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Below-copied essay by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/jones-vs-kmac-spirit-or-material-toward-a-synthesis/#comment-4960602

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Who's "Humorous"?

"More" about what?--is the relevant question and pt. to be made. Note I mentioned "imagination." KMac knows items, details, and some facts, but then how are they organized?--are they generalized coherently and then contrasted as larger abstractions?

KMac leaves something to be desired, as I noted. For Judaism is Satanism, and this is what needs be grasped--does KMac do the job? I made my argument and gave ref.s to substantiate my conclusion--that's what u and other readers need to address, do u think? So address the argument, THEN answer ur own question about "humor," why don't u? U're a regular riot.

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22. Robert Dolan says:
October 18, 2021 at 12:55 pm GMT • 49 minutes ago ↑

You are quite a humorous character to pretend that you know more than Kevin Macdonald.


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Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, https://www.unz.com/article/jones-vs-kmac-spirit-or-material-toward-a-synthesis/

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Satanism Is Subtle, Simple Philosophy/Ideology, Real, Extremely Effective--It Rules, Even if Absurd
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 21)

Franklin: u don't even read the comments, so why do u bother commenting? Satanism is extreme subjectivism, making consciousness/mind source of reality, thus making subject to be creator--Satanism--perfectly true, verifiable, sociologic, & scientific--even if it's absurd.

Judaism is merely most effective, hence most dominant Satanism, Jews being most collectivistic, hence most organized, most effective--and I gave appropriate ref.s. U lack not only imagination, but simplest common sense; unfortunately, u're not the only one. Think of how many are like u; that's the problem--why Satanists are so successful.

People forget even most basic things, for example, that "religion" is just exterior shell/vehicle for a core philosophy, like Satanism, and Christianity then was/is Hegelian anti-thesis (worship of truth which requires objective reality)--which religion has since long been corrupted, satanized, and the entire subject-matter now so effectively submerged within Tower-of-Babel confusion, even in age of computers, etc. Satanists (the leaders) are extremely clever--see how they have u and many others completely baffled.

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38. Franklin Ryckaert says:
October 18, 2021 at 3:12 pm GMT • 5.1 hours ago ↑

A believe in “Satan” cannot be part of a modern scientific study of a problem. That is not a “lack of imagination, it is scientific consistency.


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Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/jones-vs-kmac-spirit-or-material-toward-a-synthesis/

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Nancy Plays Too Clever
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 21)

We Christians worship truth (= Christ) which indicates the objective reality (Aristotle), necessary criterion for truth--we reject subjectivism/Satanism. Of course metaphysics (first principles) can't be proven in logic--objectivity or subjectivism are assumptions. But subjectivism (hence Satanism) reduces to absurd too easily.

Hence it's not mere matter of making sense to me or us (subjectivism)--it must make sense, period--in same way as any scientific proposition, thus following and consistent with the objective assumption. So get a life, "Nancy," and quit playing dumb.

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98. Nancy says:
October 19, 2021 at 1:18 am GMT • 8.8 hours ago ↑

As long as it makes sense to you

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137. Nancy says:
October 21, 2021 at 4:18 pm GMT • 3.4 days ago

And one more time…. ‘Aye, aye, Cap’n!’
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Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/jones-vs-kmac-spirit-or-material-toward-a-synthesis/

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Once Again: "Jews" Are NOT Same As Judeans, Israelites
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 21)

Salvation is certainly NOT NOT NOT fm "Jews," "Jews" defined as followers of Pharisees (and nowadays followers of Talmud), trying to take advantage of equivocation fallacy. The original quote most probably refers to <b>Judeans</b> who were simply descendents of Israelites who lived in Roman province of Judea at the time, only a small percentage of whom--probably around 5%--were followers of Pharisees, a middle-class party and/or sect of the time.

Don't forget Jews (Talmudists) gloat that they had Christ killed (as in their Talmud), and this is confirmed in New Test., Gosp. MATT 27:25 where the people, instigated by Pharisees, told Pontius Pilate, the Roman Gov., that soon-to-be-executed Christ's "blood be upon us and our children."

Jews like Unz LOVE to throw this sort of dis-info among the stupid goyim to keeping them confused, pretending Jews and Judeans are same thing, that Jews, the followers of Pharisees, deserve any respect at all for the "salvation" mentioned and discussed by Christ and Christians.

We see, further there's been significant drop-off/reduction of comments for this blog this day--the day after it was featured w. top billing--due no doubt, to Unz's furious and intensive censorship, Unz practicing his usual deflection and manipulation of the blog discussions. It would be interesting and enlightening to see the actual ratio of comments that get approved and published against the total comments that were submitted then deleted and censored by Unz.

U poor fools who imagine Unz is for free speech for goyim are just pathetically mis-conceived as to who and what Jews are--they're Satanists who do the devil's work against humanity. And I'm sure Unz comforts his fellow Jews who so much complain to him as to just how he works to subvert the discussion of the goyim on these blogs.

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128. Gapeseed says:
October 20, 2021 at 2:59 am GMT • 10 minutes ago • 100 Words ↑

Uncanny is the right word. Critics of St. Paul point to his saying that salvation is from the Jews, thinking perhaps that Paul established a hierarchy where Christians were to be subservient. Perhaps, instead, he was hinting at the great melodrama to be played out where Christians were to struggle against Jews in a spiritual battle leading, in their own paths, to salvation for both.

