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Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/how-to-become-an-anti-semite/#comment-5469661

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Christianity Is Philosophy At The Core, Suckers
(Apollonian, 1 Aug 22)

Christianity, the core philosophy, is Hegelian anti-thesis to Judaism/Talmudism, as objective (Aristotelian) reality (basis of truth/Christ) is anti-thesis to Jew subjectivism/Satanism founded in "Oral Law Trad.," later written-out in "Babylonian Talmud," about 500 AD. Christian affirmation of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) opposes Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Thus, simply as matter of religion, Jews hate Christ (and truth, founded in objective reality), and gloated over his killing (Gosp. MATT 27:25), in much same way as Christians rather hate Satan, that old son-of-a-gun who's always lying and deceiving. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Christians thus celebrate TRUTH which always RESURRECTS, often just when the liars find it soooo inconvenient--the very lesson of the entire New Test. "Don't lie, sucker, because the truth is gonna come back to bite u."

New Test. is LITERATURE--there doesn't need to have been any real, live, historical "Jesus," who is mere character in New Test. exactly like Achilles is mere character of the New Test. equivalent for the preceding Greek culture, The Illiad. And New Test. thus merely dramatizes the course and fortunes of truth (and/or anyone who sticks by such truth) which is typically and so often caused to having to suffer so much for such truth--against the wishful thinking and lies of the liars.

Don't forget strict philosophy is so difficult for so many, probably 90-95% of the so easily mystified people. That's why Pontius Pilate asked rhetorically at Gosp. JOHN 18:38, "what the heck IS truth, sucker?"

Thus "religion" is mere external trappings to core philosophy, these trappings consisting of ceremony, liturgy, prayers, chanting, organ music, stained-glass windows, etc. Religion then makes the philosophy more palatable, popular, understandable, and acceptable to the masses, drawing selected individuals ever-closer to the truth, such as it is, and thus uniting the masses into a collectivist whole upon particular principles--the CHURCH.

So Christianity is a tremendous, great thing, the very foundation of present Western culture and society, such as it is, carrying on fm the Greeks, in turn the foundation of science and law, the things supporting that industrial civilization which supports the present population of billions of people, etc. Sure, there will always be problems, but Christianity helps sustain that necessary hope that we'll prevail long as we heed to TRUTH (= Christ), the greatest value, that truth which is the real God to be worshipped, that truth which arises fm an objective reality, etc. Halliluyah, Amen, suckers.

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110. Frank Walus says:
July 31, 2022 at 5:21 am GMT • 1.6 days ago • 100 Words ↑

There is nothing rational about Christian (or Judeo-Christian) lore or precepts so talking people out of it with rational argumentation is most often an exercise in futility. 99% of Christians know less about the Bible than the average critic of Christianity. Raised a Christian, nobody thought it necessary to mention that the scriptures were written decades after Christ’s purported crucifixion. Christianity tells its followers that they don’t have to die and that somebody loves them (Jesus). They’re not going to give that up for nothing in return.


Guest Columnist
Here, copied below dashed line, is msg I sent to a comrade regarding the subject of satanism:


Dear Ken:

Probably about 3 yrs ago, maybe 2, but at least 2 yrs ago, I laid-out the analysis for Satanism for u--it's actually simple PHILOSOPHY, and it's turned into a religion simply by adding-in a lot of mysticism which isn't necessary, but enough makes it look complex so that it can then be thought of as religion by a larger group of people. But Satanism really begins as simple philosophy, as I note--extreme subjectivism.

Satanism then is EXTREME SUBJECTIVISM, subjectivism following fm such as the philosophy of Immanuel Kant (see Wikipedia), one of the most famous of all philosophers in history, who taught that consciousness creates reality (literal subjectivism).

Note then that this extreme subjectivism equates to making oneself to be God the creator (Satanism by definition)--if u follow out the philosophy to fullest extent and logical consequence, consciousness creating reality. Lots of people are quite subjectivistic, but relatively few are outright Satanists.

The Satanists are thereupon successful and powerful as they make their (extreme) subjectivism to be a collectivistic effort among a significant number (or "gang") of them, all co-operating, colluding, upon the same basic course or plan of action. And satanism/subjectivism becomes popular during times of corruption and degeneration as in present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

An extremely important note to all this about Satanism regards Judaism/Talmudism, Judaism following the Talmud, by definition. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Judaic/Talmudic expo. Thus Talmudism follows "Oral Law Trad.," by which Torah (first 5 books of Old Test.) is held to mean ONLY what rabbis say in their "midrash," midrash being the official interpretation (or "party-line"). This midrash was officially published in Babylonian Talmud about 500 AD.

So u see, Talmudism is literally subjectivism, Torah, and then everything else about reality, being mere subject of midrash interpretation. Thus even though not all Jews are outright Satanists (as in Gosp. JOHN 8:44), they are all given and subject to subjectivism, and their collectivism is notorious and well-known. And as I noted, many gentiles, especially nowadays, are likewise very subjectivist, hence given to subjectivist and even then satanic impulses. Satanists exploit this subjectivism among the fools and goyim.

So then Satanism becomes evermore powerful and compelling as a general movement as this subjectivism is invoked in people, including Jews, and then exploited, as I note.

And one of the most compelling subjectivist ideas is that of "good-evil"--which cannot be demonstrated in strict logic (a notorious fact in the history of philosophy and ethics), as there is no premise that works for all situations. Thus the "good-evil" idea is very much the beginning pt. for the extreme subjectivism of so many who fall victim to it, obsessed w. such fallacious and non-existent "good-evil," but never able to demonstrate a particular premise or consistent philosophy founded upon it.

I listened to ur latest recorded interviews and noted how u've observed this sort of satanic influence which has taken hold of so many over the world--including especially the WEF (World Economic Foundation), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateralists, "globalists," leading the leftist-atheists.

There's a rival group of Satanists working for Israel (posing as "rightists") who, evidently, would rather PRESERVE the gentiles to keep them serving as Shabbat goyim--these rivals are behind the Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org, also TruthTellers.org) heretics (following the Scofield Bible interpretation) who preach that Christianity and Judaism are mere versions and variations of one another when actually they are Hegelian-type anti-theses, Christ upholding strict objective (Aristotelian) reality behind TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). All establishment Christian churches have been captured by these JCs, though ironically, the commie pope, Francis, works so cheerfully for WEF and "globalists."
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Guest Columnist
Here, again, below dashed line, is follow-up in exposition to msg I sent about 8 days earlier to "Ken."



I re-read my previous msg to u, sent about 8 days ago, and I thought I should follow-up on the expo regarding Satanism, how it's really just simple philosophy, extreme subjectivism, following the idea that "consciousness creates reality," making oneself God, the creator. Thus Satanists, the highly organized and committed masterminds at the top, take advantage of people's subjectivism (even though these people are not necessarily outright Satanists).

Most notorious of these sort of subjectivists, politically, are what we see as and call "liberals," "progressives," and most, if not all "leftists."

And most often, I seem to observe, these subjectivists (not outright Satanists) begin w. their subjectivism as they're OBSESSED w. idea/notion of "good-evil"--they seriously believe in this, and WANT to think and believe there's really such thing (as "good-evil"). Thus this obsessionate subjectivism (not outright Satanism) regarding "good-evil" is what makes them susceptive to the Satanists who take advantage of the subjectivism.

The only thing missing now, regarding this obsessionate subjectivism, specifically concerning "good-evil," is what is the source of this obsession. And the observation is that the source is INFERIORITY-COMPLEX which is at the root of the obsession for "good-evil." Thus the people are struck w. idea they must prove themselves to be above this imagined and obsessionate INFERIORITY (in some way or other), that they insist upon this "good-evil" by which they hope to alleviate their feeling of inferiority--even in many cases a kind of GUILT which is self-induced, guilt-complex being a kind of sub-set to the more general inferiority-complex, GUILT being a more intensive form of inferiority.

I think this analysis of inferiority-complex then is the bottom-most base of things psychological for the individual which all then leads up to the more general Satanist degeneration of the whole, larger society, which affects the political and then especially the legal system. And when the degeneration destroys the legal system, the whole culture collapses in strife and general warfare--which is where we are and what we see so much presently.

I wouldn't say that Jews are the CAUSE of the general societal collapse; rather, I'd simply note that some of these Jews, who are the most satanically-inclined, then organize and fund things so as to LEAD, in many cases, in the overall societal break-down--like George Soros, for outstanding example. Jews couldn't do it all by themselves--they have to have accomplices and allies fm within the gentiles--subjectivism has to be a most dominant trend within the whole society, affecting many gentiles too. And again, Jews are notable as they're notorious subjectivists by virtue of their very religion, though not all are Satanist, though the religion itself is given to Satanism, as I noted and as in Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

These notes I make here for us, above, I'd say would best conclude and complete my original exposition which I sent u earlier about 8 days ago. Take good care, A.


Guest Columnist
These essays first submitted, though only the bottom two, were published, at comments, https://www.unz.com/aanglin/old-man...nes-sandy-hoax-crisis-actor-revenge-showdown/ Anglin, 4 Aug

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Legal Case Against Jewwy Shill, Ajax Jewns, And Consequent Implications, Lessons For Civilization
(Apollonian, 4 Aug 22)

The one thing we know is that this trial against Ajax Jewns, shill for Israel and Jews, is designed to destroy the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st and 2nd amendments. Yes, and in addition, we see his genius shyster, one of the dumbest shysters in history, sent lawyer-client info, medical records, psych evaluations, life insurance info, etc. to the opposition--which the shyster will blame on his subordinates, no doubt. Gee, but I wonder how much that or those subordinates were paid? What a gross, moronic comedy it all is--the people destroyed, their rights crushed, all due to idiots, morons, and fat, babbling shills.

But facts remain, don't forget: the plaintiffs, who admitted they never listened to Ajax, till maybe around 2018, now pushing defamation and infliction of emotional distress utterly failed to prove anything--they haven't even proven anyone actually died at Sandy hoax--but which the fat, Jewwy shill gratuitously admitted. Again, it's such an amazing comedy of errors by which the stupid puke who call themselves, "the people," have been betrayed and will have their rights taken away by the corrupt judiciary, judges, shysters, and Jews-media.

And don't forget what actually happened: on top of the fake killings and massacre and quite beside all of that, ZOG, Jews-media, et al., including especially the fake actors, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heseltine, then went into the lies about necessity of gun-control, and it was here that Ajax insisted upon resistance and dissent, and a good part of this resistance only thereupon had to do w. analysis of the fake nature of the elaborate hoax in the first place--and it's this resistance and dissent against the anti-gun propaganda which is being prosecuted--that's how it all arose for the plaintiffs, Scarlett and Neil, what they're really complaining about. So they, the hoaxers and real criminals, can move against against the law and the people, and if u resist, u're going to lose ur rights and fortune, suckers--that's the lesson being taught now by ZOG, fools, get a clue, u brainless morons.

This gross travesty then merely goes to show how futile it is to doing things half-baked. For note what underlies this horrific comedy--the ENDLESS funding and financing that's available to the hoaxers, frauds, and satanic criminals who began this comedic travesty in the first place, including the Jews-media and the shysters who put on endless pressure against the people, their rights, and the legal system--the US Federal Reserve legalized counterfeiting scam, u stupid, ignorant puke who call urselves, "the people." Satanism and lies truly KILLS, suckers.

So it all further demonstrates the gross, horrific "Decline of the West," by Spengler, how over-populated scum, pretending to hubristic "free will," and moralist "good-evil" so effectively destroy themselves with the help of simple, criminal frauds like legalized counterfeiting, because the ignorant pukes can't even figure out what MONEY is, how it must be, and why--that it can't be confused w. mere CURRENCY, cannot be infinite, etc.

Ajax is surely right in one thing: it's object lesson to the judicial failure and complicity in the destruction of law and rights of the over-populated scum, called, "the people." Appeals court must throw out the action of the corrupt judge who entered the default in the first place and declaring the defendant guilty, etc.--but it's already FATAL for the stupid puke, called, "people," that things have gotten this far that their rights are in the hands of these corrupt judicial scum in the first place.


Ajax Is Coward, But Still Has Rights Which Have Been Crushed
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 22)

"In reality, all kidding aside," and as so often w. people like u, u assert, but don't substantiate. Do u have any proof, any account of any proof that Sandy hoax was genuine massacre perpetrated by one named "Adam Lanza," etc.?--why don't u give a citation or two or three?

Ajax at first merely took up the debate over gun-control pushed explicitly by Scarlett and Neil, and as the debate developed only THEN Ajax questioned the truth/reality of the pretended killings.

Of course Ajax is such a coward he began to listen to his Jewwy counsel and then began to back-track without giving any proof--Ajax has NEVER given any proof or genuine reason for "changing his Jewwy mind" on the facts of the actual deaths and other details --a traitor to the real truthers demanding information as their right. Terrorized by the globalist-satanic Jews-media, Ajax the coward merely pleaded that he "changed his mind," but not giving any actual, substantial reason for it.

