularity by saying, well gee, one must be dutiful because one should be dutiful, merely asserting then that duty is "good," but not saying why or how--typical of such mystics and mysticism. Thus Kant was one of the great comedians of hist., like old Aristophanes, eh?

But Kant surely did take the world by storm, didn't he?--and the result, since Kant, has been the latest, fullest turn of Satanism during the 19th cent., accompanying the hegemony of fiat-currency culminating in US federal reserve central bank which only now is breaking up definitively.

For u see, I did read a couple of ur works, the one on "Jew rev. spirit," first edition, and the other on the Cardinal of Phila., "Slaughter of the Cities," I think--I rather liked the first, "Jew rev. spirit," but not so much the other one. I tried to get ur book on "Barren Metal...," but there were no copies listed on Inter-library loan svc at the time.

For reality is determinist as it is objective, hence possessing identity, that fundamental nature ("logos"), which then makes it ONE and whole, hence determined, all in accord w. God's will--which again, is determined, and not capable of being changed by God's creatures, like mere humans. But humans make use of will to predict reality and make decisions--it doesn't mean reality can be essentially changed by such human will. Don't forget determinist cause-effect is foundation of science itself.

And gold doesn't and never has failed--anymore than real money (distinct fm mere "currency") itself fails, as money is essential for any economy and/or economic system. Currency can fail, esp. fiat-currency, which always eventually fails--part of the determinist nature--and that is what we're witnessing presently, the death agony of US dollar "reserve" currency. U must not forget real money must always be store-of-value, and not mere medium-of-exchange; currencies fail as store-of-value, but NEVER gold and silver.

Regarding dear old unc' Adolf, he was also weak in basic philosophy, as u are urself, and he grossly mis-calculated when he gratuitously declared war on Jew S A--which then led to the second, western front, and fall of his ally, Italy, a mere 18 months later. Jew S A saved the soviets w. "lend-lease." What a screw-up when Japan chose to commit suicide by attacking UK and Jew S A instead of moving against soviets, eh? Hitler was thus struck w. hubris, but deserves great credit for recognizing Jews as foremost, leading Satanists.

For Jews, leaders of Satanism (most collectivist for organization), ALWAYS work within the larger Satanist movement (subjectivism in general, featuring "good-evil" and "free will," among the mass of gentile suckers, led by Jews), hence that globalist internationalism of "one world"--which "one world" wouldn't have worked w. nat. socialism, would it?--not nearly as well as Jewwy bolshevism featuring fiat-currency and central-banking, original tenet of Marx himself.

Note then how Jews had to be at the core of 9/11 (cui bono?), for example, working within globalist "one world," but then, suddenly, a faction of Jews, leading the "Judeo-Christian" heretics split-off, pretending to be "rightists" supporting Donald (Israel-first) Trump, stabbing the Clintons in the back. Those Jews, four yrs later, then stabbed the rightists and fools who supported Trump in the back, as did his Atty. General, Bill Barr, who was there, back in the 80s and 90s w. Herbert Bush, the elder--Jews playing "good-cop, bad-cop" yet once again, as they always have, "liberal"-atheist Jews on the "globalist" left, vs. Israel-first "religious-style" Jews on the pretended "right."

But I suspect the globalist Jews have suffered their own hubris by pushing too far w. this latest covid conspiracy to mass-murder so many gentiles, which has now become too plain, even for so many gentiles, dumb as they are, Jews at the core of "big pharma" monopolies which can't be sued. Note even Israel has so effectively mass-murdered so many of its own citizens w. the poison vaxxes. Top mastermind Jew Satanists have always used lower-level Jews as cannon-fodder--like Stalin did w. the Bolshevik Jews, Yagoda, Yezhov, and Beria. Observe also, just a few days ago, the globalist, Joint Chiefs chairman, Milley, now involved in outright TREASON against Trump, aiding and comforting the Chicoms, but so cleverly covered-up now by dear Gabby Petito murder--just like 9/11 was preceded by the Chandra Levy-Jim Condit scandal.

Sincerely, Apollonian


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-never-ending-story/

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Jews: Mere Supreme Subjectivists Serving Necessary Socio-Biologic Place And Purpose
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 21)

Note religion is mere exterior and shell vehicle which appeals to the mass of people by means of style and dramatics, the religious exterior holding within a CORE PHILOSOPHY. And the great controversy is regarding TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Lies--which lies, frauds, scams, and all the various crimes are so often and much attributed to Jews (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44)--FOR EXCELLENT REASON--but why and how? The answer is socio-biological.