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132. Gapeseed says:
October 20, 2021 at 4:52 am GMT • 4.9 days ago • 100 Words

I’m only an occasional commentator here and my command of theology is splotchy, so I appreciate your comment. But I must ask you and the readers here: does Mr. Unz really engage in the widespread censorship you allege? It seems that the conversation might be too esoteric to attract the same interest as, say, a discussion on the causes of Covid or 9/11, which would suppress the number of posts relative to those topics of more general interest. Given the scope and heat of some of the comments on the site, I am not convinced he does.


133. Seraphim says:
October 20, 2021 at 4:57 am GMT • 4.9 days ago

The disinformation is that Jews are something different from Judaeans. This is BS and one cannot but wonder why people continue to peddle so ferociously this non-sense.
It is also an anachronism to talk about ‘talmudists’ before the compilation of the Talmud in the 4th century AD.
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Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/proems/america-is-a-nation-of-hate/#comment-4950921

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Capitalism and Hist. Circumstances Must Be fully Understood
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 21)

<blockquote>"At this point, I do admit that I have some sympathy for Marx’s criticism of capitalism as it is a very useful tool to understand and avoid the excesses of cut-throat capitalism. We only have to look at the USA to see what the worship of capitalism can lead to."</blockquote>

Above quote fm comment # 441

"[W]orship of capitalism" is simply worship of FREEDOM and the free market, the people and state respecting rights of the individual according to the various constitutions--which are not heeded nowadays in this satanic age. Note then "capitalism" and imperialism are essentially anti-thetical and foreign to one another.

"Capitalism" originally referred to the idea of investing part of one's profits back into the manufacturing plant and "capital" tools--that's where the word comes fm--this kind of investment is thoroughly virtuous. "Profit motive," regardless of capitalism, is merely consistent w. the self-interest of the human being; it only requires ethical guidance of human reason.

True, "capitalism" has become such a dirty buzz-word for many--but that's not the fault of freedom and rights of the individual. "Cut-throat" capitalism, as in way of competition and free enterprise, work for lower prices and newer, innovative inventions, tools, and processes.

U have to understand what it was that led to US imperialism--it wasn't the free market (or capitalism)--rather, it was centralization of state power over and against individual freedom, beginning definitively w. destruction of state sovereignty in 1861. USA was truly great country till 1860s as power of central federal gov. was constrained by the individual states.

Then a conspiracy of the more industrialized northern states decided to mass-murder the new Confederate states of 1861--the result was the creation of a horrific monstrosity which has now developed to present Jew S A--which has murdered millions upon millions through the various wars, beginning at least w. Spanish-American war in 1898. Now we see present mass-murder of pathetic domestic debt-slaves forced to take the poison clot-shots of the covid hoax and conspiracy.

Note also that another problem was (and still is) the satanic influence of criminal behavior and "enterprises" like central-banking (see Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for terms like "fiat-currency"), like the present US Federal Reserve, presaged by the first Bank of US, of Alexander Hamilton in 1791, the Bank of North America before that, then the second one in 1816--these are literally legalized counterfeiting scams by which currency (not real MONEY) is generated out of nothing and then forced upon the citizenry by means of un-constitutional legal and legislative acts--all of this AGAINST constitution and the natural rights of the citizens--against true capitalist principle.

This central-banking, as much if not more than anything else, is responsible for the state-sponsored, horrific mass-murders and imperialism--and remember it is AGAINST constitution, freedom, the free-market, and the rights of individuals--hence against capitalism, strictly understood.

So what was behind such criminal state agencies and activities?--it could only be the corruption of the whole culture in way of gross HUBRIS, as of the people, and now the outright Satanism which the people wrongly tolerate, as in way of homosexuals, etc. Indeed, the homosexual problem is just tip of proverbial "iceberg."

And unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any easy remedy to this satanic corruption--there must be war and the expenditure of more lives of the surplus, corrupt population--it's a CYCLIC phenomenon in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--more people have to become miserable and dis-satisfied w. the satanic status-quo. The original Christian respect for truth must be re-asserted.

I just thought I'd offer my comments, as above, on ur mis-guided (but understandable) prejudice against "capitalism" as it is mis-understood by so many nowadays. Otherwise, take good care. A.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/estriker/exclus...-israeli-influence-operation/#comment-4964048

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Morons Have Difficulty Seeing Simplest Parallels
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 21)

To the morons commenting here on this site, u need just ask urselves simple question: what's diff., Jews sponsoring the supposed "rightists" (who would merely be suck-alongs for Jews, obviously), and Unz, a Jew, behind this site where u idiots comment, pretending Unz isn't furiously censoring and manipulating the "discussion"? If only u puke could think, u'd all be geniuses, wouldn't cha?


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/proems/america-is-a-nation-of-hate/#comment-4950921

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Raches: Typical Dupe Of Jews
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 21)

Ho ho, Raches, buddy, who do u think u're kidding, sucker? Do u forget so easily u're featured on a site run by a Jew (according to all information on the subject)? Why do u think the Jew has a raging, pompous, moronic narcissist like u?--ho ho hoh oho. Hint: a fool like u is obviously meant to making the gentiles look bad--does that even occur to u?--u, who like the typical Jew, always pretending to be so "intelligent"?