Regardless, Ajax still has freedom of speech and of the press, which freedom, including that of all the people, is the real target, and he never deliberately lied or tried to cause "emotional distress"--which was NEVER proven. So what then did he "step into"?--that's the real question which we're going to see more about as he appeals. The satanic-globalist conspiracy was and is all about getting someone to "step into it" one way or another, sooner or later. Ajax the coward has not done too great a job, surely, and this is partly because of his Jewwy-influenced lawyers.

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34. Bardon Kaldlan says:
August 5, 2022 at 3:16 am GMT • 6.1 hours ago ↑

But,in reality,all kidding aside,Sandy Hook was real! Those kids were shot by a nutcase.
Alex stepped in it this time.
Are his lawyers Jews?? He should appeal and get it thrown out for legal incompetence.


CYCLIC History And "Decline Of The West" Dominated By Central-Banking
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 22)

There are at least two dominating satanic general political-sociologic organizations, both of them heavily laden with and dominated by Jews--they play "good Jews, bad Jews." Note Jews in general are followers of Talmudic "midrash" (interpretation) method, following fm their "Oral Law Trad."--they're subjectivists, the top leaders outright Satanists (extreme subjectivists), subjectivism the idea that "consciousness creates reality," as in Immanuel Kant, making the subject to be God-like creator of reality--Satanism by definition.

Jews are foremost subjectivists/Satanists, and practice a sublime and highly effective collectivistic subjectivism. Needless to say, many goyim are also quite partial and subject to same subjectivism. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo.

(A) The first satanic organization is the "globalists" who want world gov., Jew S A being the main enforcer, leader of NATO, etc.--these are the atheist leftists, whom Ajax Jewns explicitly opposes and names, led by WEF (world economic forum), CFR (council on foreign relations), and Trilateralists, also "Bilderberg."

(B) The other overwhelming satanic organization, for whom Ajax Jewns works and NEVER exposes, is the Zionists who specifically co-opt the Judeo-Christians (JCs--see Whtt.org for expo), who preach that Judaism and Christianity are mere versions of one another, and support terror-state of Israel--why u see so many commenters asserting and complaining that "Christianity comes fm Jews/Judaism," etc.

Thus note how the specific subjectivist workings of Satanism is hidden and effectively covered-up while Ajax rants and raves so loudly and blusteringly for specific issues, like abortion, gun-rights, population-reduction, and other things like the poison vaxxes.

These JCs control all established Christian churches in Jew S A and the world, Cath. and Prot., with very few exceptions if any at all--if they're "established," then they're funded and controlled by the JCs, period. Cath. pope, "Francis," works cheerfully also for the globalists. Of course, these JCs aren't really as well organized as globalists, BUT they do control many voters, reputedly as many as 60 million, or more.

Power of these top Satanists is they're heavily funded by the various channels fm the Fed. Reserve legalized counterfeiting instrument (see Mises.org for expo on "fed" or central-bank; use their site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency"), the globalists' and Jews' invincible weapon by which they can easily out-spend anyone else, esp., with practically ENDLESS funds (just counterfeited up when needed), in political campaigns, social movements, and legal actions. G. Soros is a leading practitioner, manager, and channel all by himself.

Such, very simply, is the satanic situation within the present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Ajax Jewns is most effective flack keeping things political/cultural so splendidly confused.

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58. Greg S. says:
August 6, 2022 at 3:38 am GMT • 3.2 hours ago • 200 Words ↑
@David B

Disagree that Jones is controlled opposition. He does play a lot of games to preserve himself, won’t/can’t cover certain topics, and let’s a lot of questionable people on his show, but overall he tells more truth than any other news source, and certainly any other news source with his reach.

The reason he terrifies the elite is that he’s has “normie appeal” and is effective at waking people up. Already, clips from his trial are going viral with millions of views:
They CAN’T just shoot Alex Jones or take him out, because that would vindicate him, turn him into a martyr, and there would be a massive blow-back in 5-10 years post that event that would likely destroy them for good. That’s why they are scared of him. Too bad you are too dumb to figure any of this out on your own, but at least now you know.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap first submitted, but only below-bottom was published, at comments, https://www.unz.com/aanglin/media-c...to-pay-45-2-million-extra-to-sandy-hoaxsters/ Anglin, 6 Aug 22

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Now It's Simply Up To Appeals Court(s) To Remedy This Gross Travesty Which All People Now Can See For Themselves
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 22)

If Tx. appeals ct. has ANY self-respect, they'll just throw out this entire travesty of a kangaroo ct.--for HOW were the plaintiffs "defamed"? Legal system has a DUTY to protect the law of freedom of speech--the stupid jurors utterly fell down about that duty.

Remember that Scarlet and Neil were first to start pushing the gun-control prop., and ONLY THEN did Ajax Jewns object and present counter-opinions. Scarlet and Neil started it all. The fake shootings issue wasn't started by Ajax, but he did offer his honest opinion on the subject.

So "defamation" was never proven, and Ajax had a right to give his opinion, especially after the subject of the false-flag had long before been brought up by others. And note also, plaintiffs didn't and couldn't detail any "damages" due to anything said or done by Ajax in particular. The same all goes for the "intentional infliction of emotional distress" charge, Ajax merely giving his opinion against the gun-control prop. pushed by plaintiffs.

So that's the only drama remaining--whether the appeals ct. will stick-up for the law and the right to a fair trial in addition to properly protecting freedom of speech, not to mention gun-rights.

The judge should be charged for gross corruption as she declared Ajax had defaulted when he did his best to comply w. discovery on the documents, etc., and it only requires now that Ajax goes through w. the appeals all the way to the top as necessary.


Depends On Ur Pt. Of View On Things Important
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 22)

Yes, so far as u go, but u're just not looking at it all like Ajax Jewns and Trump do--in their world there are "good Jews" and "bad" ones. The "good" Jews are the "Zionist"-types who control and fund the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org for expo) hereticalists who say "Christian" and Jew are mere versions/variants of one another, who support terror-state of Israel--who control ALL establishment "Christian" churches, Cath. and Prot., though the commie pope, Francis, also chums w. the globalists. JCs say they lead about 60 million voters in Jew S A, especially on certain issues, like abortion.

The "bad" Jews are the atheist-leftist "globalists" of WEF (world economic forum), CFR (council on foreign relations), Trilaterals, and "Bilderberg."

Reason the Jews (of both sides) are powerful is they control the US Federal Reserve Bank legalized counterfeiting scam (see Mises.org for expo; use site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency"), which owns/controls so much in Jew S A.

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17. nsa says:
August 6, 2022 at 4:30 pm GMT • 1.6 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

This stuff is hilarious. Jonesberg and Trumpstein get endlessly punked by the yids and yet they continue to blame their troubles on the “chicoms” and the “liberals” and the “deep state” and “election fraud”. Maybe they should take some of their own pecker pills to stiffen up……instead of acting the part of the yid’s little cowering bitch bottom?

• Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan


Globalist Criminals And Charlatans Have Failed Already
(Apollonian, 7 Aug 22)

Yes, I agree, and well, the appeals ct.s should have no trouble just throwing this Ajax Jewns case out for gross absurdity, incompetence, and mis-conduct by the psychopath of a judge who actually told Ajax he couldn't say he was innocent or not guilty despite the illegal declaration of the judge to effect he defaulted--a gross, total miscarriage. For WHAT is the evidence that he failed and refused to produce his part for "discovery"?

Evidently, the globalist goal was to simply get the headline, brief as that time will be, that Ajax was defaulted or found guilty, that his income was now made public, and that once again, opponents of the Sandy hoax false-flag were punished for demanding the truth and exposing the frauds and liars.

Remember that Ajax got involved, as so often, when the topic of gun-control came up and Scarlet and Neil made statements on that subject, pushing gun-control. The fraudulent nature of the false-flag was noted by more people than just Ajax.

And WHAT specifically did Ajax say, that wasn't said by thousands of others, that was sooooo "defamatory"? WHAT were the "damages" that the liars suffered for their moronic lies?--NONE of it was proven. Facts are that the liars made lots of money fm the suckers who contributed to the various PayPal accounts set up for them, etc.

Irony is that Ajax, the coward, intimidated (understandably) by having now been sued by several people, now "changes his mind," and says, utterly without any evidence, that ok, it all (Sandy hoax) happened--but he has no evidence it happened but for the same old lies, just now desperately "going along" w. such lies.

Already analysts and commentators have noted the idiotic absurdity of this one-time blue-haired moron of a judge making faces at Ajax during court sessions and snapping at him--all this aside fm the absurdities afore-mentioned, telling him how he could not defend himself, destroying even the pretense of a fair trial. And the specific motives of the globalists were revealed when the shysters admitted what they REALLY wanted to do--prevent Ajax fm ever having a platform to speak his "mis-info" again, ho ho ho.

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49. BananaKilt says:
August 7, 2022 at 7:06 am GMT • 3.6 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

I have been following Infowars since near its founding.

It has always been a great source of research topics.

Whether Jones is a shill or not, Infowars leaks intelligence like a whiskey barrel shot up with a Tommy Gun. All of these names, places, dates can be used to confirm or deny reports from other commentators.

At this point, the Alex Jones case is an anomaly in itself. This is definitely elite level absurdity. If the establishment did stage Sandy Hook, their rabid vengeance makes it seem like Jones was spot on in some way. If it was more less “real” as reported, then wouldn’t have ignoring Jones been better to keep his rants from harming you, or would you double down and keep dragging your dead kid human shield through the courts for ten years because “bad man says I am an actor?”


Guest Columnist
Below-copied essays by ap first submitted, but censore/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/how-to-become-an-anti-semite/#comment-5469661

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"End Times" Gives Opportunity To Rid Old Burdens, Start Anew
(Apollonian, 2 Aug 22)

It's important to understand Book of Revelations "end times" in the right manner, in accord w. the New Test. philosophy which heroic Christ figure (implicitly) affirms for Aristotelian objectivity and hence TRUTH.

Thus since the objective reality entails necessity and absolute cause-effect, reality is determined, and as all humans are sinners--there's no "free will" to change this sinful nature--hence there's no use in feeling "guilty" as one is sinner and sin is going to happen one way or another.

And as reality is determined, there being no perfectly "free will," only God capable of such perfect freedom of will, history happens in same determinist manner, in accord w. general CYCLIC theory of Oswald Spengler (and others too, like the Greeks), civilizations rising up, maturing, then going into the "decline" phase, as the present "Decline of the West," the over-populated masses so corrupt and hubristic as we see, now degenerating in full outright Satanism and subjectivism, Hunter Biden getting away practically w. murder, abetted by corrupt FBI, long as his daddy, creepy Joe, does what Satanist-globalists tell him to do, Supreme court justices not knowing what "woman" is, etc.--gross overall subjectivism rampant, hence Satanism.

So u see, u have "end times" as natural part of history and historical CYCLES, the once rationalist culture now mired in irrationalist decay--it doesn't necessarily mean it's the literal end-of-the-world and end of all existence, etc., just the end part of the present CYCLE, like the end of the post-WWII American political hegemony and economic domination, end of the US Dollar as reserve currency, etc.

And remember, it isn't mere "obedience" that is the virtue--it has to do w. what one is obedient to, like honesty and truth, etc. So since these are end times for some things, perhaps we should precipitate this ending and get on w. the beginning of the next phase, consistent w. the 10th Amendment of US Constitution (see TenthAmendmentCenter.com), secede and re-constitute into new entities, removing this corrupt Jew S A and reverting back to the real Christian worship of TRUTH, above all things.

For example, USA could become a new alliance and/or federation of regions consisting of the Northeast states, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and Pacific coast state-regions, removing the national debt and Federal Reserve legalized counterfeiting scam of the old Jew S A and adopting real money, like gold silver once again, beginning anew for an exhausted people who have endured holy heck. "End times" makes it only appropriate to consider new options and getting rid of old problems (like the terror state of Israel) which we have analyzed so accurately.

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127. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:

July 31, 2022 at 7:01 pm GMT • 3.3 days ago • 100 Words ↑
@Carolyn Yeager

Very well said, Chris. By their fruits you shall know them …

Every fucking Zio-Christian I’ve ever met hangs their hat on Genesis 12:3:

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

They believe/hope their bitch god Yah is going to throw them an extra bone here on Earth for their obedient behavior, which means they actually worship Mammon.

If Revelation is correct, and the Christians do get their heads cut-off for the ‘faith’ during the End Times, they’ll have had it coming for their complicity with such an evil people.

• Replies: @shadowy_figure
, @Carolyn Yeager


"Shadowy" Is Hopelessly Muddled In Ignorance
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 22)

Shadow, buddy, u are pathetically, miserably, and hopelessly lost in ignorance and confusion. Note "Jew" is NOT NOT NOT same as Israelite, or Hebrew, or Judean, the denizens of province of Judea, named after one of the sons of Jacob/Israel, Judah. "Jew" is defined, both by Jews and Christians, as follower of Pharisees and/or descended therefrom, a sect which included many of the middle class, scribes, merchants, etc., and only first arose in the 3rd-2nd cent. BC, preaching that they followed the "Oral Law Trad." Thus Old Test. is NOT NOT NOT "Jewish"--u really need getting a clue. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Judaic expo.

