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Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/regarding-the-op-ed-of-aleksey-pavlov-on-the-chabad-neo-pagans/ Slavskiy, 2 Nov 22

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Just Another Day In The Great Soap Opera, "As The World Turns"
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 22)

<blockquote>"There is no comprehendible meta-narrative that society can get behind. Only ideological chaos and lots of informational shum (noise). As a result, you get Russians trying to explain things, but using idiosyncratic language that other Russians don’t really get or use let alone Westerners." -Slavskiy, fm above</blockquote>

Well, to translate this, above, fm Slavskiy, in Christian terms, note life sucks, as Homer affirms in the Illiad and Oddysey, which Christians carry over in New Test., humans are sinners, and the great conflict among humans is Truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Satanic lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44). Truth only has meaning in an OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, and Jews, following their "Oral Law Trad.," are subjectivists and foremost liars (see Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org). And satanism (making oneself co-equal w. God, the creator) is simply extreme subjectivism--see Wikipedia.

And truly, Russia is heroically defending itself fm the gross encroachment of the satanic Jew world order spear-headed by Jew S A, as Slavskiy so well describes. Thus the Chabad Jews seek to insinuate themselves as allies of Russkies, much like the zionist Jews of Israel pretend to oppose the atheist-leftist "globalist"-satanists of WEF, CFR, Trilaterals, and Bilderbergers. And like the zionists, the Chabad Jews want to extract a pound of flesh fm the Russkies, no doubt, as usual, which Russkies naturally resent--such then is the latest gossip fm "As the World Turns" in Russia.

So gee whiz, but what more is there to add to this exciting latest episode of "As the World Turns"?--well, Jew S A is faltering w. a mere 25 day supply of diesel fuel, and the Jew world order is facing an imminent shellacking in the up-coming elections in less than a week now, but will the Jews with the help of satan pull out another election-steal and victory?--we're all holding our breath, suckers. Life is soooo wonderful and exciting, isn't it?
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/kbarrett/why-im...-the-first-time-ever/#comment-5647264/Barrett, 8 Nov 22

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Unz's Site Still Attracts Due To The Off-Beat WN & Neo-Nazi Writers
(Apollonian, 9 Nov 22)

<blockquote>"Agreed! However, there is a 3rd Tyrant, Ron Unz, who refuses to print my (and others’ ?), articles. He is a Gatekeeper, who helps to gather and keep the not completely broken resisters – on a leash."</blockquote> Ho ho ho, u gotta remember that a truly free market lets any/all individuals be "tyrants" who choose what they want to publish or not.

U're right about one thing: Unz is miserable writer. And Unz himself is NOT NOT NOT "alternative" media--just the same old atheist-leftist who pushes Mike Hudson who defends the legalized counterfeiting scam, the US Federal Reserve (the "fed")--that's the long and the short of it all.

Such legalized counterfeiting and issuance of tremendously proliferated "currency" (not real money which must have its own value, hence is scarce commodity--see Mises.org for expo--use their site search-engine for specific terms, like "fiat-currency") OBVIOUSLY makes these counterfeiters the rulers of whatever society as they have the currency for whatever means they see fit to take to keeping rulership.

Knocking the holohoax is just a nuance of Unz's which gives him some appeal to the anti-zionists, which Unz evidently imagines makes him "alternative media," ho hoo ho. For Unz merely serves the globalist-satanists of WEF, CFR, Trilaterals, and Bilderbergers who live by the legalized counterfeiting of the "fed" (as do the zionists themselves).

Otherwise, Unz imagines he can sell his putrid writing at least to make himself notable among some, and this is why he features the white-nationalists (WNs) and/or "neo-nazis"--an interesting ploy, no doubt, but then sponsoring the babbling of Mike Hudson rather ruins it all, I suspect. Aside fm his own drivel, his site remains fairly interesting, I must admit, and I can't resist coming back to look at the WN and neo-nazis he features.

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Durruti says:
November 9, 2022 at 2:29 pm GMT • 13.6 hours ago • 200 Words
@Truth Vigilante

The sooner these two tyrants of censorship go the way of the dodo, the better.