Just ask urself, would it be possible for a gentile to be able to collect the great number of anti-Semitic columns and articles that are presented on this site?--it would be impossible, the site would be taken-down instantly--if it were even to be allowed in the first place.

So what then is the specific purpose of the psy-ops being run by Jew, Unz?--well, aside fm presenting idiots like u posturing so absurdly as spokesman for Hitler and the Germans, we see Unz frantically censoring the comments, only allowing the more stupid and platitudinous entries, thus deflecting and manipulating the pretended "discussions." Thus the comments and discussions never amount to anything of any significance--have u ever noticed?

For a moron like u to say my notes are "illegible," is simply an obvious lie--which u just don't have the basic intelligence to grasp. And if the entry is "illogical," then it only reflects badly on the writer, and regardless, the logic should be left to the reader to decide for himself. And those people who decide they don't like apollonian commentary then can simply skip on to the next comment.

But of course, all these simple considerations escape the narcissistic fool like urself as u live in ur own little solipsist, subjectivistic world, patent narcissist as u plainly are. U are truly the "big fish" in the little pond which makes up ur mental world, and Jew Unz sees u're just the sort of a fool to have his own little blog on the Unz website, for sure, making a mockery of gentiles, in the very face of the gentile public, while the Jews laugh. Great work, Raches, the dupe and sucker; u sure make the gentile people look brilliant, don't u?

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473. Raches says: • Website
October 24, 2021 at 12:12 am GMT • 53 minutes ago • 300 Words ↑

Moderation Note

Thanks for your support, and for the information that you state. I let through a comment from “apollonian” in reply to you, because you made an accusation against him, and he denied it. In fairness, I thought that I should let his response be published on the record. Since then, I have saved you and my other readers from a number of his illegible, illogical screeds, which are generally unwelcome here.

I take this opportunity to give notice that I quietly banned “geokat62”. Mr. Geokat’s comments are often spam-filtered—I wonder why! Digging around in the trash about a week ago, I discovered, via one of Mr. Geokat’s spamfiltered comments, that another commentator whom he had claimed to be me on the basis that we both know English words had a prior history of defending the rapist-murderer Leo Frank.

On principle, I have a well-known policy of never admitting or denying accusations of alternate identities. I do not admit or deny Mr. Geokat’s accusation. However, I will say that find it outrageous and extremely offensive to be accused of being a crackpot who defended Leo Frank here. For the crime against me of knowingly accusing me being someone who defended Leo Frank, Mr. Geokat is banned from Proems.

I provide this note now because he continues to pepper this thread with stuff that never gets published. I am letting through his latest comment as his last one here, just to show readers that nothing of value is lost. ®


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-problem-with-leftism/#footnoteref_16

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It's NOT Mere "Left vs. Right"; It's Objective vs. Subjective, Determinism vs. Perfectly "Free" Will
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 21)

Dalton certainly deserves an "E" for effort in his attempt to analyze this putrid cultural situation, and surely he makes some good and worthwhile observations of practical nature, especially regarding such as Tucker Carlson's foolish partiality to Jews, which Jews control "both sides" of any political controversy--as Jews have all the (fake) currency, not real money.

And "left" vs. "right" is just a sham circus show for the fools, goons, and suckers who are over-populated in this present cultural situation of the degenerate West long past its expiration date, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's CYCLIC description/analysis of history and "Decline of the West." It's not "left vs. right," but rather Satanism/subjectivism vs. the remnants of the previous healthy culture which featured the objective, Aristotelian view of reality.

For the one side, which dominates today, is the Satanists, outright subjectivists of extremist nature, subjectivism being philosophy that reality is product of mind/consciousness, making the subject to be creator--thus to be God, thus Satanism. Foremost example is Immanuel Kant who took the Western culture by storm as early as late 18th cent.

Jews feature this very subjectivism as key, essential item of their "religion," the "Oral Law Trad.," "midrash" (interpretation), and Talmud made up of the first part, "Mishnah," midrash of Torah, then Gemara, the other part of Talmud, being the midrash of Mishnah--everything is subjective and interpretation--all for the purposes of Jews. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Thus it's no accident the Rothschilds, et al., have dominated since the Napoleonic era w. their central-banking featuring the legalized counterfeiting of fiat-currency (see Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for particular economic terms). Thus we see the Satanists just making-up (literal counterfeiting) their own "money" (really just currency) by which they buy up everything and everybody, as we plainly see today, Satanists always controlling both sides of any political issue.

Thus as racism/racialism follows fm the objective view, hence determinism (absolute cause-effect), race providing necessary circumstances for any individual, we see the Satanist assault against racialism so prominent, leading their entire satanistic, genocidal program designed to de-populate the earth and humanity, in accord w. agenda-21 and -2030--which they're effecting, enforcing, and applying at this very minute, as we speak, by means of their poison clot-shots in the "covid" travesty before our very eyes.