The definitive Judaic text is Babylonian Talmud which was only written out by about 500 AD, and the ruling idea is that Torah (first 5 books of Old Test.), and hence everything else for Jews, means ONLY what the rabbis say--subjectivism--which subjectivism Christ (= Truth incarnate, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vehemently repudiated, holding Old Test. and Torah were not to be changed by even a "jot or tittle," (Gosp. MATT 5:18).

Christianity didn't have Jew "origin"--it's absolutely opposed, this opposition what New Test. is all about, u poor fool--and it's why Jews hate Christ and Christianity which ABSOLUTELY repudiates Judaism and "Oral Law Trad."--why the Pharisees saw to Christ's killing, upon which they gloat and admit at Gosp. MATT 27:25.

U're truly in sad shape, "Shadow," and if ur Buddhist knowledge is a bad as what u pretend to know about Christianity, etc., then u're pretty hopeless, buddy.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------------

159. shadowy_figure says:
August 5, 2022 at 12:55 am GMT • 49 minutes ago • 200 Words ↑

The only people who need growing up are the retards who think they know better than the Church that kept the kikes down for over 1500 years.

Funny how when Europeans got arrogant and thought they knew better, the entire West started to decay rapidly.

European people arrived in Europe 40000 years ago, although light skin arose about 7500 years ago. Christianity arrived in northern Europe in about 1100 AD. That means that for approx 39000 years, Europe was pagan, but then some Europeans (probably abetted by Jews) got arrogant and thought they knew better. Approx 500 years ago the reformation happened and the Jewish holy book (the Old Testament) became central to the faith of many Christians. That was only possible because Christianity had a Jewish origin. If it’s the job of Christianity to resist the Jewish menance, then why does it have a Jewish origin? Why is a Jewish holy book part of it’s scripture? Islam did a better job.

I’m personally partial to Buddhism, but Buddhism isn’t about toppling other people’s cultures and religions. It just tells you what’s right and what’s wrong, as with the best interpretations of Christianity (and Islam).


Remember: CYCLIC History, "Decline Of West," Is Determined, Inevitable
(Apollonian, 8 Aug 22)

But what actually happens is the CYCLE of hist. (as in Spenglerian "Decline of the West") whence SUBJECTIVISM over-takes the WHOLE culture, taking over fm the previous objective cycle, including especially now a significant number of gentiles who accept the Judaic leadership whether they realize it or not. Of course the leadership of any movement always makes sure things work to their interests--as the objective phase benefits gentiles.

For note Judaism is SUBJECTIVISM, in accord w. "Oral Law Trad.," by which Torah (first 5 books of Old Test.) means only what rabbis say, in accord w. Talmud (since 500 AD) and "midrash," the official interpretation and party-line, Jews the foremost subjectivists, featuring collectivist, group think, highly organized, committed movement, often well-led. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo.

When a substantial number and segment of the gentiles participates in this subjectivism, always led by Jews, we get such as this present "woke" regime featuring "globalist" Satanism (extreme subjectivism, consciousness creating reality, making subject to be Godly creator--Satanism by definition).

Thus we get the "green" political impetus, for example, which is designed for benefit of "environment," not humanity, featuring "population-reduction" and genocide, destruction of farmers and food supply chain, forced poison vaxxes which afflicts the gullible, over-populated fools who were persuaded to accept this self-destruction on grounds of subjectivist "morality," etc.

--------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------

166. sulu says:
August 8, 2022 at 1:27 am GMT • 31 minutes ago ↑

How to Become an Anti-Semite?

It’s quite simple really. Just pay attention to what is going on around you and realize it is the Jews that are the ones fucking you. Every Damn Time.



Guest Columnist
Below-copied first submitted, but only the bottom one was published, at comments, https://www.unz.com/aanglin/freeale...sisactors-aj-only-ordered-to-pay-4-2-million/ Anglin, 5 Aug 2022

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The ROOT Of Fraud And Self-Destruction: Hubristic Wishful Thinking, Infinite Money
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 22)

Just examine the DELIBERATE destruction of opponents of the criminal fraud of Sandy Hoax: (a) existentially, they worked to destroy the US Constitution and 1st and 2nd Amendments for everyone, and (b) they've bankrupted someone, even if it was half-hearted by Ajax Jewns, who boldly (at first) spoke out against the gross fraud.

Of course, then Ajax, who stays closely connected w. his Jewwy buddies, sponsors, and mentors betrayed the truthers and decided--on NO EVIDENCE--that "oh, I now think it all really happened." The fool, Ajax, can't give any serious evidence--he's just scared excrementless.

In the abstract theoretical sphere, aside fm the destruction of the US Constitution, they've imposed the moronic dictatorship of "good" and "good feelings," against LAW and truth, which outraged the "liberal" filth for being "mean" to the crisis actors who lost their non-existent children, and PUSHED GUN-CONTROL.

For remember, Ajax was sticking-up for gun-rights, don't forget--which Scarlet and Neil were attacking--THAT'S HOW IT ALL STARTED. Examining the total fraudulent nature of the Sandy Hoax event came later. And it was NEVER proven for any defamation or "intentional infliction of emotional distress." Ajax was genuinely, seriously defending gun rights. And it was indeed a railroad, kangaroo court proceeding throughout. Appeals court should just throw-out the entire thing, and assess the fraudulent plaintiffs for court costs, etc.--that's why the suit should never have been allowed in first place.

But now, THINK ABOUT IT: HOW did the original, huge Sandy Hoax fraud go down and actually take place?--think of how elaborate it all was, even despite the moronic fakiness. This incredible, HUGE fraud couldn't have taken place so successfully WITHOUT the US Federal Reserve legalized counterfeiting scam, which prints out and digitalizes literally billions upon billions of dollars, beginning in "credit," and later duly "monetized" (though it's never real money, just CURRENCY), behind and underlying everything else--IT HAD TO BE FINANCED at every step along the way, don't forget.

None of this gross Sandy Hoax fraud could have happened without the lavish and abundant financing which made it all possible--or at least plausible--for so many now over-populated goons, morons, and fools, stupid enough to believe, that "geeee whiz, but it really happened--I FEEEEEL it's all true."

And that's the real ROOT of all this satanic fraud and lies manifest in this Sandy Hoax travesty--the central bank legalized counterfeiting scam, built upon the stupid people's desire for INFINITE MONEY--which can't exist as money must be FINITE, and limited in quantity in order for it to have any VALUE. But as the people, like children, are given to hubris and stupidity they inexorably destroy themselves, their rights, the Constitution, and the law which might otherwise protect them, the poor, brainless self-destructive fools who worship whims instead of TRUTH.


Smug, Patronizing Acceptance Of ZOG Lies Is Real Problem
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 22)

I submit that YOU are the problem. U say and blithely tell everyone, <blockquote>"But here, parents really lost their children in the most horrible way. Even without Jones nutty antics, they will be scarred for life. Bad enough to lose children, worse to have them die in the most horrific way by a crazed nut with a gun." </blockquote> So the question is where and how u come by this wisdom and knowledge? "Parents really lost their children"?--HOW do u actually know this?--u don't, do u? U just repeat crap put out by ZOG like all the other fools.

"Nutty antics"?--what was "nutty" about anything Ajax said or did having to do w. Scarlet and Neil?--HOW were they "scarred for life" by the Jewwy shill, Ajax Jewns?--that was the real pt. to the trial which was never addressed and NEVER proven, regarding the crucial issue of DAMAGES. The psychopathic control freak of a "judge" merely DECLARED Ajax to be "defaulted," hence guilty of damages, etc.--just as u DECLARE "parents really lost their children...," blah, blah, blah.

"Crazed nut w. a gun"?--where do u get this so-called "info"?

U forget sooooo easily and conveniently the idiotic statements, smiling, and demeanor of the so-called "parent," Robbie Parker, and the other parents, like the McDonnells, so happy and glowing as they babble about their supposed dead daughter, Grace--strange and fakey at best--along w. all the other moronic anomalies having to do w. Sandy Hoax.

The inductive logic screams out that the event was a false-flag, this for the obvious purpose of gun-control which is gross, treasonous outrage against the people--which a fool like u excuses because u're so soft-minded and "compassionate," right?

YOU are the problem, buddy, u and the weak-minded, patronizing, "liberal" fools like u. With so-called "friends" and "patriots" like u, the cause of gun-rights, self-defense, Constitution, and Law is lost. Ajax, even though he's disgusting shill for terror-state of Israel, at least kept his eyes, at first, before he "changed" his mind, on the pertinent issues of gun-rights and Constitution whereas u're so easily led astray by idiot lies and liars.

-------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------------

54. Priss Factor says: • Website
August 5, 2022 at 11:07 pm GMT • 1.8 days ago • 100 Words ↑

I see your point, and that’s why cases like this deeply disturb me.

Law becomes murky when it’s all about feelings.

But this is somewhat different because it’s not just that Alex Jones hurt some feelings.

Some feelings are hurt on this site(or any other side) by hostile remarks. People hurt feelings all the time.

But here, parents really lost their children in the most horrible way. Even without Jones nutty antics, they will be scarred for life. Bad enough to lose children, worse to have them die in the most horrific way by a crazed nut with a gun.

So, Jones didn’t merely hurt feelings but rubbed salt on the worst possible wounds of people undergoing the blackest tragedy imaginable.

• Replies: @Gary Sudder
, @Presocratic
, @Mario Partisan
, @HammerJack


Guest Columnist
Below essay by ap first submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/ Unz, 8 Aug 22

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Unz FAILS To Give Due Credit To Ajax And Thematic "Consp. Theory" Of Christian Culture
(Apollonian, 8 Aug 22)

So now, after having read Unz's typical over-long article of nearly 5 thousand words, what was his pt. again?--was it don't believe in conspiracies?--that conspiracies don't exist? Or was it that conspiracy theories need to be examined w. some care for facts and logic, etc.?

And so isn't that careful examination/analysis what Ajax Jewns (InfoWars.com) tries to do?--at least his many fans seem to think so, right? So the question is, what?--is Unz just jealous of Ajax who does such effective job?--at least in opinion of his fans, right?--and that's how Ajax gets deservedly rich--which Satanic enemies of truth so positively hate, don't they?

Unz mentions "conspiracy community"--so would that refer to Christians familiar w. the story-line of New Test., in which Christ and truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) were victims to the conspiracy of Pharisees and Sadducees to have Christ/truth killed? But the lesson is that truth RESURRECTS, coming back to bite--which the Jews hate, don't they?--which is why Jews HATE Christ and Christianity.

And regarding US Declaration of Independence, rather sacred to real Americans, doesn't it describe and denounce a literal "conspiracy" of English King and Parliament to infringe the rights of the English citizens of American colonies?--the very reason for the revolution given by Jefferson, the main author.

Near the beginning of Unz's article, he says, <blockquote>"[t]he parents of murdered children are highly sympathetic victims, and publicly accusing them of being paid actors with imaginary children seems legally actionable, especially after they were bombarded with death threats by Jones’ legion of devoted followers. Under American libel law, even the wildest accusations may be freely made against public figures without much fear of legal consequences; but the parents of murdered schoolchildren are private individuals, so Jones appears to deserve his fate."</blockquote> Note Unz writes, "...after they were bombarded with death threats by Jones' legion of devoted followers." But HOW does Unz know this?--that these threats were made by "Jones' followers"?--was this proven in court or anywhere?--of course not (if it was proven, then give the citation)--and this statement by Unz is utterly absurd. "So Jones appears to deserve his fate"? Thus Unz jumps to another conclusion arising fm his plain malignant wishful thinking. So is Unz jealous of his rival, Ajax Jewns?

And if indeed anyone was REALLY killed at Sandy Hoax, then what and where is the proof?--citation pls. Unz tries to make light of the counter-evidence against the Sandy Hoax, but that counter-evidence is massive and substantial, which Unz doesn't want to admit.

Remember that Ajax always has been passionate in his defense of gun-rights, and that he was provoked by explicit statements made by Scarlet and Neil concerning gun-control. Regarding statements about "crisis actors," etc., Ajax said no more than literally thousands of others in tweets and various statements, and he wasn't the first to say it, and indeed, he never mentioned Scarlet or Neil by name, and there was never any proof given that he did.

Unz also should consider why satanic-globalist controlled "big-tech" has so severely CENSORED and suppressed Ajax--does Unz imagine it wasn't because Ajax was seriously and effectively discussing the issues and telling good deal of truth and facts?--thus is Ajax rewarded by his viewers/listeners.

So I submit that Unz's case, making light of conspiracy, "consp. theories," and Ajax Jewns FAILS abjectly. Why doesn't it occur to Unz who pretends to being sooooo smart, that Ajax, despite his many flaws, does a good enough job for what he tries to do, and that he's deservedly made rich for doing so in the info and msg he conveys to the people and public? And finally, that this general good work that Ajax does is PRECISELY the very reason he is persecuted, defamed, and falsely sued by corrupt shysters, in the pay of satanic "globalist," "woke" powers, making use of corrupt judges in a satanically corrupt legal system.