And remember Judaism (Talmudism) and Christianity are rightly seen as anti-theses, Christianity being foremost and most successful anti-Semitism--why it is so rightly and highly valued and revered by so many people--it's their antidote and comfort against Satanism (making themselves to be God, the subjectivistic "creator" of reality) and the culture of fraud and lies, always led and dominated at the top by Jews, foremost, leading satanists, the masterminds--confirmed not only by simple history, but also by the Jews themselves who admit Talmud is their war plan, strategy, and technique against the hated goyim. And remember Jews are merely the leaders among the various subjectivistics among gentiles, hence Satanists, though gentile Satanists are far more numerous, but not nearly as well ORGANIZED, as the Jew masterminds who know exactly what they're about, who always dominate.

For again, one only needs analyze Judaism (which is Talmudism), the Talmud teaching (a) Torah, hence (b) everything else, only means and exists as what rabbis say it means ("midrash"--interpretation); see Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for expo. Thus everything for Jews is SUBJECTIVE. And thus Jews make themselves, collectivistically, to be God the creator (or co-equal therewith) by means of their all-encompassing "midrash" and (extreme) subjectivism. And naturally, such subjectivism is designed for the "good of the Jews"--why wouldn't it be?--what else could be its proper purpose for such Godly subjectivists?

So TRUTH (= Christ) requires the implicit objective reality as criterion and PROOF of any truth, whereas the Jews (Talmudists) naturally reject and deny such objectivity. Thus we have the first metaphysical anti-theses (acknowledged by that supreme Satanist, Immanuel Kant): the objective reality (Aristotle) vs. extreme subjectivism (Talmud and "midrash").

The next metaphysical anti-theses are determinist cause-effect, following objectivity, vs. Godly "free" will of satanic subjectivists like the Jew masterminds who insist thus that they're "good," and Christian gentiles are "evil," which "evil" is thus imputed to "racism" as it's obviously deterministic. Thus "good" is the very worst enemy of TRUTH, the pretext to subjectivism for those fools suffering inferiority-complex.

The big mistake made by so many gentiles is they now accept the Satanist premise, playing the Jews' and satanic game, and insist Jews are "evil," which "good-evil" doesn't and can't exist within a determinist reality, the Jews merely the socio-biologic disease (psychopathy) that removes the over-populated gentiles--which over-population is a CYCLIC occurrence and becomes most serious issue during the cyclic "end-times," as of Book of Revelations.

Thus Christianity and humanity become cluttered w. excrescences like the numerous false-Christians ("Judeo-Christians") who support terror-state of Israel, and such as E. Michael Jones and Mike A. Hoffman II, pretending to be "Christian," who babble about non-existent "good-evil," etc. Thus it's the satanization (subjectivizing) of Christianity and humanity that makes Jew-like destroyers necessary to removing the excess population corrupted by Satanism and subjectivism voluntarily adopted by these inferiors among gentiles, regardless the Jew masterminds who only then exploit such Satanism and subjectivism, Jews again merely a disease of opportunity, but socio-biologically necessary, only to be expected under the corrupt circumstances. Thus if the Jews were exterminated, nonetheless some other form of Satanism would arise again to exploiting and eventually removing the excess goyim inferiors, at least a good many of them, who adopt such subjectivism.
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Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/david-dukes-bottle-of-red-pills/#comments

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The Real Issue is Satanism/Subjectivism Undermining, Destroying Western Civ.
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 21)

This was truly great and evocative article/biography/book-review by Albrecht. For it evokes the basic philosophic principles and anti-theses, DETERMINISM (absolute cause-effect) vs. (perfectly) free will, these merely following fm the prior Objectivity (Aristotle) vs. (extreme) subjectivism which subjectivism holds reality is creation of mind/consciousness--much as in Immanuel Kant's system.

And thus we see racialism is so typcially demonized by extreme subjectivists who insist reality is whatever u want it to be--as racialism (or racism) simply follows fm determinism (absolute cause-effect)--which follows fm strict objectivity. Thus one's race and cultural circumstances much determine the individual who arises fm such culture and background--how could it not?

Note also that extreme subjectivism is Satanism, the idea the subjectivist is God, the creator of reality. Among many gentiles, of course, this kind of extreme subjectivism, Satanism, is held to be quite eccentric and even psychotic, but it's actually the very religion of the Talmud and Jews (see Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for expo)--though some, even many, Jews ignore such Satanism, not taking it seriously and down-playing the hard facts which they find difficult and refuse to admit about their people, so widely hated by mankind throughout history.

What makes the Jew Satanism so powerful, compelling, and effective is the collectivistic nature of Jews and Judaism--far more consciously collectivist, hence ORGANIZED, than anything among gentiles who tend to be more individualistic, hence their sort of subjectivism being much more attenuated, hence the Jews ALWAYS dominating the gentile Satanists (like the "free-masons") even though gentiles far out-numbering Jews. Satanism/subjectivism may not be democratic, but "democracy" is always, ultimately controlled by Satanists/Satanism--which was observed by the American founders.