So what can be done in this grim cultural warfare?--the Satanists should be exposed, and the way to oppose them is taking away their primary instruments, like the central-bank counterfeiting operation, totally criminal and un-Constitutional, and then the breaking apart of Jew S A tyranny by means of asserting sovereignty of the states, in accord w. the tenth Amendment--see TenthAmendmentCenter.com. And real Christianity, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), indicates the objective reality, necessary basis/criterion for such truth, and means anti-Satanism (JOHN 8:44) and hence anti-Semitism, suckers--get a clue.
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/the-problem-with-leftism/#comments

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Satanism Reaps The Weak & Inferior In Spenglerian "Decline" Stage Of Historic CYCLE
(Apollonian, 25 Oct 21)

As Spengler noted in "Decline of the West," at a certain pt. the civilization passes fm youth and maturity then to DECLINE, thus reversing all or practically all it's founding virtues and principles--so in Jew S A and West, we see the adoption of Satanism/subjectivism.

Thus Judaism, as it is Satanism, literally, the most active and powerful sort, leads the rest of the subjectivistics of the degenerate culture, Jews being most collectivist, hence best organized, hence the natural leaders.

But I do think u're right about the other side FAILING to react most vigorously--especially in case of the Christian establishment which has been so effectively paralyzed by the horrific satanic take-over, the "Vatican," for example, being turned into homosexual, "woke," "globalist" pedophiles (Satanists), refusing to uphold the objective, determinist philosophy at core of the religion, hardly anyone else even trying to analyze the problem. For we suffer the "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome, people not even aware of the seriousness of the basic cultural problem--Satanism/subjectivism.

For example, "racism" is condemned, regardless it is virtue of pride and loyalty to people, (a), and (b) is logical following to objectivity and hence determinism (absolute cause-effect), race the natural circumstance to any individual. "Racism" has become a dirty word--for the fools.

Thus the previously successful Western culture has bred-up a great over-population of inferiors and weaklings, incapable now of effective resistance to Satanism/subjectivism, the weaklings now overcome w. guilt and inferiority-complex, even indulging in such guilt upon the non-existent "good" fallacy/delusion (it is "good" to feel such guilt). Satanism then and now is mere disease, like plague or typhus, carrying away the over-populated inferiors.

Simply observe the weaklings and fools accepting the deadly poisonous, covid-hoax clot-shots which infect their internal organs, including the heart, of so many victims--why are they such cowards to committing such suicide so willingly? Thus the "end-times" of the present degenerate culture is predicted in Biblic "Book of Revelations" whence Satanism/subjectivism rules and rages.

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23. Andreas says:
October 25, 2021 at 12:51 pm GMT • 23 minutes ago • 100 Words ↑

In any case, there is too much blaming of the Jews. The key to winning is not to insist that your opponents play less well, but to play a better game yourself. The successful tactics of your opponents must also be adopted and revised or refined as necessary, rather than disdained. This is the only healthy path to overcoming the “dominant Judeocracy”. Ethno-Europeans have little to no cohesion. And it is why you lead lives of shame and degradation knowing you are dominated and manipulated by a tiny group of people who do have cohesion. Right now they are the better team. Therefore, start by getting your own shit together.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap first submitted, then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/spencer-quinns-solzhenitsyn-and-the-right/#comments

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KMac Fails Again for Philosophy, Generalization
(Apollonian, 26 Oct 21)

KMac (MacDonald) once again demonstrates his absolute, complete, and total incompetence as philosopher which consists, for one thing, in the abstraction of ideas, then the generalization based upon those abstractions.

Hence though KMac is scientific (in contrast to the dumb, plain mysticism of E. Michael Jones, for example) in sense of careful observation and perception, he can't and doesn't abstract and generalize upon these abstractions--even though the abstraction, if accurate is legitimate unit for TRUE generalization. For example, KMac says, <blockquote>"While Russians remained a minority in the power structure, other groups—Poles, Latvians, Georgians also played a role, and the Russians who did participate were basically psychopaths. As I noted in the Preface to the 2002 edition of The Culture of Critique (p. 32):...."</blockquote>

For what KMac overlooks or underplays is what is common among these Bolsheviks, Jews and non-Jews--and that is SUBJECTIVISM. For note Jews are notorious subjectivists--it's their real religion, the essence of their Talmudism--"MIDRASH" (interpretation). For midrash is the essence of "Oral Law Trad." by which Torah, and then everything else, means merely and only what rabbis say. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo on Judaism/Talmudism.

Again, what is subjectivism?--it's idea reality (or some part) is made by mind/consciousness--as in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, among the most famous of all philosophers. Thus extreme subjectivism is Satanism, making the subject to be creator, God--Satanism. And this Satanism/subjectivism is what is COMMON among all Bolsheviks, leftists, most "liberals" (almost ALL of the modern sort, who are really just socialists and fascists) and homosexuals and other psychotics.

Thus we see Satanism is actually most rationalistic in style, at least (as in Kant), regardless its absurdity, and it, this Satanism, pervades present-day politics, sociology, etc., especially in the form of the non-existent "good" and "morality" (as in E. Michael Jones' "moral law," etc.)

Thus we see the key to the Jews' power as they typically and necessarily lead and dominate the entire Satanist/subjectivist movement and sector of the corrupted culture even though the gentile subjectivists/Satanists far out-number Jews. For Jews, Satanism/subjectivism is their very religion, the very essence of their religion (a), and (b) additionally, Jews are far more collectivist, hence organized, dedicated, and committed to this Satanism. Jews invented modern communism, don't forget.