Western And Christian Culture Is Absolutely Founded Upon Consp. Theory, Suckers
(Apollonian, 9 Aug 22)

<blockquote>"Second, one should observe that conspiracy theories seem to be exclusively a Western phenomenon. Culturally Christian lands are especially susceptible to them, and the reason seems clear. As belief in the existence of Old Scratch has faded due to the advance of science, substitute Devils needed to be found to explain man’s misfortunes."</blockquote>

Did u ever hear of the actual plot-line of New Test.?--it is that Sadducees and Pharisees conspired to kill Truth/Christ--but that truth always resurrects (can't be killed--because the reality on which truth is based can't be killed). And Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--so there's always a general consp. against truth--it's called extreme subjectivism, holding reality is created by consciousness, according Immanuel Kant. Jews by their very religion practice a collectivistic subjectivism, led by rabbis. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

So the subjectivist "truth" could be anything u want--which is opposed by Christ and Christianity who/which (implicitly) upholds the objective (Aristotelian) reality, the base of Christian truth which always resurrects, u see. And don't forget, satan is mere exemplar for anyone pretending they're God or godly in way of creating reality--satanism by definition. Lying is just a way of pretending to a reality which doesn't really exist in the objective reality.

Further, it's simple, basic part of New Test. plot and cultural background thereto that humans are sinners (self-interested by nature, possessed of will, though not perfectly "free," as only God's will is perfectly "free," etc.), hence they'll always have something to fight over and about. And yes, Ajax Jewns (InfoWars.com) is a gross fool who pretends to a "free" will, as u note, but Ajax is well-known tool/agent of the zionists, controlled by Israel, who pretend to oppose the "globalist" atheist "leftists" and satanists--"good Jews vs. bad Jews," u see.

"Advance of science," u say?--but isn't science founded on natural law (non-contradiction), hence will of God? Simple logic indicates u can't prove there's no God, sucker--for God is ineffable by definition. Finally, note US Declaration of Independence specifically cites the conspiracy (though the word itself isn't used) of King and Parliament against the rights of American colonists as reason for the revolution. I just wanted to clarify and emphasize truth of ur statement about Christian culture and conspiracy.

----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------------

180. Dr. Robert Morgan says:
August 8, 2022 at 5:49 pm GMT • 18.5 hours ago • 800 Words ↑

Ron Unz: “But the simplest application of common-sense showed the implausibility of these theories. Surely it was far easier and cheaper to hire a couple of paid killers to mount a deadly attack than to recruit a large group of actors, make-up artists, and special effects wizards to stage a faked incident, afterward having to hope that none of them would ever reveal their participation in the high-profile fraud.”

Likewise, one might say that the simplest application of common sense would lead to the conclusion that if cognitive infiltration were actually being performed, there would be a host of people involved, not just Cass Sunstein. A whole army of people paid to argue on the internet would be required to bring it off; and not only that, they’d have to be meticulously coordinated over a variety of topics, and execute their plans flawlessly. Does anyone believe that our government is that competent? Where’s the evidence of this? If they exist, why has no one come forward to confess their role in it? Why no whistleblowers?

It seems clear to me that people believe nonsense conspiracy theories like this for a variety of reasons. Like belief in God, it seems to satisfy a deep emotional need in some people. There’s also a social identity attached to it; it’s a part of group membership in the “conspiracy community”, as Unz puts it. In the modern world people are increasingly isolated, and such ersatz “communities” provide a way to fulfill the primitive human craving for contact with others. The graphomaniacs writing on the Unz Review, columnists and commenters alike, are prime examples of this. For many here, it seems to consume their whole being. It’s both tragic and pitiful when unmasking “the conspiracy” becomes the center of your existence.

Conspiracy theories in general are an interesting topic. First, we should notice that it’s not only the term that is of comparatively recent advent, but the phenomenon itself. Were people spinning such theories in classical times? I don’t think so. Granted there were conspiracies, such as the conspiracies of Cataline or Piso, but they were of quite a different character than those alleged by modern conspiracy theorists. For instance, a classical equivalent of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory might allege that Julius Caesar’s assassination was staged by “crisis actors”, and that no one actually died. Yet, to my knowledge at least, no one made that claim back then, or even anything remotely similar. For that matter, why no “crisis actors” until recently? After all, there have been actors for thousands of years. Was it just the poverty of man’s imagination that kept them from being used this way until only a few years ago? It seems foolish to think so, but I suppose if we believe in such things, then we’re forced to that conclusion.

Second, one should observe that conspiracy theories seem to be exclusively a Western phenomenon. Culturally Christian lands are especially susceptible to them, and the reason seems clear. As belief in the existence of Old Scratch has faded due to the advance of science, substitute Devils needed to be found to explain man’s misfortunes. These took many forms. Jews, globalists, “hostile elites”, Freemasons, Illuminati, pedophiles, and sex deviants of all kinds all have taken turns standing in for Satan. In the mind of the cultural Christian, all the world’s a stage for a moral contest, and there are only three actors on scene: God, the Devil, and man. Shall man blame God for his misfortune? That would be blasphemy! Shall he blame himself? Unthinkable! Thus, the process of elimination leaves only the Devil as the source of all ills. Being the one to blame is his raison d’être, and the root of all conspiracy thinking.

Third, we should notice the prominent lack of logical consistency in the arguments of many conspiracy theorists, especially the Christians. Alex Jones is an example of this, since he makes much of his Christianity. Raving on his show like a sleazy televangelist, he styles his travails as battling Satan, and claims to be a believer in “free will”, as are most Christians. Yet these are also the same people who, almost invariably, want to say that the public acts as it does because it has been “brainwashed”. But wait! What happened to “free will”? Apparently it’s a quality that can easily be lost, like a set of keys, or a misplaced hat. For the dedicated conspiracy theorist, human beings are at the same time absolutely free, and also deterministically programmable entities, mere puppets of those shadowy devils behind the scenes who are their real masters. People like Cass Sunstein, for example, or Bill Gates, or Klaus Schwab. These are the devils of the modern world.

• Agree: New Dealer, ebear
• Replies: @Autisticus Spasticus, @ThreeCranes


apollonian says: • Website
August 9, 2022 at 4:35 pm GMT • very recent • 200 Words ↑

U Only Need To Open Ur Eyes

“Ron, can’t you see that you are next? The sad sad fact that you have essentially NOT stood up for Alex Jones, is greatly disappointing to me. Again, can’t you see you’re next?”

And what’s wrong w. u, buddy?–can’t u see the Jew doesn’t care? And Unz isn’t stupid, so u need to draw necessary conclusions instead of wasting ur time writing such long comments. Don’t forget or overlook who Unz is “in” with, like his buddies, Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor. Take due note of his adulation of Mike Hudson, his favorite economist, Hudson a close associate w. now deceased David Graeber.

Make due observance of significant tid-bits like Unz’s general contempt for “conspiracy-theorizing,” and his tolerance of such as US Federal Reserve Bank, which is no less than the main weapon of the topmost Jews and conspirators, the “fed” a veritable criminal enterprise, tantamount to outright, literal counterfeiting, but which counterfeiting is now made legalized.

----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

230. Treg says:
August 8, 2022 at 9:45 pm GMT • 17.9 hours ago • 2,100 Words ↑

Ron, can’t you see that you are next? The sad sad fact that you have essentially NOT stood up for Alex Jones, is greatly disappointing to me. Again, can’t you see you’re next?


Inductive Logic: Basic Tool Of Consp. Theorists--Which Jews Hate, Like They Hate Truth
(Apollonian, 9 Aug 22)

The good "doctor" tells us:<blockquote> "Modern right-wing conspiracy theories mostly rely on two related ideas. The first is “Cui bono?”, and the second is “Cherchez le juif!”"</blockquote>

So what are "consp. theories," anyway?--they're attempts at solving crimes (conspiracies), the theorizers acting as detectives--like Sherlock Holmes.

So detectives, like Sherlock, make use of inductive logic, generalizing fm the evidence, posing the possible culprits, judging who is most likely. Thus among Eskimos, Watusis, Hottentots, or Jews, who would be most likely, regarding 9/11 or Sandy Hoax, etc.? Thus the most likely suspects are investigated to find who did it, the innocent methodically ruled-out. And as Sherlock explains, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

For 9/11, Chris Bollyn demonstrates in his book, "Solving 9/11," "it's Jews, stupid," Jews being OVERWHELMINGLY most likely, given all the pertinent facts.

Thus "cui bono" is obviously quite appropriate part of the necessary detective method, and it was first recognized by the Romans, I understand. Jews are simply notorious and justly hated for their religious (Talmudic) contempt for gentiles; after all, they gloat over having Christ/truth killed. And Jews control the central-banking system of the world, according to the Jew, Bernard Lazare, since the 14th cent., at least, as they do in this present day, unquestionably, since the time of Napoleon and the Rothschilds.

But "doctor" Morgan evidently wants to do the reverse of Sherlock Holmes, insisting that "free" will somehow rules out those dear Jews as likely suspects. And now the only question is whether Morgan is himself a Jew or merely in their pay to be so foolishly ignoring of that basic tool of inductive logic.

-------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

215. Dr. Robert Morgan says:
August 8, 2022 at 8:29 pm GMT • 20.6 hours ago • 200 Words ↑

Autisticus Spasticus: “Somebody at the Occidental Observer responded with this [Bismarck quote] when I spoke about Christianity being the reason for the American Civil War. What do you think about this? ”

1. As a general rule, beware an unsourced internet quote. Many of them are apocryphal. Ironically, even the Christian economist and historian Gary North thought this quote was phony. I don’t know much about Mr. North, but it appears he was one of those typical anti-racist Christians who celebrate the American Civil War as a good thing, in that by ending slavery, it set the nation on a path to racial equality more pleasing to Jeebus.

2. Modern right-wing conspiracy theories mostly rely on two related ideas. The first is “Cui bono?”, and the second is “Cherchez le juif!” The upshot is, because some occurrence benefited some group, it’s then taken for granted that this is evidence the group planned it, executed it, and is responsible for it. Examples are legion, and include the one you cite. Did some bankers make money from the Civil War? Even worse (or better, depending on your POV), were the bankers Jews? If so, then for the conspiracy theorist, that’s ironclad proof they played the key role in causing it. Since money is involved in virtually every human transaction, it’s also easy to slide into thinking that money controls all human activity. Funny enough, for those who think so, “free will” is again instantly forgotten.

[NOTE: when I went to enter below essay, I was prevented fm doing so by Unz, the kike, who placed the bar w. the msg attached, saying, "Too much commenting; take a break." So this Jew, "Morgan," can post his, but I can't post my reply/response--is Unz a kike w. capital "K," or what?]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Doctor" Morgan Is A Quack
(Apollonian, 9 Aug 22)

<blockquote>"Seems you’ve missed my points."</blockquote> Readers can decide for themselves.

<blockquote>"Likewise, the Civil War was fought over the slavery question,...."</blockquote> War of Northern Aggression was horrific mass-murder by criminals and anti-Constitutional traitors to impose dictatorship over the heroic Southern people--had NOTHING to do, primarily, w. slavery, which was mere side-issue and pretext, as proven by infamous "Emancipation Proclamation" (late 1862) which resulted in Southerners losing their property in workers unless they re-entered Union.

BUT northern slaves, of Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware, and Missouri, which stayed in union, DID NOT lose their slaves (until the very end of the war when northern, Republican "radicals" decided the mass murder and killings needed a "humanitarian"-type cover & excuse)--it (Emancipation Proc.) was simple extortion to get southern states back under dictatorship, demonstrating definitively what war was REALLY about.

10th Amendment said, and still says (28 words), "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Newsflash, sucker: secession IS NOT prohibited in Const. prior to the post war amendments and court holdings.

<blockquote>"Also, if the will is truly free, as Alex Jones and most other Christians insist, then obviously, by definition, no one can FORCE it in any particular direction."</blockquote> Have u ever hrd of extortion, bribery, and duress? If someone holds a gun to ur head, u might well do lots of things u otherwise wouldn't. U make no sense, buddy, and I doubt u're any kind of genuine "doctor."

-----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------------

356. Dr. Robert Morgan says:
August 9, 2022 at 7:03 pm GMT • 18 minutes ago • 300 Words ↑

apollonian: “Thus “cui bono” is obviously quite appropriate part of the necessary detective method, and it was first recognized by the Romans … But “doctor” Morgan evidently wants to do the reverse of Sherlock Holmes, insisting that “free” will somehow rules out those dear Jews as likely suspects.”

Seems you’ve missed my points. With respect to the use of “cui bono?”, the problem isn’t its use, but its overuse. For example, if you’ve buy a house, it’s likely you got a loan from a banker. Should we conclude then that the bankers CAUSED you to buy a house? Or FORCED you to buy one? The Bismarck quote (if it is actually genuine, and if it describes an historical fact) says that’s the case for the American Civil War. Without the loans, no war! But obviously, it’s true that someone can profit from an action without causing it. My grocer profits from my patronage, but he doesn’t cause me to buy food. I’d need to get food regardless. Likewise, the Civil War was fought over the slavery question, and would have been fought regardless of anyone making a profit from it or not. Over-reliance on “cui bono” here conceals the truth instead of revealing it.

Also, if the will is truly free, as Alex Jones and most other Christians insist, then obviously, by definition, no one can FORCE it in any particular direction. Yet, amazingly, these “free will” nuts are some of the most enthusiastic fans of this idea that people are helpless puppets. Not only is it logically incompatible with “free will”, it’s a skewed manner of looking at things that clearly seems designed only to exculpate one party (the public) and inculpate another (whether it be Jews, globalists, Freemasons, or any other face of the Devil.) Da debbil made ’em do it! LOL.