Thus the specific instrument of Jew/satanic power (for Jews are only a few among MANY other Satanists, though they're ALWAYS the leaders) is central-banking and fiat-currency, which is mere criminal enterprise and fraud, simply legalized counterfeiting (see Mises.org; use their site search-engine for specific terms, like "fiat-currency"). But Jew organization and intensive application succeed too easily and often to putting this money and banking fraud over the far less organized goyim, too easily confused by satanic perfidy and intrigue.

Thus Hitler, for example, as so many of us gentiles, envied that amazing Jew power borne of such fanatical, obsessive collectivism, and strove to emulate and selectively adopted such collectivism, but chose to retain individualism, as of "personality," out of which, for example, he devised the "fuhrer principle," which all others among the race and nation were urged to emulate for ideal(s).

So one thus sees the contrived, eclectic, and pragmatic aspect of Hitler's political ideal which seemed to fail when analyzed outside Germany--dear unc' Adolf, who correctly assessed the Jews, unfortunately was not a thorough-going philosopher or determinist, willing to compromise w. such individualism as he was.

Thus we see the Western "internationalists" and "globalists" of the time, nearly all socialists to whatever degree, including especially Pres. Roosevelt, chose to ally w. the communist internationalists against Hitler's more personalized, "national" socialism. The fact that rich Jews in US and UK contributed to FDR's and Churchill's political campaign funds didn't hurt the communist prospects either, especially among the confused goyim masses, whence "democracy" failed to satanism.

So the real pt. to this analysis is pretty simple regarding the present political/cultural situation, and going back in history to the modern era, beginning w. Rousseau and Kant and continuing w. central-banking: it's really just the same large ideals of determinism and objectivity versus SUBJECTIVISM, hence Satanism. And Satanism is prevailing, so far, long as their criminal enterprise of central-banking holds out, which it usually does for a while, but soon enough collapses into inflationary oblivion and depression--only then will the racialist determinists featuring the underlying objectivity begin to making their comeback hoping to rebuild rationalist civilization.


Guest Columnist
Below essay by ap in response to "Puddin Tane," below-copied, in comments, https://www.unz.com/article/david-dukes-bottle-of-red-pills/

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Unc' Adolf Failed For Full Philosophic Analysis--Only Went Part Way
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 21)

<blockquote>Europe, as led by Hitler, gave the West its last real shot at shaking off the yoke of “Jew” Mind Tyranny, but the “proud heroes” of America and Britain chose to eat the muzzle of a 50 cal and spray their own brains all over the room instead.</blockquote>

Yes, for dear unc' Adolf, heroic prophet as he was, so accurate for characterizing Jews, fell for the subjectivist false-premise of moralist "good-evil" which is the horrific gateway to subjectivism, thus Satanism. For "good-evil" and thus (perfectly) "free" will can't exist in a determinist (absolute cause-effect) reality, all humans being hopeless sinners (self-interested) as original Christianity, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) teaches. For truth requires the objective reality (Aristotle) as necessary criterion, never forget.

And of course, Christianity itself had long been satanized, the Jews and their goyim subjectivist cohorts, like the free-masons, assisting all along the way. Presently, establishment Christianity is horribly affected by the Pelagianist heresy which first arose during time of St. Augustine, then re-arose during time of dear St. Martin Luther, which heresy holds sinners can overcome their sin by their own efforts, magically becoming "good" and thus "earning" their way to Heaven. Additionally, note the gross subjectivism taught by Immanuel Kant, who paved the way for Satanism during the 19th cent. It wasn't only Jew Satanists at work.

The poor, now vastly over-populated, goyim suckers, inferiors, and weaklings are so powerfully affected by inferiority-complex, becoming thus so affected and obsessed w. non-existent "good-evil," they somehow "learn" to adopt subjectivism and tolerate, as we plainly see, this now rampant and pervasive Satanism, and the fools of the world love it, groveling in this horrid, moralistic muck--it's now ingrained within establishment Christianity, as by such as Mike A. Hoffman and E. Michael Jones who often comment here on Unz Review, contributing to the horrendous philosophic confusion, truly the modern "Tower of Babel."

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218. Puddin Tane says:
September 29, 2021 at 2:05 pm GMT • 29 minutes ago • 300 Words ↑

Wikipedia… the source of all human knowledge; its “neutral point of view” policies make it the epitome of objectivity, boy howdy by golly

Well of course all human “knowledge” is being strictly re-codified according to the dictates of our “Jew” Mind Masters– a pattern sure to only grow more totalitarian and psychotic as the generations pass. Orwell did not write cautionary tales of “communism.” He portrayed Them.

I mean… They now have most of us repeating their decree that all sorts of perversions are “normal.” No real European ever believed that until the twentieth century. The people falsely known as “Jews,” OTOH, always believed it. It’s as good as a DNA swab. They were already decadent urban degenerates when we were still chasing down mammoth haunch for dinner.