Finally, note then Jews typically and necessarily dominate the financial aspect of the Satanist movement as they so expertly run the central-banking and fiat-currency system (see Mises.org for expo; use their site search-engine for particular terms) by which evermore counterfeited ("inflated") funds and currency is added and applied to whatever satanic task is needed.

Thus the Jews-media, for example, is simply bought and financed by means of (legally) counterfeited currency (not real MONEY)--as is plainly evident. And the stupid gentiles are thus persuaded to going along with every step of their methodical extermination, as we see with "Big Pharma" now killing stupid gentiles w. the poison clot-shots within the covid-hoax hysteria.

But note further, Jews and Satanism must take care for historical circumstances, for just as Jews by themselves can't accomplish all the necessary Satanist activity by themselves (they need their Satanist/subjectivist collaborators, dupes, and "useful idiots"), the Satanists and Jews in general must await the inexorable DECLINE stage of the general culture, as noted and described by Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West," when the West voluntarily, in its degenerate stages, reneges upon the necessary OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) and determinist (absolute cause-effect, against non-existent perfectly "free" human will) premises and gives in to such as Immanuel Kant and his subjectivism, as prime notable example.

Observe that after Kant and Napoleon, the West fell pathetic victim to Rothschild central-banking and the satanic rout was on. Hitler and Germany in vain tried heroically to staunch the great cultural catastrophe, but Hitler was not a philosopher, failed to fully comprehend the large cultural situation, including especially the economic-financial aspect, and his stop-gap mere politics were not sufficient. Similarly, KMac is woefully inadequate to full and necessary diagnosis, so utterly lacking in that necessary philosophic imagination and generalization, though his science and observations are still quite good and useful so far as they go. E. Michael Jones, by contrast, is just a sad joke


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/spencer-quinns-solzhenitsyn-and-the-right/#comments

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Not Mere Consp. "Theory"
(Apollonian, 26 Oct 21)

Hey, excrement-for-brains: u ought to ck into Talmud and Zohar (Kabala)--ever hrd of them? Ck Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for outstanding expo, just for starters--that should keep u occupied for a while, eh?

Then there's the REAL anti-Semitic New Test., say Gosp. JOHN (8:44), for example, as well as St. Paul's epistles, and Gosp. MATT 27:25, "...His [Christ's] blood be upon us and our children."

Jews are Satanists, in the Kabala, practically by their own admission. Nothing is true but what Jews (rabbis) say, according to Talmud, making themselves co-equal w. God, in at least some cases over-ruling God himself. It isn't consp. "theory," sucker--it's ur own "holy writ."

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32. Bardon Kaldian says:
October 26, 2021 at 8:24 pm GMT • 5.9 hours ago • 300 Words ↑

By the way- why don’t you people, obsessing about Jews, actually read something “bad” about them? Instead of perpetually whining this & that, read classic works of Anti-Semitic Canon & broaden your knowledge about them. They are your enemies, and you should know thy enemy. True, I haven’t read it all, because most of it is dull, but Marr is readable, Wagner is readable, ca. 40% of “Mein Kampf” is readable, “Table Talk” is hilarious, while Ford is good in bits & pieces. I’ve added Gobineau and Rosenberg, along with the canonical H.S. Chamberlain. Protocols are dull, but, de gustibus non est disputandum.

So- let great Hymie conspiracy reading session begin. Yay … [MORE]


Guest Columnist
The Amazing Unz Review--And the Subtle Homosexual Signs
(Apollonian, 27 Oct 21)

So what's the real story about Unz Review (see Unz.com)?--what are the implications? Well Unz Review website is most notable and inspired enterprise by Unz, a Jew (evidently by his own admission), who has gathered together upon his interesting website a great collection of writers known to be critical of Jews, whose articles are regularly featured, beginning w. well-known Paleo-conservative types, like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts, to slightly more radical academics, like noted author, Kevin MacDonald, and many others, like Jared Taylor who writes about matters having to do w. Caucasian people, white folk, and then many other writers, including especially some Jews who criticize Israel, like Gilad Atzmon. So one obvious angle to Unz's site is the active criticism of Israel, but that's not all. For featured by Jew, Unz, is yet more and other criticism of Jews, not only of Israel, by many authors, dozens and dozens.

And the obvious significance of Unz Review is that all this "anti-Semitic" material is presented by a Jew, material and a website which would otherwise, if done by a gentile, be banned and suppressed by Jews and their "liberal" gentile cohorts, supporters, and stooges, who actually rule and control the present Western establishment, the only reason it isn't suppressed being that it's done by a Jew himself, Unz. This otherwise subtle and effective monopolization of anti-Semitic "criticism" then serves obvious purpose of Jews by way of "deflection" and manipulation, this done especially in the comments section which follows every article.

What then is the "angle" or purpose of Unz Review?--surely it's a subtle psy-ops, yes, un-questionably another one, by the Jews, like Unz, for afore-mentioned purposes of deflection and manipulation, Unz taking advice on his censorship policy by his fellow Jews, who remind him of what is most damaging, removing the really substantial and incisive commentary, leaving only the platitudinous and empty assertions.