Agreed! However, there is a 3rd Tyrant, Ron Unz, who refuses to print my (and others’ ?), articles. He is a Gatekeeper, who helps to gather and keep the not completely broken resisters – on a leash. He and his chosen writers, never get to the point, – OF HOW TO FIX THAT WHICH HAS BEEN BROKEN (assassinated, terrorized, bribed, brainwashed, occupied).

Misdirection is the modus operandus of the so-called ‘Alternate Media,’ which gives false advice, such as to -Vote Republicrat, as if either political gang (Dems and Repubs are not Political Parties, but Gangs hired by the controlling Zionist Oligarchs), are cohesive political advocates for sections of our citizenry.

Gatekeepers refuse to identify the form of Government they might support (other than carefully, with many excuses, urging a vote for one of the gangs, – which is a slippery slope – back entrance into supporting the current system and its puppet Government. Discussion of The Republic, is blocked. The political significance of the events of November 22, 1963, have not been examined by any contributors to this website.
I can drink my Hemlock, or leave Athens. I left years ago.

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Guest Columnist
Below essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/article/a-depressing-election/, MacDonald, 12 Nov 22

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Election-Steal, -Rigging, And -Fraud Merely Fronts For CIVIL WAR, Suckers
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 22)

<blockquote>"Notice there’s no statement of principle here, only gratuitous disparagement and basically saying that DeSantis owes him—even though DeSantis has never attacked Trump as far as I know."</blockquote> Well, with this quote fm KMac (K. MacDonald), he rather sums up his own position regarding the general, overall problem w. Jew S A, doesn't he?

For what about KMac's own "statement of principle"?--just Dem. vs. Repub.? Isn't it more like globalist vs. nationalist?--and then what are the "principles" behind those? KMac rather saves himself by mentioning the "secessionist" principle/action, so that's good. See TenthAmendmentCenter.com for expo on secession, nullification, etc.

And how is it election day became election-week/month?--for the globalists need time to manufacture up the additional votes they need to steal the elections, right? And "digitalizing" the elections w. computers that can't be verified made things more difficult and un-clear than the way it was before w. hand-counting paper ballots.

And who ALWAYS wins through these "election" tricks?--the globalists, who control the Demon-rats, who have INFINITE funding through the central-bank of issue (see Mises.org for expo on central-banking; use site search-engine for terms like "fiat-currency"), which manufactures practically INFINITE currency. Doesn't KMac grasp that there's a connection btwn the election-fraud and the infinite funding whereby globalists own and control all the Jews-media, the legal-system, judges, lawyers, and politicians?

So the "election" stealing, fraud, and rigging is merely now a front for literal CIVIL WAR being waged by the globalists. Secession now is absolutely NECESSARY, in fact, the ONLY resort which can possibly save the cultural situation for rule-of-law, property rights, and genuine civilization.

It's simply a case of satanic lies and deception by globalists vs. TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and reason. And as SUBJECTIVISM (see Wikipedia, making oneself God, the creator, consciousness creating reality) is the way "elections" front for actual civil war, we see the real "PRINCIPLES" and ideals that are involved--same as confronted Christ and Christians a couple thousand yrs ago.


Guest Columnist
Below essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/oppressed-jew-is-watching-you/ Langdon, 14 Nov 22

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Corruption Of Objectivity In Name Of Moralism Destroys Truth, Reason, Giving Forth Present Satanic Society
(Apollonian, 17 Nov 22)

Tobias Langdon is good writer who does and tries to do a good job, and he’s surely right, far as he goes in his exposition on “thought-crime”–BUT HE DOESN’T GO FAR ENOUGH in philosophy and metaphysics–or in history.

For life is war, after all, as Homer taught us in Illiad and Oddysey–Life sucks, suckers. Marx was right as master sociologist for his concept of class-conflict. And Jews seem to be winning the present fighting, keeping on top of things by means of their ultimate weapon, the central-bank of issue (like the Federal Reserve Bank–the “fed”–see Mises.org for expo) which is just legalized counterfeiting, putting out more and evermore fiat-currency.

This legalized counterfeiting used to be done, commanded by gentiles (like John Law, early 18th cent.–see Wikipedia), but the Rothschilds after Napoleon brought Jew organization to it all, and this is their era of un-paralleled control and mastery, making gentiles fight one another.