Unz Defends Hudson, Legalized Counterfeiting, Opposes Christianity, Yet Pretends He's "White"
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 22)

So what really is the story w. Unz, the Jew, but who just wants to be "white," like his buddies, KMac and Jared Taylor? Thus Unz, the Jew, wants to be "white," but he doesn't want to be "Christian" as he has the Jew's natural antipathy and resentment for Christianity.

So Unz writes off Christianity as something irrational even after it is demonstrated in accord w. the New Test. text that there's simple philosophy (esp. in Gosp. JOHN) to Christianity--worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) in accord w. the implicit Aristotelian objectivity, leading then to a humane and compassionate ethics and political system, though the politics is left un-defined, the problem being the thematic Judaic satanism built upon subjectivism (Talmudism, "Oral Law Trad.," and "midrash"). Unz has most and greatest difficulty facing up to this subjectivism.

Next for Unz, u notice how he absolutely bombards us w. "economics" of Mike Hudson who babbles inanely, sticking w. the nonsense broached by Hudson's buddy, David Graeber, regarding money and what it really is, both Unz and Hudson ignoring the blatant criminal nature and fraud of the US Federal Reserve system (the "fed"), literally legalized counterfeiting--which gross criminality Unz (and Hudson) just ignore. Notice what "fed" is doing now--fueling and fostering raging inflation, destroying the Dollar and US middle class--inflation just as in Weimar Germany in early 1920s.

Still, Unz insists he's justified for opposing Christianity in general as only the satanist/subjectivist versions of Christianity ("Judeo-Christianity"--see Whtt.org for expo) presently dominate in the West, due to Judaic ownership and control of everything through and following fm the US Federal Reserve and the other central-banks Jews control and manipulate--with which all Unz is perfectly satisfied, no problemos. After all, Unz is a rich Jew, folks.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

416. Je Suis Omar Mateen says:
August 10, 2022 at 10:22 pm GMT • 3.4 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

“Surely it was far easier and cheaper to hire a couple of paid killers to mount a deadly attack than to recruit a large group of actors, make-up artists, and special effects wizards to stage a faked incident….”

Spoken like a true conscience-less Jew, always pinching your sheckles and not caring whether you murder other people. Are you affecting a caricature of the grasping Jew or does it come natural to you, Ron?


Who Is The Real Psycho?
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 22)

WHAT "ecological collapse," sucker?--why don't u give at least some specifics? U just want to bully ur way, accusing others of being "evil," which "evil" doesn't exist in an objective, determinist reality except for self-righteous psychopaths like urself, sucker. "Denying it"?--"it"--"ecological collapse"--DOESN'T EXIST, moron--u first have to say what it is, which u psychos NEVER do. And don't just refer to long babbling texts, sucker--say what it (such "ecologic collapse") is in ur own words, giving at least a few examples, fool.

The very people insisting upon "ecologic collapse" are the leftist atheists, like WEF, and ur fellow Jew, Klaus Schwab, and other Jews of CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergs, the very topmost oligarchs, these being the very same people who want "population-reduction" as of "agenda-21" and -2030, fool.

------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

422. mulga mumblebrain says:
August 11, 2022 at 2:12 am GMT • 30 minutes ago ↑
@Chris Moore

Look, you Evil simpleton-ecological collapse is REALITY. The only people denying it and proclaiming it a ‘Jewish’ or ‘globalist’ plot are brain-dead Rightist psychopaths who wish humanity to be destroyed, for sick reasons that the Devil only knows.


Satanic Turmoil Vs. TRUTH In CYCLIC Hist. And "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 22)

"Johan": u don't even understand what Christianity is, sucker--it's PHILOSOPHY at the core, the Hegelian anti-thesis of Judaic/Talmudic "Oral Law Trad." by which Torah (and then everything else) only means what rabbis say it means--SUBJECTIVISM. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo. Christ = TRUTH in accord w. implicit Aristotelian objectivity (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--which philosophy then leads to the iconic and best-known Christian ethics of humane compassion, as of St. Paul.

Such understanding of Christian TRUTH then the Pharisees rejected and killed Christ the man, but truth always RESURRECTS as it cannot be killed anymore than the objective reality--such is New Test. lesson.

Human strife and warfare has ALWAYS been some version of truth and objectivity vs. lies built upon subjectivism, subjectivism holding that "consciousness creates reality," as of Immanuel Kant, which makes the subject the creator of reality--God--thus satanism, by definition.

So the great battle btwn truth vs. lies, objective reality vs. subjectivism/satanism, simply became internalized within the "vatican" (not same as CHURCH), which vatican sought to take over the real Church, and now we see establishment Christianity in the West, both Cath. and Prot., controlled by Jews, satanists/subjectivists, the commie pope, "Francis," pushing climate change lies and illegal invasion of the Western lands, etc.--a gross satanic take-over.

"Freemasonry," etc. also went through this same cultural struggle as Church and vatican--thus the world is presently dominated by satanism/subjectivism in so many areas and ways--long as the central-banks continue to push their legalized counterfeiting and fiat-currency so successfully as over last two hundred years, directed by Rothschilds and other Jews. But nowadays the banks are faltering w. too much inflation, so they want to resort to widespread warfare--so that's where we are now in the great process of CYCLIC history according to Oswald Spengler and "Decline of the West."

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

409. Johan says:
August 10, 2022 at 6:31 pm GMT • 8.7 hours ago • 100 Words ↑
@Pierre de Craon

Freemasonry appears either to have become a generic term for various secret lodges, operating under different philosophies, or it refers to one secret lodge. Goethe, several founding fathers, and many other cultural icons, are also said to have been members of a Freemason lodge. Are you suggesting that they were into Judaism?

Moreover, joint war on Christianity, it smacks like Christian paranoia. Indeed secret lodges have fought against Christianity in as far as historical Christianity was a criminal tyranny, read: in as far. But not in the name of Judaism. That Jews create lobby clubs or secretly operating clubs against Christianity as a whole, or in order to reform it for the sake of their interests, is another matter. Christian based theories of secret lodges, so far as I have become acquainted with them appear to be the product of people who inherited a particular form of historical Christian insanity.
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap first submitted, but censored/deleted by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/ghood/understanding-our-oppressors/ Hood, 29 July 2022

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fascism Basically Rejects Law, Reason, Constitution, Mere Reaction To Communism
(Apollonian, 4 Aug 22)

Remember the fundamental issue is philosophic and metaphysical, metaphysics having to do w. the basic principles, so basic, the principles aren't products of logic--rather assumptions--because logic itself implies the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, hence the law of non-contradiction. The alternative to such objective reality is subjectivism, following Immanuel Kant's formulation that consciousness creates reality--which, u notice, makes the subject to being God, the creator--Satanism by definition.

So u see our oppressors are really Satanists who want to insist they define reality by their fiat, and u notice the leading Satanists are Jews who are the most successful Satanists in all history, Judaism proceeding fm "Oral Law Trad.," by which rabbis determine by fiat as to what Torah, hence all the rest of reality, is and means. Technically, Judaism IS Satanism.

Notice also that subjectivism is absurd as there's no standard for truth or reality--anything goes--whereas objectivity gives a standard, the only possible standard understandable to human reason and consciousness.

Christ, the great enemy of the Pharisees, hence Jews, implicitly upheld the objective, Aristotelian understanding of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which was that reflected by objective reality--against the Pharisees and Oral Law Trad. And Jews gloat over having killed Christ (Gosp. MATT 27:25), hence this objective view, whom and which they consider to be their foremost enemy, after Balaam and Titus (who destroyed the Herodian Temple), akin to the satanic enemy of Christians. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo on Talmud.

Jews' great innovation is their subjectivism is COLLECTIVIST, thus featuring ORGANIZATION, their trademark commitment and fanaticism, and often excellent leadership, giving their "party-line" such great impetus and impact, hence persuasion, especially to the over-populated weaklings and inferiors among gentiles who are more willing then to follow along to their demise--like the poor people who accepted the poison covid vaxxes and are now dropping dead all around us.

The original fascism was simply a great emphatic and FORCEFUL reaction against communism, fascism being understood as extra-legal force--against or apart fm law--as distinct to the idea of Republican, Constitutional law guiding and defining the force to be used by the state against opponents. So technically, communism is just a kind or sort of fascism--red fascism, that's all. In the case of 1930s Spain, the communists merely operated under the umbrella of "Republicans" which Franco and the Phalangists rejected.


Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#comments Unz, 8 Aug 22 (these essays are continued fm those fm above, # 8, most of them censored/deleted and not published. Interesting is the Jew actually went ahead and published the just below about Unz's "persona," #442 in the comments list.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Unz's Persona (And Writing) Is Too Complicated For His Own Good--But He Doesn't Care
(Apollonian, 11 Aug 22)

Unz's problem is he's Jew, rather typical for his aversion for Christianity which he seems to want to insist is "irrational," and against which he censors quite heavily and intensively, despite his protesting he's sooooo "liberal" for publishing.

Further, Unz is also typical for his pretending to be superior, as for intellect, which results in his pronounced disconnection w. practical reality as when he speculates upon it being "cheaper" to hire murderers rather than paying for the elaborate fraud as perpetrated at Sandy Hoax--this when the US Fed. Reserve just prints up (or digitalizes) so much extra fiat-currency, it's actually easier to pay for everything--it didn't really help in the long run to fooling everyone (only some), but it's better than being investigated, prosecuted, and perhaps convicted for murder.

Unz also works to stage-managing and manipulating the comments and discussion, the Christian pt. of view either not tolerated or barely tolerated. So then w. such pervasive anti-Christian attitude, what actual good is it for Unz insisting he's "white"?--what's the pt.?--who does Unz really think he either fools or impresses? Unz doesn't seem to grasp the un-real, un-natural, and impractical quality of pretending to be white, yet so anti-Christian--what sort of white person is that?

Unz's impracticality further extends to economics as he pushes the gross psycho-babble of Mike Hudson, hence toleration of the criminal Federal Reserve Bank system which Unz refuses to grasp is simple, outright COUNTERFEITING, quite literally, merely legalized by actually un-Constitutional fiat. Such tolerance of such clear "fed" criminality is poor judgment, at least--how is it Unz can't see it really is just flat-out counterfeiting?

Just imagine then the un-realistic sort of mental-structure for Unz as he synthetically erects and contrives for himself--but which in the end he evidently justifies as he's rich, even subsidizing certain people, like an 18th cent. patron, feeling himself to being so charitable and "mighty-white," as it were. Unfortunately for Unz, he becomes dis-connected w. practical reality and even basic honesty as people realize he's just another poseur in his way, pretending as he does to being "white."

And people can fairly easily and soon enough pick it up for Unz's fake and contrived nature or character which is reflected in his over-elaborate phrasing and over-writing he habitually produces. Great virtue of Christianity for us real white folk is that we're satisfied w. simplicity and honesty, such honesty a primary virtue for appreciation and treatment of that basic TRUTH.

----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

438. Exile says:
August 11, 2022 at 3:00 pm GMT • 1.9 hours ago • 200 Words ↑

Piper’s narratives are too often “supported” by pure innuendo and undisclosed sources.

He has accused Jared Taylor of being “controlled opposition” because an undisclosed source “who we all know” (we being White Nationalists) says Jared’s wife leaked damaging disinfo about Dr. David Duke during Duke’s political campaign.

This is just one example of a tactic that’s common in his work.

I’ve criticized Taylor here pretty often – I’m no biased partisan. But this kind of accusation is just its own kind of conspiracy-mongering and I caution readers to carefully consider the sources and how often a writer is efffectively saying “trust me” when it comes to attacking someone.

Yes, there are many instances where people with truthful claims won’t go “on the record” because they fear Deep State reprisal or other repercussions. But it’s also all too easy for bad operators, shills or sensationalists to string together a series of innuendos and tar someone’s reputation.

Harold Covington accused William Pierce of being a federal asset for years in the same vein. Paranoia is unfortunately part of oppositional politics but we have to guard against it and try to reasonably filter the most unreliable or prolific sources for disinfo and misinfo.


Humans Have Will, Though Not Perfectly "Free"
(Apollonian, 11 Aug 22)

Humans have will, but not perfectly "free"--only "free" enough to imagine such "freedom." Thus God is defined as the only being w. perfect "free" will. Humans are left btwn animals and God for this quality of will. Don't forget the Old and new Testaments affirm we're SINNERS and hence NOT "free" to be anything but sinners, absolutely self-interested for motivation, regardless of any will, only tempered by human reason.

The good "doctor" (who's really a mere quack) wants desperately to discount "conspiracy" and the conspiratorial view of history, evidently, but the facts speak for themselves, humans always exposed for the frail sinners they really are, thus all too often involved in that Darwinian struggle, always fighting about something. "Life is war and justice is strife, and all things come about by way of strife and necessity," said the Greek, Heraclitus, around 500 BC.