And there are actually many Jews, admitted and others pretending not to be Jews, who write in and give their opinions, aside fm many gentiles who would be called "anti-Semitic" by Jews, as well as the conventional liberals among gentiles--and this is evidently the ostensive purpose, the pretended generation of a kind of "dialectic" btwn Jew and gentile, as well as parallel dialectic btwn "liberals" among gentiles, and the more anti-Semitic type of gentiles. Thus the dialectic isn't without some, even many anti-Semitic gentiles giving a vigorous account of their sentiments against Jews and the present Western culture which continues to not only foster Jews, supporting Jews, thus making Jews dominant for their satanic leadership. Unz Review thus features, in the presented articles, intensive criticism of Israel (a) and (b) criticism of the leftist culture which fosters Jews in general, not only Israel.

Of course, Unz, as Jew, lies (though typically, Unz pretends he doesn't lie, perhaps genuinely considers he isn't lying) when he indicates "a light hand of moderation," and actually censors quite intensively, even furiously. One of Unz's excuses given for censorship is that he wants to avoid "religious"-type controversy when obvious fact is it is Jew religion to lie, deceive, hate, and work actively against gentiles--Unz doesn't want to explore the simple, obvious facts about this secularistic Jew religion which cheerfully harbors atheists and atheism--all part of the Talmudic/satanic program. For Judaism is Satanism, literally, and this is easily verified in the Talmud itself in form of "midrash" (interpretation), Talmud invoking subjectivism, idea reality is created by consciousness/mind, making subject to be creator--Jews then, taken collectivistically, as co-equal w. God--satanism. God is servant for Jews, Jews the "apple" of God's eye. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

So again, what is Unz's "angle" and purpose?--Unz himself, typical Jew, plays deceptively coy, but he seems to be leftist-oriented for his own political sympathies and thus, specifically, homosexual, though, as noted, he plays coy and neglects to getting into this homosexual subject-matter, or making light of it, passing it off. But the tell-tale signs of that homosexual nature are all there, and furthermore, lately, Unz has awarded "blog" status to a pretended gentile (perhaps he really is) named "Raches," who is nearly comically hysterical and narcissistic for his voluminous effusions and incessant pomposity, holding-forth about so many things, so often, as he goes on and incessantly on in his own lengthy commentary within his blog on Unz Review (he seems to think he's imitating Hitler). Thus the evidence for homosexuality in the case of Raches is overwhelming--and moreover revealing upon Unz's own motivations, etc. But what can one do?--we're lucky to get such a collection of anti-Semitic info and articles in the first place, truth be told.

Thus Unz would seem to promoting homosexual dominance and emphasis as he steadily censors the comments, promoting the homosexual party-line, deflecting and manipulating the dialectic, the comments unfortunately tending towards platitude and empty assertion, mostly weighted towards the anti-Semitic sentiment, but light on the reasoning and discussion of actual facts in terms of substantial philosophy, history, and sociology. Further, it lets Jews take note of current gentile mentality and dialectic, (a), and (b) gives opportunity to test the gentiles for latest Jew-inspired lies and lying to then seeing how gentiles react. Nonetheless, Unz's large conception for "review" and collection of all the anti-Semitic articles and commentary by the famous and noteworthy authors is still quite impressive, though the public commentary therewith is sadly and tragically strangled, impaired, and suppressed by the Jew, Unz, who pretends to relate w. gentiles so well and swimmingly. It's most one can realistically ask of a Jew, after all.
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Below-copied by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/murrayism-as-in-charles-murray-has-failed-now-what/#comment-4978908

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Determinism Denies Perfectly (God-like) "Free" Human Will
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 21)

One born brainless: I used to be great Rand fanatic too, no less than u, buddy, but I stuck w. her metaphysics, basically, and epistemologic writings in which she's outstanding. Even some of Rand's ethics are notable and worth reading. Her politics too, are good, especially for the logic and consistency w. her ethics. I'll note further that Rand's follower, Peikoff is or was a rabid supporter of Israeli terror state.

Interesting that Rand knew NOTHING about central-banking and fiat-currency, though she did include some material by Greenspan upon the subject. But Rand had some distinct weak spots, and one was her denial of DETERMINISM (absolute cause-effect) which is basis of racism. Racism is NOT NOT NOT mere "collectivism," (a), and (b) collectivism isn't all bad, as Rand would have admitted (and I think she did), provided the members agree w. whatever effort is made--like a legal corporation, or an army defending the nation in war.

For note that if one admits to objectivity, hence unity, then reality can be thought of as one thing which thereupon can only unfold and happen one, determinist, way.

Thus as determinism follows fm absolute cause-effect, basis of science (admitted by Rand)--opposing the hubristic perfectly "free" human will idea by which humans are equated w. God. Free will can't be proven, and determinism is difficult, if not impossible, to dis-prove. Note then racism is easily understood as following fm that determinist principle, which another follower of Rand's admits, the late Nat. Branden.

Note also that humans have no freedom to change their nature as humans, defined as creatures of self-interest--which the Christians understand as part of the unalterable "sinful" nature. So Rand admits to the premise of determinism while at same time denying it in form of racism.

So u see, brainless one, racism is easily understood--and in history was always understood in accord w. the determinist principle--still understood, at least subconsciously, by most people of all races. Race is the necessary, evident, obvious circumstance of any individual, PERIOD, sucker. And that determinism is why u Jews are so powerful--under the right cultural/psychologic circumstances, when the gentiles are dis-united and fighting one another.