It’s as if they can get us to believe any fucked up auto-genocidal inversion of Sanity by simply repeating it over and over…

Europe, as led by Hitler, gave the West its last real shot at shaking off the yoke of “Jew” Mind Tyranny, but the “proud heroes” of America and Britain chose to eat the muzzle of a 50 cal and spray their own brains all over the room instead.

It’s as if that “Greatest Generation” was too shallow and dishonest to recognize the Jew Yoke already clouding their minds, even though Henry Ford gave them the antidote for eight years with his Dearborn Independent. And as if WE, their legacy, are also too shallow and dishonest to recognize our present as the exact Future their race-treason totally earned.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap first submitted, but censored and deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/david-dukes-bottle-of-red-pills/

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Incogman Reveals Himself And His True Thought
(Apollonian, 29 Sep 21)

"Puddin," buddy: I already made my arguments, defined my terms, AND gave my ref.s, sucker--can't u read? So, if there is a "good-evil," then why don't u tell us what that criterion would be which distinguishes "good" fm "evil"?--anyone can see u so utterly fail in ur little screed, above, so interesting as it truly is.

Sure, there's "morality," which is a conduct of action consistent w. some principle, whatever it might be. And "moral" virtue IS that consistency, isn't it? But there's no "good-evil," which no one has ever successfully defined or demonstrated, through all of history, and if there is, then, like I say, tell us what and how it is. Ur hero (evidently), Immanuel Kant, eminent subjectivist, extolled "duty" of self-abnegation, but gee whiz, failed to tell us why and how it was soooo "good." What is "good," anyway?--tell us.

And we can't be too sure, can we, but if I'm not mistaken, u urself sound and write as if u're the "incog" himself, eh? "Mexicans"?--it would seem u're the actual Mexican, right?--defending them w. ur lies and lying as u do. And if racism simply follows fm determinism, and is pride in and loyalty to one's own, what is "mindless" about it?--tell us, Incogman.

Mexicans aren't my people--nor are Jews--but I don't say they're "evil"--it's all a matter of socio-biology in the great war-like struggle of human survival. To gentile humanity, Jews are a disease, like typhus or plague, but that doesn't make them "evil," and same goes vice-versa, as the Jews note in their Talmudic-Kabalist writings--and they DO say gentiles are "evil," u pathetic lying fool.

And what's the true mark of a Jew or satanically inclined, like urself?--would it be the willingness to lie so intensively as we see u do, and then lie some more?--always pretending in his lying he's soooo passionate for the "real" truth? Regardless, the root of Talmudism/Judaism is that Satanic making oneself to be Godly and including "good," as if he so desperately proves thereby he's not a bad-boy for his daddy, eh? Ho ho ho.

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220. Puddin Tane says:
September 29, 2021 at 7:50 pm GMT • 1.9 hours ago • 200 Words ↑

“…they somehow “learn” to adopt subjectivism and tolerate, as we plainly see, this now rampant and pervasive Satanism yabba blabba jibber jabber…”

Mhm. This from an “Enlightened One” who likes to graphically equate Mexican illegals with columns of cockroaches and otherwise incite mindless racism with his website.

Y’know bud, 100 percent of the people I’ve met who expressed your violent hatred of Good-Evil were JEWS. I think belief in Good vs Evil is simply Morality as Europeans experience it, and this native Moral Tendency of ours is the exact thing you kike worms from Satan’s A**hole despise about us the most, because a) you don’t have any Morality, because you’re biological psychopaths; b) it is THE possession of ours that has enabled us to discern, defeat, and contain you in the past. It is your true enemy.

Come to think of it, don’t I remember you as one of the Mossad fake “goyim” who used to infest Incogman’s site?
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Below-copied by ap first submitted, but then deleted by kike editor, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/david-dukes-bottle-of-red-pills/

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"Puddin": u merely enjoy the collusion of a Jewwy editor, sucker, playing his (and ur) Jewwy games. U only fool urself--as usual for ur sort. To see my response which was deleted by Unz, just go to my website, sucker--look under Apollonian "commentary." Ho ho ho.

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222. Puddin Tane says:
September 30, 2021 at 5:29 pm GMT • 2.2 hours ago • 100 Words ↑
@Puddin Tane

“don’t I remember you as one of the Mossad fake “goyim” who used to infest Incogman’s site?”

So I take this disappearing act to emphatically mean “Yes!”

Y’know, Jew, the more this planet turns into a sewer boiling with you vermin, the more I feel like Kennedy and Khrushchev should have pulled the trigger in 1962. Most of the other races, including Europeans, could return to the Stone Age with only extreme losses, but you tapeworms need civilization to survive. It’s like Ripley says in Aliens: “I say we bug out and nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”