So we've got such as the Jews (and others too, but Jews make it their very RELIGION), who subjectivistically pretend reality is created by consciousness, as in Immanuel Kant, and Jews' Talmudic "Oral Law Trad.," in conflict w. the Old and New Testaments, which insist we're deterministically SINNERS within an objective, hence implicitly Aristotelian reality. And as subjectivism makes subject to be the creator, God, then extreme subjectivism is satanist by definition.

So even though not all Jews may be satanist, they're certainly subjectivistic, given to the satanic schemes of their leaders, the Jews spinning their usual lies and lying, hence conspiracies--the ultimate conspiracy being that of central banking and then legalized counterfeiting as of the US Federal Reserve system, for the foremost example of conspiracy, established and "legalized"--even despite the US Constitution which specifies only gold/silver as legal payment in (Art. 1, section 10, clause one).

So human law makes humans responsible for too much excess subjectivism and satanism, and this is determined of human activity, humans holding other humans "responsible" for the sake of civilization. Experience then seems to indicate that such human laws work to minimize such as murder and other crimes, the alternative being anarchy and chaos. The irony is then that though humanity "chooses" civilization and law, yet it is determined that they would do this in their reason.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

439. Joseph Walsh says:
August 11, 2022 at 4:13 pm GMT • 46 minutes ago • 200 Words ↑
@Dr. Robert Morgan

“Not only is it logically incompatible with “free will”, it’s a skewed manner of looking at things that clearly seems designed only to exculpate one party (the public) and inculpate another (whether it be Jews, globalists, Freemasons, or any other face of the Devil.) Da debbil made ’em do it! LOL.”

But if people, like animals, are incapable of possessing ‘free will’, then how can humans be held responsible for anything? If free will doesn’t exist then concepts like blame, fault or responsibility are just errors on the part of Man (or perhaps deliberate lies in another respect, as you have maintained in your previous comments), erroneous concepts like those of equality or justice, products of Man’s own mental confusion.
Aren’t the laws of physics or the laws of Nature to be held ‘responsible’, if anything can be held responsible?
Or, if one believes in God, then God must be to blame rather than the devil as God, being the Creator, is responsible for creating the devil.

If people lack free will then whether they wake up and take action is up to God or the laws of physics, not any human agency.


Mulga: Chicken-Little Who Cites "Arrhenius," "Clathrates," Ho Ho Ho

Mulga: all this u babble is just the usual idiotic hysteria, buddy--mere excuse by globalist-satanists for dictatorship to be placed in their hands--and u're one of the fools who want to make it all happen for them--u're just a traitor and a liar who should be executed.

And of course, anyone who disagrees w. psycho like u is "evil," ho ho ho ho ho. But guess what, sucker--u can't even define what "evil" (or "good") actually is, as NO ONE has ever been able to provide a criterion that works in all situations--throughout the entire hist. of philosophy or ethics.

But go ahead and break it all down for us, sucker, and give the citations that would back-up what u blather. But then again, someone else could give citations to rebut and refute, right? Ho ho ho.

U people say population should be reduced, and I submit u ought to commit suicide and lead the way, seriously.

---------------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------------------------------------

491. mulga mumblebrain says:
August 14, 2022 at 5:19 am GMT • 8.3 hours ago • 100 Words

It’s the Carteret Islands, and the same process is threatening low-lying islands across the Pacific and Indian Oceans and low-lying coastal islands and tidal wet-lands and estuaries, worldwide, but not uniformly-that comes later. Just how quickly depends on positive feed-backs like melting permafrost and submarine methane clathrates, the albedo flip in the Arctic, tropical forest loss, greenhouse emissions from warming seas and oceans etc. All, apparently, beyond your capacity or inclination to comprehend.
I said BETWEEN four and seven, because four is the average over the whole Arctic, and seven the worst in particular locations, including around the Barents Sea. This high latitude amplification of warming was predicted in the 1890s by Arrhenius.
After recent storms in Sydney, beaches DID disappear, and in Queensland, but not, yet, permanently. Be patient. And the rest is the usual incoherent ravings of a true imbecile.
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/article/canada-...or-downplaying-the-holocaust-mythos/#comments Fraser, 11 Aug 22

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Holohoax: Just Part Of The Larger Satanic Complex
(Apollonian, 12 Aug 22)

Ho ho ho, so now we're told that "truth can defend itself," "...stand up by itself," etc., but what else could "defend" truth?--lies? Only truth could possibly defend truth, morons.

Remember that's what Christianity is--worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Christ (otherwise a fictional character, which can't be proven to exist or not) is simply truth personified, and New Test., and the Gospels are mere dramatizations of the course and fortunes of truth, truth suffering, including the poor saps who stand up for truth--u're gonna suffer, suckers. In fact, life sucks, and u're gonna suffer regardless, u poor fool.

And look at the dumb pukes who say Christianity is about "love," which is a moronic lie, though it does say at 1 JOHN 4:8 (the epistle, fool), that "God is love." So weaklings can be led astray about Christianity if they're not careful for serious study of what it's really all about, TRUTH against lies as of the Pharisees and Jews (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), the most successful and leading satanists and liars.

Another great enemy of TRUTH is the idea of "good-evil," which "good" does not exist. And note there's NEVER been any successful defense of "good" in the entire history of philosophy or ethics--because there's NO PREMISE that stands up for all/any situations for a definition of "good" (or "evil"), though LIARS like the psycho, "mulga mumblebrains," enjoys calling his opponents "evil," ho ho ho.

Thus one sees the Hegelian anti-theses of Christianity vs. Judaism--truth vs. lies. For Judaism/Talmudism is founded in "Oral Law Trad.," holding Torah (and then everything else) is only what rabbis say it is for meaning ("midrash")--SUBJECTIVISM. See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best Talmudic expo.

Christ held that truth is simply "logos," (the sign or representation) of what is real, reality having been created by God the Father, implicitly upholding the Aristotelian objectivity. "Holy Spirit" then is the consciousness of this truth and "logos" within all the humans who understand. And the "CHURCH" is the organization of all these humans possessed of such "Holy Spirit"--NOT NOT NOT such as "the vatican," which is just now a gang of pedophiles paid and controlled by Jews.

Note then subjectivism has its fullest exposition fm Immanuel Kant, one of the most famous of all historical "philosophers," Kant truly a clever guy. Thus subjectivism holds that "consciousness creates reality," and note then the extreme version of this subjectivism is that the subject creates reality, like God; hence extreme subjectivism is satanism, making oneself to be God. Jews go a step further, holding to a COLLECTIVE subjectivism, Jews most organized, committed, and often well-led subjectivists.

Kant explained insistently that human consciousness is like a FILTER; it only sees what it is capable of seeing, hence "creating reality" for the subject. But that consciousness may not be seeing other things, hence incapable of seeing the full reality. Thus Kant concludes reality (in the fullest sense) is unknowable because any consciousness may not be seeing all there is about it. David Icke has similar philosophy.

So u see, Talmudism of the Jews is really just sublime philosophy at the core, no "religion" about it--same as Christianity, an opposite philosophy (implicitly Aristotelian).

So this is, at the bottom-most core of things, what holohoax "religion" (for that is what it is, suckers) is really all about--SUBJECTIVISM, suckers--and if u don't accept it, then u're scum and u deserve a good beating for being so mean and cruel as to not believe the lies and fantasies of those wonderful kikes.

But now, this "beeeleeeeeeeeving" (because remember, it can ONLY be "believed," not known in any objective manner) holohoax lies isn't the end of it--it is enforced by the existential (practical) fraud of central-banking and legalized counterfeiting (see mises.org for best expo; use site search-engine for particular terms like "fiat-currency") which controls all banking and financing, and hence everything else it generates and sustains, like all the big corporations, Jews-media, "big tech," "big pharma," etc., many smaller corp.s too, and hence all of government, hence all politicians, judges, etc., with very few exceptions, like Ron Paul, who must be very careful for what he says.

So u see, holohoax is integral part of the great satanic web of lies and criminal frauds, including especially the US Federal Reserve and the central-banking system, those existential things which give the Jews all their wealth and power, and it's best to see all of this satanic complex in due proportion, perspective, and extent.
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#comments, Unz, 8 Aug 22 (Ho ho ho, Unz actually published below essay by me, suckers--is he devilish or what?)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Is "Cognitive Infiltration" What Unz Is Actually Practicing?
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 22)

<blockquote>"All of this reflects badly on Unz, regardless of the truth of his intent, about which we can only guess."</blockquote> Unz's "intent"?--it involves Unz's own sort of "cognitive infiltration." Don't forget Unz's close buddies, Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald, both of whom have expressed willingness to admit Jews as "white," though I don't have specific quotes ready at hand to nail it down most definitively.

I do remember a line fm MacDonald who is so butt-hurt that Jews of SPLC and others gave him such a hard time, MacDonald saying (paraphrasing) gee whiz, but if only Jews would stick up for whites, as of USA, he'd be willing to defend legitimacy of Israel which otherwise stole the land fm the Palestinians, etc.

So right there one sees the setting-up of "good Jews," like Unz, vs. "bad Jews," Unz who rather seems somewhat willing to stick up for whites, or some of them, though NOT Christians or Christianity which Unz looks down upon as rather "irrational." Note then Christianity is simply worship of truth, founded implicitly upon Aristotelian objectivity--against satanism and Jew subjectivism. Why otherwise, would Unz imagine Jews hate Christianity so much?

Then there's Unz's constant pushing of the "economist," Mike Hudson, as we see so often, Hudson with his strange theory of MONEY, following fm Hudson's buddy, the deceased David Graeber, Hudson's theory then justifying the criminal fraud, according to the Austrian school (Menger, von Mises, and Rothbard), known as US Federal Reserve Bank (the "fed"), which the Austrians say is simply legalized counterfeiting--see Mises.org for expo, ck their site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency." Hudson insists upon gov. and statist involvement in economics--against the "libertarianism" of Austrians like Rothbard.

And we KNOW how much the present banking establishment, dominated by Jews since the time of Napoleon and Rothschilds, at least, cherish these central-banks which issue currency (thus legalized counterfeiting), which are behind all the inflation and boom-bust cycles over the yrs and centuries.

And now one sees the flim-flam in pretending to be "white," yet at same time upholding the very banking system which has so much destroyed and impoverished the white people and their culture while advancing Jews and Israel to such absolute dominance, including the Jew world order of WEF, CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderberg, the oligarchal rulers pushing atheist-leftist dictatorship and genocidal pop.-reduction. "Cognitive infiltration," indeed, "and how."

------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

498. Rumpelstiltskin says:
August 14, 2022 at 3:32 pm GMT • 18.2 hours ago • 400 Words ↑
@Eugene Norman

What Unz is saying is the anti vaccine hysteria is a form of what he is talking about here… it’s designed to hide something else.

Unz has also been saying that he’s not interested enough to inform himself about most apects of Covid (and it shows). So what is this opinion worth? Little to nothing.

“it’s a lot more believable” — Both you and Unz seem to fixate more on theory than on facts (which you have distorted, as another has pointed out). The facts of the matter are sufficient to justify vast rage, regardless of whatever theory one may think explains them. There’s no need to believe ‘everyone’s gonna die from the vax’ to be pissed off as hell and demanding of justice.

He believes it’s the coverup of the virus being US made and delivered to China.

Unz seems to prefer to talk about anything other than the facts of the crime that has been perpetrated:
– conflation of IFR & CFR;
– PCR fraud;
– $ incentive to diagnose Covid & attribute death to it;
– 24/7 fear-porn;
– rampant censorship;
– suppression of safe & effective early treatment;
– clinical trial fraud;
– utterly inadequate adverse event monitoring;
– endless games concealing and misconstruing data;
– etc., etc.

He has demonstrated analytical ability, yet:
– he has been a lockdown cheerleader;
– he exaggerates the risk of Covid;
– he underplays the risk of the experimental gene jabs, and
– he has nothing to say about superior alternative treatments.

All of this reflects badly on Unz, regardless of the truth of his intent, about which we can only guess. For his sake I hope it’s just autistic-style cluelessness or trauma-based triggering, not conscious dishonesty nor brain damage from the jabs (but the quality of his articles sure has slipped).

Recognition of the aforementioned crimes is in no way incompatible with investigating the origins of Covid; rather, it is essential to understand the scope of what we are dealing with, and it provides motivation to get to the bottom of it. Unz’s insistence on such a limited and fragmented approach is counterproductive to the search for truth, and inspires distrust. He would get more traction for his theory if he could discuss other aspects of Covid intelligently.

• Agree: Wild Man, Mehen
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Guest Columnist
Below-copied by ap submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#comment-5495427, Unz, 8 Aug 22

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Perfectly "Free" Human Will Is Absurd And Satanic
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 22)

Ur muddled babbling makes little sense. In first place, "God" is ineffable, not subject to human perception, hence cannot be proven or dis-proven. There's natural law, hence God's will, and as cause-effect is demonstrable, determinism is quite plausible. So God creating the determinist reality is quite reasonable. And all humans are sinners, according to Bible, given to will, though not perfectly "free" will; thus it isn't surprising they're always fighting and contending.