So u lose once again, brainless one, and all ur smug retorts gains u nothing--indeed, only indicating how smug and demented one must be to so obsessively contend as u do against the plain facts of reality.

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4. onebornfree says: • Website
October 20, 2021 at 10:37 am GMT • 9.0 days ago ↑

“Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage-the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. ” Ayn Rand

Regards, onebornfree


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Below-copied first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/proems/normalization/#comments

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Hitler's Usage Of Racism And Anti-Semitism Was Affirmation Of Determinism, Objectivity
(Apollonian, 30 Oct 21)

I also agree heartily that "Mein Kampf" was a great, revealing, and informative book, though I only read it once, as it very well described and dramatized the mind and spirit of one like Hitler who so well and so much captured the imagination of the German people. Hitler was much less philosopher as he was a practical psychologist and political observer.

The only problem is the book, as well as Hitler himself, didn't quite capture the imagination of the rest of the world and its people, for which nat. socialism wasn't quite up to the task--not nearly as well as the original Christianity which put the Jews in their proper place of odium for a good twelve hundred years or so, perhaps a millennium and a half.

The great cultural tragedy was, and still is, that by the time of the French Revolution, the Jews were legitimized and "emancipated" as the establishment Christianity of the time (its even worse now) had by then been sadly neutralized and made so pathetically irrelevant, especially for the purpose of anti-Semitism, so urgently, if not desperately, needed then and now.

Thus Hitler rightly and accurately noted the conspiratorial Jews (a redundancy) for their under-handed machinations and thus stimulated the thought and investigations of so many others, though they were too few.

The problem is Jews/Judaism were not analyzed according to their Talmudic philosophy of such thoroughgoing subjectivism (hence Satanism), this then plotted according to history and hist. trends of the time, including especially the irrationalist, "romantic" turn of culture after Immanuel Kant and the French Rev., the rise of socialism against the ideal of individual freedom, and then of course, the Jews' invincible weapon of central-banking and fiat-currency, still going so strong today.

So Hitler, the Germans, and anyone else were unfortunately unable to finish the necessary job for complete, ringing, and successful anti-Semitism--we still lack a holiday for celebration of decisive putting-down of Jews and that Judaic form of Satanism. In fact, the problem has grown now w. establishment of the nuclear armed Israeli terror-state.

So what we could use now is a more serious analytical comparison for the usage and effectiveness of nat. socialism vs. good old Christianity for purposes of anti-Semitism--there's reason, after all, for Jew hatred of Christianity which stands for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the objective reality (standard for such truth) and determinism by which we properly judge people according to race--which fools try to discredit.

For note Jews, who are foremost, utmost racists (ck the Israeli terror-state) want, so ironically, to use racism, pretending it's most terrible thing, against determinism (absolute cause-effect) in favor of hubristic, Godly, perfectly "free" human will, thus against objectivity and truth.
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The Jewwy Unz Review, Its Jew-Serving Strategy, and the Continuing Homosexual Onslaught
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 21)

Unz Review, run by the Jew, Unz, is now adding to its list of "anti-Semitic" authors, one of the latest additions being someone called, "Raches," who is almost certainly a homosexual who displays all the tell-tale signs. Naturally, aside fm the typical, usual homosexual propaganda and pompous styling, Raches and his Jew sponsor, Unz, wants to attract fellow homosexuals to infest the site and commentary--which is already infested w. numerous Jew cronies of Unz himself who give Unz advice as to what sort of commentary should be allowed, and who is too effectively anti-Semitic and should be deleted/censored (like myself). For note Unz's Jew-oriented strategy is obviously, in general, to legitimate Jews, including Jews, like Unz, who lies and deceives, pretending he's for "free speech"--or that he's in any way sympathetic to gentiles (except to keeping some of them around for purpose of using them as "Shabbat goyim").

Further, Unz, given the material he has to work with, namely all the various "anti-Semitic" authors he presents and features, works to affect the commentary appended with the various columns and articles given and featured. And this commentary then is thus limited to the usual sort of platitudes and random assertions made by some who are genuine anti-semites, but who leave out reasoning for the assertions as well as useful or relevant references (a), (b) Jews writing in w. their usual lies, subterfuges, and deceptions, and now (c), the homosexual clutter and propaganda. Thus Unz, the typical under-handed Jew, works subtly to dis-credit the very anti-Semitic writers he pretends to featuring, tainting all the commentary, besides. But of course, what else would one expect of such Jews like Unz?

Note w. the recent addition of the homosexual "Raches," the site, Unz.com, and the writers presented are thereby rather tainted by association now w. the homosexual element, now prominently introduced by Unz, and further, the commentary is cluttered not only w. the Jews who are allowed, along w. the evermore voluminous homosexual content, as by "Raches," and his cohort obviously being deliberately cultivated by the Jew, Unz.