So now Jews have overthrown Western/Greek principle of OBJECTIVITY built on logic–all in favor of MORALISM. Thus nowadays hereticalist, fallacious “good-evil,” which don’t even exist, take precedence over truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). So how could something non-existent, like “good-evil,” overthrow logic and reason?–because it’s (supposedly) “good,” and this good is product of perfectly “free will” (which also doesn’t exist) by which humans achieve God-like status–HUBRIS, which is first and last step to SATANISM (making oneself to be God, the creator), suckers.

Thus subjectivism (ck wikipedia) has overthrown truth and objectivity due to primacy of “good-evil” and God-like human “free” will–HOW and WHY?–because Western civilization succeeded too well, and fostered over-populated fools stricken by and possessed of hubris and INFERIORITY-COMPLEX by which now they all soooo desperately want to be “good,” convinced they have the “free” will to achieve it. Such is the HUBRIS and “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler.

And Jews then, supreme subjectivists, control these legions of “liberals” and leftist goons, fools, and over-populated dupes and suckers who are possessed of this massive inferiority-complex and hence the reign of subjectivism and satanism built (ironically, as it seems) upon “good-evil” delusion and non-existent “free” will–GROSS hubris.

Thus “racism,” which is just pride and loyalty for one’s people, ancestors, and culture, is deemed to be abhorrent and “evil,” and the masses of over-populated suckers, “liberals,” and leftists go along in their self-righteous hubris and inferiority-complex–all manipulated so brilliantly by foremost subjectivists and satanists, like Jews, who follow “Oral Law Tradition” and Talmud, explicitly understood as subjectivist interpretations of Torah (see Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo). This foregoing analysis of hubristic, satanic culture and philosophy is what’s working in this corrupt degeneration and “Decline of the West,” by Spengler, suckers.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/jewish-troubles-with-uppity-rappers/ Joyce, 19 Nov 22

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Predatory, Judaic Class Is Now Ripe For Overthrow In Spenglerian CYCLIC Process
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 22)

Karl Marx was surely an astute sociologist, good, but not great economist, and he's surely right for his understanding of CLASS. So u have a certain class of the commons, most people, who do the work, grow the food, etc., and then there's another class of "management."

But within the "management" class there is a sub-class of PREDATORS, largely criminals--and these have become the Jews, perfectly demonstrated and confirmed in their Talmud and Zohar, following "Oral Law Trad." for their general philosophy and outlook upon life--totally diff. fm the preceding Mosaic.

Then of course, there are others who see the success of Jews and want to "travel" along w. them, even fm the common class, and a good many fm the management class, but who weren't primarily, or who didn't start out so predatory--for there were and still are many of the "management" class who are NOT predators--like the (REAL) Christians (not "Judeo-Christians"--JCs--who are mere "fellow travelers" of Jews; see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo).

And note this sociology is all perfectly DETERMINISTIC, for when populations get too large there needs be a culling-out of the over-populated--function of the predators. Similarly, when populations are quite small, there's little room for the predatory (Judaic) types who are seen as criminals and abhorred by the rest of the people.

The great historian, Oswald Spengler, much observed upon this CYCLIC fluctuation of populations in his great work, "Decline of the West," noting the greatness of the early stages of civilizations and people, and then the horrendous corruption when those civilizations "declined" and degenerated in subjectivism--especially in the way of hereticalist, delusionary, and non-existent "good-evil" (and perfectly "free" will) taking advantage of the poor, dumb goyim and commons.

Thus we're presently in the "decline" stage of Western and specifically the American whence Jews and predators dominate the befuddled, over-populated commons, Jews and predators making use of SUBJECTIVISM and satanism (extreme subjectivism) against the traditional objective-oriented (Aristotelian) mode of thought and behavior which so well served the original and growing stages of the civilization, but which culture is now rotten, counter-productive, and ripe for destruction.

So what must and will happen in this determinist CYCLIC process?--the Jew-predatory class is fast becoming over-populated itself, and will run out of willing slaves and shabbat-goyim--Jews and predators now being exposed by such as the internet spread of information, including Kanye West, et al. Jew S A must be de-activated by means of states-rights, secession, and nullification. The criminal central-bank (like the "Federal Reserve") and fiat-currency system must give way, back to honest money, gold and silver--and it's all just a matter of time now though there's likely to be some desperate and gory events taking place in the interim.