And since humans are sinners, they're naturally given to conspiracy, Jews always at war w. gentiles ("Amalek") according to Talmud, Jews having an edge, though out-numbered, as Jews are sublimely COLLECTIVISTIC, highly organized, committed, and well-led, for their basic subjectivism ("consciosness creating reality," making subject to be God, the creator--satanism), following fm "Oral Law Trad." See Talmudical.blogspot.com, Come-and-hear.com, and TruthTellers.org for best expo.

And once the banking system is controlled by a central bank w. the power of issuance of currency (legalized counterfeiting), the whole society/economy is controlled by a criminal consp., which finances wars, the present large war being conducted against all the people by the top oligarchy, WEF, CFR, Trilaterals, and Bilderbergers--as we know and see them plainly convening and conspiring--it's actually an open conspiracy by these oligarchs.

So the large (banking) conspiracy controlling other smaller-in-scale conspiracies is actually quite plain, provable, and demonstrable, in best accord w. Occam's razor. Counter-measures against this large satanic conspiracy is elimination of central-banking issuing currency, gold/silver as the only proper money, and the secession of the states fm the larger federal USA, elimination of NATO and UN, nullification of un-Constitutional laws, etc. And as history is CYCLIC, according to Oswald Spengler, further problems will arise, but they won't be insurmountable.

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519. Dr. Robert Morgan says:
August 15, 2022 at 2:06 pm GMT • 27 minutes ago • 400 Words ↑

“You have basically described the Calvinist God! ”

LOL, yes I thought you’d like that! Of course, I think there is no such entity as God at all, and that it is by far the simpler explanation to see God as man’s attempt psychologically to come to grips with the brutal realities of life and render them intelligible and, more importantly, emotionally palatable. As the cliche has it, he’s Santa Claus for adults. Any worldview that opposes this view of God as loving and concerned for man’s welfare, as determinism does, is therefore anathema to the vast majority, who remain mired in religion despite their secular pretensions in the modern world.

Against this use of Occam’s razor we have conspiracy theorists such as Unz, who use instead what we could call Unz’s butter knife, a science of imaginary explanations. Let’s note that his explanations of the supposed origins of Covid (conspiratorial attack on China by rogue neocon elements within the US gov’t) and now this article on Cass Sunstein’s idea of “cognitive infiltration”, and its probable use to discredit the former (as shown by gold-boxed comment #469, with which he apparently agrees) meet both of the criteria for a good right-wing conspiracy theory I set out above in #215. He both identifies the Jew (for what’s a good conspiracy theory without Jews?) and implies cui bono. That human stupidity and incompetence are entirely sufficient explanations for both phenomena is something he refuses to consider.

One may multiply conspiracy theories without limit, of course, and it occurs to me that this could even be a secondary purpose of this website (the primary one being the collection of IP addresses of “dissidents”, which will no doubt be worth a lot of shekels one day). If so, this becomes itself a form of cognitive infiltration, since the result of believing everything is a conspiracy, and the public at large helpless puppets, victims of Jewish or globalist “brainwashing”, and yourself a helpless spectator, is paralysis. In this view, Unz is diabolically using the collective energy of the “conspiracy community” to induce FUD — fear, uncertainty, and doubt — all the better to subvert them. It seems the goyim are once again being defeated by the clever Jew, who has turned their own efforts against them!
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Below-copied essay by ap submitted, but then deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#comment-5496424 Unz, 8 Aug 22

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The Real Truth About Christianity In History
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 22)

<blockquote>"Christians stroke themselves off to the fantasy that they, somehow, created a morality which was superior to that of the degenerate Greeks. . . . Christians borrowed or stole all of this.

"As you say, worldly, smart people who understood Classical values and civilization had to protect themselves from persecution by ignorant, rampaging Christians whose children–today’s liberals–carry on the same persecution,...."</blockquote> Let me now correct these quoted, ignorant lies: Christ opposed the Pharisees, hence “Jews” as heretics who betrayed the law of Moses by means of their satanic “Oral Law Trad.,” which held Torah only means what rabbis say–SUBJECTIVISM, making subject to be the creator, God, which is satanism by definition–which subjectivism is then applied to everything else about reality.

Christ merely restated and clarified the original Mosaic law, holding to an implicitly objective, Aristotelian reality which then serves for a morality by which one could more confidently live in peace w. fellows, not always having to be at war w. them, as w. the Judaic perpetual, Talmudic warfare against gentiles. The lovely Pharisees, calling Christ the “blasphemer,” then saw to the crucifixion of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth yet RESURRECTS, the lesson of New Test. One cannot kill truth anymore than killing the objective reality.

So Christianity actually preserved the objective, Aristotelian world-view of the Greeks, against the Jews, making it basis of ethics for a more benevolent view of one’s neighbors–government doesn’t have to be a Talmudic police-state. There were no “rampaging” Christians except perhaps for some desperate victims in reaction against tyrants financed by the Jew money-lenders–which is the very problem in this very day.

And note “liberals” of today are actually fascists, as we plainly see, of the “liberal world order,” as described by Biden’s spokesman, Brian Deese, which seeks to reduce world population, as by means of the poison covid vax shots, evidently. So it’s little wonder that so few hate Christianity like satanists and Jews do, which kept Jews in their proper place for a good millenium, and whose descendants now tell pathetic lies about Christianity and history as we see.

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521. ThreeCranes says:
August 15, 2022 at 4:29 pm GMT • 10.1 hours ago • 300 Words ↑
@Pierre de Craon

Good job, Johan, putting this nitwit in his place.

My Grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason and was buried with full Masonic honors. I inherited his copy of Jowett’s Plato which I have read it cover to cover twice. Masonry requires only that members believe in some sort of overarching Intelligence or Moral force in the Universe. They don’t specify what exactly that is. For my Grandfather–I read his high-school commencement address–that transcendent being was harmonic unity itself, not some personal Diety. A Platonic like mental formulation, no? (Interestingly enough, I had written a paper in college expressing a very similar thought, further proof that even the contents of the mind are heritable, most likely because the structure and unfolding are heritable. I did not come across his speech till much later in life in my mother’s papers, after she had died.)

Christians stroke themselves off to the fantasy that they, somehow, created a morality which was superior to that of the degenerate Greeks. Hah! In Plato we read of the immortality of the Soul, the notion of a Judgement after Death, the notion that it is better to be on the receiving end of evil than to be the perpetrator of evil against another. Socrates tells us it is better to concern oneself, while sojourning on this planet, with the wellbeing of your immortal Soul than to be preoccupied with piling up worldly goods or with the adulation of the fickle crowd. Christians borrowed or stole all of this.

As you say, worldly, smart people who understood Classical values and civilization had to protect themselves from persecution by ignorant, rampaging Christians whose children–today’s liberals–carry on the same persecution, viz. the Covid mania/witchhunt which tolerates no dissenters. And so on.

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Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#comments/ Unz, 8 Aug 22

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Like Sherlock Holmes, Who Was Consp. Theorist, Don't Forget, One Puts Clues Together And See What We Have On Ron Unz
(Apollonian, 17 Aug 22)

What do u say?--"suspicious"?--so what are u, a "consp. theorist? Don't forget: a "consp. theorist" is someone who suspects conspiratorial activity, right?--suspects criminal activity, right? For consp. is simply criminal activity, right? So WHO hasn't suspected criminal activity at some time in his/her life?

And what do we call someone who suspects criminal activity?--a detective?--an amateur detective?--a would-be detective? How many times do people look at any kind of activity by others and then speculate as to what those people are doing?--whether criminal or not? But Unz makes "consp. theory" to be some mystical sort of thing, have u ever noticed?--ck out his int-view by Kevin Barrett, this site, relatively new, up since 14 Aug.

So isn't Unz supposed to be "rich"?--he must have his money invested somewhere in some stocks or bonds--think at least some of it might be in Big Pharma? What would happen to big Pharma if it was made more public about their poison vaxxes?--that Pfizer, for example, tested its vaxxes and over a thousand died just in those tests?--see https://www.globalresearch.ca/dear-friends-sorry-announce-genocide/5782022/.

Note there are TWO (at least) large factions of Jew and suck-along oligarchal cabals: on the one hand there are the "globalists" of WEF, CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers--these are the ATHEIST-leftist types, and they literally run the legalized counterfeiting scam known as US Federal Reserve Bank system (the "fed").

The other faction of Jewwy oligarchs are the ones behind the supposedly "conservative" Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org for expo, also TruthTellers.org) hereticalists, who say Christ was Jew, and support terror-state of Israel. On some issues, like abortion, for example, it is said these JCs can mobilize up to 60 million votes in Jew S A.

And we KNOW Unz doesn't like these people, Christians or Israel--why Unz subsidizes Phil Giraldi, who always is "criticizing" Israel, but NEVER mentions the US Federal Reserve and how it essentially finances Israel, w. "loans" which are ALWAYS "forgiven" by US Congress. And yes, Unz also criticizes holohoax--which is blasphemy to Jews. But don't be fooled as it's all part of "cognitive infiltration."

So by elimination, u see where Unz falls for his most natural loyalty, the above-noted, first named, atheist-leftists of "GLOBALISM." And who is Unz's favorite "economist"?--none other than Mike Hudson who defends the "fed" central-bank, legalized counterfeiting scam. Now do u begin to see the Jewwy "cognitive infiltration" that's going-on right before ur very eyes? Unz's buddies, KMac and Jared Taylor, are tooo dumb to think anything is amiss about the "fed." And don't forget a little known fact that's also before ur very eyes: Ron Unz is a Jew, seriously.

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541. Rumpelstiltskin says:
August 16, 2022 at 4:12 pm GMT • 1.1 days ago • 100 Words ↑


It’s suspicious that an intelligent man persists so doggedly in such an obvious error.

I wonder if Ron Unz would be willing to allay suspicion by making a definitive statement on whether or not he has any conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, related to the gene jabs.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer.
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Below-copied by ap is merely 2nd effort to above # 15, deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#new_comments/ Unz, 8 Aug 22

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Unz's Real Politics Actually Easy To Analyze, Suckers
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 22)

All u need do is to analyze accurately: so WHAT is it that absolutely rules here in Jew S A?--answer?--it's obviously that legalized counterfeiting scam called US Federal Reserve (the "fed"). It's just some amazing miracle, evidently, that so many morons, fools, and suckers ABSOLUTELY cannot, will not realize that's all the "fed" is--legalized counterfeiting, pure and simple, a criminal fraud and scam. All ZOG needs do now is to keeping people confused and in-fighting--why they import the non-white "immigrants," u notice.

So WHO do u think is going to rule?--would it be those that have the most currency (not REAL MONEY, which must be commodity, something that's scarce, hence has genuine value)? See Mises.org for best expo; use their site search-engine for particular terms, like "fiat-currency." Of course, all scams come to an end, and that's what's happening now as we get ever-greater inflation, but this one has lasted since 1913, surely a record in all history.

So there are TWO main political cabals at the top, funded by this "fed" scam, (a) the globalist satanists who are atheists-leftists, led by WEF, CFR, Trilateralists, and "Bilderbergers." (b) The other large cabal is Zionists-ISRAEL who have grown in influence since WWII, and have numerous connections w. the Fed and aforementioned atheist-leftists; they're behind the "conservative" Judeo-Christians (JCs--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for best expo) and such as FOX News. Notice how it's "good Jews" vs. "bad Jews" game, these dominating; anyone opposing is demonized IF they get any attn. at all.

So how then does Unz line-up?--he's actually most w. the "globalist" leftist-atheists, obviously. Note how Unz pushes the "economist" Mike Hudson, who defends fiat-currency and the "fed" mechanism for currency creation, etc. Underling, Phil Giraldi, knocks Israel, NEVER mentioning the "fed." Unz's denying the holohoax fools the rest of the suckers, who imagine Unz is "good" Jew, sticking-up for "white" people, though Unz can't stomach the REAL Christian (implicit) philosophy which is quite anti-semitic, following the objective (Aristotelian) determinist grasp of reality (Christ = truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), opposed to Talmudic subjectivism/satanism.
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Below-copied by ap first submitted, but deleted/censored, once again, by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/runz/alex-jones-cass-sunstein-and-cognitive-infiltration/#new_comments/ Unz, 8 Aug 22

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Note Sherlock Holmes Advice: "Once U've Eliminated Impossible, Remainder Must Be Truth"
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 22)

Well, if u really were smart as u assume, u'd understand US Federal Reserve (the "fed") is HUGE, GIGANTIC criminal enterprise: literally legalized counterfeiting (see Mises.org)--maybe u're tooooo smart, right?--and, like Unz, u see past things for a purpose such criminal fraud as the "fed" is good for, serving some greater purpose, ho ho ho oho--like financing of Israel's constant, perpetual warfare, eh?--even though Unz insists he's against Israel, or something. For if the US "fed" doesn't benefit Israel, what does?

For I'm sure u've discovered the "fed"--ever hrd of Ron Paul?--he's been telling folks for yrs and yrs, but too few listen. Most refuse to contemplate what REAL money is--that it must be scarce commodity in order to have any value. And if u print up (or digitalize) tooo much of the fake money--mere CURRENCY, w. no intrinsic value--then we get inflation, as we see--not that difficult to understand, eh?