For one must ask oneself: is Unz, a Jew, seriously working towards an anti-Semitic consensus?--of course not--impossible--otherwise why would Unz admit to being himself a Jew? For if he so admits he's Jew, he's expressing loyalty thereto. Otherwise, Unz the Jew would be at least tacitly arguing against the determinist principle (absolute cause-effect) which the Judaic religion generally denies in favor of the thematic Jew subjectivism (hence Satanism). Unz thus wants to pretend to the stupider gentiles that he's a "good Jew," one sympathetic to gentiles, hence anti-Semitism--which is impossible.

Thus Unz, the typical, truly insidious, Jew is detected (again) practicing most intensive censorship as well as the usual, thematic Jew lying and deception for the obvious satanic, Judaic purposes of subverting the gentiles, the latest, recent addition of the raving homosexual, "Raches," being further evidence. And it's tellingly interesting Unz, the typical Jew, cannot grasp the natural repugnance of gentiles to such a screaming, moronic homosexual as "Raches." Unz the typical Jew is too clever by half, just fooling himself, as Jews inevitably do.


Guest Columnist
The Satanic Cultural Complex--It's Really Simple To Grasp--And Why There MUST Be Censorship About It--Thus, The Unz Review--The Absolute Necessity Of Censorship And Disinfo
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 21)

The key to understanding the present-day cultural problems isn't difficult if one goes step-by-step for logical analysis. First, note the Spenglerian CYCLIC theory of history, how a culture begins with the simplicity, honesty, and bravery of the people who work hard, etc., but as the culture continues it becomes evermore jaded, it reaches maturity and peaks, and then it begins to become evermore corrupt due to the degeneration of the people who now become hubristic and imagine they're like God, as they have a perfectly "free" will, etc.--as we see nowadays.

Thus for our purposes of analysis today, we can see the Romans, for thematic example, beginning w. the general Aristotelian-style, objectivistic understanding or grasp of reality, simple and honest, the people forthright, brave, and productive. But then in the (Spenglerian) "Decline" stage, "end times" in the Biblic Book of Revelations, in the cultural degeneration, they suffer hubris, pretending to the perfectly "free" human will--also indulging in guilt-complex, but this guilt being used against the people by another part of the people.

The pt. to this foregoing analysis/description is to note the movement of the people's forthright objectivity to gross, miserable subjectivism--though the hubristic people pretend such subjectivism is a great advance in civilization, indulging as they do in "social justice," non-existent "good," and "moral virtue" (which only possible virtue could be in consistent logic).

The psychologic problem then becomes one of such extreme subjectivism and hubris that it eventually arrives at Satanism, the making oneself God. Note then subjectivism is the idea that reality is created by consciousness/mind--which in extreme form makes the subject to be creator, thus God, literal hubris. Satanism thus can be practiced by the individual or in the case of an entire group which group pretends they collectively are like God, or co-equal w. God--as esp. in case of Jews who believe and practice this sort of collective subjectivism. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo on Judaism/Talmudism. For the religion of Jews/Judaism is subjectivism and extreme subjectivism--Satanism.

Note how we see Satanism is really quite simple and even quite rationalistic in style--extreme subjectivism, individual or collective. Most elaborate Satanism is the collectivist sort, and once it sets in, it can be very powerful in practical, down-to-earth ways, esp. in the way of central-banking and fiat-currency when this powerful, collectivistic group establishes this means of legally--or legalistically--counterfeiting a fiat-currency system. See Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for such terms as "fiat-currency." Thus this satanistic group of criminals, running the central-bank of fiat-currency comes to dominating the empire/society as we see today in way of the various central-banks, US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, etc.

Note again the simplicity and the step-by-step development of this criminal-complex beginning w. Satanism/subjectivism, elaboration to the collectivist practice, to manipulating the currency and dominating the culture/society--it's nothing really mysterious, even though the criminals always make it out to be so--because they obviously don't want the fools and suckers of the society to figuring it out, for the obvious reasons.

So there it all is, in conclusion: the satanic complex, beginning w. Satanism and subjectivism, very simple, but the Satanists wanting and needing to making it all so complex and difficult to understand--as they don't want the fools and suckers to figuring it all out--it, the satanic-complex--depends upon and is built upon lies, lying, liars, including lying to oneself, and the continuous effort of lying and deception--against the fools and suckers who must be kept ignorant in order for the full deception to working, the topmost criminals and frauds continuing to issuing the fake currency, the fools and suckers continuing to accepting it for payment for their efforts, etc., making it all work for the Satanists. And of course more can be added for fuller description of this ever-larger satanic complex as it grows for its empire like a cancer, but we have here, now, the basic ideas.

What makes the Jews most powerful, within this complex, is their cohesiveness and organization--the virtue of their distinctive collectivism making for their most effective collusion--even though the Satanist and subjectivistic gentiles far out-number them (so far, long as they're still alive), still the gentiles cannot even hope to be so well organized as Jews, the natural and necessary leaders of this sublime satanic complex.

And now we see why one like myself, Apollonian, who continuously exposits and expounds upon this satanic complex MUST be censored by the Satanists, like Unz, the Jew editor of the Unz Review, who features all the anti-Semitic writers who write about the Jew problem, but Jews and Unz not wanting there to be anything really conclusive or informative to come fm it all. Q.E.D.

Now we see why, precisely why, Jews like Unz WOULD want to feature and thus dominate such a site which collects all this anti-Semitic material, as the Unz Review. The best way to control the opposition is by sponsoring it urself, as the saying goes.