So then, WHY does Unz push "economist," Mike Hudson, who defends gov. intervention and central bank of issue, like the "fed"? Obvious answer is Unz is in w. the people behind the "fed," and this includes then such as Big Pharma which sold the poison vaxxes--regardless of the covid bio-weapon--along w. the Jews-media, pushed further by the climate-change frauds who want big-bro. government of the sort pushed by globalist-satanists (WEF, CFR, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, et al.). All u need do is to drawing conclusions.

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569. Wild Man says:
August 19, 2022 at 8:18 pm GMT • 21 minutes ago • 400 Words ↑

I think that what probably happened, is that Unz went off the rails, as at May & June/21, when it was abundantly apparent that the data coming out of Israel, at that time, showed recovery from a wild covid infection was something like 7x more efficacious, vs. vaxxing, for protecting against infection/reinfection. That early data has been only bolstered since. Unz chose to ignore this hyper-critical evidence. Since, for some unknown reason, he chose to ignore this hyper-critical evidence, … this cognitive move also then blinded Unz to the proper way to sort this out, ….. and that is by comparing the two competing scenarios, 1) achieving herd immunity by way of exposures to wild covid, or 2) by attempting to achieve herd immunity by way of much less effective vaxxing. How can one judge whether the authorities goofed, by way of doubling and quadrupling down on the 2nd scenario, if one is averse to comparing 2nd scenario outcomes to 1st scenario outcomes? Yet, as far as I can tell, that is precisely what Unz did (and does). At the time (June/21) I provided the readership here, the necessary side by side comparison, to sort this out, comparing scenario #1 with scenario #2. This analysis immediately showed there was a negative self-interest quotient, for under 30-year olds, for vaxx-taking (as calculated by way of analysis of person-years of life lost or saved).

This has all been rather laughable on the one had (and rather sicko on the other hand) …. 14 months of Unz denial of analysis served to him on a silver platter (by me and a whole lot of other commenters here). I really don’t get it. A sign of high intelligence is when one displays a proclivity for framing a thorny problem in a way that leads to a rational decision-tree, as such, working that, will lead to the better solution to the quandary. I am baffled, and somewhat inclined to think that Unz is therefore dumber than me (and my fellow experimental gene-therapy-hesitant), unless instead, it is that he is smarter than me (and us), yet devious in ways I have not yet discovered.
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Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments, https://www.unz.com/audio/kbarrett_ron-unz-on-alex-jones-cass-sunstein-cognitive-infiltration/ Barrett, 14 Aug 22

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Unz Has Now Been "Outed" And Definitively Exposed, Gross Fraud For The "Globalist" Oligarchs
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 22)

Unz essentially works for CFR, WEF, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, the "globalist-satanists," and he's just running his fellow Jew's, Sunstein's "cognitive infiltration," distracting fm the basic scam the criminals are perpetrating, the legalized counterfeiting of the US Federal Reserve bank/system, "the fed."

Unz's cover is pretending/insisting he's "white"--like a mulatto, evidently, criticizing Israel and denying the holohoax, taking advantage of the gross stupidity of K. MacDonald, Jared Taylor, and also P.C. Roberts who lauds the fake "economics" of Mike Hudson, so heavily and intensively pushed by Unz. Hudson is just another cheap fascist who thinks gov. should actively intervene in the economy, running a criminal enterprise, like legalized counterfeiting, etc.

Unz reminds me of an older version of Mark Zuckerberg (used to be "Facebook," CEO), just a stodgy, over-polite, babbling front-man/mouth-piece for another part of the criminal globalist-satanists, Zuckerberg who was significant part of the fraudulent, rigged 2020 election. "Mr. Magoo," indeed, ho ho ho ho ho.

Unz ought to consider he's been essentially "outed" and decisively exposed for his deliberate, typical Jewwy-type frauds and lies, though I'm sure he has great fun stringing along these brainless goobers like Kevin Barrett. Fraud in part makes it fraud in all the whole, Unz, a basic legal principle, buddy.

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6. RecallCarlLevin says:
August 19, 2022 at 4:34 pm GMT • 6.3 hours ago • 100 Words ↑

Listening to Ron Unz’ comments puts me in mind of the cartoonish near-sighted Mr. Magoo.

How dare this boob slander the sainted Judy Wood.

1. Judy Wood was the first to point out the 9/11 towers collapsed at free fall speed. Does Unz even understand what this means?

2. Arguing from photo evidence Judy Woods asked what could have toasted the cars in the vicinity of tower collapse. What is the Unz explanation?

3. Arguing from the lack of debris on the ground, engineering Ph.d Wood asks what turned the building to dust that blew away in the wind. What is Unz’ theory?

4. Judy Wood filed a Qui Tam lawsuit against NIST alleging fraud while AE911 led by Architect
Richard Pottedplant played with themselves.

5. If Unz thinks someone died at Sandy Hook, then let him say who and prove it.
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Below-copied by ap submitted, but deleted/censored by kike, Unz, at comments, https://www.unz.com/aanglin/gavin-m...ly-sitting-in-jail-right-now/#comment-5513463

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Unz Runs "Cognitive Infiltration" For Jews And Criminal "Fed" Counterfeiting
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 22)

Ron Unz works for the leftist-atheists, the "globalists," of CFR, WEF, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers. Note, again, Unz's obsessionate cultivation of Mike Hudson, the pretended economist--who probably does know some things about economics--for Hudson advocates active participation of gov. in the economy, unlike the Austrian school (see Mises.org for expo), libertarians, and some other economists.

Specifically, Hudson implicitly thereby endorses the US Federal Reserve Bank/system ("the fed"), literally legalized counterfeiting, which the Jews run and control, by which the Jews are automatically given tremendous advantage in funding of parties, candidates, and entire programs of spending and legislation over everyone else. Thus, for example, the established political parties, Demon-rats and Republicans, easily out-spend anyone else, holding an obvious advantage over any other parties thereby.

Unz denies there is conspiracy on part of "globalists" as he uses such as Hudson to pretend the "fed" is legitimate agency, when it's actually a gross criminal enterprise and activity, deliberately creating inflation (legalized counterfeiting) of the currency which devalues the currency already in circulation prior to the periodic "injections" of currency by means of new loans made possible by "credit" created by the fed.

And the "rightists"/"conservatives" of Republicans are also funded indirectly through the fed by means of the zionist Jews behind Israel who control the Judeo-Christian (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo on JCs) hereticalists. So one sees the Jews dominating politics by means of their political "contributions," the Jews enabled to playing "good Jew vs. bad Jews" for the people, keeping the gentiles confused, much as possible, most of whom are thus divided by the "liberals" vs. conservatives, Demon-rats vs. Republicans.

Unz thus partakes in the cultural "cognitive infiltration" and -dissonance regarding politics and economics, working to give legitimacy to such criminal operations as the "fed" and thus Judaic domination of the culture as we see and denounced by such as Phil Giraldi who NEVER mentions the US "fed" and its pernicious effects for illegitimate funding of Jews and Israel, the big pay-off for Jews of "fed" counterfeiting/inflation.

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12. Dumbo says:
August 26, 2022 at 11:43 pm GMT • 12.0 hours ago • 100 Words ↑
@gay troll

To be fair, Ron Unz strikes me as someone more likely to be a secret CIA/FBI/Etc asset than someone like Anglin, but I wouldn’t know how those things work. McInness, maybe, but he’s so lame. That Proud Boys stuff was ridiculous. A “white nationalist” group with Mexicans or Cubans.

LOL, I’m reading now that current leader Tarrio, a mulatto Cuban, is a “former” FBI informant. You’re never a “former” informant. So, yeah, McInness could be too.

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Questions For Barrett On His "Debate" W. Adam Green, 24 Aug 22
(Apollonian, 8 Aug 22)

I listened to ur show (see https://www.unz.com/audio/kbarrett_eschatological-war-another-debate-with-adam-green/) w. Adam Green which u bill as a "debate," posted on ur Unz Review slot 24 Aug, just a couple days ago. I thought ur show w. Green was somewhat like what a show w. me and us would have been like--but I was really quite disappointed by the discussion which went for over an hr and a half. I never learned fm u, during ur show w. Green, what Islam really is all about, and of course, Green himself had not the slightest clue about ANYTHING, except he knew some tidbits and details about Judaism which he didn't like (in common w. many others too, surely).

Green mentioned several times, of course, the "Abrahamic religions," which would include Islam--Islam being somewhat like a heresy of Christianity, holding there is no God the Son, like our Christ figure. Islam, of course, is something many of us in the West and Christendom are EXTREMELY prejudiced against, featuring someone, Muhammad, who was a caravan leader/driver, otherwise pretty illiterate, so far as we know, who later became a military leader, conquering Mecca, and who then claimed to talking to an angelic being through whom he learned all (or much) about God and what God commands--which commands we all as humans must follow and take seriously upon pain of great bodily harm, not to mention the fiery flames (I guess).

One of the great things we find puzzling about Muhammad, surely one of the worst and most prejudicial things, is he allegedly married a girl of 6 (or so), then consummated the marriage when the girl was 9?--absolutely abhorrent and disgusting to the Western mind, surely u understand--why Islam is simply inconceivable to be seriously adopted--or even to be taken seriously, excepting for the practical military threat offered by the people. Thus Muslims are often considered just a bunch of psychotic fanatics who need to be exterminated.

Judaism then is BRILLIANTLY depicted by Christianity as reduction-to-absurd for any religion--SATANISM, literally, making the subject to be God, the creator--which is actually a tenet of Judaism, the Judaic people being collectively held as co-equal w. God, to whom, God is mere slave, servant, and attack-dog, who murdered the Egyptian infants to make Pharoah terrified of the Israelites, commemorated at Holy day of "Passover."

And what is Islam?--just a collection of commands?--a mere throw-back to the Old Testament commands of the God of Israel. One of the problems of ur discussion w. Mr. Green is u don't make this clear about what Islam, the philosophy, is--if u do, then pls tell me to go back to the show at whatever time into the show whence u give any exposition.

But now pls note for us Christians there is a great DRAMA btwn the hereticalist Jews, led at the time of Christ by the Pharisees who preach the "Oral Law Tradition"--absolute subjectivism (hence Satanism, even if most Jews are not outrightly Satanists, though the leaders are, undoubtedly)--Torah meaning ONLY what the rabbis say. U speak in gross error when u say Jews follow Torah--THEY DON'T--they follow rather the "midrash" (interpretation) of the Torah, determined (dictated) by the rabbis, this midrash officially written-out in 500 AD, called the Babylonian Talmud. Thus Jews follow the TALMUD, not Torah, the Talmud being something quite different, determined by rabbis.

So Christ deplored this "Oral Law Tradition" as gross heresy, by which the Pharisees declared Christ had blasphemed and thereupon plotted to kill Christ, making use of the Romans to doing the dirty work. Thus is the way of TRUTH depicted--truth suffers in this sinful, satanic-ruled world, as does anyone who speaks or defends truth. But in the end, TRUTH RESURRECTS, always coming back to bite the sinner in the nether parts of the anatomy (so to speak).

Further, Christ restated and clarified the original Torah, "law of Moses," insisting there is an OBJECTIVE and hence REAL truth, including that given by Torah, regardless of Pharisees and their hereticalist, self-serving "tradition," that being the Godly nature of Christ, the "logos" (sign) of God's word, co-equal w. God the Father, the creator, the (Holy) spirit of this truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) then elaborated later as the Third Person of God, the spirit of this truth residing within humans composing the Church.

Such is the PHILOSOPHY of Christianity at the core of the "religious"-styled dramatics, ceremony, chanting, prayer, music, etc. which makes the outer, external RELIGION--which philosophy Islam seems to totally lack. Note then the Christ figure doesn't need to have actually ever existed--which the fools argue over so much, so incessantly. Christianity begins as LITERATURE, taking-up fm Old Test., which replaced the previous Greek Homeric Poems of Illiad and Oddysey, which though truly great, are relatively 2-dimensional compared w. the latest Christian story and myth--which then Islam seeks to simplify, but lacks serious philosophy, making them subject to Satanism, hence Jewwy-type conspiracy, etc.

Christ then noted that such TRUTH, founded in objectivity, would lead to a most rational ETHICAL understanding among the people so that humans could co-exist in honorable respect w. one another. Indeed, this Christian ETHICS is what is by far the MOST famous and well-known feature of Christianity, even among all peoples, races, and cultures, emphasized by St. Paul, one of the leading Christian theologians, but unfortunately leading to the wholly mis-leading idea, as nowadays, that Christianity is about LOVE, which it isn't primarily, Christianity rather featuring TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all--which leads to possible sort of "loving"-styled respect among the people.

So u see, Mr. Barrett, the Christian triumph is worship of TRUTH (= Christ), literally, hence the perfectly RATIONALIST "religion," if u will--nothing necessarily mysterious about it whatsoever--unlike Judaism or Islam ("belief" in the "unseen"). And the great (Hegelian-style) anti-thesis is plain btwn Judaic subjectivism, hence Satanism, vs. Christian objectivity--there being absolutely no greater opposition or anti-thetic quality possible or conceivable--which spirit and quality is utterly missing fm Islam which merely throws-back to the original Old Test. conception, essentially, but which Muhammad supposedly clarifies and/or simplifies somewhat.
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